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Swapping Twins Part 1
by Joshua Carino

June 2017...

It's has been a month and a half since one half of the most popular twins in the WWE, Brie Bella, had given birth to her beautiful child. Her husband and the father of this child, Daniel Bryan, was out doing his job playing the role of the Smackdown Live General Manager. Her twin sisters boyfriend and the face of the WWE, John Cena, was coming over so that he could spend time with Brie's new child. The doorbell rang and Brie sprung to her feet. Behind the door was, of course, the muscular superman John Cena. Cena walked in and made his way to the 1 1/2 month old child of Brie Bella.

Brie: How do you like her?

John: She's beautiful. You made such a wonderful child. I know you and Daniel are capable of taking care of this child.

Brie: Thanks John. You want something to eat.

John: No thank you.

John took off his suit jacket and tie. The muscles on his arms almost exploded out of his shirt. Brie thought to herself that Nikki was lucky to have such a strong man like John. What Nikki, John, and Daniel never knew is that Brie had a thing for John. It's obvious that Cena was a type of guy that other girls would kill to have and Brie was one of them. Although she was loyal to her husband, she always wanted to know what it would be like to get John Cena in bed and it was the perfect time to do that now. The only two people in the house were John and herself. Nikki was on the road and still competing and Daniel was with Nikki being the General Manager. There was no better opportunity for Brie to see if the face that runs the place had more than just a pretty face. Brie thought of a perfect excuse for John to possibly get in the sex craving mood.

Brie: So as of late my lower back has been killing me. Ever since I gave birth to my baby girl I've been working non-stop. Do you think you could give me a massage.

Brie gave John the classic doggy eyes face so John couldn't resist.

John: I guess.

Brie: Perfect. Come over here and check me out.

Brie pulled her shirt up until it reached her breasts. John came behind Brie and put his hands on her back.

John: So where does it hurt?

Brie: A bit lower.

John slides his hands lower down her back.

John: Here?

Brie: No a bit lower.

John goes even further down her back.

John: Here?

Brie: Just a bit lower.

John finally understood as to what Brie wanted considering the fact that his hands were just inches above her ass.

John: Are you sure you want me to do this.

Brie: It's fine. Nikki and Daniel won't find out. Your just giving me a massage. Plus, I need a massage from a big strong man like you.

John obliged and started to rub her ass. Brie's ass wasn't as fat as her sister's but it still was pretty big. The difference between Nikki's ass and Brie's ass was that Nikki had more plump and Brie was tighter. John started to really get into it. Brie's glute muscles started to get loose.

John: You like that?

Brie: Yeah it feels good but I think you should take these pants of for more of a feeling.

John had no problem with this because at this point, he started to get hard. John slid Brie's yoga pants down until they were below her glorious ass. As John was massaging, Brie started to moan. Brie new this would work because when she looked back, there was a lump sticking out of John's pants and John looked like he was really into this. Brie took her plan to the next level when she backed her ass into his now stiff erection.

Brie: Oh god John what is that?

John: I'm so sorry. I can't control it.

Brie: It's all good. If I were you, I would get hard if I was massaging a big round ass like mine. Did you like the way my ass felt.

John: I mean... yeah it's pretty good.

Brie: Great because now I want something else. Bryan has been away for so long and ever since I got pregnant, I've been dying to get a good pounding and I think that you can give me just that.

John: I don't know Brie. You're married and your sister is my girlfriend. If we get caught, you and me are fucked.

Brie: Stop worrying. Bryan and Nikki are all the way across the world in India. It's just you and me here John. Plus, I know you want some Brie Mode. Follow me.

Brie slowly walks up her stairs to her bedroom. John considers everything Brie said and he hesitantly follows her. They are now both in her bedroom with nothing but the bed and the sun shining through the window. Brie starts to rub John's massive arms. She can't help herself and she starts giggling. They soon look into each others eyes as their heads come foward. They're holding each other while they are kissing like there's no tomorrow. They fall on the bed with John on top with his lips still locked with Brie's. They back away from each other as they start to undress. John unbuttons his shirt until his equally muscular chest is exposed. His pants then fall next to his shirt until John stands in Brie's bedroom with nothing expect for a pair of plaid boxers. Brie takes of her "Fearless Nikki" shirt to reveal a red matching bra. Her yoga pants were already half off so she slides them down all the way until she is in a her red matching pair of bra and panties.

Brie: I've been waiting to do this for so long.

Brie kneels in front of John, eye level to his mighty erection. She slides his plaid boxers down to his ankles and out flies a huge 9 inch white veiny cock. Brie could've predicted that John was a big man but she didn't expect for him to be as big as he was.

Brie: Holy shit your cock is massive. Nikki is one lucky bitch.

Brie takes her small soft hands and wraps them around John's huge cock. She can't even fit her whole hand around his cock because of how fat it is. She pecks a kiss with her lips on the tip of his cock and she starts to lick the shaft. John had his eyes rolled in the back of his head while the all-natural Bella starts to go to work on his cock. Bries gets 5 inches in her mouth to start. She wants to go slow on his cock so she could savior every single inch of his man meat. Her red lipstick starts to smear on his shaft but she wiped it with the blanket. She then starts to really go deep on the face that runs the place. She runs her tongue against the back of his shaft as she deepthroats all 9 inches of his glory. Brie gags and spit drips down on to the covers. John then grabs her hair into a ponytail and proceeds to face fuck her. Saliva flies everywhere including all over Brie's face. Brie's eyes start to water which causes her makeup to start running down her face. Brie is breathing heavy as she comes up from John's monstrous dick.

Brie: Holy shit. Your dick is so big. I really wanna feel it inside me.

Brie lays on the bed on her back as John Cena looks deep into her eyes. Brie gestures John to come towards her with her index finger and Cena obeys her. Brie's panties are moved to the side of her pussy as John Cena positions his cock with Brie's tiny pussy. Brie moans quietly as John pushes his first few inches into her clit but the moans get louder and louder as John pushes the rest of his unbelievable size into her pussy. Soon enough, Brie is almost screaming at the top of her lungs as John begins to forcefully thrust into the natural Bella's pussy.

Brie: Oh fuck yeah give me that hard dick. Show me why your the fucking champ.

John grabs onto her waist as he thrusts his hard member in and out of Brie. Her petite tits are bouncing up and down and John starts to put her nipples in his mouth.

Brie: Yes fuck me harder baby.

John didn't slow down on Brie's tight pussy. her pussy got warmer and wetter with each thrust. Brie couldn't handle the power of John's dick and was on the urge of cumming.

Brie: Oh shit I can't take much more. I'm gonna blow.

Brie grabs on to the bedsheets as she lets out her juices all over John's big fat cock. John pulls out his cum covered cock and Brie puts it back in her hands. She pumps his cock 3 times before bending over in front of him. Her back is arched with her tight ass sticking straight up in the air. John massages her ass like he did before for a few minutes before guiding his cock into Brie's wet pussy. Brie's face was planted in the bed as she got a doggystyle pounding from big match John.

Brie: Yes just like that baby. Keep destroying this fucking pussy.

John smacked her right ass cheek until it turned red like a 2011 John Cena t-shirt. Brie's ass wasn't as big as her sister's but it still had an impressive size. John annihilated the pussy of his girlfriends twin sister.

Brie: Oh yeah just like that. How about you put that big rod in my tight ass.

John had no problem with that ass he pulled his cock out of Brie's pussy and spat on it. He stroked it so that all of the saliva spread on his shaft before slowly entering Brie's super tight asshole. Brie couldn't take the pain but she knew that she loved it. Bryan only gave her anal once and she had trouble containing herself.


Brie reached under her legs and stuffed her middle finger in her dripping pussy and she let out a flurry of her juices all over the bed.

John pulled his throbbing dick out of her asshole and laid on the bed. Brie stood over his muscular frame and lower herself onto John. John's huge cock went right back in Brie's asshole and Brie started to ride his cock. Jon grabbed on her ass cheeks as his massive cock stretched out Brie's tight ass. Brie was grinding her teeth and clenching her fists and John gave her painful yet pleasuring anal.

Brie: Yes don't stop fucking my asshole. I'm gonna cum again.

John: I'm gonna cum soon.

Brie: You gonna cum? I want all of your cum deep in my asshole.

John thrusted his gigantic 9 inch cock into the now gaping asshole of Brie as hard as he could until he let out a massive load of cum into her ass. At the same time, Brie shot a straight line of her juices all over the chest of John Cena. Brie hops off of John's dick and lays next to him and the bed.

Brie: Holy shit you have one hell of a cock. I'm not gonna be able to walk straight for a week or so.

John: I'm glad you called me over today. I know I'm always busy but now I might make time in my schedule to come see you more often.

Brie: Damn right you will. Get dressed and get out.

John smiles at Brie and puts his suit back on and leaves Brie's house. Brie sits on the couch with her asshole in unimaginable pain but at least she got to know that the champ was here.

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