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by Wonder Mike (

Sunny, Miss Elizabeth and Terri Runnels had become very good friends.
They were sad that they were working in three different Federations.

The weekend saw all three Federations in New York. It was great they
would have a chance to have a girls night out.

They went out for dinner and talked about what was going on. Terri and
Sunny were mad that they were being forced to do ring work. Elizabeth had
found a way to get out of it.

"All I have to do is suck off Hogan and Bischoff and I don't have to do
any work at all, just stand there and smile."

Terri said "I will have to try that with Vince."

Sunny said "I did that and didn't have to get into the ring but I also
got no air time, he is a real ass."

They started drinking heavily and decided to go to a male strip club.

They were wasted and Sunny climbed on stage. She started dancing with
the guy on stage, all the women in the club were going wild.

The stripper was now completely naked swinging his dick in front of her.

The crowd started screaming "Suck it."

Sunny wouldn't do it.

Elizabeth started calling her a coward. That just made Sunny mad.

She told her "Why don't you suck it prude."

That was all it took. Liz climbed on stage and poppedthe dick in her

It sprung up to 8 inches, Liz had about 7 inches and the crowd was
yelling "Deeper" Liz gave it her all but she couldn't get it all down.

Sunny said "Is that the best you could do?" She then grabbed the dick
and slammed it all the way down her throat.

Terri said "I am impressed, but I can do the same." Terri grabbed his
dick and started sucking, on the third trip she had deep throated him.

The crowd had recognized the girls and was going wild. The chant of
"Suck it!" was growing louder and louder, they were getting a great show.

Liz was embarrassed that her friend had deep throated the stripper and
she couldn't. She took his dick and started sucking for all she was worth,
the stripper shot his load and Liz sprayed it all over her face.

"Lets see you do that she said."

Sunny said lets get another guy up here.

Another stripper jumped on stage and whipped out his dick, Sunny saw it
was only 6 inches and she laughed. "I have to throw this one back, I need
somebody with 10 inches."

Another stripper came up and took out his cock, it was hard and 10
inches, Sunny started sucking. It took her five strokes but she managed to
deep throat him. She slammed her mouth down against his waist and held it
until he shot his load in her mouth. She came up for air and let his spunk
drip out the corners of her mouth.

Terri screamed "All right, I need twelve inches."

A stripper stood up and said "I have 12."

He pulled out a long and skinny dick. Terri grabbed it and slammed it
down her throat on the first stroke. She was a pro. It was seconds before
he shot her load into her mouth. Terri called Liz over and spit the cum
into her mouth.

Sunny called for 14 inches, they waited but nobody stepped up.

The girls were horny and decided to leave the club. They saw a female
club that was having an amateur contest and they went in. First prize was
750 dollars, they figured that would pay for their night out.

Terri was first on the stage. She climbed up and did a slow strip. She
reached through her panty's and started rubbing her cunt. She slid her
panties to the side and inserted a finger. she jammed it in and out. The
crowd went wild. She then jammed two more fingers, then her whole fist up
her cunt.

Liz went up next, she decided not to dance, she just got on stage took
off her clothes and let three guys in the front row each shove three
fingers in her cunt, she than grabbed each side of her box and spread it
as wide as it would go and let the crowd look inside of her.

Then she picked a guy out of the first row, but his elbow up on stage
and sat on his whole hand. she sat down half way to his elbow.

Sunny went next. She had gone out side and grabbed something from in
front of the club and hid it back stage.

She did a slow strip then she just jammed her hand up her cunt, she then
picked out the same guy that Liz did and jammed his fist up inside of her
next to hers.

A hush fell over the crowd.

Sunny than grabbed her hidden object from backstage. It was a small
highway cone, about 18 inches long and about 12 inches wide at the base.
She sat down on the cone and pressed, she made it about two-third of the
way down. She then called for two members of the crowd to come help. She
laid on her back and had one guy push on the cone and the other one push on
her shoulders until she got it all the way in. she than stood up and began
bouncing up and down, all the way to the base and all the way up.

She then rolled over and slid to the edge of thestage so everybody could
see her insides.

Her helpers than began to twist the cone, this caused her to pass out from
the orgasm, when she awoke she found out she won first prize.

They can't wait for their next girl's night out.


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