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TNA Talent Relations Part 1
by Revolution

In September 2005, TNA was preparing to launch Impact on Spike TV and that
meant dealing with several network executives. One of these executives was
Michael Worthy, a slick and brash man in his early 30's who had a chip on
his shoulder. Michael Worthy visited the TNA offices and informed the
creative team that he would be working as the Talent Relations Associate
with TNA. It would be his job to have input and give feedback on new talent
acquisitions by TNA. He said he wasn't going to be around much as he'd be
working out of the Spike offices in California but he expected to be informed
of all talent moves before they become official. No one really seemed to
have a problem with this as they needed to make Spike TV happy. Worthy did
have one specific area that he wanted to address and that was the women on
the TNA show. He told them that the show was on late night TV and they needed
to add some more females to the show as they only had one in Traci Brooks.
He asked them why there weren't more women and the creative team told him
that Trinity had left the company a few months earlier after her contract
ran out and that there were also several women who used to work for WWE that
might be available. Michael asked for their information to be sent to his
offices and he would be personally working on acquiring new female talent
for the show. After he left the TNA offices, the management were relieved
with this news as the "network guy" wouldn't be making decisions on actual
wrestlers but just on hiring women. Meanwhile, Michael Worthy travelled back
to the network offices in LA and told his secretary to start setting up
interviews with whatever names that TNA had provided.


Michael's phone rang and it was his secretary telling him that Stephanie
"Trinity" Finochio had arrived for their meeting. Michael checked his hair
in the mirror and told his receptionist to send her in. Trinity entered
wearing a big black fur coat that pretty much covered her entire body.
Michael stood up, shook her hand and asked her to take a seat.

"So Trinity, tell me about yourself," Michael asked.

"Well I've do a lot of stunt work in many high profile films such as
Daredevil and..."

"I'm not interested in that," Michael interrupted. "See Trinity, my job is
to make TNA Impact the most appealing show on TV and I just don't see enough
sex appeal on the show. This meeting is to see if you're up to Spike TV's
standards. I'll give you another chance to tell me about yourself."

"Ok. I'm 5'6" and 120 pounds," Trinity said in her thick New York accent.



"Impressive. Now you were told to come here in the hottest outfit you would
wear on Spike TV but all I see is a big fur coat. That's very disappointing."

"My outfit is underneath the coat. I couldn't be walking around the streets
in it, you know?"

"Well you're not on the streets now, are you? Let me see it."

Trinity stood up and pulled off her big fur coat. Underneath she was wearing
this black spandex outfit that was cut with holes all down the sides and down
the middle.

"Yeah! Now that's more like it. Damn, what a body on you," Michael commented
as he looked Trinity up a down. "You're fucking rock hard, aren't you?"

"Check out the guns," Trinity said as she flexed her biceps.

"Shit those are impressive. Turn around for me, let me see you from behind."

Trinity turned around and arched her back a little, popping out her firm
round behind which also greatly impressed the network executive.

"That's good, you can sit back down now," Michael said.

"Now you can see why I had to wear that big coat," Trinity nervously joked.

"Listen Trinity, I'm going to be real honest with you. From what I
understand, you're very talented and can do a lot of amazing moves. You
obviously have a great body but there's just one problem," he said.

"What is it? What's the problem?"

"You're a butterface. Facially you're just not what we're looking for. I'm
sorry but maybe we could offer you some stunt work on our other shows?"

Trinity stood up and started walking around the desk and closer to Michael.
"You have to be kidding me. You can't not have a body likes this on your
show. Sure I may not be the prettiest girl but so what? I have so much else
to offer. I don't want your stunt jobs, I want to be on Impact," she said.

"I ... I'm sorry Trinity, I just can't get over that lid of yours."

Trinity sat down on his knee and started to undo his belt buckle. "I don't
think you understand. I REALLY want to be on the show," she said, loosening
his belt buckle. Trinity opened up Michael's fly and wrapped her hands around
his dick, pulling it out of his briefs. She got off his lap and kneeled down
in front of him, underneath his desk. Trinity stroked his dick which grew to
about six inches and then started to lick his balls. She moved her tongue up
to the shaft, rubbing her tongue ring against his cock. She then took it in
her mouth and started blowing him. While she was blowing him, Michael tried
to close his eyes but every so often he'd open and catch a glimpse of
Trinity's face. He started to move her hair around so it covered her face a
little bit. She was so good at sucking his cock but he couldn't get over how
she looked. Michael was so full of himself that he actually stopped this
ultra fit babe from sucking his cock.

"Damn this just isn't going to work. If only there was some way to..."
Michael said as his eyes spotted a black and silver wrestling mask that had
been given to him. He grabbed it and told Trinity to put it on. She was
desperate for a job and did what he said, putting on the mask.

"Oh that's fucking perfect," he commented.

"Whatever you want, I'll come back under a mask if that's what it takes,"
Trinity said.

"What would be even better is you getting on my cock and fucking me with your
tight twat!"

Trinity somehow peeled off the little that was her black outfit so she was
buck naked, wearing a mask, in front of the network executive. Michael leaned
forward and felt Trinity's rock hard abs and sucked on her C-Cup breasts. Her
body was perfect and he couldn't wait to get inside of her. He turned her
around and told her to start riding his dick. With her back to him, Trinity
sat down on his cock, taking in it's six inches and beginning to ride it.

"Oooh yeah that's a good cock, I like your cock," Trinity moaned.

"Ride it you fucking butterface!"

Michael's hands moved around Trinity's body, feeling her abs and tits while
she bounced on his cock. His hands then moved back to her hips and down to
her ass. Michael squeezed Trinity's firm round backside while she rode him.

"My ass is pretty firm, isn't it?"

"Fuck yeah, you've got a great ass!"

"Bend me over and fuck my ass! That's how bad I want on the show!"

Michael stood up and Trinity got down on all fours, ready and waiting.
Michael got down behind her and started to work his cock into her ass.

"Ooh that's so tight," he groaned.

"Unhhh deeper Michael!"

Michael pushed all of his six inches into Trinity's tight butt and started to
fuck her ass at a steady pace. This was the perfect position to fuck Trinity
as he didn't even have to see her mask covered face. His eyes were just
looking at her hard body and her great ass.

"Ohhh Michael you are so good at fucking my ass," Trinity moaned.

"Ahhh your ass is so tight ahhh ahhh ahhh I'm gonna fucking cum!" Michael
exclaimed as he pulled out and blasted his steamy load onto Trinity's ass
and lower back. He made her stay on all fours while his cock went back to
a flaccid state. He then put his pants back on and tossed Trinity a box of

"Clean yourself off, get dressed, and we'll be in touch," he said.

"Oh I know you will be," Trinity smiled under her mask, knowing that she had
to have just sealed her return to TNA...

Michael left his office and asked his secretary if he had anymore meetings

"You have two more this week. Gail Kim from WWE is scheduled on Thursday and
I scheduled Traci for Friday."

"Doesn't Traci already work for TNA?"

"Yes but I just thought you should interview her and find out if she has any
suggestions for new talent or whether you want her to stay on the show."

"Ok that sounds fine to me. I'll see you in the morning and call a cab to
take Trinity to the airport for her flight home," Michael said with a wink.

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