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by Wonder Mike (

Tammy Stych A. K. A. Sunny had just made her ECW arena debut. The
humanoids, I mean people did not understand but they were ecstatic. They
knew what they wanted, and it was Tammy.

She didn't disappoint them. She came to ringside wearing a see-thru silk
robe and a thong bikini. She walked into the ring lifted up her robe and
bent over to give the fans a thrill.

She was now without a doubt the most popular personality in the

The other girls Francine and Dawn Marie, who would be using the name
Tammy Bytch wanted to take her out to welcome her.

They planned the whole day together. They went to lunch were Tammy spent
the whole time signing autographs for her fans.

Dawn and Francine waited outside, nobody recognized Dawn and Francine
didn't want to be bothered.

Francine suggested that they go get a couple of drinks. She would stay
sober to make sure they didn't get into trouble and Tammy and Dawn could
get wasted.

Tammy only had a couple of drinks but she was feeling it. Dawn Marie was

Francine suggested they go to the zoo, Dawn Marie was new to the area
and had never been.

Tammy agreed, she would have probably agreed to go anywhere by this

They arrived at the zoo about an hour before closing and it was almost
deserted. It was a small zoo and really didn't have any major animals.

The last stop they made was the monkey cage.

They where watching the gorilla's when one of them started to masturbate
in front of the girls.

It was the wildest thing they had ever seen and they started to laugh
hysterically. That caused the gorilla to stop.

The girls were disappointed, they started to coo and whisper to the
gorilla to get him to start again.

They tried to bribe the gorilla with a banana to keep going but it
wouldn't. The zoo was closing and an attendant came to usher them out. He
immediately recognized Tammy but didn't recognize the other girls.

Francine said he thought the guy was cute and it would be exciting to
stay inside after the zoo closed.

Francine told the attendant she would give him a blow job if he let them
stay for a while. Tammy and Dawn couldn't believe it. Francine also
whispered something else to the attendant that the other girls couldn't

He whipped out his cock and Francine showed why she is the head
cheerleader. She sucked him so good he came in minutes, than he walked
away. He told the girls they could stay for a while.

Francine told Tammy that the gorilla was staring at her. She kept
telling Tammy how exciting it would be to get an ape excited.

Francine exposed her breast and shook them at the ape who had been
masturbating and the three other ones that were in the cage with him.

Nothing happened and Tammy started laughing at her.

Francine told her "I'll bet you 200 dollars that you can't make that ape
start to masturbate,"

Tammy took the bet. Dawn Marie could barely stand.

Tammy started to shake her tits at the apes but nothing happened.

Francine told her "You have to do better than that."

Tammy was becoming determined to win the bet so she took of her top.
After all their was nobody else around.

It still didn't work so she took off her pants.

Francine was egging her on, "Is that the best you can do?"

Tammy grabbed a banana and started to suck on it. Now all the gorillas
were watching.

Tammy had caught on to something, she was going to prove why she should
be number one.

She took the banana and stuck it in her pussy, she worked it in and out
so she could get her juices on it and gave it to the nearest gorilla.

Now all four of the apes were watching and they all had erections. Now
Tammy was getting hot and bolder.

All the apes had cocks a little bigger than the average male, about 8

Francine said, "You have to get closer so they can smell you." Tammy
climbed over the safety rail and put her cute ass against the cage.

Francine said "I have to get a closer look at this, come over here

Dawn staggered over next to Francine and they grabbed Tammy. They pinned
her arms against the cage.

"You are not going to take my place in the triple threat." Francine

Dawn Marie said "You have gotten me stuck in a nowhere gimmick. What am
I supposed to do? Feud with you for the next three years?"

"My career is screwed." She hadn't been drinking at all.

The zoo attendant came from behind the cage. He had the key and unlocked
the cage. The girls pushed the hot Tammy in the cage with 4 horny apes.

Tammy fell and the first ape bounced on her. He grabbed her Breast and
started to squeeze.

Tammy tried to pull away and the ape started to squeeze really hard.

The attendant said "You better not fight," "If you do they could hurt
you before I could stop them."

Dawn Marie took a camera out of her purse and started taking pictures.
This would insure that Tammy would be kept in her place.

The ape mounted her from behind and thrust insideof her. The other apes
were bouncing around. they wanted some too.

They started to tug and pull at her.

Francine and Dawn didn't want Tammy to get hurt so they both stripped.
They started to finger their Pussy's until the other three apes came over
to the cage and started trying to gab them.

This gave the first ape to finish. He gave one last mighty thrust and
came inside of Tammy.

Tammy fell to the ground and the second Gorilla pounced on her.

He lifted her up and placed her on his cock. He just rammed it all the
way in and held it until he shot his load.

He than shot his load.

He dropped her face first to the ground. She tried to get up and the
third ape jumped on her back and force her face first to the ground. He had
his cock inside of her before she hit the ground. This Ape was good. He
gave her the hardest fucking she ever had before he came. The last ape
climbed on top of the limp Tammy, he stuck his cock in the only hole he
could reach, her ass.

He slammed his cock into her ass hole with wild abandon. He had no idea
he was in her ass and he didn't care.

He lifted her up and started running around the cage with her impaled on
his cock. Each step he took made his cock go in further.

Tammy was wide awake now and scared she would be stuck.

Luckily he came quickly and dropped her to the floor.

Dawn Marie's said "I'm not finished with you yet."

"Did you get set up?" she asked the attendant.

He said he was and they grabbed Tammy and took her over to an empty

"I can't wait to see this." Francine said.

They laid Tammy across a bench, her head was almost on the floor her ass
was sticking up in the air. There were two steel rails about a foot over

Francine tied Tammy's hand to the front legs of the bench, Dawn tied her
legs to the back of the bench. She was helpless.

Tammy heard a snort. She looked behind her and she was shocked, they
couldn't hate her that much. It wasn't her fault she was so popular. It was
a bull.

Tammy was in the bull breeding cage.

Dawn began to finger Tammy to get her juices flowing. Once they did Dawn
inserted so straw inside of her.

The bull was confused but he liked the scent. The bull started to like
her pussy, then it inserted it's tongue so it could get the straw.

Dawn had buried the straw deep so the bull would have to stick it's
entire tongue in her pussy.

Tammy was embarrassed that she climaxed.

Francine began to stroke the huge bull cock. It was starting to buck
wildly so the zoo attendant strapped it into the breeder.

It was fully erect and horny It's cock was a foot and a half long and
about 10 inches in diameter.

Francine grabbed it and stuffed it into Tammy.

Francine tried to hold the bull so it would go slowly. It was no use.
The bull thrust wildly, it would have sent her flying but she was strapped
down. The second thrust had the bull buried inside of her.

She enjoyed this more than anything she had ever done. She would now
have to do this every day.

The bull plunged in and out for 30 minutes before it came inside of her.

"Next "yelled Francine and the attendant went to get another one.


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