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These "TNA Backstage" stories do not follow any kind of pattern, other than
they involve the TNA Knockouts. One story could be short, the next could be
long. One could be a hardcore gangbang, the next could be rape, and the next
could be a sensitive fucking. The stories don't follow a particular fan or
wrestler, like I said it's completely random.

Also, I don't agree with rape under any circumstances. These stories with
rape are just fantasies; I would never rape anyone, no matter how hot she is.
I think rape is a disgusting act in real life, so I keep it in stories. My
sexual needs depend on what kind of mood I'm in.

I don't do gay or bisexual stories, but then again, never say never.

TNA Backstage Part 1: Karen Angle
by ElevatorXtreme

As Karen Angle walked through the arena, she thought about her husband's
words. "Go spend some time with your other husband!"

Kurt's words had hurt her, but at the same time gave her pleasure. She Kurt
when he was angry, she liked men who take control.

She walked into AJ Styles' locker room, hoping to catch him of guard, in the
shower or something, instead she found JB.

"What are you doing here?" She snapped. "Where's AJ?"

"I have no idea, I'm waiting for him as well."

"Well since we're both waiting..." She moved quickly to him. "I know a way to
pass the time... Forget it." She left quickly. I'm not that horny.

* * *

Christian was on his way to confront AJ Styles, when he sees Kurt Angle's
incredibly hot wife storm out of AJ's locker room. When she saw him she gave
him an alluring smile, before walking towards an empty locker room. Christian
quickly peeked into AJ's room and saw JB sitting there looking goofy.

"What was that about?" Christian could help grinning at the look on the
backstage interviewers face.

"I think Karen Angle fancies me," JB replied.

Christian left quickly, continuing his search for AJ. What a fool. I pity the
fool who is JB. He chuckled to himself before looking serious and remembering
what happened to him last week. He looked everywhere and asked everyone for
AJ, but was unable to locate him. He bumped into Karen Angle again, and
before she could start manipulating him, he requested a straight answer.

"Sorry, I haven't seen him," She stared deeply into his eyes. "But I'm sure I
can help you find him, I might know where he is."

She stared walking, but Christian stood in her way. "No, tell me where he is,
I'll go find him."

Karen laughed. "Don't be silly, I'll go with you."

Christian moved out of her way and started to follow her. As she walked, he
couldn't help checking her out.

"Why do you want AJ so bad anyway?" She asked.

"I think you know why."

"I suppose I do." She looked back seductively at him as she arrived at her
destination, the empty locker room. "In you go."

Christian started walking to the entrance, but grabbed Karen first and pushed
her into the room. He held her tight as he spoke.

"You think I'm stupid?" he yelled. "C'mon, where's Kurt." Karen lifted her
leg and kicked him directly in the balls. She walked to the door, with him
bent over in pain, and locked the door. Christian's eyes were watery as he
watched Mrs. Angle.

"Christian Cage, smarter than he looks," She purred. "Your right, this is a
trap, but not one you were ready for." She moved to an empty bag that was
sitting on the bench and pulled out two pairs of furry handcuffs. She put one
pair of handcuffs on each of Christian's hands and attached the other side to
the bench leg, so that he was stretched out across the floor.

A smile crept up on Christians face, before asking. "Wait, aren't you happily

She grinned. "No, I'm married, but I'm not happy."

She bent over and stuck her tongue in his left ear, "Do you think I'm hot?"
She asked, already knowing the answer, before Christian could answer she
poked him in the eye.

"What the..." He blinked his eyes wildly, momentarily blinded.

"Sorry, I didn't want you to see my next surprise" She straddled him and
pulled his shirt over his muscular, slightly scrawny body, over his head and
over his arms, because his hands were tied she was unable to pull the shirt
off, so she just left it around his wrists.

"So, where's my surprise?" He smiled at her. She smirked back at him, before
raising her hand and slapping him across the face. "Call me a whore!" She


"Call me a whore!"

"What?" She slapped him again, before repeating the same words. "Call me a
whore! Call me a whore you fucking gutless pussy."

"You're a whore!"

She got off him and took her dress off, standing there in only in her bra
and panties and her high heels. She stepped back and walked forward again,
kicking him straight in the balls.

"Call me a whore again, I fucking dare you!" She looked legitimately angry as
she glared at Christian.

"You're insane!" Christian winced as the pain shot through his genitals. "You
told me to call you a whore."

Karen pulled his pants down from across his waist, freeing his rather large,
11 inch cock.

He moaned as she wrapped her hands around it and started stroking. "I'm sorry
baby, I never meant to hurt you" She lied.

"It's alright, don't worry" Christian kept moaning as Karen built up speed
until she was furiously jerking him off. Karen's beautiful eyes remained
locked on his cock as she ran her hand up and down Christian's impressive
member. She carried on pushing his cock to the limit as she stuck her tongue
out and licked the top of his penis.

"I love cock!" She exclaimed wildly, as she stuck his in her mouth. She began
sucking quickly and it seemed too much for Christian because some precum
started to enter her mouth.

She started going slower and slower until she was going so slowly that
Christian was barely feeling any pleasure at all. He was about to complain,
but at that moment Karen started going unbelievably fast.

cum right there and then, but he somehow managed to keep it in.

Karen was laughing in her head; she loved the way men look when they try to
fight off an orgasm. She carried on sucking furiously, determined to get him
off. She looked up into his eyes, virtually telling him she is a sex goddess.

This was all too much for Christian as he let his load out, just missing Mrs.
Angle's face as she pulled out of the way.

"Hey, What the Fuck. Why'd you move?" Christian protested.

She ignored his complaints and instead asked him a question. "You've cum
already, what the fuck?"

"You wouldn't stop sucking."

Karen looked pissed "Oh, I am sorry I was pleasuring you too much." She said
sarcastically, before moving over to her bag and pulling out a magazine.

Christian looked at her in disbelief, sitting there in her bra and panties
reading about celebrities. "Errrrr, you do know you handcuffed me to the
table right."

"Oh, yes, of course I do, I just giving you a bit of a rest before I ride the
shit out of you."

"Oh, OK." Christian acted as if her nonchalance attitude was normal. Now that
he wasn't getting pleasured by Mrs. Angle, he realized just how uncomfortable
he was on the cold floor.

"Ready." Karen asked.

"Not yet."

She moved closer to him and took of her panties. "Too bad."

She started to jerk him off again, trying to get him hard.

"Take your bra off" Christian was shocked when she slapped him again.

"Don't you ever tell me what to do!" Karen's mood changed again as she pushed
her breasts into his face. "You like that baby?"

Christian didn't answer; he just felt his hard on coming back. "Are you
pregnant?" He didn't know if she was somehow trying to manipulate him or if
she was actually mentally unstable.

Karen went back to his cock and started sucking it again. She stood up and
took off her bra, revealing her large, sexy breasts.

"Wow. Your tits totally reek of awesomeness!" Christian exclaimed as Karen
gave him the strangest look. "How is Edge nowadays?"

"I don't really want to think about Edge right now."

"Funny I do. When I was sucking you off I was imagining you were him" Karen
grinned as Christian looked at her, unable to tell whether she was joking or

She mounted him, at put his now hard cock in her pussy, before she started to
ride it.

"Oh, fuck that's nice" She moaned as she started to pick up the pace.

"Oh, Karen, Oh Karen, Oh..."

"Oh Edge, Oh Edge, Oh" She mocked him as Christian started to look pissed.

"Shut up. You're not funny, Shiiit." Karen started to really ride Christian
causing them both to started screaming.

"Shit, Fuck, Yeah!" Karen moaned. "Oh Fuck!"

"Yeah, ride that cock." Christian said in a deep voice, trying to sound more
manly than when he was screaming.

"Fuck." Karen moaned again, feeling the jokes and the friendly atmosphere
leave, being replaced by a more intense one.

She carried on building up speed, dropping up and down on his cock, feeling
his cock enter her 'special spot.' "Oh shit, oh shit! Christian your cock
feels soooo good inside me!"

Christian just grunted as he felt her wonderful pussy around his cock. He
watched as her tits bounced up and down, he wished he could lick them, but
they were just out of reach.

Karen carried on bouncing up and down on her newly found friends cock feeling
the pleasure of his cock inside her. "Shit, Shit. That's nice. Crap, Shit,
Fuck, bastard. Ohhhhh! Shhhittttt! Fuck!!!!" She slowed down a bit as to not
get too carried away.

She rode his cock at a normal speed now, still pleasuring herself, but not to
bring her to orgasm, and not to make Christian cum.

Not that he was close to cumming. He had cum too early last time and there
was no way he was going to this time.

Karen got of his cock, moved down his body, and started jerking him off
again. She didn't at an average speed, not too slow and not too fast. Just
the right speed. Christian thought.

She started to wrap her tits round his cock, but because of the angle, found
it to be too uncomfortable. She seductively crawled towards his upper body
and licked his chest all the way too his neck and then kissed him on the
lips. Her lips were soft and full of flavor; she stuck her tongue in his
mouth and undid the handcuffs around his wrists.

He sat up with her tongue still in his mouth, unable to let go. She wrapped
her hands round him as he fell back down, with her on top off him. He grabbed
her ass and squeezed and sat back up. She got back on his cock and started
riding as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He stood up, with help from
the bench and pulled her up and down his cock.

"Shit yeah, told you I'd ride the shit outta you." She moaned, before quickly
turning her upper body round and push the wall behind her, sending them both
onto the bench, with her onto top. Christian groaned as his back slammed
against the bench. Karen laughed as she carried on where she left off. Riding
the shit out of Christian.

"Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh!" Karen screamed as Christian's cock hit her G-Spot over
and over again. "Shit. Fuuucccckkkk. Fuccckkkk!"

"Yeah, you like it hardcore don't you whore." Christian tested her. "Dirty
little slut, loves riding my big cock."

Karen was in the throes of pleasure, she carried on riding the large cock of
one of her husband's rivals. She loved being called degrading names and being
treated like a whore. She rode his cock faster and faster. "FUCK!!!! OH!
SHIT. Your cock is brilliant! I love it! I love cock! I love riding cock more
than anything in the world!!!!"

Karen experienced orgasm after orgasm as she screamed on top of the former
world champion. She slowed down to a stop and got off Christian's cock.

"Shit." She sighed as she wrapped her tits round Christian's cock. She
started jerking him off with her beautiful breasts.

"Oh yeah, your good at that you know" Karen didn't answer, she just kept
moving her tits up and down his hard-on. She felt so tired and had sweat
dripping up and down her stunning body. She began to build up speed as she
felt her energy coming back to her.

"Ohhh. Fuck." Christian moaned as Karen spectacular tits went up and down his
cock, suddenly he remembered what she did when he was tied up.

He pushed her off his cock and stood up, grabbed her hair and dragged her to
the lockers. Karen smiled as he violently bent her over and stuck his cock
back in her pussy.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" Karen moaned as Christian slammed his
cock in and out of her pussy. He grabbed her by the waist and shoved her up
and down on his cock.

"Now you're a fucking man!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Christian slapped Karen's right ass cheek as hard as he
could, leaving a red print on her butt.

"SHIT! Wow! Your really are a man!" Karen's felt pleasure from the pain
Christian was giving her and carried on her praising of him. "You are so
fucking good!"

"I said shut up!" Christian yelled again, and smacked her other cheek, as he
carried on ramming his cock in and out of her love hole. He grabbed both her
wrists and pulled them, causing her to go deeper and deeper onto his cock.

"Shit! FUCK! SHIT! Fuck!" This was becoming to rough for even the hardcore
Karen Angle and she tried to pull away, but Christian's grip was too strong.
"Fuck! Stop! Shit! Please, Christian, I can't take any more!"

Karen felt his grip lighten, and he left go, pushing Karen into some lockers.
She was emotionally and physically tired. Christian went over to where he was
handcuffed and grabbed the two pairs of furry handcuffs. He moved quickly to
the manipulative TNA knockout and set the handcuffs on both her wrists, then
connected the other side to the locker, so that Karen was now slightly bent
over with her hands connect to opposite side of the locker.

Karen was exhausted and barely able to stand as she felt Christian's cock
penetrate her again. She felt her inside's being ripped apart, as he pushed
her against the locker and carried on jamming her pussy again and again. Her
body was pressed up against the lockers, since Christian's was pressed up
against hers.

"Shit! Fuck!"

"Does your vocabulary expand past Shit and Fuck?" Christian enjoyed his
torture of Karen Angle, knowing that deep down she liked it. "I been with
girls like you, you like it this rough, don't you."

"God, yes!" Karen's words didn't surprise her. She loved men taking control,
always has and always will.

"I bet you...." Christian started.

Karen interrupted him. "Ohhh, ohhhh! Shit!!! Shit!!! Fuck it!!! FUCK THAT

"I bet you even like it in your ass!"

"Yes I fucking do!!!!!!!!" Karen screamed in ecstasy. "You, Shit, going to
stick it, Fuck!!!, there?"

Christian stuck two fingers in her asshole. He carried on thrusting in and
out of her pussy, as he fingered her butt.

"Oh. Shit! Yeah!" She yelled over and over, with Captain Charisma fingering
her ass the way she like it. He then pulled his fingers out her butthole and
started to slap her ass wildly with both hands.

"Ow!! Yeah!!! Ow!! Ow! Fuck!!!" Karen's ass began to light up as she pushed
back against his cock. "Stop! Stop!"

Christian held Karen's left cheek with his left hand and with his right he
smacked her other cheek. "SHIT!!!! Stop! I fucking said stop!!!"

Christian stopped smacking her ass.

"Why the fuck did you stop?" Karen looked pissed off. "I thought you were a
fucking man?"

Christian laughed. "I'm just getting started." He pulled out her pussy and
opened her ass and brutally shoved his 11incher in her anal package.

"FUCK!!!!! Use some fucking lubricant!!!!!" Karen screamed in agony, as
Christian reamed her. She felt her ass widen as he filled it up.

"Stop!!!" Christian ignored her. "Stop! I demand you sto....keep going!"

"I fucking love it anal!!!" Her eyes started to roll to the back of her head
as she felt her orgasm building.

"I'm such a slut!!!!! I love your cock! I truly am a whore!!!!!" Degrading
comments poured out of her mouth as she struggled with the cock stuck balls
deep in her ass.

Christian could feel his orgasm building. He carried on slamming Mrs. Angle's
ass and then smacked her HARD on her back.


Christian could take no more. He released a monster load right up her ass, as
she had orgasm after orgasm.

Christian undid the handcuffs on Karen Angle's wrist, before passing out
on the bench. Karen looked at Captain Charisma with disgust. "Pussy" She
muttered before she too passed out from the long sex session.

* * *

"AJ!" Kurt Angle ran up to AJ Styles just outside of AJ's locker room.
"Where's Karen?"

"I dunno, where was she?"

"She stormed off, she better not be seeing someone else."

JB, who was going to see Jim Cornette, heard Angle and quickly turned back

"Where the hell is she, you sure you haven't seen her." Angle sighed. AJ
nodded and Kurt stormed off, past the "empty" locker room.
_ _ _

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