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by Wonder Mike (

Tammy Lynn Sytch, A.K.A. Sunny was on top of the world. She thought
that going to the number 3 wrestling organization would make her fans
forget about her, but she was wrong. She could tell by the pop that she got
in every arena, and by all the polls and contest that voted her the number
1 personality in wrestling. Not to mention the fact she is the most
downloaded person on AOL.

She was making her way down the aisle at the E C W arena when a fan
reached out and ripped her dress. One of her tits fell out and the camera's
were flashing.

She knew her breast would now by the most downloaded picture on the
Internet. She was pissed. She reached over the railing and grabbed the fan.
He was just a teenager. She didn't care, she pulled him over the railing.

The top of her dress fell off, both of her tits were hanging out, she
screamed and slapped the young punk. He fell to the ground and she kicked
him right as the vender walked by selling nuts.

Security grabbed her and pulled her away, the dressing room emptied, all
the wrestlers wanted a piece of the fan but he was carried away. They lead
the shaken Tammy back to the dressing room.

She went hoe to think about what had just happened, she would take a
long shower to forget this nightmare. It was just beginning. She had just
stepped into the shower when she heard the knock on the door. She was going
to ignore it but whoever it was kept banging. Then she heard the phrase
police. She grabbed a towel to cover herself. What else could go wrong?

The police told her the fan Ricky Holmes was pressing charges against
her, she would have to come down to the station.

That was the last straw, she was not going to jail after her breasts had
been exposed to the world, she reared back and slapped the cop. He fell
back but his partner tackled and handcuffed her. The carried hr in her
towel kicking and screaming to the station.

The cop who she slapped said he was going to do the paper work, his
partner nodded and winked.

He dragged the handcuffed blonde into the back room. He told her this is
where we take the people who assault cops. We usually just beat them, but I
am going to make an exception in your case.

He pulled the towel off of her. She was standing with her hands behind
her back completely naked. The cop walked over and lightly pinched her
nipples. Then he took a lick.

Tammy kneed him in the stomach and fell over. The cop held her down and
kissed her. He told her we could do this the hard way or the easy way,
Tammy tried to get up, it would be the hard way.

The cop spread her legs and held them apart with his knees, he the
reached down and rubbed his hand up and down her pussy.

Tammy let out a light groan, this caused the cop to rub the palm of his
hand even faster. Tammy stopped struggling and spread her legs even wider.
The cop shoved two fingers into her snatch. Tammy arched her back as he
shoved them in harder and faster. He then slipped a third finger inside of
her. She was cumming.

The cop rolled her over onto her stomach, she didn't fight him. He
shoved his cock into her ass hole.

Tammy let out a moan as her ass was being raped. She was forced face
first to the ground as the cop rammed his cock into her ass. She had never
done this before and it felt good.

The cop reached underneath her and slipped his 3 fingers in her cunt
while he fucked her. He reached around with his free hand and rubbed clit.

This was too much for Tammy, she was cumming. The cops fingers were
covered with her juices. He stuck them in her mouth and made her lick them
clean. The cop pulled out of her ass and shoved it into her mouth. She
licked his cock clean as he shot his load all over her face.

He scooped the cum off of her face and but it in her mouth. He then used
her towel to clean up what she didn't swallow.

The cop told Tammy usually after a felon has been to the back room they
are released, but this time, Ricky was pressing charges so she would have
to go to jail.

They gave her prison garb and moved her to general population. They told
her if she didn't cause any trouble she could post bail tomorrow. Tammy
agreed to co operate.

Tammy went into the yard and was greeted by 200 pound Regina. Regina was
the boss of the yard, she told Tammy to listen to her and she would get
along. Tammy didn't want anymore trouble so she walked away.

Regina grabbed Tammy by her long blonde hair and tossed her to the
ground. Tammy tried to get up but Regina dragged her to the back room.
Tammy yelled to the guards but they just turned their backs. Regina told
her to do what she says or she would never get out of her.

Three of the guards followed Regina into the back room. They laid her
down and spread Tammy's legs as wide as they could. Regina kneeled between
her legs and started to lick.

Regina was an expert with her tongue, she slipped it all the way into
Tammy's cunt and licked her from the inside out. Tammy was squirming, part
ways out of fear and part ways out of the licking she was getting.

They rolled her over to her hand and knees. One of the guards pulled out
his night stick. He shoved it into her cunt.

He grabbed it with both hands and worked it in and out of her. She had
completely stopped struggling. The second guard pulled out his night stick
and shoved it into her pussy also.

Tammy was gritting her teeth, she had given up all hope, and she had
just had her second orgasm. The third guard pulled out his night stick and
shoved it into her ass.

Tammy fell flat on her face. She then began raising her ass up and down
fucking the three sticks that were penetrating her. She had a screaming

The guards told her that was the most fun they ever had. They were going
to have to file the assault charges from Ricky.

Tammy was in tears, she knew the guards had no intention of releasing
her she would have to spent years in prison being violated. She then got an

Tammy used her one phone call to talk to Ricky. She asked for a meeting
to settle their differences.

Ricky met Tammy in the back room. Tammy was taking no chances. She
lifted her shirt, grabbed Rick by the back of the neck and shoved his face
against her perfect tits.

Ricky got in one lick before Tammy pulled his head away. She told him if
she wanted him he would have to drop all charges. He quickly agreed in
writing to have Tammy freed.

Tammy dropped to her knees and pulled down his pants. His cock sprung to
life, sticking straight up. Tammy wrapped her lips around it.

Tammy sucked his cock like the world was winning. She swallowed the
whole thing easily. Ricky grabbed her by the head and fucked her face.

He shoved her head against his chest so she was forced to deep throat
him. He then shot his load directly down his throat. She had no choice but
to swallow it all.

Tammy grabbed her release paper stood up and kicked him as she heard a
cop ask if anybody wanted any nuts from the vending machine.


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