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by Wonder Mike (

Chris Candido and his Beautiful blonde bombshell fiance Tammy AKA Sunny
were leaving the ECW arena after another hard day of work.

Chris had two matches that night and he was worn out. He loved his work.

"Tammy I don't want you getting involved in my matches anymore."

"Chris, I am the highest paid performer in ECW and I am going to earn
my pay, My talents were wasted in the WWF and I am not going to let that
happen again."

"Tammy, I just don't want you getting hurt, I am the athlete, and I
don't want you getting hurt before our wedding."

"Honey, I love you, and you cannot keep me from ringside."

Chris could not argue with Tammy, he was completely under her spell.

They were in the parking lot when they heard the voice.

"Well, Well, Well, Yes it is I, the quintessential stud muffin, The man
harder than Chinese algebra, Joel, You'll marvel at the size as I lay
between your thigh's Gertner."

"Let me introduce to you the silence behind the violence, sign guy

Sign guy replied "."

"And to his right, at a RIPPED, CUT, BUFF TOUGH, AND JACKED, two hundred
and fif."

Joel was interrupted,

"I stand corrected, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, the Dudleyville
super cruiser weight champion, from the South side of Dudleyville, Devon

"Testify brother Gertner."

"To his Right at three hundred ten and a quarter pound, the mayor of
Dudleyville, and the president of Philadelphia, the man who when confronted
by Monica Lewinsky said close, but no cigar's Buh, Buh ray Dudley."

"Ye, yea, Yeah, Candido, your done for."

"And to his right, at three hundred and fourty pounds sixteen and a
quarter inches of the worlds largest cock, Big Dick Dudley, the one eyed

Chris lunged at Joel but he was intercepted by sign guy who caught him
in the back of the head with a stop sign, Candido was out cold.

Sign guy celebrated by saying " "

"Well, well, well said Joel, what should we do with the young lady."

Devon chimed in, "I think we should show her the Dudley commandments

Buh, Buh said "I, I, I, think we should string her up."

Big Dick said,"Grrrr."

"What about you sign guy?"

" "
I agree with sign guy, we should give her the Dudley fucking of a

Tammy raced for the car and made it inside, she started the engine and
wondered why they weren't after her.

Then she saw, they were strangling Chris, she had to so back.

"You are going to have the time of your lifetime," said Devon.

They tied up Chris and dragged him back into the empty arena.

They took Tammy to the ring and turned on her entrance music.

"Strip for us bitch." Devon bellowed.

"Don't think, your not going to pay for this she cried."

Tammy was close to tears, but she was trapped, she had to do what they

She unbuttoned her shirt then pulled down her skirt. she was standing in
her bra and panty's and boots, what a sight.

"Ta, ta, ta, take of your Bra" said Buh Buh.

Tammy took of her bra exposing her perfect breast, the Dudley's had
never seen anything so beautiful.

"Fuck yourself ho" yelled Devon,

Tammy inserted a finger into her tight pussy. All the Dudley's cried

Sign guy said " ".

Buh, Buh went to the snack bar and found a two liter bottle of Sunny
delight, "How appropriate he thought."

He tossed the bottle in the ring and Devon yelled

"Cram that bottle in your cunt bitch."

Tammy said "No," but the boys started to kick Chris.

She had to comply. She would do anything for Chris.

She inserted the bottle half way up her snatch and began to work it
in and out, God she was tight.

Joel said, "You better get it in further than that if you don't want
a Dudley beating."

Tammy shoved harder and got it two-thirds of the way in.

She looked to Chris and saw that he was watching her, now she was

She shoved the huge bottle all the way to the hilt. She started to ram
it and Chris nodded his approval. Now she was going to put on a show.

Devon yelled "Sit on it Bitch,"

Tammy wasted no time, She squatted over the bottle and began to jump
up and down, the bottle was buried, and she was using the ring ropes for
leverage. She was impaled on the bottle of Sunny Delight.

The boys had enough of this, they wanted to fuck, Sign guy got to go

He climbed in the ring, stuck his hand in Tammy and pulled out the
bottle, that caused her second orgasm.

Sign Guy pulled out his 8 inch dick and shoved it down her throat, he
grabbed her by the back of the neck and jammed his cock down her throat.

Sign Guy pushed her to her hand and knees and shoved his dick right up
her ass with no warning he pumped furiously at her tight previously
untouched ass.

Sign Guy rolled over and plopped Tammy down on top of him, Buh, Buh and
Devon grabbed her by the arms and began slamming her up and down on top of
Sign Guy, she was so tight, Sign Guy couldn't take much of this.

He was going to shot his load. He pushed Tammy off of him and shoved his
dick down her throat. Devon grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced
her to deep throat sign guy while he came.

"You better not swallow bitch," he said. he went and grabbed a cup and
had her spit out Sign guy's seed into it.

Now it was time for Devon and Buh. Buh. Buh, Buh dropped his pants and
his 12 inch cock spilled out. It had to be 7 inches in diameter.

"Si, Si, sit on this he said." Sunny climbed aboard, she was going to
give him the ride of a lifetime.

She grabbed the turnbuckle and started jumping up and down. Buh, Buh was
groaning, he needed help.

Devon pulled out his 12 inch monster cock, it was the size of the

"Suck on it good bitch." She didn't need any encouragement.

She could only get a third of the way down because of the size but that
was ok with Devon.

He came up behind her and slammed his monster into her ass.

She was bouncing on Buh, Buh while Devon was slamming her ass.

The boys were both going to shoot off. They pulled out and shoved
both the dicks into her mouth. It was second before they came in unison.

"You better not swallow bitch," they grabbed the cup and had her
spit it into the cup.

Now it was time for big Dick and Joel.

They dropped their pants and Tammy found out the weren't boasting.

Big Dick was eighteen inches, and Joel was at least 14.

Big Dick picked up the small girl and slammed her on his cock. He
bounced the tired girl up and down on his monster.

He laid down and rested her on top of him. She was tired but she started
to bounce up and down.

She took it all the way to the base and than wiggled her ass, this
brought a smile to the dour Big Dick.

Joel climbed on her back and slowly started to shove his 14 inches
right next to big Dick inside of her snatch.

Tammy screamed "No I can't."

"Yes, you can bitch," said Devon. And he jumped on Joel's back using his
full two hund, I mean one hundred and eighty-five pounds to force Joel's
cock all the way into Tammy.

She was stretched beyond belief and would never be satisfied with a
single man again.

It was so tight the boys had no choice to shot their loads.

Tammy passed out and Joel and Big Dick took turns shooting their loads
into the paper cup.

They shook Tammy awake and then poured the cup filled with spunk down
her throat.

"You better not spill any of it bitch." Yelled Devon.

She swallowed it all.

They helped her out of the ring and she said "Next time we have to get
the triple threat too."

Sign guy added " . " And they all laughed.


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