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TNA Talent Relations Part 3: Traci
by Revolution

The day after his very productive meeting with Gail Kim, Michael Worthy was
set to meet with Traci Brooks. Traci was already under contract to TNA and
was the top female in the company. During his short span working with TNA,
Michael had seen Traci's work on videotape a few times. There was no denying
to him that this voluptuous brunette was exactly the type of woman that he
wanted on Spike TV. When Traci arrived for her meeting, she wasn't as dressed
up as Trinity and Gail had been. She was just wearing blue jeans, a tight
pink t-shirt and a little black jacket. She still looked smokin' but she
hadn't gone all out like the other girls.

"Traci, thanks for coming out here to California for this meeting," Michael

"Let me makes this real simple. I'm very close friends with Gail Kim and
well ... I already have a contract with TNA. I don't need anything from you
today," Traci explained.

"Everyone needs something, Traci. There's always something more that we want
in life and in your case, I'm the man that can make things happen."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well I could see to it that you're on TV more and in a more prominent role.
And of course if you were a bigger part of TNA, I could probably get you a
nice raise. So you see Traci, I can be of very good use to you."

"Well I would like to be on TV more," Traci admitted. "But no ... I can't ...
I mean, you're a nice looking man and all but ... I just can't."

"Traci, you're a different situation then Gail was and I understand that. I
respect you. All I'm trying to say is that anything you do for me, I will
return the favor in the same amount."

"Let's just lay it all out on the line here. What do I have to do to start
getting some more TV time? I'm not talking about the main events. I just want
to be on the show more."

"I have an idea of something you could do for me. I've been invited to a
party for a pretty big time TV executive tonight and I don't have a date. All
you have to do is escort me to the party tonight, have a few drinks, and have
a good time. If you do that for me, I'll be sure to use my influence to get
you a little more TV time."

"I can do that no problem."

Michael reached into his wallet and put down a wad of cash on the desk in
front of Traci.

"Go out and buy a nice dress, get your hair done, do whatever you need to do
and show up looking as beautiful as I know you can look," he said. Traci took
the wad of bills and put them in her pocket. Michael saw her out of his
office and told her that his limo would be picking her up at her hotel at

* * *

Later that night, Michael arrived in his limo at Traci's hotel. He waited
outside the limo and saw her walking out of through the hotel lobby and out
towards him. She looked stunning. Her hair was all done up and she had on a
diamond studded choker style necklace and ring. She was wearing a tight black
spaghetti strap dress with the right leg slit all the way up to the middle
of her ass. He could tell that she had gone and gotten freshly tanned so her
skin was perfectly tanned.

"Wow, I knew you were beautiful but wow, you look incredible. Here, spin
around for me. Let me check out that dress," Michael said. He spun Traci
around and really noticed the slit up the right leg of her dress and how
much of her powerful looking leg was showing.

"Aww thank you," Traci blushed. Michael helped her into the limo and they
headed off to the party. Michael opened up a bottle of champagne and the two
had a glass on their way. Traci was pretty leery of Michael at the beginning
of the day because of what happened with Gail Kim but he was a slick business
man and a very smooth talker. He was starting to win her over with his charm
but she was still sceptical of his sincerity. Needless to say, Traci was a
big hit at the party. All eyes in the room were pretending like they weren't
checking her out. Traci liked the attention and she could tell that it was a
nice ego boost for Michael to have her on his arm the whole night as he
schmoozed with other industry people. The drinks were flowing all night long
and Traci certainly had a few. She wasn't a heavy drinker at all but the
waiters kept coming around with glasses of champagne. Before she knew it, she
had lost track of how many she had downed but she knew she was feeling great.
With the party sta rting to wind down around midnight, Michael said his
goodbyes and was ready to leave.

When they got back down into the limo, Michael took a few seconds to once
again admire how stunningly beautiful Traci looked.

"Thank you for doing this for me, you were great," he said.

"You know, you're not such a bad guy after all. I admit, I thought you were
a scummy jerk when I first met you today but now, I think you're just a man
that knows how to use what he has to get what he wants," Traci said.

"Yes I am. I didn't force Trinity or Gail Kim to do anything they weren't
willing to do, I just took advantage of a situation that was presented to
me," he explained.

"Did you say Trinity?" Traci asked, her demeanor turning negative.

"Yes, I interviewed her already and I think we're going to have her come back
under a mask, you know, to cover up that face."

"You can't bring that jealous bitch back. She's no good. Please, you can't
bring her back, I hate her!"

"I don't know, Traci. I've already made up my mind. I don't know what could
be done to change it."

"Tell the driver to take us back to your place. I'll make you change your

"DRIVER! My place! NOW!"

The limo driver sped back to Michael's building and into the parking lot.
Michael led Traci out of the limo by the hand and into the elevator. He
swiped his special key to send the elevator up to his penthouse suite. Once
they were inside his suite, Traci grabbed Michael and slammed him up against
the door. She pressed her heaving breasts against his chest and kissed him.
Michael let his suit jacket fall off as he slipped his tongue into Traci's
mouth. Traci stepped back and ripped Michael's shirt open, tearing some of
the buttons right off. She pressed back up against him, kissing him some
more while undoing his belt. Traci pulled his belt out of the loops and
wrapped it around his neck.

"Where's the bedroom?" she asked.

"Right this way," Michael said, walking with Traci into his master bedroom.
Traci kicked off her heels and pushed Michael down into a chair. She grabbed
him by the shirt collar and rubbed her knee against his crotch.

"You just sit here and let me give you a little show," she said. Traci pulled
down the straps of her black dress and peeled it down past her very big tits.
She let Michael admire her big, round and perfectly tanned titties. Traci
kept pulling her dress down until it was completely off and she stood there
in a little pair of black thong panties.

"Not only will I change your mind with my big titties but what good would big
titties be without a big ass?" Traci asked as she turned around and crawled
onto the bed, wiggling her big thick butt. There was a hint of a sexy tanline
underneath her little black thong. Traci let her flowing black hair down as
she crawled around on the bed. She waved Michael over with her finger as if
to say, come and get it. Michael took off his shirt as he walked over to the
bed. He ran his right hand through Traci's flowing black hair and started
kissing her. He was trying to be sensual with his kisses but Traci didn't
want that. She pushed her tongue deep into Michael's mouth with long, wet,
open mouth kisses. She didn't want to make passionate love, she wanted to
fuck. Michael's hands found their way to Traci's enormous breasts. He grabbed
them and soon began sucking on her nipples, making them hard.

"Ohhh yeah, suck on my big titties," Traci encouraged. She moved her hands
around the back of Michael's head and rubbed her fingers through his hair
while he devoured those huge jugs. Traci laid down on her back with Michael
moving on top of her, still sucking and licking her tits. Traci used her
strong body and wrestling skills to flip Michael over so that he was on his
back and now she was on top of him. Traci moved up Michael's body until her
tits were hanging in his face.

"Yeah you love big tits, don't you? Yeah I know you love my big tits!" She
said while smothering him with her breasts. Michael held his mouth open,
licking and sucking on whatever part of Traci's mammoth breasts came close
to his mouth. Traci could feel Michael's raging hard-on rubbing against her
leg so she stopped smothering his face with her tits and moved down his body.
She helped Michael pull his pants off and let his hard cock out. She stared
him down with her seductive eyes and slowly moved her mouth down towards his
cock. Holding it at the base, Traci wrapped her lips around Michael's cock.
She took it deep into her mouth and slobbered all over it, getting it nice
and wet.

"Mmmmm you want it so bad. Tell me what you want," Traci said.

"Please Traci, suck my cock ... suck my fucking cock!" Michael pleaded.

"Lucky for you that girls that look like me, love to have a hard cock in
their mouth," she said. Traci gently held Michael's balls, rubbing them a
little bit as she took his cock deep in her mouth. She would take several
long sucks on it before smacking her lips and getting some air. Traci had
Michael's cock dripping wet with saliva. She moved her fingers up from his
balls to his shaft and started stroking it hard. Traci only sucked a couple
inches of Michael's cock but now she was using her tongue on his sensitive
cock head. She jerked him off hard and made him squirm with the way she
flicked her tongue against the head of his dick.

"Ohhh holy fuck! Traci you are so fucking good with a cock! God damnit!"
Michael groaned.

"Mmmm yeah I love cock! Mmmmm tastes so good!" She moaned. Michael had a
hand on one of Traci's massive tits while she continued to work on his cock.
Traci kept jerking Michael off with one hand but now she moved down to his
balls. She squeezed them a little bit then started sucking on them, taking
Michael's balls in her mouth and tickled them with her tongue. Michael
reached over and pulled Traci's exotic black hair to the side so he could
see all of her face with his balls in her mouth. Traci moved back to deep
throating Michael's hard cock until she started to taste some precum. Traci
laid down on top of Michael and kissed him deeply, making him lick her
tongue. Traci stood up on the bed, looking down at Michael. She slowly took
off her black thong panties and dropped them on his face.

"Oh my god Traci, you are so damn hot," Michael said as he looked over
Traci's nude body. She was so perfectly tanned except for a sexy thong tan
line. Traci got back down onto the bed and straddled Michael.

"I'm going to get what I want ... right?" Traci stared down Michael.

"You're getting close!" Michael replied. Traci grabbed his cock and held it
steady as she lowered her pussy down onto it. She wiggled around on it,
getting a nice comfortable position. Traci started to move up and down on
Michael's cock at a slow and steady pace. She arched her back and stuck out
her huge chest even more. Michael's hands went right to those big titties
and felt them bounce with Traci's movement.

"Ooohhh that's it baby, grab my huge tits!"

"Mmmmm fuck they're so big, Traci! Your pussy feels so good."

"Do you know why I've got such big titties? Because I fuck like a pornstar!"
Traci said. She leaned forward a little and held onto Michael's waist for
support as she started riding his cock VERY fast. Traci was bouncing on that
hard cock at an incredible pace and using such force that the bed was rocking
and the head board smacking against the wall.

"Ohhh god! Ohh fuck me Traci! FUCK ME!" Michael yelled. His hands moved off
of Traci's huge titties and down onto her big thighs. He rubbed those well
developed thighs and felt Traci start to perspire from the amazing pace she
was keeping up.

"Am I fucking your cock like a pornstar, Michael? Am I?" Traci asked between
short breaths.

"You're better then a pornstar!" Michael answered as he squeezed her thighs
that were partly helping Traci ride his cock harder then he'd ever seen a
pornstar do it in a movie. Traci started to slow down and Michael thought
she was tiring out but she was just shifting herself and leaning forward
more. Her hands were against the head board and her tits were hanging right
in Michael's face. Traci started riding Michael's cock even harder then
before with her huge tits bouncing right into Michael's face.

"Slap my big ass, Michael!" Traci demanded. Michael moved his hands from
Traci's thighs and onto her ample sized ass. He squeezed her ass cheeks and
then gave each one a hard smack.

"Ohhh yeah now suck on my huge fake tits!" She insisted. Michael stuck his
tongue out and started kissing and sucking on Traci's tits as they bounced
near his mouth.

"Mmmm fuck I love your big tits! You're such a dirty girl with these fucking
massive fake tits! Ohhh fuck you're fucking me so good Traci! OHHHH FUCK!"
Michael yelled.

"Unhhhh yeah I like it! I love to fuck! I love cock! You can't look like and
not loooooove cock!" Traci moaned. Michael could feel the sweat dripping down
Traci's lower back from fucking him soooo hard.

"Let me do the fucking now," Michael said. Traci climbed off his cock and
laid down on her back, tired but still very horny. Michael started pumping
Traci at a steady pace, making her moan a little bit and then started
SLAMMING her pussy very fast and hard.

"YES! YES! YES! Oooohhoooohooohhhh fuck! YES!" Traci screamed. Her huge tits
were bouncing so much that she started grabbing them and playing with them.
Michael kept fucking Traci hard but then he grabbed her hands away from her
big tits and pinned them down on the bed. He started taking long, slow, deep,
and hard thrusts into her pussy.





"...soo fucking..."


"!" Traci held her tongue out and Michael licked it after each thrust.

Michael wrapped Traci's thick and toned legs around his face and started
pounding her pussy hard again. Her pussy was so wet for him and her body was
so nice and thick that he could just fuck her as hard as he wanted.

Michael held onto Traci's waist and pounded this thick big tittied black
haired babe as hard as she was fucking him earlier.

"Oh godamnit Traci ... I gotta fuck those tits before I cum!"

"Come here on stick that fucking cock between these huge fake fuckin'
titties!" Traci said. Michael got onto Traci's chest and stuck his dick
between her big tits. Traci squeezed them together making Michael's cock

"Ohhh fuck your tits are so fucking big and so fucking good!"

"Yeah that's it Michael, fuck my big titties! I bet that feels so good for
you. Just fuck my titties!" Traci said as she lifted her chin and licked the
head of Michael's cock when it poked through her tits.

"You fuckin' love having your tits fucked, don't you Traci?"

"Ohhh fuck yeah! Your cock feels so warm against my big huge tits! And I
know you're gonna blow a huge load on them any second ... I wanna feel your
cum on my big fake tits!"

"Ahh shit! You want my cum all over your titties?! Ohhh fuck Traci, here it
fuckin' cums all over your hot tits!" Michael said as he pulled his cock
from between Traci's jugs and blasted them with his hot sticky cum! Michael
grunted loudly several times as he violently jerked his cock and splattered
Traci's huge tits with cum!

"Look at that, you covered them! Wow!" Traci admired her tits dripping with
Michael's cum. Michael took a few moments to admire his work then he rolled
over and laid down on the bed.

"That was the best sex I've ever had," Michael said softly.

"You were better then I could have ever imagined. Why don't you relax and
think about our deal while I go clean up?" Traci suggested. Michael waved in
the direction of the bathroom and just closed his eyes to rest. Traci got up
and went into the bathroom where she looked herself in the mirror. She had
to take a moment to compose herself because Michael had actually fucked her
really good. She turned on the shower and once it was warm, stepped in and
let the water hit her naked body. Traci grabbed the soap and rubbed it all
over her body but more on her tits, which had been covered in sticky cum.

Meanwhile, Michael felt re-energized after a couple minutes of laying down
and he had to have some more of this sex goddess. He walked into the bathroom
and saw Traci rinsing the suds off her huge breasts. Traci motioned for
Michael to come into the shower with her and he did. He leaned in close to
her and rubbed the insides of Traci's thick thighs.

"You were so good to me ... I wanna taste you. I wanna make you cum. I can't
get enough of you," he whispered in her ear. Traci bit her bottom lip and
nodded her head, giving him the okay to go down. Traci leaned back against
the shower wall and opened her legs, letting Michael in. He massaged her nice
thick lips with his fingers, teasing her a little and making her want his
tongue. He flicked Traci's juicy clit with his tongue and heard her moan.

"Mmmm fuck your clit is so hot mmmm it tastes good Traci," he said.

"Ohhh yeah, lick my big clit," she said. Michael gently sucked on Traci's
clit, pressing his tongue on it and then sucking it in his mouth. He looked
up at Traci and her eyes were fluttering and she was rubbing her heaving
breasts. Michael loved Traci's large clit because it was ultra sensitive to
his tongue and so easy to please. He teased her a little more by licking her
thick lips and staying away from the clit. He kissed the insides of her
thighs and blew on her clit.

"Ohhh ohhh ahhh you fucker! Ohhh come on baby suck on my clit!" Michael knew
he had her really worked up now so he licked and sucked Traci's large clit
and worked two fingers into her wet pussy. He gently finger fucked her while
devouring her clit.

Keep sucking on my big clit! Make me cum! Ooohhhh fuck you're good!"

"Mmmm I love your thick lips and big clit mmmmmm I'm gonna make you cum!"
Michael said. He fingered Traci's pussy really hard with two fingers and
kept licking and sucking on her clit. He'd move his head from side to side,
making her scream even louder. He could feel Traci's big thighs jiggling
against his face so he glanced up to see Traci's entire body starting to
shake and convulse. She grabbed the back of his head and made sure he
wasn't moving his mouth from her pussy.

FUCK!" Traci screamed LOUDLY as she climaxed.

"Ohhh my god ... oh shit ... ohhhh you motherfucker ... oh damn," she moaned
in between deep breaths as she came down from her body shaking orgasm. She
pushed Michael away from her hyper sensitive clit and held her thighs

"Come here," she told him. Michael stood up and Traci wrapped her arms around
his neck, gazed into his eyes and kissed him so deeply. She tasted herself in
his mouth and really gave him a deep long wet kiss to thank him.

"No man has ever made me cum that hard. Wow!" She admitted.

"You have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted. The pleasure was all mine!"
Traci could feel that Michael was starting to get hard again but her pussy
was too sensitive to be fucked.

"I'm going to make you cum one more time ... I'm gonna let you fuck my ass!"
Traci said.

"Don't mess around with me, Traci," Michael said, not believing her.

"I'm not. I want you to take that hard cock and stick it in my big ass."
Michael grabbed Traci's arms and turned her around, pushing her forward so
she was leaning against the wall. He grabbed his cock at the base and with
no lube or warning, shoved it deep in Traci's ass.

"Ohhh god damn you know what I want!"

"Oh yeah Traci, one look at your face and I know how you want to be butt
fucked!" Michael said. Traci wrapped one arm around Michael's neck,
twisting her upper body a little bit so Michael would see her face while
he aggressively fucked her ass.

"That's it! Fuck my ass! FUCK IT HARD! FUCK IT! FUCK THAT BIG ASS!"

"Ohh fuck Traci! You fuckin' love my hard dick raw in your ass! Ohh god damn
you were made to be butt fucked!"

"You fuckin' know it! Unnhhh fuck your cock feels so good in my ass! You
love fuckin' ass, don't you? Yeaahhh keep looking at me while you fuck my
big butt!"

"Ohh god Traci, looking at you and feeling my cock in your ass ohhh I can't
take much more!"

"I want you to fucking cum on my face! Go from fucking my ass and cumming on
this face!"

"Ahhh ahhh Traci! TRACI! TRAAACIII! FUUUUUUUCK!" Michael groaned as he pulled
his cock from Traci's big round ass. He held it at the base while she dropped
to her knees in front of him. He looked down at her and shot his cum all over
her face!

"God that felt good!" He sighed.

"Ohhh yeah, baby, you got the full Traci experience because you earned it."

"NOW I really have to go lay down but all I have to say to you now is ...
Trinity who?"

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