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SuperHeros In Motion
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Backstage at a WWF Live Event in the early spring of 2002, the WWF's
resident SuperHeros, The Hurricane and Mighty Molly are in their locker room,
nicknamed The Hurri-Cave. Hurricane, dressed in a green sleeveless top and
black pants, as well as his mask is sitting on the couch pondering something
as he looks over at his sidekick. "Mighty Molly...we face a major dilemma..."

Mighty Molly stands proudly with her hands on her hips as she turns to
face her fellow SuperHero, The Hurricane "We do? Well we must take action
immediately! We don't want the citizens to be in danger, right Hurricane!?"
The adorable blonde-haired SuperHero, Mighty Molly replies as she dressed in
a pair of tight-fitting black pants, a black and pink top and a matching
black and pink cape that rests on her shoulders.

The Hurricane stands up from the couch, "That's right we don't... and I got
all this... pent up frustration... it's... interfering with my highly trained
Hurri-senses..." The Hurricane says as he speaks in a highly exaggerated

Mighty Molly bites down on her bottom lip "Oh Gee Hurricane!" Mighty Molly
shakes her head "That's not good at all! Without your Hurri-senses we're
helpless against all evil- doers!" Mighty Molly replies as she nods her head
and looks at Hurricane "We must get your Hurri-senses back, but how!?" Mighty
Molly says innocently to her SuperHero sidekick.

"I have no... idea..." Hurricane replies as he looks at he adorable
blonde-haired sidekick and he licks his lips a bit as he notices at how
Mighty Molly's tight-fitting black and pink superhero outfit fits against her
body. "Maybe if... I... had some... way of releasing some frustrations...
it could help restore my Hurri-senses..."

Mighty Molly nods her head and smiles proudly as she raises her head
"Hurricane...I am happy to help anyway I can!" Mighty Molly replies.

The Hurricane licks his lip again, "Are you sure Mighty Molly? This could...
require... alot more... than your SuperHero training..." The Hurricane says
as he locks his eyes with the beautiful eyes of his sidekick.

Mighty Molly nods her head "Oh you bet your bottom I'm sure!" Mighty Molly
replies cutely and then smiles "I'm always willing to help a fellow SuperHero
in need!"

The Hurricane nods his head, "Thank you Mighty Molly... I will not... forget
this..." Hurricane says as he takes Molly's right hand and presses it against
his crotch, "Molly... I need... you to help me... down here..." Hurricane
says with a slight moan as he holds Molly's right hand against his bulging

Mighty Molly bites down on her bottom lip as she blushes and shyly looks "Oh
Gee Hurricane! I don't know if I'm up for that..." Mighty Molly swallows and
slightly looks away as her hand remains against his crotch "Maybe I should go
get Citizen Terri or Citizen Ivory"

The Hurricane groans a bit, "Molly... please... I need you're help... you
can handle it..." Hurricane replies as he let's go of Molly's right hand
and places his left hand under her chin in order to have her look at him.
"Please... help me... Mighty Molly..." Hurricane says with a moan as Molly
can feel his thick cock through the material of his black pants.

Mighty Molly takes a deep breath "Gee sure need to the
help..." Mighty Molly replies as she then nods her head "It's my duty protect and serve!" Mighty Molly says proudly as she suddenly
removes her right hand from The Hurricane's crotch and removes her pink and
black cape and sets it carefully down on the couch inside of the locker room
known as the Hurri-Cave. Mighty Molly then suddenly lowers herself down to
her knees in front of the Hurricane and places her hands up on his black
wrestling pants and proceeds to lower her fellow SuperHero's pants.

"Ohhh... thank you Mighty Molly..." The Hurricane moans as Molly lowers his
black wrestling pants down. Almost instantly, The Hurricane's mighty thick
thirteen-inch, Hurri-cock springs free and points right at Molly. The
green-haired SuperHero then proceeds to remove his sleeveless green wrestling
top to reveal his smooth, muscular upper body.

Mighty Molly lifts her head and smiles up at The Hurricane "Oh gee
Hurricane..." Mighty Molly says with a cute laugh before looking directly at
his large Hurri-cock. Mighty Molly takes a deep breath as she reaches forward
and wraps both of her soft, gentle hands around his shaft and begins to
gently stroke his cock before lowering her head down on his throbbing
Hurri-cock and places her tongue against the head of his cock and begins to
gently circle her tongue.

"Ohhh... Mighty Molly..." The Hurricane lets out a loud moan as Mighty
Molly's innocent tongue moves around the thick head of his rock hard
Hurri-Cock. He lays his hands on Mighty Molly's head and pushes her soft
blond hair back as he closes his eyes. Mighty Molly closes her eyes as
well as she gently taps her tongue against the head of his cock. She
removes her hands from around his shaft and uses her hands to lift up
her pink and black top, removing her head from his cock for a moment as
she takes her top off of her attractive body, exposing her firm, perky
tits from underneath. Mighty Molly sets her black and pink top down on
the floor before she leans back in toward The Hurricane's cock and opens
her mouth as she takes her fellow SuperHero's cock into her warm,
soothing mouth.

"Ahhhh ahhh..." The Hurricane's body tenses up as he feels Might Molly's
warm, wet mouth take his cock past her sweet innocent lips. "Ohhh Molly...
yes...ohh yes..." Hurricane moans as he opens his eyes and looks down at his
adorable, faithful sidekick when her lips presses gently down onto his meaty,
thirteen-inch shaft. Mighty Molly lifts her innocent, soft eyes up and locks
them with The Hurricane as she smoothly bobs her head, up and down, on his
hard, throbbing cock as she begins to softly lap her tongue against and
around his mighty Hurri-cock as she takes him deeper into her warm, wet
SuperHero mouth. The Hurricane moans loudly as inch after inch of his cock
enters Molly's warm, SuperHero mouth, "Ohhh... Molly... mmm... yes...
that's... what I need..." The Hurricane moans as looks down into her soft,
innocent eyes so that she can see the appreciation in his own eyes before he
pulls off his black SuperHero mask.

Mighty Molly closes her eyes as she lifts her head up slightly before she
opens her mouth wider and lowers her head completely down on his cock. The
adorable blonde SuperHero begins to slowly bob her head on The Hurricane's
cock as she deep throats his mighty Hurri-cock as she softly moans while
her saliva drips against his cock. "Mmmmm... uhhh Molly... you're... my
hero..." The Hurricane moans as his adorable, blonde-haired sidekick deep
throats his entire cock as she bobs her head slowly on his meaty Hurri-cock.

Mighty Molly slowly lifts her head up from The Hurricane's cock and licks
her lips as she opens her eyes and looks at The Hurricane's throbbing, saliva
covered Hurri-cock. "Mmmmm...Gee're my hero!" Mighty Molly
says cutely as she stands up and places her hands on her waist as she begins
to push down her tight-fitting black pants

The Hurricane looks at his adorable side kick as she lowers her tight-fitting
black pants down, "Holy smokes Mighty Molly... you are... quite... the...
SuperHottie..." Hurricane says as his eyes wander over Mighty Molly's body as
she steps out of her tight-fitting black pants.

Mighty Molly blushes "Gee Hurricane...I'm sure glad I'm able to help out a
fellow SuperHero in need..." Mighty Molly replies as she pushes down her
black panties, revealing her shaven smooth, hot pussy.

The Hurricane smiles and licks his lips slightly as he looks at Mighty
Molly's hot, cleanly shaved pussy, "Mighty Molly... you do know... when you
help others... you get rewards... and... I think I can reward you... as you
help me..." Hurricane says as steps towards his sweet blonde-haired sidekick
and places his hands on her round hips. He then slides his hands up towards
her firm, perky tits and then places them on her shoulders. Mighty Molly
smiles sweetly as The Hurricane gently pushes Molly to lay down on the couch
inside of the locker room, known as the Hurri-Cave. Mighty Molly licks her
lips as she spreads her smooth, stunning legs apart.

The Hurricane kneels on the couch with Mighty Molly and guides his cock into
her warm, tight pussy. "Uhhh...mmmm..." Hurricane moans as he pushes his
entire saliva covered thirteen-inch shaft into her pussy. "Ohhh... uhhhhh
Molly... you have... hidden powers..." Hurricane groans as he gives her a
fairly strong thrust to get his entire cock into her tight pussy.

Mighty Molly bites down on her bottom lip as The Hurricane thrusts his cock
deeply into her warm, tight pussy "Oh Gee Hurricane!" Molly moans as he
begins to thrust in and out of her warm pussy.

The Hurricane licks his lips as puts his hands on Mighty Molly's shoulders
as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. "Mmmm... ohhh good golly
Molly..." Hurricane moans as he steadily increases the pace of his thrusts.

Mighty Molly wraps her smooth, soft legs around The Hurricane's waist as
the adorable SuperHero sidekick begins to rock her body back against The
Hurricane as she places her hands on his smooth, muscular chest "Ohhhh Gee
Hurricane! I never knew you were like this!" Mighty Molly moans.

The green-haired SuperHero smiles as he moves his cock in and out of Mighty
Molly's warm, tight pussy, "Uhhhh... SuperHeros... keep things secrets...
for... big time... moments...." Hurricane replies as he lowers his head down
and flick his tongue against the erect nipples of Molly's firm perky tits.
Hurricane starts fucking Mighty Molly's pussy with harder and faster thrusts
so that his balls smack right against her skin when he drives his shaft all
the way into her.

Mighty Molly grits her teeth as she tilts her head back as she starts to
grind her pussy against The Hurricane's cock as he thrusts in and out of her
tight, warm pussy "Ohhh...ohhhh...mmmm're my hero!" Mighty
Molly moans.

"Ohhh Molly... you're so... great..." The Hurricane moans as lifts his head
up from her tits. He lowers his hands down to her round waist and he rolls
over on the couch so that his adorable blonde-haired sidekick is on top of
him. "Show me how mighty you can be..." Hurricane smiles as he reaches up
and brushes her blonde hair out of her face.

Mighty Molly nods her head as she licks her lips while she slides her soft
hands against The Hurricane's semi-sweaty, muscular chest "Ohh Gee Hurricane!
I'd love too!" Molly moans cutely as she begins to gently bounce smoothly on
The Hurricane's hard and throbbing Hurri-cock.

"Ohhh...mmmm go for it Molly..." The Hurricane moans as he lays his hands on
Mighty Molly's waist and rocks her back and forth as she bounces up and down
on his stiff, hard cock. The athletic SuperHero starts thrusting his cock up
into her warm, wet pussy, matching her movements perfectly.

Mighty Molly grits her teeth together as she closes her eyes and begins
to bounce on The Hurricane's cock at a much faster rate as she rides his
Hurri-cock "Ohhhh...mmmmm Hurricane..." Mighty Molly moans as she begins
to sweat as her hot, sweating body slams down on his hard cock.

The Hurricane grits his teeth together as he feels Mighty Molly's soft hands
slide over his sweat-covered chest, "Oh... Molly...holy smokes... ahhh..."
The Hurricane grunts as he thrusts his cock up into his sidekick's hot wet
pussy as her body smacks down against his as she rides him.

"Ohhhh Gee Hurricane!" Mighty Molly moans loudly as she suddenly slams down
hard on The Hurricane's cock, taking him deeply into her tight and warm pussy
"Ohhhh holy cow!" Mighty Molly moans cutely as sweat drips off of her body,
dampening her blonde hair.

The Hurricane moans loudly as Mighty Molly pauses after she slammed herself
down on his cock. "Ohhh... Molly... good golly... you're... something else...
Whatupwithdat?!" Hurricane laughs a bit as he lifts his adorable, sweating
sidekick off of his cock and he scoots out from under her. He has Molly lay
on her side on the couch and he lays behind her. The Hurricane then lifts up
her right leg and slides his shaft back into her warm wet pussy.

Mighty Molly closes her eyes and tilts her head against The Hurricane's
sweaty chest as his cock enters her hot pussy from behind "Ohhhhhh Gee
Hurricane! You're the greatest" Molly moans.

The Hurricane bends Might Molly's right leg over his legs as he thrusts his
cock in and out of her hot pussy again, "Ohhhh... ahhh Molly... you're the
greatest too..." Hurricane moans as he pistons his large fat Hurri-cock in
and out of Mighty Molly's pussy, giving his sidekick incredibly hard, fast

Mighty Molly glances over her shoulder and smiles proudly at her fellow
SuperHero "I'm...always help a fellow"
Molly moans as she pushes herself against his cock.

The Hurricane smiles at Mighty Molly as sweat rolls down his face, "Uhhhh...
that's... great... Molly... I'm... here... for you... too..." Hurricane
groans as he wraps and arm around her waist. The sweating SuperHero groans
as he feels Mighty Molly's round ass cheeks press against his waist and lets
out a loud moan as he starts to cum, "Uhhhh...Molly!" Hurricane moans as he
fills Mighty Molly's hot pussy up with his super hot Hurri-Cum.

Mighty Molly closes her eyes as her sweat covered body tenses up feeling the
warm cum of The Hurricane flood her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh...Hurricane!"
Molly moans as he delivers one more thrust causing Molly's mighty pussy to
erupt with her own cum "Ohhhh...ahhh...Hurricane..." Molly moans as she
breaths heavily.

The Hurricane licks his lips and he closes his yes as he feels Molly's warm
cum flowing onto his cock as he holds her against him. "Ohhh... good golly...
Mighty Molly... that was... wow..." Hurricane moans as he rests against his
adorable sidekick.

Mighty Molly cutely bites down on her bottom lip "Do you have your
Hurri-senses back?"

The Hurricane pauses and then he smiles, "Yes... I have my Hurri-senses
back... and I sense... that there are people in need..."

Mighty Molly sits up on the couch and looks back at The Hurricane "Then we
must go!" Mighty Molly says proudly.

"That's right!" The Hurricane says as he sits up next to Mighty Molly before
jumping to his feet, "Too the Hurri-Cycle!" The Hurricane then pauses and
looks back at his sidekick Mighty Molly, "After we get dressed of course..."

Mighty Molly nods her head as she jumps up to her feet as well "Yes...and
then to The Hurri-Cycle!"


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