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by Wonder Mike (

Tammy Sytch A.K.A. Sunny had slowly became best friend with porn star
Jenna Jameson. She was really embarrassed to talk to her when she first got
hired by Extreme Championship Erestling, but she saw her hanging around the
dressing room and talked to her little by little each appearance they made.

Her fiance Chris Candido managed to convince her that while he didn't
know Jenna, Tammy should give her a chance and not judge her by the job she
does. After all people made fun of them when they first got involved with
professional wrestling. Tammy knew he was right of course.

Tammy had decided to give her a chance, she seems like an O K person
after all, maybe she invited her out to lunch.

Paul Heyman, the owner of ECW brought in a couple of other porn stars,
they where big fans of the company. They were Rob Black and Tom Byron. They
might be interested in investing in the company and Paul needed the money.

Rob gave out a couple of the movies that he directed. Tammy decided to
watch one of them. It was a horrible mistake. Rob Black may be the most
disgusting human beings on the earth. Tammy was appalled at the rough sex
and spitting that went on in his movie. He obviously had no respect at all
for women.

Tammy returned his tape and was giving him a piece of her mind. Rob took
the berating for a couple of minutes, then he slapped her. Luckily there
were other wrestlers near by and they taught Mr. Black a lesson by tossing
him through a window.

Tammy was shaken and upset at Paul for bringing Porno people into the
business. She stormed out of the office and went home.

She was sulking at home when Jenna arrived. Tammy had forgotten about
her lunch date. She wanted nothing to do with Jenna now.

Jenna had heard what happened at the office, and told her she was really
sorry, all of the people in the adult industry were not like Black. She
told her of the great people she had met and the money she made. Tammy had
to admit that Jenna made more money than she did.

Jenna had brought over one of her movies and told Tammy she should watch
it. Tammy told her she had her fill of porno for the day.

Chris Candido walked in and heard the conversation. He persuaded Tammy
to watch the movie, even she was grossed out they could turn it off. Tammy
couldn't refuse that offer so they all sat down and watched the whole

After it was over Tammy thought, that wasn't so bad. Jenna had a nice
body, along with a couple of the other women she saw, she felt the men
could have been better looking but she realized the movies were aimed at
men so it didn't really matter what they looked like.

Jenna told Tammy she could have a career in the business. She told her
she could make more money having sex on video than she could being a
wrestling manager.

Tammy told her no way, there was no way she could fuck strange men with
people watching she had some morals. Jenna told her she could hand pick the
men she worked with, or she could just work with women Chris chimed in at
this point and told her no way would he let Tammy do it. Jenna told him
that she could have a contract were she would only worked with him and they
could use him in other shoots.

Now Chris was interested, Tammy was still not convinced that it was a
career for her.

Jenna told her they could set up a camera and do a shoot her. If she
liked it Tammy could get in contact with a couple of directors, Chris kept
telling her what a great idea it was.

Jenna told her she could do a solo video, she wouldn't have to fuck
anybody and people would still buy it. Tammy finally agreed.

They grabbed their video camera and prepared for the shoot. Tammy was
ready to try it. Jenna would direct.

Jenna told Tammy to do a strip tease. Tammy unzipped her top and exposed
her breast. They were magnificent, Jenna thought who ever did them should
do all the breast enhancement. They were the best she had ever seen.

Tammy rubbed her tits together, then she began to lick her nipples.
Jenna knew she had a star on her hands. She instructed Tammy to keep going.

Tammy removed her skirt and was now standing in her thong underwear. She
turned around and bent over. If her tits were magnificent, her ass was even
better, Tammy reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. There was no
doubt in Jenna's mind that Tammy would supplant her as the highest paid
performer in the business.

Jenna told her to stick a finger in her pussy. Tammy quickly complied,
She slipped 2 fingers between her legs and inserted them in her cunt. She
began to slowly work them in and out. Jenna told her to go lay on the bed.

Tammy laid on the bed and spread her legs. Jenna told her to stick 3
fingers in her pussy now. Tammy shoved them in, Jenna told her to spread
her legs wider. Tammy spread them as far as they would go.

Jenna then told her to bring her knees to her chest without removing
her fingers. That enabled Tammy to get her fingers in all the way to the
knuckles. Jenna told her to wiggle her fingers around.

Tammy wiggled them and began to gasp, she was cumming already, Jenna got
a close up of her face and told her to remove her fingers, she didn't want
to finish her off yet, that wouldn't be good for a porn star.

Jenna handed her a wine bottle, if she was only going to do solo videos
she would have to be different.

Tammy grabbed the bottle and shoved the Neck of it into her cunt. She
started slowly but quickly grabbed the bottle with both hands and was
shoving it in and out as hard as she could.

Tammy rolled over and sat the bottle on the bed. She squatted over it
and began giving the bottle the ride of her life.

Chris came up behind her and reached under her arm pits. He was lifting
her up and down so she could ride the bottle even faster. She was fucking
the bottle so hard Jenna thought she was going to break it, she told Chris
it was time for him.

Chris removed the bottle from her pussy and laid her on her back. He
started to kiss her on the forehead and worked her way down to her tits. He
sucked on them like it was his last meal. He reached down between her legs
and started to stroke her pussy, Tammy closed her legs around his fingers,
Jenna reminded her to keep them spread.

Chris worked his way down and buried his tongue into her hot box. Tammy
grabbed him by the back of the head and was grinding her hips into his
face, this was some of the best footage Jenna had ever seen.

Chris was having trouble breathing so he removed his face from her cunt.
He pushed her knees back to her chest then her slammed his cock into her

Tammy let out a yelp, she was ready for him and forgot about the camera.
She kicked her legs out and wrapped them around Chris, She was pushing him
down with her feet and thrusting up with her hips.

Chris was fucking her as hard as he could, Tammy was screaming harder.
Chris pulled out and put her on her hand and knees, He knew he could give
it to her harder that way.

Chris grabbed her by the hips and slammed his cock into her, He was
pumping for all he was worth and she was rocking back as hard as she could,
Tammy was thrashing her head wildly, Chris was holding on for dear life, he
was running out of steam.

Chris rocked back and laid on his back, Tammy stood up and began to ride
him, Chris really needed a breather. They locked hands and Tammy started to
jump up and down on his cock, They were both gasping, Jenna thought they
both could have a good career in her business.

Tammy let out a blood curdling scream, Jenna could see her juices
running down Chris's cock, she knew all she needed was the money shot now.

Tammy didn't need any instructions, she hopped of his cock and wrapped
her lips around it. She had her lips on his waist on the first stoke, It
took three long strokes before Chris shot his load into her mouth.

Jenna knew the problem was this that it was an internal pop shot. Chris
came as Tammy was deep throating him.

Jenna told her to hold it in her mouth while she got a close up. Tammy
opened her mouth wide while Jenna got a close up. Jenna than zoomed in on
her throat while she swallowed.

They gathered around the television and watched the tape they just shot.
Tammy didn't know if she could do that for a living, she might have to quit
wrestling, and what would her mother think?

Jenna told her she wouldn't have to shoot anymore, she could make a
fortune with this tape, Tammy had to think about releasing it.


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