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Sunny Days Come Again!
by Natural Born Thriller

It had been several months since Tammy Lynn Sytch had been seen on any
Major Wrestling Organization's TV Program, and it had since ended her
relationship with longtime boyfriend Chris Candido. She was flat broke and
would not be able to live much longer without a paycheck. The money she had
saved was almost gone, and she was 2 months behind on rent.

Despite all this, she still stayed in very good physical shape as not
being able to eat all that much and walking everywhere had led to her to look
better than she did since her days as Sunny in the WWF. Then it hit her, she
had been let go from the WWF because she would not let Vince McMahon fuck
her. Don't get me wrong now, Tammy loved sex, men, sometimes women, sometimes
both, but she just had absolutely no attraction for Vince, and when she told
him no she was fired and her spot was given to Marc Mero's bimbo wife Sable.
So she decided to swallow her pride, figuring that screwing the boss would
get her job back, she placed a call to Titan Towers and requested an audience
with Vince.

After about 3 days and 90 tries she still had no interview. So she placed
a call to Mark Calloway, better known as the Undertaker. They had a few
secret flings during her first WWF stint and he said he would pull a couple
strings and try to land her an interview but couldn't promise anymore. Tammy
was so ecstatic she hung up the phone and immediately called the airport to
use all her remaining money to fly to Stamford.

Tammy arrived at Titan Towers 45 minutes early and headed straight for
Vince's office. She was dressed very sexy, but made sure that it couldn't be
considered too slutty. But to her dismay his office was closed and his
secretary said that he would not be in today. Flustered, but determined, she
went to the main lobby and asked the receptionist where Vince was. The
secretary told her that Mr. McMahon was in Las Vegas promoting the XFL, and
his appointment book was empty today. Tammy told the girl her name and the
secretary typed it in to the computer.

"Yes, Ms. Sytch, you're appointment is for 12:00, with Ms. McMahon," the
receptionist replied.

"Stephanie?!?" Tammy gasped. The Stephanie she remembered was about 16
and a virgin. Her chances were for sure shot now. "Alright, what floor is she
on?" growled Tammy.

"9th floor, Ms. Sytch," the girl replied. "I'll tell her you're here so
you can see her now. For some reason, her appointment book is also empty
today, except for you're appointment."

"That's strange," Tammy mumbled to herself as she boarded the elevator
and hit button number 9. Tammy was greeted at the elevator by Shane McMahon,
who offered to walk Tammy to Stephanie's office. Vince had told Shane to sit
in on Stephanie's interview of Tammy, and he was more than happy to oblige
since he had wanted Tammy since she entered the WWF years ago. When they
reached Steph's office they ran into Tori, who said she had been there
discussing her new gimmick. The ladies exchanged hello's and then Tammy
followed Shane into Steph's office.

Tammy noticed Stephanie's well shaped ass swaying back and forth and she
began to feel a bit of moisture between her legs. She sat down and she could
feel Shane checking her out.

"Sorry if I'm a little nervous Steph, I was expecting to see Vince today."
Tammy said, which brought a look of half anger half lust to Stephanie's face.

"Why, so you could fuck him and get your job back?" Steph said as she
stood up. "You were gonna sleep with my dad to get a job here weren't you?"

She wanted to say no, but for some reason she just nodded her head up and
down, then looked to the ground in shame. When she looked back up about a
minute later, she could never have been prepared for what she saw. Stephanie
and Shane were both totally naked, and both looking right at Tammy.

"Dad's not in charge of signing talent anymore, we are, so you better just
do to us what you had planned for him." Stephanie said as she motioned for
Tammy to join them by the desk.

Shane and Steph slowly and methodically slipped Tammy out of her clothes,
leaving all 3 of them nude. She couldn't quit staring at Shane McMahon's
cock, about 11 inches in length and almost as fat around as her wrist. She
turned for just a second and was met with a passionate kiss from Stephanie,
which she answered quickly.

Secretly, Tammy had wanted Stephanie ever since Steph was about 15.
Finally she had her. Shane and his sister each pushed Tammy down by one
shoulder onto her knees. By instinct she immediately started to lick Shane's
huge shaft, momentarily forgetting Stephanie. Steph quickly ended that by
pulling Tammy by the hair to her exposed and neatly trimmed pubic area.

Tammy immediately began licking at the brunette's hot cunt with hard
tongue strokes as she jacked Shane's dick off in her right hand. Tammy wished
she had two tongue's so she could lick Steph and suck Shane, so she just kept
alternating between the two before settling on Shane after about 10 minutes.
Steph didn't mind however, as three of Tammy's fingers were being jammed in
and out of her hot slit while she blew Steph's older brother.

Tammy could feel Shane's load building up and began to suck faster to
get him to blow. After about two more minutes, Shane blew his huge load in
Tammy's mouth. She swallowed most of it, but kept some in her mouth. She then
stood up and kissed Stephanie so she could taste her older brother's cum.
Tammy then pulled away so she could begin working on Steph again.

Stephanie spread her legs wide, and Tammy dove right in, shoving her
tongue all the way inside the youngest McMahon's hot box. Shane had recovered
and went behind Tammy and prepared to enter her pussy. He shoved all eleven
inches in at once, causing Tammy to let out a huge scream that was about 80%
pleasure. The pain went away quickly, and Tammy bucked back against Shane's
cock as she began to taste Steph's juices as they flowed from her cumming
cunt. Tammy was on the verge too, so she began to slam back, damn near
impaling herself on Shane's shlong. Then Tammy felt it, the biggest orgasm of
her life, the fact that she was being fucked by a brother and sister, that
she had wanted them both for so long, and that she would have a job with
these two people made her so hot she exploded all over Shane-O-Macís cock.
Shortly thereafter Shane came again as well, filling Tammy up with his hot

But the fun wasn't over yet, because Steph had liked the taste of Shane's
cum, as soon as he pulled out of Tammy she hit her knees and without asking,
began to suck her brother's hard dick. This turned Tammy on tremendously, and
she slid her head under Steph so she could lick her cunt some more and see
Steph blowing Shane. This went on for about 10 minutes until Tammy, unable to
see past Steph's cunt and legs, felt herself being penetrated again. It was
both thicker and longer than Shane's, but Tammy was so hot she didn't care.

After Shane blew his load in his sister's mouth, Stephanie got up and the
mystery was solved. Tori had never left, and was naked and fucking Tammy with
a double headed dildo. Tammy came again quickly, as did Tori. This was
followed by hours of fucking and sucking and cumming between the 4 of them.
Shane never fucked Steph, but she took about four of his loads in her mouth
and was fucked numerous times by Tori's dildo.

That Monday night, Edge and Christian had a new manager to fight the
Hardy's and Lita, it was SUNNY!!!!!!

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