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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Survivor Series Takeover: Toronto
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The combined logos for the 2016 Survivor Series and NXT Takeover: Toronto appear on the scene with the images of the starlets appearing behind it for several moments before it fades from view followed by the first scene transitioning in, showing former WWE Womens and Divas Champion Mickie James entering the locker room and pauses when she sees Tye Dillinger pulling up his wrestling trunks. "Wow, the WWE sure has changed..." Mickie says before she is pushed to step forward. Mickie stumbles a bit, but turns around quickly as she says, "Arlight what's your..." Mickie trails off as she ends up locking eyes with her opponent, NXT Women's Champion Asuka, carrying her own travel bag.

"Problem?" Asuka asks as she licks her teeth before she turns her heard to see Tye Dillinger. "Perfect..." She says as she walks past the challenger for her championship, "Are you ready?" Asuka asks as she drops her travel back right near Tye.

"For tonight... yeah I am, I am going to perfectly beat Roode..." Tye says.

"Don't care about that..." The NXT Women's Champion says as she proceeds to bring her hand to his crotch, "Are you ready?" She asks again.

"Hey, that's a bit much," Mickie says with a chuckle as she closes the locker room door and approaches the pair of NXT stars.

Asuka looks back over her shoulder and grins wickedly, "Not too much.... He has perfect 10 inches... good for warm up before I defeat you"

Mickie bites her bottom lip, "You think you're going to beat me?"

"I know I am," Asuka replies even as she starts to push down Tye Dillinger's trunks to expose his impressive manhood, "So I will share..."

Tye Dillinger smirks, "Do I get a say in this?" He asks in a clearly rhetorical manner.

"No you don't..." Mickie answers as she throws down her travel back and steps next Asuka and places her right hand around Tye's cock and begins to gradually stroke it, feeling it harden in her grasp.

"You're going to lose regardless," Asuka says as she places her left hand on Mickie's chest and begins to grope her tits through the material of her top.

"We shall see later tonight won't we..." Mickie says before Tye suddenly leans his head towards her and proceeds to kiss her. Mickie lets out a moan and parts her lips to allow Tye to push his tongue into her mouth. Asuka brings her right hand up to force the lip lock to break to have Tye look at her so she can press her lips against his. Within a few moments they part their lips to slide their tongues against one another as Mickie presses herself up against them and leans in to pushes her tongue between their lips, leading to a three-way battle of tongues, with the trio of them flicking their tongues one another as the scene blurs.

When it clears, Tye is groping Mickie's right breast with his right hand while lowering his head down to flick his tongue against her harden nipple before he takes it into his mouth to suck on her tit, while Asuka is down on her knees, bobbing her head back and forth on his perfect ten-inch long shaft. "Mmmm! Mmmm! Asuka moans as she sucks and slurps on the Canadian's manhood while Mickie lays a hand on her on her head to push her hair back when Tye lifts his head from her breast The reigning NXT Women's Champion turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around Tye's dick as she eagerly sucks on his dick while looking up at her challenger. "Mmmmm.... Ohhhh..." Asuka groans on Tye's shaft as she lifts up off of his cock and twirls her tongue around it as Tye reaches with his left hand to grab Mickie's juicy round ass. Mickie lowers her head down and begins to lap her own tongue against the head of Tye's cock and due to the proximity, against Asuka's tongue as well. "Suck it..." Asuka orders as she pulls her head back and angles Tye's cock so that Mickie can lower her head down onto his shaft.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" The former WWE Women's and Divas Champion wraps her full lips around Tye's dick and begins to lift and lower her head up and down on it, lustfully sucking and slurping on his dick. Asuka lowers her head down to where she can lap her tongue against Tye's ballsack, swatting her tongue back and forth against him perfectly while keeping his dick angled upward for her challenger. Tye groans while placing a hand on the back of Mickie's head, pushing downward a bit to successfully get her to take more of his cock into her mouth. "Ohhh... mmmm..." Mickie James groans with delight as she laps her tongue against the Canadian stud's dick while at the same time, Asuka takes Tye's balls into her mouth and begins to bob her head as she slobbers whorishly on his nuts.

The scene then cuts to show Asuka and Mickie seated on the locker room bench as Tye is kneeling between Asuka's legs, lapping his tongue against her smoothly shaven pussy while reaching with his right hand to thrust two fingers in and out of Mickie's soaking wet pussy. "Mmmmm..." Tye moans as he tastes the sweet juices of Asuka's Japanese twat as he pushes his oral organ into her love tunnelThe two starlets are partially turned towards one another, groping and squeezing each other's breasts as they slap their tongues against one another, not at all caring that in a matter of hours they will be fighting over the NXT Women's Championship. Mickie bucks her hips to push her pussy against Tye's fingers as he darts them in and out of her pussy while at the same time Asuka is squirming with desire on the bench as Tye probes her love hole with his tongue. Asuka learns towards Mickie and lowers her head down to lap her tongue against her tits while reaching down with her left hand to frantically rub Mickie's clit, causing the Virginia native to squeal with delight.

The scene soon transitions to show Mickie James on all fours with Tye behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy while she is lapping her tongue against Asuka's snatch. "Mmmm! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Mickie moans as she wildly works her tongue against the folds the NXT Women's Champion's cunt. Tye has his hands on Mickie's hips as he thrusts his cock deeply into her pussy while pulling her back towards himself, causing her juicy round ass his toned waist. Mickie places her hands on Asuka's thighs as she starts to jack hammer her own tongue into her opponent's cunt, drawing moans of lust from the Japan native. Asuka brings a hand down to push Mickie's hair back while tossing her own head back as the challenger for her NXT Women's Championship lustfully tongue fuck her. At the samr time Tye is licking his teeth as he watches Mickie's ass cheeks jiggle when they come into contact with his waist as he keeps a steady pace of plowing the full length of his perfect ten-inch long manhood into her pussy. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Mickie moans as she twirls her tongue around inside of Asuka's pussy, slurping up her pussy juices as quickly as she can while rocking back on her knees against the Canadian hunk that is fucking her from behind.

The scene changes over to show Mickie laying on the bench with Asuka straddling her face and leaning forward while rubbing the Virginia native's cunt with her right hand while Tye standing behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy at the same Mickie is lapping her tongue against her clit. "Ahh... mmmm.... Ohhhh ahhh..." Asuka licks her teeth and leans her head back as she grinds her pussy down against Mickie's tongue while pushing back against Tye's thrusting cock. Tye has his hands on Asuka's lower back as he propels his cock forward into into her cunt while feeling Mickie's tongue brush against the underside of his manhood every so often. Asuka moves her right hand counter-clockwise as she frantically rubs Mickie's snatch. "Oooooo ohhh ahh... mmmm..." Asuka gasps with desire as she feels Tye's thrusts starting to increase in pace as he eagerly fucks her from behind, grunting with each thrusts that he performs. Mickie scoots a bit on the bench to where she can comfortably lap her tongue against Tye's balls as he hammers the pussy of the NXT Women's Champion while moving her own hips to push her twat against Asuka's hand as she continues to play with her pussy.

The scene cuts one last time to show Mickie and Asuka, kneeling side by side, lapping their tongues against one another as Tye Dillinger jerks off while watching them. Mickie and Asuka grope one another breasts as they both glance out of their corner of their eyes at Tye. They turn their heads towards him, pressing their faces cheek to cheek and opening their mouths wide in anticipation. "Ahhh fuck.." Tye groans as he soon starts to cum, shooting streams of jizz down onto the faces and into the mouths of the two starlets that will be fighting for the NXT Women's Championship. Despite those circumstances Mickie and Asuka groans with delight as they swallow their portions of Tye's cum before turning toward one another to lap their tongues against each others face to slurp up more of his jizz. "Shit you two are gonna have a hell of a match..." Tye says.

"It will be a lot of fun... and I'm gonna give it my all to become NXT Women's Champion..." Mickie says as she locks eyes with Asuka.

"You can try... I will win," Asuka replies before pressing her lips against Mickie's and invading her willing mouth with her tongue as the scene fades to black.

The next scene fades in showing Becky Lynch in an arena's catering area with Heath Slater and Rhyno, "So you boys ready to defend our show's honor?" Becky asks as she places her hands on her hips

"Oh yeah baby, you bet we are, we're going to show RAW that you can't keep SmackDown down, and if we win, Shane O'Mac said he'd give us all bonus, I can get a triple-wide for my darlin Beulah and all my kids..." Heath Slater says while he's seated on the edge of a catering table

"Heath they don't make triple-wide trailers..." Rhyno says as he folds his arms

"Sure they do.... They just don't have wheels on 'em and stay in one place, have a white fence around them and all that..." Heath says as he's clearly describing a house and not

Becky laughs, "Well either way, I think, better to be safe than sorry, maybe a good old warm up is in order..." The Irish Lass Kicker says with a grin as she steps in front of Heath and places her hands on this thighs while saying her ass a bit in Rhyno's direction. "If you two are up for it..." Becky adds as she smiles at Heath and then back over her shoulder at Rhyno as he moved behind her to grab her ass. "Which you are big boy!" Becky says excitedly as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Becky is shown seated on the catering table as Heath is groping her left breast and lapping his tongue against its nipple while Rhyno is giving the same attention to her right tit. "Mmmm yeah boys..." Becky groans as she leans her orange-haired head back as slap their tongues against their stiff nipples while squeezing and caressing her firm tits. She brings her hands up to place on their head, sliding her fingers through Rhyno's greasy black hair and Heath's short red hair as they drool on her tits, while at the same time Heath reaches down between her legs to rub her clit with a pair of fingers. "Ohhhh ohh yeah... mmmm..." Becky moans and licks her teeth as heath plays with her pussy as he and Rhyno continue to manhandle and lick their breasts.

The scene transitions to show Becky bent at the waist as she bobs her head smoothly on Rhyno's thick cock while Heath is standing behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of the Irish starlet's tight wet pussy. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Becky moans as she uses her right hand to push her hair over to the left side of her head as she sucks and slurps on Rhyno's thick dick while Heath has a hand on her lower back as he rocks his hips to drive his dick forward into her snatch. The first SmackDown Women's Champion rocks on her feet, pushing back against Heath as he pumps his cock firmly into her snug fuck hole, while drives her to take Rhyno's large dick, slapping her tongue against his shaft as her saliva to drips out of her mouth. Rhyno grits his teeth as he moves his hips to thrust his cock forward between Becky's lips as she drools all over his cock, while Heath has grabbed her by the waist with both hands as he hammers her cunt with swift, firm thrust. "Ohh! Ohhhh! Mmmm! Mmmm!" Becky moans with desire as she moves between two of the men who will be apart of SmackDown's team of 5 tag teams to face RAW's top 5 teams in an elimination match.

Following the scene's next changeover, Becky is shown laying on the catering table with her head hanging off one side as Heath Slater thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth while on the other side, Rhyno is holding her legs up as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Becky moans as she Rhyno gores her pussy with powerful thrusts of his cock while she watches with delight as Heath's balls swing forward against her face as she fucks her mouth. Heath leans down a bit and grabs both of Becky's firm tits and massages them as he fucks her upside-down face. Rhyno grunts and snorts like his namesake as he pounds Becky's snatch, driving every inch of his dick into her cunt with each thrust that he performs. The man-beast drops Becky's legs and they hang off the edge of the table t as he stiffly plunges his cock into her Irish twat. "Ohhh! Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Becky moans as Heath continues to fuck her face, sinking his cock balls deep into her mouth while she slides her tongue against his shaft at the same time. Becky reaches with her right hand down between her legs to rub her clit in frantic manner as Rhyno keeps goring her snatch with his massive cock.

The scene then cuts to show Rhyno laying on the table with Becky mounted on his cock and leaning forward as Heath is behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her tight Irish asshole. "Ohhh fuck! Ohhhh fuck me boys! Ohhhh yeah!" Becky moans as she tosses her orange-haired head back, swinging her hair around as Heath and Rhyno pump their large cocks in and out of her ass and pussy respectively. Becky leans down to the point her tits are brushing against Rhyno's chest, and they drag against him skin as she moves back and forth between him and Heath. Becky licks her teeth as Heath and Rhyno increase the pace and forth of their thrusts, driving her to increase the rate at which she is bucking between between them. "Ohhhh shit! Ohhhh fuck! Ahhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Becky moans as she moves between the duo that became SmackDown's Tag Team Champions following the brand extension.

The scene then cuts to show Becky on her knees looking up at Rhyno and Heath Slater as they stroke their throbbing cocks. "Come on boys... cum on my face..." Becky says as she then closes her eyes and leans her head back. Heath is the first to start cumming, shooting his jizz down onto the right side of Becky's face, while moments later Rhyno starts to blow his load, drenching the left side of her face with his spunk Once they are both spent, Becky opens her eyes and smiles up at them as their cum drips down her face, "You boys are gonna do SmackDown proud," she says as the scene then fades to black.

The third and final scene fades in, showing Bayley rolling her eyes and folding her arms as she leans against a locker as the captain of RAW's team of Female Superstars Charlotte continues to berate her. Despite having some impressive accomplishments under her belt, and having some respect for the daughter of Ric Flair, it's quite apparent that Bayley's patience is clearly being tested. "I swear if we lose because of... hey are you even listening to me... I am your QUEEN!" Charlotte says as she grabs Bayley by the chin. "You will follow every thing that I say out there tonight, do you..."

Before Charlotte can finish, Bayley hooks her arms around her, lifts her up, as if she was going to deliver a devastating Bayley-to-Belly suplex, but instead turns around and presses the taller woman up against the lockers. Bayley lets go of Charlotte, and gives gravity and assist by pushing Charlotte down to her knees, at which point Bayley grabs the blond by the chin, "No you listen... I respect you and what you accomplished, but don't think that I am the weak link here cause with all the shit you've put me through it shows otherwise... you're afraid of me... afraid that I'm going to do what Sasha couldn't and that's shut your fucking mouth!" Bayley says with surprisingly firmness.

Charlotte tries to act nonchalant but it's clear she was not expecting this from the side-ponytail haired starlet, "See this is what I want out of you..."

"Oh this is what you want? To be my BITCH" Bayley asks as she looks down at the tall, genetically superior blond.

Charlotte's eyes widen, "I didn't say..." But before she can finish her reply as Bayley firmly presses her lips against hers, deeply kissing her, and causing the reigning RAW Women's Champion to whimper out a moan as Bayley shows some surprising dominance with how she probes her mouth with her tongue.

After a few moments, Barley breaks the kiss and grabs a handful of Charlotte's blond hair, "You're gonna eat my pussy Charlotte..." Bayley says as she uses her free hand to push down her rights from her waist, revealing her smoothly shaven pussy.

"Now hold..." Charlotte starts to protest, but Bayley is not giving her any choice as she pulls her head forward, and out of instinct, starts to lap her tongue against the pussy of the woman she has been brutal towards in the weeks leading up to the WWE's 30th Survivor Series event. However despite the situation, Charlotte is rather eager with how she is moving her tongue against the folds of Bayley's cunt , drawing moans from the former NXT Women's Champion. Charlotte grabs Bayley's tights and pulls them down to around her ankles, allowing her to step out of them while feverishly licking her pussy before Bayley pulls on her hair to get Charlotte to push her tongue into her cunt.

"Ohhh yeah... fuck me... fuck me with that superior tongue of yours... ohhh yeah..." Bayley moans as she leans her head back as Charlotte starts to thrust her tongue in and out of her fuck hole while feeling her hands on her thighs. Bayley moves her hips, pushing her cunt forward against Charlotte's face and probing tongue as the RAW Women's Champion works her tongue around inside of her pussy. With her hands planted on Charlotte's head, Bayley balances herself on her right foot as she lifts her left leg up to drape it over Charlotte's left shoulder as the second-generation wrestler eagerly tongue fucks her, "Yeah... yeah that's it... ohhh fuck yes... ohhhh fuck make me cum... make me fucking cum... ohhh ohhh yes!" Bayley moans as she soon starts to climax, her juices gushing from her pussy for Charlotte to slurp up and swallow as she continues to fuck her with her tongue.

The scene then cuts to show Bayley securing a white strap-on harness that has with a long red dildo around her waist. The strap-on's harness has an added detail of an 'CF' printed on it to indicate it belongs to Charlotte. "Would you look at that the colors of the Women's title looks good around my waist..." Bayley says before she steps over to Charlotte and presses the head of the sex-toy against her lips, "You know what to do..."

"Mmmmm..." Charlotte groans as she parts her lips and slowly takes her own strap-on into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around it, Charlotte starts to smoothly bob her head on the sex toy, sucking and slurping it at a gradually increasing tempo, with her lips perfecting brushing along it's rubber length. Her saliva drips out of her mouth and down her chin as she sucks and slurps on the man-made cock that she bought to rule over the RAW women's division. Charlotte takes the fake dick further into her mouth, easily deep throating it without gagging as Bayley pushes her blond hair back.

"Yeah that's it Charlotte... suck that fucking dick! Whose the fucking weak link now huh?! It ain't me that's for fucking sure!" Bayley says as she begins to move her hips to fuck the taller starlet's mouth with her own sex toy, driving it down Charlotte's face. The normally innocent and sweet San Jose native grins as Charlotte willingly takes the face-fucking she is giving. The RAW Women's Champion looks up at Bayley, the two of them lock eyes and Bayley's grin turns into a wide smile, "I'm gonna fuck your ass Charlotte, yes I am... I'm gonna fuck your ass with your own strap-on!"

The scene transitions to show Charlotte down on her knees, her head laying on the locker room floor as she reaches back with both hands to hold her ass cheeks apart as Bayley plunges the strap-on dildo into her asshole!" OHHHH FUCK!" Charlotte screams as with how firmly Bayley invaded her anal cavity with her own prized sex toy. Bayley grabs hold of the taller woman's hips, holding her still as she rocks her hips to pump the rubber cock in and out of Women's Champions asshole. "OHH! OHHH AHH! AHHH FUCK! OHHH!" Charlotte groans as she lets go over ass cheeks and brings her hands forward to place them on the floor and raise her upper body. She looks back at Bayley and trembles as the sight of Bayley's perverse smile and determined eyes. "Mmmmm fuck ohhhh ohhh you're not the weak link... you're not the weak link..." Charlotte moans, but despite saying this, Bayley just increase the force of her thrusts.

"Damn right I'm not!" Bayley says with a grunt as she bucks her hips back and slams them forward to propel the manufactured dick into the depths of the Queens City native's tight anal passage. "I'm one whose like everyone else is sick of your shit!" Bayley adds as she continues to pound Charlotte's ass while loosening her grip on her hips to allow her to rock back against her, which Charlotte starts to do at a frantic rate. "But here you are... being my fucking bitch! You're not my queen you're bitch... now fucking say it" Bayley snaps as she continues to butt-fuck the RAW Women's Champion.

"Ohhh ohhh... mmm fuck... ahhh ohhh I'm your... Que...ahhhh ahhhhhh" Charlotte trails off with moans, as she looks forward and lowers her head while closing her eyes tightly as Bayley gets surprisingly more brutal with her thrusts when it was apparent that Charlotte was going to say 'Queen'. Bayley doesn't let up for an instant, throwing her own hips forward to shove every inch of Charlotte's on strap-on dildo into her asshole, putting on an ass fucking display that any of the male Superstars would be proud to deliver.. Charlotte eventually raises her head and tosses her blond hair back as she starts to cum while she screams out, "I'm your bitch! I'm your fucking BITCH!" Charlotte moans as her body trembles as a result of the climax that Bayley brought her too just by simply fucking her ass.

"That's fucking right! You're not a Queen! You may be the champ but you're no Queen! You're just a bitch!" Bayley says as she continues to thrusts the rubber cock in and out of Charlotte's asshole, as the taller starlet's moans and lustful cries fill the locker room. Sweat pours off of their bodies as if they had a long hard fought iron-woman's match, and even with knowing they have to defend the RAW Brand's pride in a five on five elimination tag match against the women of the SmackDown roster. Bayley's thighs and waist slam against Charlotte's ass as buries every inch of the strap-on inside of Charlotte's asshole.

The scene eventually cuts to show Bayley seated on the locker room bench with Charlotte kneeling between her legs, bobbing her head up and down on the strap-on that she was fucking her ass with while Bayley is holding RAW's Womens Championship belt, "Yeah just wait till I take this from your Charlotte, you gonna be bending over for me every night..." Bayley says as the scene fades to black.


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