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Superstar Seduction
by Angela (, AOL IM: Storyweaver4life)

At a club in Los Angelus, Trish Stratus is living it up as she dances on the
dance floor. She is having so much fun that she doesn't realize she's going
to bump into someone until she collides with a blond woman and knocks her
down. As Trish and the unknown woman compose themselves, Trish's face goes
red with humiliation.

"Oh I'm so sorry... I'm a bit clumsy today," Trish laughs a little as she
extends her hand to help the other woman up.

The other woman takes her hand and stands up, "Oh don't worry about it..."
She smiles.

Trish gets a good look at her and brings a hand to her own mouth, "Oh my
god... you're Jessica Simpson..."

"Yes, I am and you're?"

"Trish... Trish Stratus, WWE Diva and Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey fan, I
have all of the albums you have done."

Jessica looks at Trish for a moment before smiling, "You're the champ
right... the... one who's always talking about Stratusfaction."

Trish smiles and nods, "Yep, that's me."

Jessica smiles, "Nick is a big, big fan of yours..."

"What about you?" Trish asks and then suddenly places her hand over her

"What's wrong?" Jessica asked staring at Trish for a moment.

"The way I asked you that... it sounded like I was... flirting with you or

Jessica laughs a bit, "Oh don't worry about it... you're not the first woman
to flirt with me..."

Trish involuntarily glances down at Jessica's body licking her lips slowly
"Did you like it?" she asks moving closer to the other woman almost pressing
against her.

"Kinda..." Jessica smiles, "Hey... my limo is just outside... want to go for
a ride around town?"

"Actually can we go get something to eat... the food here is not very good
and I would like to talk to you more... I'll buy?"

Jessica looks a bit at Trish's body before smiling, "Sure... I've gotten
really hungry all of a sudden..." Jessica takes Trish hand and they walk
out of the club through a side exit reserved for celebrities. They go to
Jessica's limo and get inside. After the driver starts driving the limo,
Jessica looks at Trish, "So... who... I mean where do you want to eat?"

Trish smiled at Jessica moving to pour herself a glass of wine from the small
bar in front of them, "Anywhere's fine with me I can eat anybod... place" she
asked taking a long sip.

Jessica pours herself a glass of wine and takes a sip. "How about the
penthouse suite at the hotel I'm staying at... there's 24 hour room

"Is that an offer to stay 24 hours... why what would your husband say?" Trish
asks winking at Jessica as the driver pulls up to the hotel entrance.

"He won't say anything... particularly since I let her hang with my sister
every now and then," Jessica laughs a bit as they get out of the limo. They
walk inside, go to the elevator and go up to Jessica's suite. "So... what...
or who... do you want to eat?" Jessica smiles.

"How about some steak or prime rib or something equally delicious?" she asks
pulling Jessica to her and kissing her deeply thrusting her tongue inside her
mouth while her hand moves to cup one breast.

Jessica places her hands on Trish's shoulders as she slides her tongue
against Trish's. She breaks the kiss and smiles, "I think I like option 3..."
She moves her hands down to Trish's hips and slides them around to the front
to push them under Trish's top.

"Good because so do I" Trish says moving away for only a few seconds to slip
off her top moving to kiss Jessica's neck and then her shoulder moving behind
her slipping her arms around her waist.

Jessica moans softly as she moves her hands to unbutton Trish's tight jeans.
She unzips them and starts to push them down to Trish's legs. Jessica smiles,
"Mmmm I see you like wearing tight clothes... I wonder what else on you is

Trish smiles as she threads her fingers through Jessica's hair turning her
face up to hers "Don't take too long to find out baby... or else I might have
to take matters into my own hands."

Jessica goes down to her knees and roughly tugs Trish's jeans down to her
ankles. She rubs Trish's firm legs as she pulls down Trish's panties with her
teeth to see Trish's neatly shaved pussy. "Mmmm looks yummy..." Jessica says
as she moves her head to take a long lick of Trish's pussy.

Trish places a hand on Jessica's head and smirks a little, "And I thought I
was hungry..." Jessica responds to her comment by sticking her tongue into
her pussy suddenly. Trish gasps softly almost arching her body as Jessica
licks back and forth slowly moving her tongue in and out of Trish's pussy
while her fingers move to spread her open more. "Ohhh wow... Nick's a lucky
guy." Trish spreads her legs apart to get better balance as Jessica moves a
hand to Trish's ass and slides two fingers into her asshole.

Jessica eases two fingers into her rubbing her slowly while she looks up into
her eyes. "Trish I'm not with Nick right...let's not talk about him okay?"

Trish smiles and moans, "I... wouldn't... but... my mouth isn't doing
anything to you... how about you get out of those clothes... and meet me on
you bed." Trish slides her fingers against Jessica's lips before she turns
and seductive walks to the bed and crawls on to it. Jessica slips out of her
clothes moving to climb onto the bed laying next to Trish lowering her head
to flick her tongue against her nipple before taking it in her mouth and
sucking softly while her hand rubs her stomach.

Trish moans a bit as she turns onto her side to feed more of her breast to
Jessica. She slides a hand over Jessica's arm before she slides it down to
her thigh then between her legs to rub her pussy. "Mmmmm mmmm... your pussy
is so wet already..."

"I wonder why that is?" Jessica jokes moving to push Trish gently on her
back before kissing her deeply moving down between her breasts to her stomach
before spreading her open and thrusting her tongue deep inside Trish's pussy
moving it in and out quickly.

"Ohhh baby... I know why my... pussy is wet..." Trish moans as she tugs on
her own nipples softly. Jessica digs her tongue deep into Trish's wet twat,
making her arch her back just as she climaxes. "Ohhhh Jessie..." Trish gets
a satisfied smile on her face.

"Yes?" Jessica asks looking up and smiling. Suddenly she is being pushed on
her back and Trish is moving to lick her nipple while she's tugging on the
other one hearing Jessica moan softly.

"Ohhh Trish..." Jessica moans as she closes her eyes. Trish smirks at her
new found friend as she moves her hands over her flat tummy while moving
down, planting kisses all over her body. Trish moves Jessica's legs apart
and kisses the inside of her thighs.

Jessica whimpers as she tries to scoot up a little bit so she can a better
view of what Trish is doing to her. Trish allows her to move up against the
headboard of the bed before slipping her tongue inside of her circling her
pussy before she finds Jessica's spot.

"Ahhh Mmmm baby... lick right there... keep licking that spot..." Jessica
bites her lip as she lifts her hips off the bed, making Trish have to hold
onto her legs to fulfill Jessica's request. Trish moves to lick her faster
gently tugging on Jessica until she's back laying flat on the bed and then
almost immediately her tongue enters her again and quickly finds that spot
that makes Jessica go crazy.

"Ahhhh baby... you're making me...." Jessica arches her his and then her
back as she cums harder than she has ever did before. Trish happily laps up
Jessica's juices as she tries to calm down from the pleasure Trish just gave

Trish licks Jessica clean before moving to lay her head on her chest moving
to play with her breast "How was that Jessica" she asks softly smiling when
she feels Jessica start playing with her hair.

"That was wonderful and when we both calm down again... we must do it again."

"How about... right night?" Trish smiles as she moves to position her pussy
over Jessica's face. Trish then leans forward and spreads her legs apart to
lower her head between them. Trish starts to gently lick around Jessica's
pussy as Jessica starts to do the same to her. Trish reaches around and puts
a hand on Jessica's ass to spread her ass cheeks to stick two fingers into
her asshole. Trish moves them in and out slowly as she wildly licks Jessica's
slit. Jessica moans slipping her tongue between Trish's pussy lips moving to
suck on her clit while she slides two fingers in her ass moving them in and
out as she does with her tongue.

Trish manages to push Jessica down a bit and she grabs her right legs.
Jessica looks back at Trish to see what she's up to and sees Trish moving her
head to start licking her asshole. Trish darts her tongue in and out of her
butt and smacks her ass a bit.

Jessica cries out Trish's name as she feels another climax coming over her as
Trish's tongue moves inside of her "Ahh Trish yes" Jessica whispers moving to
move her fingers in and out of Trish faster trying to make her cum as well.

Trish starts to squirm a bit as she arches her legs before raising her feet
off the bed as she cums on Jessica's magic fingers. "Ohhh Jessie... that's
it... Mmmph..." Trish moans quietly as she rests her head between Jessica's

"Wow" Jessica says.

"Exactly that's the word for it" Trish replies moving to lay next to her
kissing her softly. "Your awful quiet" she says when Jessica doesn't speak
for a few minutes.

"I was just thinking about everything that has happened."

"In a good way right?" Trish asks smiling.

Jessica rolls over to look her in the eyes "Oh yeah" she replies smiling.


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