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Diva: Candice Michelle

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral,

Sweet As Candy: TLC
by Mean Blackjack

I stumbled down the hotel corridor holding my ribs. I had recently been
assaulted by Mark Henry and The Great Khali, the general manager of
Smackdown! had been determined to tear me apart after my Royal Rumble win. I
had warned him that if his demeanor towards me I would be challenging for the
WWE title on Raw.

But being body slammed and generally destroyed by two of the heaviest hitters
in the WWE doesn't really reek of being looked after does it? Doesn't sound
like the kind of thing a general manager on verbal warning would do either
would it?

Of course not. This prick had booked a triple threat match between Mark
Henry, Matt Hardy and Mister Kennedy. A rematch of the Royal Rumble title
match for Kennedy's US title. Mister Kennedy had been accompanied to the ring
by the delicious WWE diva, Candice Michelle. As I pawed at the elevator
button, summoning the ride to my floor. As I looked at the needle
illuminating the numbers I thought back to the earlier events that caused my

Four Hours Earlier...

I was watching the proceedings of the latest Smackdown! in the catering

Mark Henry lifted the loud mouthed, bleach blonde, Mister Kennedy high above
his head and tossed the superstar out of the ring. Kennedy hit the floor with
a sickening thud and went limp. Kennedy's valet, Candice Michelle, was now
trapped in the ring with this monster. Henry's manager, the hall of famer,
Tony Atlas pushed the diva to the floor and held her still as Henry spun
around and paced towards her.

Candice let out a terrified scream as the announcers begged for help.

This was the scene of the latest episode of `Smackdown!' It was the night
after the Royal Rumble and Mark Henry had failed to beat Mister Kennedy or
Matt Hardy for the United States championship. It was Mister Kennedy who had
pinned Matt and retained his US championship. Mark Henry had been flattened
by a Twist of Fate, A Mic Check and finished off with a top rope leg drop
that put him out of action. Matt had felt the wrath of the monster on the
night, he was smashed through a wooden table that had been brought out ready
for the hardcore match later on in the evening.

Henry paced towards the brunette haired diva ready to destroy her. As Henry
opened his arms, a loud sickening object smashed against his back making the
big man recoil in horror. Spinning around, the crowd let out a roar of
approval as Matt Hardy had a blue steel chair in hand and smashed the steel
down on the big man's cranium. Mark staggered back a few more steps before
Matt took a few more steps backwards, ran at the hulking gorilla and jumped
through the air, bringing the chair down once more to knock the big man down.
Scaring away Atlas, Matt shoved the chair under Mark Henry's face and climbed
up to the top rope. As he was ready to make the jump, Tony Atlas made a
startling recovery and appeared at ring side, slamming the steel chair on
Hardy's head.

Atlas rolled Henry out of the ring and they scurried away, Kennedy was
climbing to his knees but was still weak on the outside of the ring. Henry
and Atlas stopped halfway up the ramp and looked back at the ring. Atlas was
handed a microphone by a member of staff and he spoke to the two in the ring.

"Hardy... You think you're clever? Well may I introduce to you... Mark
Henry's new tag team partner... The Great Khali!"

As The Great Khali made his way down to the ring I made my way to the
titantron my self. With a steel chair in hand, I decided to take a detour and
headed through the audience. Using all of my speed, I made my way down the
stairs to ringside and leapt the barrier. Beating Khali to the ring, I rolled
under the ropes and got into the middle of the ring.

The Great Khali's music plays through the arena's P.A system as I turned to
Candice and told her to run from the ring. Candice rolled under the ring
ropes and headed over the barrier where security escorted her to the back. I
gripped the chair steadily and paced in the ring. Khali starts to walk down
the ramp when he met Mister Kennedy who was now on his feet. Kennedy and
Khali stared each other down, before Kennedy simply stepped to one side and
left with his title wrapped around his waist. Khali then stepped into the
ring, I mistakenly ran to the large Indian superstar and aimed to smash him
with the chair, but Khali blocked it. He then yanked the chair away from my
grasp and grabbed hold of me, hoisting me high above his head, Khali then
slammed me down onto the floor.

In agony, my back arched as I recoiled in pain, Mark had then got back into
the ring. Pacing around me as an already wounded superstar, Henry lifted me
up into the air and threw me roughly into a turnbuckle. I dropped to the
second rope, gasping for air as the large black superstar hoisted me up to
the top rope and then roughly yanked me down from the top with my head. My
head hit the canvas again with the top of my back, the same part which had
gone through the table, taking most of the fall.

I was close to unconsciousness as in ring security and EMT's arrived to stop
Khali and Mark Henry from injuring me any more. As the show went to a
commercial break, we saw Khali and Mark Henry celebrate their new alliance.

Roughly one commercial ad break later...

I was lying down in the doctor's office, holding my chest in agony. The
doctor, a small Indian woman with the name Kavita Rao was tending to my
wounds and was applying a fresh set of bandages. I whimpered with each wrap
Dr Rao delivered but I was holding still. There is a faint knock on the door
as the doctor calls out to open up.

Candice peeked her head past the door and smiled warmly.

"Ah Miss Michelle. Do come in." Doctor Rao said as she ushered the gorgeous
superstar in.

"Hi Doctor, hi Dave." She said with a warm smile.

"Hi Candice." I said quietly, still hurting to talk. "What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to say thanks for earlier. If you hadn't turned up I don't
know what would have happened."

I smiled and shook my head. "Well, we don't need to talk about it. We're all
good now." Using up most of my energy, I let my head fall back onto the rest
of the bed, exhaling softly.

"Well we are talking about it!" Candice said almost angrily. "You damn near
saved my life!"

Looking up, I smiled weakly. Not one to taking the bait, I simply nodded and
fell back to let the agony wash over me.

"Look, I've got a match later today... But I will make it up for you!"

Present Day...

And that's where we are. Currently still in agony but I managed to get out of
wrestling the dark match at the TV taping and have the next few days off. The
doors opened and I saw that the lift was empty. Rolling my suitcase in, I
thumbed the button for my floor and rested against the wall. My entire body
was on fire as I thought about the pain.

The lift stopped at my floor and the doors opened, letting me leave. Walking
down the hall, I reached my door and slid the key card into the lock. The LED
light flashed green and let me walk inside the room. As I walked inside I saw
that I was not alone.

Candice Michelle was stood in the middle of my room wearing a long brown
trench coat and some white boots, as far as I could tell. She turned to meet
me and smiled warmly.

"Hi there." She said warmly, as I took off my leather jacket and draped it
across one of the chairs.

"Hi... Uh, not to be rude but how did you get in? I've got the only key..."

"Well, every woman knows of at least one way they can manipulate a man,
especially teenagers." She said with a smile as she bent ever so slightly at
the waist, letting her cleavage be on parade.

"I see... So, can I help you? Would you like a drink?" I asked, holding my
ribs as I hobbled over to the mini fridge.

"No drink thank you, you can have on though if you'd like." She said with a
smile. Thinking about the pricing, I ignored it.

"Well, you have been waiting patiently. Would you like to know why I'm here?"
Candice asked, looking at the floor then up at me again.

"Uh, yes please."

Using one of her trademark maneuvers, she took hold of either side of her
coat, she quickly tore it open revealing a nurse's outfit. It was a halter
top style dress that had a plunging neckline, nicely framing her cleavage.
Wrapped around her neck was a plastic, toy stethoscope and running from under
the dress down to her boots was a pair of white fishnet stockings.

"Wow!" Was all I could say, as Candice placed one hand in the air as she gave
my a slow, seductive twirl showing off all of her curves and assets.

"That's a good response! Certainly shows that you're not too beat up. But, we
still need to set you up for your therapy."

"Therapy?" I asked as Candice came closer to me and tugged at my shirt.
Smirking and going along with it, I placed my arms in the air and let her
take my top off.

"That's right! Nurse Candy is supposed to look after her patient and look
after her patient she will!" She said with a sweet smile, she took hold of me
and spun me round so I was facing the bed with my back to her.

"Now, lie down." She ordered, shaking my head slightly I moved forward and
lay down on the bed taking the time to lie down properly.

"Alright, I can certainly go along with this!" I said with a big, goofy grin.
"Just be careful Nurse... Candy... My back is still really sore."

"I understand. Just lie still." I felt additional weight on the bed as
Candice had climbed on top of the bed and was straddling my back. There was
the faintest smell of strawberries and suddenly a cold substance fell on my
back as Candice started to rub the liquid into my shoulder blades.

Running it into my skin, Candice spoke softly. "You took a lot of punishment
today. This back isn't nearly as pretty as the rest of you." She was flirting
with me now, and this wasn't going to go un-ignored.

"You're not flirting with me are you Nurse?"

"Certainly not. It would be inappropriate for me to flirt with a patient
while in this uniform!"

"Well, you could always take it off?" I said, grinning into the bed.

"I suppose I could couldn't I?"

What was that? Had I misheard?

"Alright, roll over. I need to do your front." Candice swung her left leg up
off of the bed and was kneeling next to me as I slowly rolled onto my back.
We made eye contact and time seemed to slow as sexual tension started to
rise. Slowly swinging her leg over my chest, she was now on top of me in a
cow-girl position. Putting her hand on my chest, Candice slowly leant over
behind her and picked up a nurse's hat. It was a small flimsy thing that tied
around her head, and there was a large tab at the front in white coloring
matching her uniform.

"Oh my..."

"What is it Nurse?" I asked as she came in closer to me.

"It looks like I may have to take your temperature. It seems you're
developing a fever. Say `ahh'." Candice said sexily, I complied and opened my
mouth. Candice then leant in and planted a kiss on my lips.

Our lips met and made a soft, hot tangling of flesh as our lips smacked
against each other. Sliding my tongue inside her mouth, Candice moaned softly
as I planted my hands on her hips running them up and down the silky skin.
Our tongues met in the middle and playfully wrestled with each other as we
explored the other's mouth. Running my left hand up her back, I ran it up to
her head of hair and ran it though her luscious locks.

Breaking the kiss, Nurse Candice smiled, panting aiming to catch her breath.

"Are you well Nurse?" I asked with a smile as Candice brought her hands up
and placed a finger on my lip.

"Just getting my breath back. I think I need to take your temperature again."
She said with a smile, hooking her arms around my back she tugged herself
closer to me and planted her lips on mine again.

Our lips smacked with each others as our tongues entered the other's mouth
and explored again. I wrapped my tongue around hers and lightly sucked on it
as she moaned into my mouth. I ran my hands down her side to her soft, juicy
ass, running it over her cheeks I lightly squeezed the skin making her moan.

Candice broke the kiss and moaned to the sky as I kissed my way down to her
neck and tasted her neck. While she was still straddling my lap, Candice
started to rub her groin up against mine, as my erection grew.

"Oh, look at that!" Candice exclaimed with a giggle.

"What's that Nurse?"

"It looks like you've brought your own thermometer."

She said with a smile as she brought her head down to mine, her forehead
resting on mine. Our heavy breathing was mingling together as she ran her
hands over my chest down to my sweat pants. She slithered off of my body and
slid down past the bed onto the floor. She leant up over the bed and planted
soft kisses on my waist, sexily flicking her tongue against my skin. Her
kisses got lower and lower as she reached the tip of my pants.

"Alright, butt up Mister." Candice said with a smile. Hardly believing my
luck, I agreed and lifted my ass upwards.

"Very good." She complimented as she tugged my pants down to around my
ankles. I now had on only my boxer shorts and my sock and shoes, which
Candice was now seeing to. Tossing my lower clothing over her shoulder,
Candice looked up at me with a smoldering look and lightly squeezed the bulge
making me moan.

"Well, you seem to be able to still feel pain. That's a good sign, let's see
what other things you can feel."

Candice then unbuttoned the buttons on my boxers and pulled out my rapidly
hardening shaft. Now, every man thinks he's huge but I'm fairly certain I
actually am. At about eight inches long and two or three inches wide, Candice
seemed impressed with it as well.

"That's one big thermometer." Candice remarked, cementing my belief.

"Why don't you take my temperature Nurse Candy?"

"I think that's a wise idea."

Candice then leant forward and planted a soft kiss on my ball sac. She then
started to run her tongue from the bottom of my shaft all the way to the
head. Reaching the tip, Candice opened her mouth and wrapped her soft, sexy
lips around my shaft. Bobbing up and down covering two or three inches at a
time. Making two or three rises and drops of her mouth, Candice flicked her
tongue over my shaft making the better part of covering the entire bottom
half of my shaft.

Candice moaned happily as my shaft was buried deep in her mouth, she'd
managed to suck close to seven inches in her mouth. Slowly opening her eyes,
we made eye contact with each other. She smiled around my member and started
to bob up and down on my shaft with a quick pace making sure to get all of my
shaft nice and wet. Forcing herself down on my shaft again, Candice's nose
hit my pubic hair making her smile as it probably tickled her.

Bringing herself up off of my shaft, Candice spat on her right hand and
playfully tugged at my shaft stretching the skin and letting it crumple
again. Her freshly lubricated hand was a nice treat as she pleasured me.

"Well, I can feel your temperature is dropping. I think we may be done soon."

"Really Nurse Candy? You do seem a little warm though. Could you be suffering
through something as well? You seem quite warm near your chest. Should I
apply some pressure to it?" I asked, hoping to get near her glorious mounds.

"Perhaps that's for the best then?"

"Perhaps it is."

Leaning up, Candice pressed her lips on mine and we shared another kiss. Her
tongue passed into my mouth and explored my orifice as she carried on jerking
me. Running my hands over her body, I was in awe of all her fantastic curves
and fantastic skin. Most of her body was covered by the silky fabric that
made up the nurse's outfit which regrettably covered up her breasts.

I ran my hands up from her waist to her chest and lightly squeezed her
breasts making her moan. Candice broke the kiss and scooted up my body, she
hooked her left hand in my right hand and took hold of the plastic
stethoscope and hooked it around my neck. Tugging me closer to her chest, she
plunged my face into her glorious cleavage and let me go to work. Taking
every chance to cover her chest with my tongue I happily obliged, flicking my
tongue at every opportunity of fleshy offering.

Candice seemed very happy with my work as she tilted her head back and moaned
to the sky. Candice positioned her lap on my groin and started to rub her
panty covered crotch on my rock hard dick.

"Ugh, enough. Let's fuck!"

Candice agreed and ran her hands down her body and to the front of the
fabric. She looked down at me with a sultry smile and tugged at both sides of
the fabric, letting it tear open. Her large breasts spilled out showing that
she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples had hardened. She pushed her arms
back ever so slightly and pulled the clothing off of her body. Her lower body
was coated with white lacy panties, a belt to keep her suspenders up and the
aforementioned white boots.

Candice grinned and tugged her panties to the right of her pussy. Pushing her
ass backwards, she repositioned herself over my shaft and pushed herself down
impaling herself on my dick. We both shared a gasp as several inches buried
herself on my dick. Candice groaned and started to lift herself up and drop
on my dick, she leant forward placing both of her hands on either side of my

Tilting my head upwards, I latched onto Candice's left breast and sucked
lightly on her nipple as she rode me. Running my hand up and down her back, I
ran it down to her ass and squeezed her fleshy buns making her moan again.
Throwing her head back, she increased her rising and dropping getting all of
my dick inside her pussy.

Breaking my lip lock with her breast, Candice leant down and we shared
another passionate kiss. Our tongues flicked against each others as we
fucked, I ran my hands over to her ass and squeezed again. Taking care of
some of the work, I held onto her buns and lifted her up and dropped her
again. With each rise and drop, on my dick Candice's breath started to get a
little more labored as a thin film of sweat formed on her body.

Breaking the kiss, I leant into the nape of Candice's neck and kissed her
flesh. Candice reached over and grabbed hold of the pillow I was resting my
head on. Pulling it away from my head, she propped it up against the head
board and pulled my head away from her neck. Candice then leant in and kissed
me on the lips again, our tongues played with each others as she carried on
fucking me.

Breaking the kiss, she kissed my forehead lightly and pulled herself off of
my dick.

"Can you budge up? I want to swap positions."

I nodded and pulled myself up the bed and sat up, my back to the pillows.
Grimacing at the jolt of pain, it was soothed by Candice kissing me sweetly.
Placing my hands on their favorite positions of her breasts and ass,
squeezing each palm independently Candice moaned at the touch. Putting her
pussy on my rod, she started to grind her wet lips making me moan in turn.

Candice playfully took my hands off of her breasts and put them by my side. I
was about to complain when she turned her back to me and started to lower
herself on my shaft. Taking hold of my dick and lowered herself on my pole.
Candice paused for a moment and ran the head of my dick along her slit,
teasing the both of us. Looking over her shoulder, she looked at me and
winked playfully before throwing all of her weight into dropping on my shaft.

She placed her hands on either side of me and pressed them on the bed helping
her bounce up and down on my shaft. Leaning in, I pressed my lips on
Candice's and we shared a kiss, our lips parted and our tongues inter twined
again. I ran my hands down her sultry, now sweaty body to the knee joints and
helped lift her up and down. Being able to fuck her from this position gave
me some vigor and I started to fuck her with an increased pace.

Lifting her up, several inches from the tip I let her drop, freely
penetrating her cunt to my shaft's hilt. Breaking the kiss, Candice moaned
and let her head fall back, her throat becoming available to me I lunged in
and kissed her. She ran her hands over my back and up to behind my head.

Changing the pace, I lifted Candice all the way up off of my shaft until
there was nothing left in her cunt. I then removed my hands from her knees
and let her pussy get fully penetrated in a swift fashion. Candice's eyes
shot open and she screamed at the sudden invasion. Smiling, I repeated the
fashion making her screams get more and more shrill with each drop.

My eyes drifted down her body and I could see that she was desperately
frigging her clit, aiming to get herself off as soon as possible. I continued
to let her rise and fall on my shaft getting it nice and wet as her breath
became shallow she was getting closer and closer to the end.

Placing my mouth on her shoulder, I kissed it sweetly before biting into her
flesh making her gasp and moan even louder. Candice started to buck wildly to
the point where she was fucking me, I placed my hands back on the bed and
watched the show as Candice rode me with wild abandon. Throwing her head back
once more, she let out an almighty cry and came over my shaft, coating it
with her cum.

Taking little time after the orgasm had subsided she looked over her shoulder
at me, sweat dripping from her face and her black hair matted to the skin.
She blinked several times and then started to ride me again, grinding
backwards and forwards on my shaft. I ran my hands over her sexy thighs and
onto her ass cheeks and squeezed her fleshy buns lightly making her moan

"If you're good and healed up for my next visit... You may just get that."
She said sexily, casting a cool, calculated smirk at me.

"I'll need lots of rest then!" I said in response. I grunted and felt the cum
in my balls start to bubble up. I was going to cum soon but didn't want to
stop fucking her. I began to take control and started to slow my thrusts to
more slow, deliberate strokes.

"Going to cum?" She asked, fully aware of my urge to cum.


"Right, over my tits then!" Candice said, taking charge of the situation.

She hopped off of my shaft and kneeled down in front of the bed. I struggled
to pull myself down and was left helpless at the foot of bed. Smiling, she
knelt up and wrapped her big tits around my shaft. I looked down at her and
saw her pump her fleshy mounds up and down my dick making sure that every
inch of my member had been enveloped with each passing drop.

I grunted slightly and started to cum, I didn't even have to warn her as a
load shot up through the air and onto her globes. She let go of her tits hold
on my shaft and started to jerk my dick, the cum tearing through the air and
coating her tits some more. After several spurts I had completely finished
and what little strength I still possessed had left me.

I collapsed on the bed, sleep nearly taking me.

"Hey... You going to be OK?" She asked me, I pulled the sweaty covers up
around me.

"I'll be fine... Oh, do you want to stay?" I asked, nearly forgetting my
manners and offering her a spot in the bed.

"No, I think I'll be OK. Can I use your shower though?"

"Sure, do you want me to join you?" I asked, praying her answer was yes.

"I think it's time that you got some rest. Nurse Candy's ass isn't for bad
patients y'know?" She said with a taunting voice. "Get some rest Dave."

"Yes Ma'am." I rolled over and fell to sleep. I was looking forward to being
in Nurse Candy's care for some time.

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