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by Wonder Mike (

Part 1

Chris Candido was working for peanuts, he could have moved to a bigger
federation but he was a big fish in a little pond in ECW.

Chris had no idea of the size of the wedding his fiance Tammy Lynn
Stych, AKA Sunny was planning, he let her pay for it and do all the
planning because, well she was making twice as much money as he was.

They were going to have the biggest wedding ever. She had arranged for
the Good Year Blimp and the Blue Angels to do fly overs. She called the
Pope, but he was not available.

The bill for this extravagant galla reached, five million dollars.

That was when she got called into Vince Macmahon's office. "Your
services are no longer needed." was all he said.

Sunny couldn't believe it, but she was glad to be away from those ass
holes who had seemed to forget how to use her and that she was the most
popular personalilty the WWF had ever had.

Now she could spend more time with her fiance. She called Paaul Heyman
and told him "I am free to work for ECW now."

"I would like to manage Chris."

Paul responded "Well Francine is the head cheerleader of the triple
threat and we really don't need another one, and everybody else already has
a manager."

"I don't think we can use you."

Sunny was getting scared now, the bill for the wedding was due now and
she was a million short. She had to convince Vince to rehire her ant way
she could.

She made and apointment and waited in his office.

Vince walked in and was greeted with a kiss.

"Hey baby," she said "I really missed you."

Vince said "I told you your services are no longer need."

"Isn't there anything I could do to get rehired."

"I told you we don't have a role for you here."

"You no-showed too many events and cost us money I don't need you any

Sunny was desperate now, she had to get her job back. She opened up her
over coat and was in her bra and panty's. This would get her some money.

"Is there anything at all I could do to convince you to hire me."

Sunny than removed her bra.

"Ok I will give you an Opportunity to earn a paycheck. Vince said
"Remove your panties."

Sunny replied "Do we have a deal?"

"We'll see if you do what I say" was her answer.

Sunny knew she had no choice and stripped naked. She wondered how far
she would have to go.

"Stick your fingers in your cunt."

Sunny placed two fingers inside of her.

"Faster bitch!" he said.

Sunny started to ram her fingers in and out.

"Put more inside." he said.

Sunny inserted two more and jammed them in, she was having fun now.

"Don't you cum yet hoe, Put more fingers in."

Sunny inserted her thumb and jammed her hand past the wrist up her
tripping cunt.

There was a knock on the door, it was his secratary. Vince instructed
Sunny to get dressed and got rid of intruder. Lets go somewhere else he

They went to the garage it was abanded and they wouldn,t be disturbed.
Vince saw the table and what was on it.

"Get up there." he said.

Sunny stood on the table, she was instructed to sit on the steel knob.
She had know idea what it was.

It was a steel rod shaped like a cone. The tip was about three inches in
diameter at the and it shot out to about six inches at the base. It was
about eight inches long.

Sunny sat on the knob. She started to wiggle her way all the way down.

Vince hit a switch and the knob started to spin. It was a wheel
balancer. Faster, and faster it went. It reached a top speed of 2100 RPMs.

Sunny was having orgasm after orgasm, this was the greatest feeling
ever. She sat on it for ten minute until shee was going to pass out.

Vince turned it off and helped her stagger back to his office.

He gave her 15 minutes to recover than he called in his stooges, Pat
Patterson, Jerry Brisco and Sgt. Slaughter.

He instructed Sunny to suck them all off.

Suuny started with Brisco and Patterson. She was told to but both of
their dicks in her mouth at the same time. She opened as wide as she could
and did it. They both came at the same time and it came dripping down her

"Lick it all up." she was instructed.

She licked every drop clean.

Slaughter and Vince were next.

Slaughter laid on the floor and Sunny was instructed to sit on his cock.
It was huge, at least 12 inches. She squatted over him and slammed down on
his cock.

She was slamming down when Vince grabbed her shoulders to slow her down.
He then slipped his dick inside of her cunt next to Slaughter.

They pounded her for 10 minutes with Patterson pushing down on Vince.

They pulled out and VinceSlammed his dick to the back of her throat and
came down her throat. Slaughter then slammed his huge cock to the base then
did the same thing. This time she didn't spill a drop.

Vince gave her a check for ten thousand dollars and told her to get out
of his office.

This wasn't nearly enough. Now what would she do.

Part 2

Tammy was still a million short of her goal. She was sure she could
persuade Paul Heyman to hire her.

Her trip to the office started the same way her last trip did, Heyman
telling her they really didn't have a role for her, she was a face and
Chris was a member of the mega heal group. How stupid would that be.

Tammy unbuttoned her coat and showed what she was wearing underneath.
A pair of boots and a garter, Paul was almost convinced.

"I would do anything to be a part of the fabulous organization you

Paul replied "Just exactly would you be willing to do?"

Tammy decided to show him. She dropped her coat sat on his desk and
spread her legs, she inserted two fingers in her hot box and then put them
in Paul's mouth.

Paul was almost ready to give in.

Tammy then grabbed Paul's hand and shoved two of his fingers next to
hers. She worked their fingers until Paul started to sweat.

She removed her fingers and shoved Paul's face into her cunt. He needed
know encouragement and started licking for all he was worth. He would not
give in though.

Tammy took off a boot and then jammed the toe of it in and out of her
pussy, she now didn't care about a job she wanted to cum, she took of the
other boot and worked that one in next to the first one. That was all it
took for her to cum all over both of her boots.

She still didn't have a job though, Heyman hadn't given in.

Tammy unzipped his pants and deep throated hi cock, Heyman didn't stand
a chance.

He was about to shoot his load when Tammy stopped.

"Do I have a job?"

Paul had no choice but to give her a 5 year contract at 75 thousand a
year. Tammy than jerked him off into a bowl of chocolates he had sitting on
his desk. She then proceeded to eat them all. Her contract was now for

Her new contract had barely made a dent in her debt though, she needed
more money and now. She only had one choice, a loan shark.

There was only one loan shark who would loan her a million dollars,
Big Eddie Debartolo. He was the sleaziest person in north America.

She went to his 500 acre farm house to make the deal. Eddie said no way.
Tammy broke down into tears, she needed the money. She stripped to her
boots and pleaded, "I will do anything for a loan."

Eddie was convinced, he jammed four of his fat fingers into her box and
started twisting and turning them. He worked his thumb in and jammed his
arm to the wrist up her cunt.

He then stuck three fingers from his other hand into her ass hole, he
then added a fourth until he could work in his thumb. He had her fisted on
both holes and she was creaming all over him.

Eddie's great Dane Duke could smell her pussy and came over and started
to lick it, Tammy didn't see it until it was to late, there could be no
better feeling, having her cunt furiously eaten while she was being fisted
in both holes.

As she was twisting in ecstasy, she saw the huge dog lapping at her and
she jumped. Well, she tried to jump but she was still impaled on Eddie's

She squirmed away and Eddie yelled "Let him lick you or the deals off."
Tammy had no choice and she laid down.

"Spread your leg wider so he can get in there." Tammy quickly complied.

She had her legs spread has wide as they would go and the huge Great
Dane had his entire nose buried into her box.

"Turn over on your hand and knees" Eddie barked.

Tammy turned over and Duke buried his nose in her ass while he licked at
her box.

Duke started to hump her leg and Tammy cried "No."

"You have to let him" or no deal.

Tammy reached back and grabbed his dick, it was ten inches long, she
tried to guide it into her cunt but Duke was thrusting so hard he missed
and planted it into her ass. She tried to pull away, but it was too late,
he rammed it all the way in and was pumping like there was no tomorrow.

She could only try to lay back and enjoy it through the humiliation.

Eddie stood in front of her and shoved his dick in her mouth. She had no
choice but to deep throat him until he came in her mouth. She spit it on
the desk but Eddie made her lick it up and swallow it all.

Tammy suddenly felt Duke get larger, it was the knot in his cock. She
had to pull away or they would be stuck.

She pulled forward to get away but Eddie pushed her backwards, the knot
was now in. It was the size of a softball and it was stuffed inside he ass.
She was not going anywhere until duke was done.

Duke shot her load inside of her and his dick retracted and he released

Eddie said you are not done yet, "I want you to suck him off."

Tammy laid down next to Duke found his cock and started to jerk and
suck, it took ten minutes for Duke to shoot his load. Eddie made her take
it all over her face. Eddie than scooped it up on his fingers and made her
lick them.

The wedding went off without a hitch. All her bills were paid and she
was happy. The next week she got a call from Sleazy Eddie.

"Come to my farm tomorrow or Candido gets the Video of you and Duke."

Tammy was frantic, what to do. Chris would never forgive her, the
wedding would be over, and what did Eddie want? She had to go.

Tammy arrived at the huge farm "What do you want?" "I made the first

"Well, you were so good with Duke I had a proposition for you."

"I will forgive your debt and give you the video and copy if you can put
on a show for me."

Tammy quickly agreed, she knew she would not be able to keep making
those payments.

"You have to be able to do it or the deals off, come back tomorrow if
you agree."

"And by the way if you don't agree and are late on one payment you will
be getting pieces of Candido in the mail."

"Go home and get plenty of rest."

Tammy arrived early the next morning, she knew this was an offer she
couldn't refuse.

She was met by Eddie's bodyguard, Tony, the first thing she noticed was
that he was huge, at least 300 pounds and six foot five. She didn't think
he was a wrestler though.

Tony led her to the bar where they met Eddie.

"I see that you met Tony now part of the deal is to eat Tony."

Tony dropped his pants and out popped 14 inches of monster meat. Tony
tried to shove it her mouth but it was too big, she could only get the tip
of it in.

"Now sit on it." Eddie said.

Tony laid across the coffee table in the barn and Tammy hopped on board.

She pushed and pushed until she reached his chest she was full.

Eddie rolled a bar over them, it looked like a portable clothes rack.

"Now grab ahold and pull yourself up and down."

Tammy grabbed the bar and started really bouncing up and down. Now she
was having real fun.

"Now put it in your ass," she was instructed.

She didn't think she could take it and she was scared. "Remember our

She had to do it or no deal.

She stood up and pulled it out of her pussy and aimed it at her ass.

She started to sit slowly on the monster and Tony grabbed her by the
shoulder and forced her all the way down.

He was going to let her get adjusted but Eddie yell "Work it slut."

Tammy started to pull herself up and down. She had to.

Eddie walked out of the room and was gone for 10 minutes,

Tony was thrusting up without mercy into Tammy's ass.

Eddie returned with a huge black stallion. They had been watching from
the window.

"You have to fuck King here and you have to take at least half of his
cock inside your pussy while Tony fucks your ass."

That was why the coffee table was in the barn and that was what the bar
was for. The bar was to hold King and the coffee table fit directly
underneath him.

Eddie stepped aside and saw King's erect cock, it was at least three
feet long and eight inches across ant the middle and probably twelve at the

Eddie led King over to the couple and guide his member toward Tammy.
She was terrified, but had to do it.

King was bucking wildly, he could smell the sex.

Eddie put the monster at the opening of Tammy's snatch and gave a mighty
thrust forward. He buried a third of his cock on the first thrust then
pulled back. On the second thrust he was have way in. Tammy had won.

The third thrust moved the table forward and he got in three inches
deeper. Eddie tried to slow him down but King was out of control.

The next thrust pushed the table against the wall and caused King to
stop for a second. Tammy caught her breath and gave a horrible scream.

That only excited King and he thrusted forward again. Tammy was filled
with two feet of horse dick in her cunt, it was stretched out about a foot

She was also still filled in the ass with 14 inches of Tony.

Tony thrusted up and forced another two inches of King into her. His
second thrust added another two.

King and Tony thrusted at the same time but there was no more room,
she was completely filled and she passed out from her 8th orgasm in the
past 5 minutes.

Eddie pulled her off with a load pop, and King Rushed after her. Eddie
woke her up and made her alternately suck all three of them off.

First Eddie came in her mouth then Tony and finally she got King off,
she didn't spill a drop has they all shot directly into her mouth.

Eddie Told her she didn't have to pay him back and gave him
the video tapes of her and Duke.

Eddie knew he had just lost over a million dollars, but it was worth it,
he also knew he could make the money by selling this new tape.


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