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TNA Talent Relations Part 2
by Revolution

Michael Worthy, the TNA Talent Relations Associate for Spike TV, arrived
at his office at 9 o'clock on Thursday morning. As was his routine every
morning, Michael's secretary got him a cup of coffee, the LA Times, and
then went over his schedule for the day. Michael was only half listening
until the secretary said that Gail Kim was scheduled at 2 in the afternoon.
Michael perked up and wanted to know how long the meeting was scheduled
for. His secretary told him that it was for 45 minutes but Michael told
her to give him at least two hours and to hold any calls. This was a big
meeting because Gail Kim is an ex-WWE talent and that really impressed
Michael. Of course he did no further research on her nor had he every
actually watched WWE. He was too busy working on such gems as Casino
Cinema and Slamball. Still, he knew that Gail must have been something
special because TNA had set aside a sizeable sum of money to try and get
her on board. For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, Michael
conducted his usual business but he was distracted by the clock. He
couldn't wait for Gail Kim to arrive for her meeting. And then the clock
hit 2 and Michael's phone rang.

"Gail Kim is here for your 2'o'clock meeting," his secretary said.

"Send her in!" Michael said.

Gail Kim walked into his office wearing skin tight black stretch pants and a
little light blue halter top. Michael's eyes were immediately drawn to her
very flat and toned midsection that was accentuated by a silver belly button
ring. Just from his first impressions, Michael couldn't find one thing wrong
with her. He told her to take a seat as he tried to concentrate on conducting
the meeting.

"First off, thank you for coming. Now why don't you tell me a little bit
about your background?"

"Well I'm from Korean descent and I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
but now I'm living down in Orlando, Florida. I'm 28 years old and I've been
involved in wrestling for about five years now. I'm also a former WWE Women's

"Tremendous. Well we really would like to have you on board with TNA
and on Spike TV, Gail. You certainly have the credentials and you most
definitely have the look. I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be
signed immediately."

"To be honest, Mr. Worthy..."

"Call me Michael."

"Michael, TNA's been trying to sign me for a long time now and I've turned
them down over and over again but now that the show is on Spike TV, I've
changed my mind, I want to be a big part of TNA."

"So you don't just want to be on the show but you want to be a big part of
the show?"


"Clearly I have a lot of influence in TNA and I could make you a major star
on the show but Gail, how bad do you want it?"

"I want it real bad. I want to show WWE that they never should have let me

"This is Hollywood, baby. Nobody is going to just give you that chance. You
have to take it. You have to come and earn that chance to be a major TV

Gail sat up on Michael's desk and swung her legs around so that she
was facing him. She grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him in
aggressively and started to kiss him. Michael kissed her soft tasty lips
and felt Gail's tongue slide into his mouth. His hands went around her
trim waistline while they continued to make out.

"So where do I sign?" Gail asked him a grin.

"I don't think you've earned it yet."

"Please, I'm a former Women's Champion!"

"You know Gail, I've never been with an Asian woman before. Is it true what
they say about Asian women?"

"What do they say?"

"That you have the tightest pussies? Let me just look and see."

"Ok, you can look but that's it!" Gail said. She moved towards the edge of
the desk and let Michael pull off her black stretch pants.

"Look at you, no panties or anything! Wow look at the fine pussy, it does
look so tight ... so tasty," Michael said as he leaned forward and before
Gail knew it, her pussy was being licked. She opened her mouth to say no
but he had gone right to her clit and her no quickly turned to a moan. He
was so good with his tongue that she couldn't muster up the will power to
make him stop licking her tight Asian pussy.

"Are you hard?" Gail asked.

"What?" Michael asked, lifting his head momentarily from Gail's cunt.

"Is your cock hard?"


"Fuck me right now! Hurry up, stick it in me, I need to feel a cock in my
tight pussy right now!" Gail said anxiously. Michael quickly dropped his
pants and he was indeed rock hard. He went to insert himself into Gail but
she stopped him and told him to put a condom on. Michael went into his
desk drawer and got a condom. He quickly slipped it on and then slipped
inside of Gail.

"HOLY SHIIIIIIT!" He screamed feeling his dick in her very tight pussy.

"Do me!"

"Ahhh ahhh so tight ... I'm fucking cumming!" Michael exclaimed as he
climaxed inside of Gail, the cum stretching out the condom to its fullest.
Gail's pussy felt so good that he could barely last 30 seconds with her.

"So now ... where do I sign?" Gail asked.

"I'll fax over the contract to your agent ASAP and the offer will be very
generous ... damn your pussy is ... wow!"

"Oh I know," Gail laughed to herself as she pulled her pants back up and
left Michael's office knowing that she just got herself a nice big contract.

* * *

An hour later, Jeff Jarrett was on the line for Michael.

"What's going on Jeff?" Michael inquired.

"I signed a new woman for the show. Jackie Gayda. I know I couldn't
officially sign her but I promised her a spot already. She's going to come by
your office today and all you have to do is give her the stamp of approval,"
Jeff explained.

"You shouldn't be making those types of promises," Michael said.

"I know, it won't happen again. Just do me a favor and bail me out this
time," Jeff asked.

"Ok Jeff, but don't put me in a position like this again."

After Michael hung up the phone with Jeff, another thirty minutes passed
before Jackie arrived at his office. Michael knew instantly why Jeff had made
those promises because of this vivacious young blond beauty that walked into
his office. She was wearing a short mini-skirt and low-cut top that showed
off her very fit body and big round breasts.

"Jeff Jarrett told me that I had to come see you about signing my TNA
contract," Jackie said with a slight mid-western accent.

"Yes that's right, Jackie. I need to approve you joining TNA first before you
get your contract," Michael said.

"But Jeff promised me a deal!"

"Oh you'll get your contract but I need to get something from you first."

"Hold it right there buddy, I know where you're going with this and I know
what happened with Gail Kim earlier today and that's not happening with me."

"You do want a contract, don't you?"

"I'm not some dumb blond. I have a verbal contract from TNA management and if
you don't give me the written contract, I will sue TNA and I will sue you!"

"Whoa whoa whoa Jackie, there's no need for that. You have your contract but
I could increase it if you want..."

"I'm not selling myself. I'll take the original deal."

"Who said you have to do anything? You just stand there and look pretty while
I pleasure myself. How about that, Jackie?"

"Hmmmm ok fine," Jackie agreed. Michael undid his belt buckle, unzipped his
fly and took his cock out. He leaned back in his chair and started stroking
it while staring at Jackie's gorgeous body.

"You are so fucking beautiful, Jackie. I'll increase your contract by 25% of
you come over and take over for me," Michael offered.

"Just use my hand on you, right?" Jackie double checked. Michael smiled and
nodded his head as Jackie hesitated for a moment then walked around Michael's
desk. He spun around in his chair to face her. He let his pants slide down to
his ankles as Jackie knelt down in front of him and started jerking him off.
Michael stared down at Jackie's sexy face and down her top at her big round
breasts. He went into his drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube. He handed it
to Jackie to help her jerk off his hard cock. She squirted it into her left
hand and rubbed it all over Michael's cock.

"Ahhh yeah Jackie, work that cock. Ohhh that feels so good. Jerk my hard cock
Jackie. Ohhh yeah!" He moaned.

"I bet it feels good. Are you going to cum soon?" Jackie asked.

"Oh no baby, I'm enjoying this too much. If you do want me to cum sooner,
you should pull down that top of yours and let me see those big tits of
yours," Michael suggested. Jackie let go of his cock and pulled her shirt
down, letting her big tits out. She squeezed them together and played with
them a little bit, trying to bring Michael closer to climaxing.

"How do they look?" She asked.

"Those are some fucking great tits!" He proclaimed. Jackie grabbed his cock
with both hands and jerked it hard. She kept switching from one hand to two
and from a slow stroke to a fast one in order to get him off. Michael just
stared at her big tits while she jerked off his hard cock. Jackie was looking
straight at his cock, focusing on making him explode. A few minutes later,
Jackie glanced up and saw that Michael wasn't staring at her tits anymore but
he was staring at something higher.

"Michael, what're you looking at so closely?" Jackie asked.

"Your lips ... your lips are so nice and full ... they look so soft ... just
big enough and pouty enough ... they look so good," Michael said slowly and

"Um thank you."

"One kiss ... just one kiss ... I'll put an endorsement deal in your contract
for just one kiss."

"Make it count," Jackie said. She stood up and leaned forward. Her left
hand still jerking Michael's cock. He brushed her blond hair back from her
face and locked his lips on her soft supple lips. Jackie felt Michael's
cock twitch in her hand. His lips locked down harder on hers, his mouth
like a suction cup on her full sexy lips. Michael's moans were muffled by
the liplock as cum started shooting out of his cock and landing on his legs
and stomach. When he finally finished cumming, he let Jackie's lips free
and slumped back in his chair.

"The contract, the endorsement, its all yours, Jackie," he muttered,
licking his lips and looking down at the mess he had made with his load.
Jackie grabbed some tissues and wiped her hands clean then lifted her top
back up over her massive breasts. She reached into her purse and took out
her lipstick, fixing it and making her lips look perfect again.

"I expect a copy of the new contract at my home by tomorrow morning," Jackie

"I'm a man of my word," Michael stated.

"Yeah ... right," Jackie shook her head and left Michael's office.

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