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Summary: Kelly Kelly and Eve are at Madison Square Garden for Survivor
Series... femslash... two women... together... if you don't like it... don't
read it...

Survivor Series Bets
by WhereIvegone

"Kelly?" Eve yelled upstairs to her lover. They were on their way to Madison
Square Garden and Kelly was taking quite a while to get dressed as usual.

"I'm almost ready!" Kelly yelled back down causing Eve to sigh dramatically.
That was the 6th time she had received that same response. Kelly, sensing her
girlfriend's impatience, began to quicken her movements. Testing Eve's
patience was something Kelly had learned the hard way never to do.

"Alright... I'm ready!" Kelly shouted down stairs "The question is... are you
ready?" Kelly added with a giggle.

"I've been ready for like the past fifteen min-" Eve began but cut off as she
saw Kelly traveling down the stairs. Eve always thought Kelly looked
beautiful no matter what; even when she was sick, just woken up from a deep
sleep, without make up, with a broken nose or even all in combination... but
sometimes Kelly just looked so beautiful that it was beyond words and this
was one of those times.

Kelly was dressed simple enough in a black mini skirt and a button-down shirt
that was open enough to see a bit of her stomach and a lot of her cleavage.
Eve was dressed a little bit more modestly in a pair of black pants complete
with built in chains and a tight black t-shirt that ended right below her
belly button.

"So tell me again, I win if I predict more matches than you tonight?" Kelly
asked grabbing her girlfriend's arm and ushering her out of the hotel door
and into the passenger side of their rented car. Kelly knew that Eve hated
not driving and thought ushering her into the passenger seat in one quick
fluid movement would cause her not to realize their positions.

She was wrong.

"I'm driving." Eve declared, climbing over to the driver's seat before Kelly
could even get into the car.

"Nice try." she added smiling at her pouting girlfriend. Kelly sat down in
the passenger seat with her arms folded, giving Eve sideward glances. Eve
leaned over and gave the pouting Kelly a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you." Eve said giving Kelly another kiss, this one on her cheek.
"It's your driving I don't like," she added, starting up the car and driving.

"So... what it is, I win tonight?" Kelly asked not uncrossing her arms. Of
course, she wasn't really mad at Eve; the smile and two light kisses on her
forehead and cheek had relieved her of any annoyance she had felt but of
course she wasn't going to let Eve know that.

"If you win-" Eve began putting emphasis on the 'if', only to be cut off by

"When I win..." Kelly corrected her. Eve laughed lightly.

"If you win then you get to choose where we go for our 6 month anniversary
coming up in a week." Eve said smiling. Kelly giggled.

"Please... let's make this more interesting!" She said. Kelly knew with the
right amount of pouting and a little bit of nagging, she would be able to get
Eve to let her decide where they went for the anniversary no matter what deal
they had made.

"Fine... what do you suggest?" Eve asked.

"When I win... I get to drive for two whole weeks and I get to choose where
we go for the next month AND... I get a lap dance from you tonight!" Kelly
said unfolding her arms and smiling a sultry smile.

"So what do I get if I win?" Eve asked taking her eyes off the road briefly
to look at Kelly.

"You get the satisfaction of winning..." Kelly said giggling.

"Ha! I get the same privileges" Eve said, parking the car. They had chosen a
hotel only 15 minutes away from The Garden.

"Deal," Kelly said. Eve turned off the engine and got out the car. She opened
the passenger door for Kelly.

"You're going down..." Eve said playfully holding onto the car door. They
were entering from the back door and watching privately from backstage as to
not attract too much attention. They had already talked to Vince and they
were getting comfortable seats where they could see all yet no one could see
them. Vince was the only person in the WWE who knew about their relationship
and the only reason her found out was because he found them in a very
compromising position in the locker room. Compromising as in Eve's head
between Kelly's bare legs and some very hot panting. To the girl's surprise,
he was very kind about it and didn't tell anyone or try to turn it into an
onscreen storyline.

Before they knew it, the night's WWE Title match was beginning. Eve was
winning the bet, having predicted correctly the outcome of the Dolph Ziggler
vs. John Morrison match and the traditional Survivor Series Elimination 5 on
5 match. Kelly had however predicted correctly, the dark match between
Santino Marella vs. Jinder Mahal and the lumberjill match but both agreed
that match didn't count as Eve was involved.

"There's no way CM Punk is gonna win" Eve said softly.

"Please... Alberto Del Rio has no chance" Kelly retorted coldly, defending

"Alberto is fierce!" Eve answered, still softly. She knew not to upset Kelly
even more.

"He's about a fierce as the taco bell dog!" Kelly said, not looking at Eve.
Eve chuckled causing Kelly to finally look at her. Eve knew that although
Kelly's aggravation wasn't really her fault, now that she had eye contact, it
was a good time to calm her down.

"Baby?" Eve began slowly reaching up to stroke Kelly's cheek while keeping
eye contact. Kelly gently leaned closer to Eve instinctively.

"You know I love you, with all of my heart and soul Kelly... I really don't
think I could live without you." Eve said, honestly pouring her heart out to
the woman she loved. "I have honestly never loved anyone as much as I love
you... not JTG... definitely not R-Truth... Kelly, you have my heart." Eve
said, picking up Kelly's hand and putting it over her heart. A single tear
ran down Kelly's cheek but Eve flicked it away with her thumb before it could

"Baby... why are you crying?" Eve asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry" Kelly said softly "I'm just being silly and jealous... it's just
I love you so much and I get worried that you'll leave me when you see there
is so many people better for you than me out there..." Kelly finished
speaking softly.

"There is no one better for me Kelly." Eve assured her, leaning in and
kissing Kelly gently on the lips. Kelly smiled against Eve's lips.

"I love you." She said when they broke apart before re-capturing Eve's lips
in a passionate kiss. Eve lightly ran her tongue across Kelly's bottom lips
begging for entrance which was soon given. Eve explored Kelly's mouth with
her tongue, the two battling for dominance until the kiss was broken and both
women were rendered breathless. "So how about that lap dance you owe me?" Eve
asked smiling.

"You haven't won yet..." Kelly said, leaning her head against Eve's shoulder,
beginning to watch the match again. Eve smiled, a naughty though flashing
across her mind. She maneuvered her hand placing it on Kelly's thigh. Kelly
had her legs crossed and the unexpected touch caused her to shiver slightly.
Eve began playing with the flesh of Kelly's exposed legs, slowly stroking it.
Kelly unconsciously uncrossed her legs giving Amy access to more intimate
skin. Kelly's breathing quickened, Amy's slow stroking driving her crazy with
lust. Kelly closed her eyes tightly; trying to concentrate on anything but
Eve's sensuous torturing movements. Eve subtly nudged Kelly's legs apart
more, her fingertips brushing against Kelly's underwear clad womanhood. Kelly
responded with a low breathy sound that was almost between a moan and a
whimper. Eve smiled at her lover's reaction.

"Eve..." Kelly breathed out. It was a barely audible whisper but Eve heard

"Yeah baby?" Eve answered. She was also breathing quite heavily now as she
continued tracing small circles on Kelly's inner thigh. Kelly buried her head
at the base of Eve's shoulder blade. Only Eve could make her that hot that
quickly with just a few feather light touches.

"Do you want me to continue?" Eve asked menacingly, her fingers now trailing
along the elastic of Kelly's thong. Eve felt Kelly nod and that was all she
needed as she slowly moved her hand under the elastic of the thong, making
contact for the first time that night, with Kelly's bare womanhood. Wetness
coaxed Eve's finger as she traveled closer and closer to Kelly's opening.
Eve's fingers skillfully pleasured Kelly, moving in fluid circles around
Kelly's clitoris. Eve could feel Kelly's breath on her neck as she panted
trying to suck as much air into her lungs as possible.

"Please Eve..." Kelly spoke against the flesh of Eve's neck, her voice husky.

"Please what?" Eve asked, her voice also husky. She knew exactly what Kelly
wanted but she loved hearing Kelly beg.

"Please- Oh God," Kelly began but lost her train of thought as Eve's skilled
fingers brushed again her clit more vigorously.

"Please what?" Eve asked again, speeding up her fingers. She could feel
Kelly's muscles twitch beneath her fingers. She was close to release and Eve
knew just what to do to push her over the edge but she wanted to hear Kelly
ask for it first.

"Please Eve... I want your fingers inside me!" Kelly panted, her head still
buried in the crook of Eve's neck. Eve obliged, first trailing her finger
across Kelly's clit once more which caused Kelly to moan loudly. Her fingers
hovered over Kelly's opening for a few seconds prolonging her lover's release
but she soon gently inserted her middle finger into her blonde lover's
opening before starting a slow rhythmic pump. Kelly matched the rhythm with
her hips, trying to get as much of Eve's finger into her as possible. A light
sweat coated Kelly's body as Eve began to speed up her thrusting, adding
another skilled finger to the mix. Eve could smell the scent of Kelly's
desire and wanted nothing more than to just get on her knees in front of the
blonde woman and taste the sweet juices she had tasted so many times before
but there would be plenty of time for that later. Right at that moment, Kelly
needed release and that was what she was going to get.

Kelly was trying desperately to hold in her moans of pleasure but it was
becoming increasingly hard as Eve began stroking her clit with her thumb
while pumping two fingers in and out of her, skillfully massaging her g-spot
with each thrust. Kelly bit into the flesh of Eve's neck as an orgasm shot
through her body like a blazing fire. Eve continued pumping her fingers
slowly allowing her lover to ride out her orgasm ignoring the slight pain of
Kelly's bite. Eve removed her fingers slowly and fixed Kelly's thong back in
place. She kissed Kelly lightly on her forehead as she came down from her
orgasmic high. Kelly smiled at Eve lovingly.

"Del Rio lost..." Kelly said matter-of-factly, a smile evident in her tone.
Eve rolled her eyes and shook her head, kissing Kelly on the cheek softly.

"Don't worry you'll get your lap dance." Kelly said, her voice still a little
hoarse. "But let's make the next match a little more interesting" she said
smiling teasingly.

"What do you have in mind?" Eve asked, more than a little intrigued.

"Well..." Kelly smiled even more mischievously "If The Rock and John Cena
wins..." She continued choosing her words carefully "then I am gonna show you
a real good time as soon as we get in the car..." Kelly grinned sexily.

"continue..." Eve said still intrigued.

"But... if Awesome Truth wins then you get none until our anniversary..."
Kelly whispered into Eve's ear making Eve hot and horny.

Amy smiled.

"I dunno if I wanna put my love life in the hands of John Cena" Eve said.

"Hmm... I think someone's chicken," Kelly said, lowering her voice into a
sexy growl, making Eve even hotter.

"Deal..." Eve said, feeling a familiar tingle between her thighs. Kelly spent
the whole match making Eve extremely hot and worked up which she knew how to
do so very well so as soon as it was announced that The Rock and John Cena
won the match, Eve grabbed Kelly's hand and made her way to the exit.

"Hey Kelly!" Eve came to a complete stop allowing Kelly to address whoever
greeted her.

"Alicia! Hey! Too bad with that match... I'm sure we'll get her next time,"
Kelly said to her best friend almost all in one breath.

Alicia Fox nodded sadly.

"Eve..." Alicia said nodding to the woman behind Kelly.

"Alicia" Eve greeted her back, Alicia and Eve weren't exactly best friends or
friends at all for that matter but they had a mutual respect for each other.

"Where you off to so quick?" Alicia asked Kelly.

"Oh... uhmmm... Eve's not feeling too well so I thought I'd get her back to
the hotel ASAP, right Eves?" Kelly said thinking fast. Alicia looked at them

"Yes... stomach ache" Eve said agreeing.

"Oh... I hope you feel better soon!" Alicia said. "I'll call you like
tomorrow Kelly... it was nice talking to you Eve." She finished, dismissing
the women.

When they got back to the car, Kelly opened up the back door.

"Get in" She growled sexily. Eve was usually the one to take charge in their
relationship, sexually at least however Kelly had her extremely dominant
moments which Eve enjoyed very much. Eve got into the backseat and waited for
Kelly to enter.

"Lay down!" Kelly instructed, her voice husky. Eve did as she was told. Kelly
entered the vehicle immediately laying down on top of her girlfriend. Kelly
kissed and nibbled on the flesh of Eve's neck leaving a few marks before
capturing her lips in a fiery passionate kiss. Eve moaned as Kelly's tongue
dueled with hers fiercely. The kiss soon ended, oxygen becoming a major issue
and Kelly went to work immediately nipping at any flesh that was not
obstructed by clothes.

She tugged at Eve's t-shirt letting her girlfriend know her intentions plain
and clear. Eve lifted her arms and Kelly pulled her shirt off in one fluid
motion. Kelly nipped slightly at the exposed flesh of Eve's breast before
removing Eve's bra all together and attaching her warm lips to Eve's erect
left nipple. Eve moaned at the contact, her body reacting by bucking forward.
Kelly moved onto the right nipple tugging at it gently with her teeth before
moving on, kissing a path down Eve's stomach. Eve tangled her hands in
Kelly's blonde hair urging her onto places that desperately ached for her

Kelly continued her torturous path coming to a stop at the start of Eve's
pants. This was the part what Kelly loved. She smiled up at Eve whose eyes
had turned a lustful dark brown before unzipping her pants with her teeth and
aggressively tugging them down her brown-haired lover's toned legs. Eve
lifted her legs allowing Kelly to take them off all the way which Kelly did
before kissing a path up Eve's right leg slowly nipping at her inner thigh
her hair tickling Eve gently. Eve gasped as Kelly moved closer and closer to
her intimate area neither of them breaking their intense eye-contact. Kelly
hooked her fingers in Eve's underwear slowly dragging it down her lover's
legs, still not breaking eye contact. When the underwear was completely off
Kelly slowly parted Eve's legs and lowered her head kissing the pink flesh
beneath her. She slid her tongue over Eve's clit back and forth as her hands
cupped Eve's breasts. Eve began panting, her chest heaving with every breath.
She moaned out Kelly's name urging her to go faster. Kelly slid her hands
down Eve's body, cupping her buttocks while pushing her closer to her mouth.
She could feel Eve's orgasm coming and decided to take it up a notch by
flicking her tongue into Eve's opening a few times before sucking on Eve's
swollen clit. Eve's body bucked forward slightly, Kelly's strong hands
keeping her in place.

"Fuck Kelly- I'm- Oh my God- Faster!" Eve breathed out. Her eyes were tightly
shut and her hands were tangled in Kelly's hair, keeping her head exactly
where she needed it. Kelly slowly inserted her middle finger into Eve's
wetness while continuing her licking. She began a rhythm of licking and
thrusting which sent Eve over the edge and into orgasmic bliss. Kelly crawled
back up to Eve's body, resting her head on Eve's chest listening to her
heartbeat which was slowly decreasing while Eve's body came down from its
orgasmic high. Eve ran her hands through Kelly hair.

"We should go home." Eve said when she was sure she could speak again.

Kelly giggled.

"Yea... I owe you a lap dance don't I?" She said giving her lover a quick
peck on the lips.

Kelly sat up, leaning over to find Eve's clothes which she had thrown just
about everywhere in the heat of the moment. She quickly helped Eve redress
before getting out of the car to go to the passenger seat. As Eve and Kelly
were about to get into the car and go home, they heard a voice.

"I guess you're feeling a lot better!" both of the woman spun around to
see Alicia standing there smirking.

"Ermm Alicia... it's... ermmm..." Kelly quickly tried to think of an excuse
as to why they were still there. Alicia began laughing.

"You're secret's safe with me" She said smiling.

"Thanks Fox" Kelly said smiling.

"Now go... quickly before somebody sees you guys!" Alicia said ushering the
girl's into the car.

Eve and Kelly got into the car.

"Wait..." Kelly said before Eve could start driving. "Alicia!" Kelly called
out of the window to the retreating woman. Alicia turned around.

"What?" She asked.

"How much of ermmm... what we did... did you actually see?" Kelly asked
blushing slightly.

"All of it..." Alicia said before retreating once more. Eve smiled.

"She's not as bad as I thought!" Eve said chuckling before staring the car
engine and driving again.



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