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Knockouts: Brooke Hogan, Lisa Marie "Tara" Varon, and Taeler Hendrix

Taeler-Made Initiation
by Number One (

At only the young and tender age of 23, Taeler Hendrix has been through quite
a lot--professionally and personally. As far as her professional career, it
has taken her all over the independent circuit, and to Ohio Valley Wrestling,
where she had a lengthy reign as their Women's Champion. All the while,
Taeler was dealing with real-life battle with cancer at the age of 21, but
unsurprisingly, that did not derail her road to high heights in her career.
It was just a week ago that Taeler became the first female wrestler featured
on the monthly series-within-a-series "Gut Check," and while she was defeated
in her tryout match against Tara, she impressed the trio of judges enough to
earn a TNA contract and a place on their Knockouts roster.

To say that Taeler was on Cloud Nine would be a huge understatement. She had
finally made it to the proverbial big leagues, and with that was the chance
to eventually become Knockouts Champion one day. Taeler received
congratulatory comment from many people backstage -- wrestlers and fellow
Knockouts alike -- all while expressing her immense elation. As she continued
walking the hallways, the young redhead heard footsteps from right behind
her. Taeler turned around and found herself face to face with none other than
Brooke Hogan, the Executive for the Knockouts Division. "Why, hello, Taeler,"
Brooke said sweetly to Taeler, who couldn't speak due to being riddled with
nervousness. "I've been looking all over for you. I want to take this time to
welcome you to TNA. I can't tell you how happy I am that you are a part of
the Knockouts Division."

"Thank you so much," Taeler finally uttered.

"Well, actually," Brooke continued, "what I meant to say is that I couldn't
express my happiness out here. Why don't we continue this in my office?"
Without replying, Taeler led the way while Brooke walked closely behind her.
However, as the new TNA Knockout led the way, the Knockouts Executive was
clearly looking at her with a devilish expression on her beautiful face --
showing admiration and lust for her new employee. As both ladies reached
Brooke's office, the statuesque blonde let Taeler in first -- and continued
to stare at her as she entered. "As I was saying," said Brooke, "I am truly
elated to have you as one of the many Knockouts in TNA."

"I still can't believe it," said Taeler, "I mean, I have worked every day for
a long time to finally get to this point in my career, as well as my life.
Now look at me. I am an official TNA Knockout!"

"You certainly are," Brooke commented as she walked slowly closer to Taeler.
"And such a beautiful one, as well." The blonde bombshell again gave an
amorous look to the red-haired Knockout as she sat on her desk -- with her
gorgeous long legs crossed. "Which brings me to why I brought you here,"
continued Brooke. "I have held this position as Executive for the Knockouts
for only four weeks now, and I feel that I have a good relationship with the
women in TNA. Seeing as how you're new to the company, I think that we should
really become good friends." Taeler watched in slight confusion as Brooke
slowly uncrossed and recrossed her legs in seductive Sharon Stone-like

"I also think we should be good friends," responded Taeler.

"You don't understand, Taeler," Brooke said as she stood back up and walked
closer to the young redhead. "I'm talking about being good...close...personal
friends." As Taeler stood silently, the Knockouts Executive gently stroked
the left side of her face, which made Taeler a bit nervous. The bright-eyed
Knockout was about to speak, but Brooke silenced her by placing her finger on
Taeler's lips. "Don't rush to respond just yet," said Brooke. "Just take some
time to let it sink through." The seductive blonde was about to stroke
Taeler's face a second time, but the gorgeous "Gut Check" winner quickly
backed away, much to Brooke's immense displeasure.

"I'm sorry," said Taeler. "You're very attractive and all, but I...I just
can't." A seemingly ticked off Brooke went back to her desk as Taeler was on
her way out the door. However, with one push of a button underneath the desk,
the door was completely locked, and Taeler could not leave -- no matter how
many times she jiggled the doorknob. "Maybe I didn't make myself clear."
Brooke said as she walked towards Taeler. "I wasn't making a request." At
that moment, Brooke grabbed Taeler by her hair and tossed her down the floor
with as much might as possible. The once smiling redhead was now terrified
and in some intense pain, while Brooke was standing tall and proud -- smiling
evilly as she walked closer to the fallen Knockout.

"You know, Taeler," said Brooke. "I was trying to be nice to you, but you
clearly don't understand that. I may be new to this job, but I am smart
enough to know that rookies such as yourself need to make a good first
impression for your boss, and you definitely failed on that category, honey."
To add insult to proverbial and literal injury, Brooke posed herself right
over Taeler, by placing her left foot on the suffering Knockout's midsection
while placing her hands on her hips. "So, tell me, Taeler," she said, "how's
the view from down there?"

"Please, Brooke," Taeler begged. "Please let me go."

"It's Miss Hogan to you, sweetheart," Brooke responded with pure venom in her
voice. "And you will learn to respect my authority and learn your place in
this company." Taeler was later picked up off the floor by Brooke, who
clearly had more sinister plans for her new acquisition. "Now, Taeler," she
commanded, "take off your clothes."

"Say what?!" Taeler exclaimed.

"Did I stutter?!" screamed Brooke. "You heard what I said! Take off your
clothes now! Or maybe you don't want to be a TNA Knockout." That last
statement hit Taeler harder than a ton of bricks, and with the fear that her
newly acquired job could be taken away, the young redhead gave in and removed
all of her clothing, much to the delight of her evil boss. "I knew you'd see
things my way," Brooke said as she took off her orange dress -- leaving the
authoritative blonde wearing only two things: a pair of high heels and a
villainous smirk on her face. Taeler walked closer to Brooke, but she stopped
at her superior's non-verbal command. Brooke later went to her desk, opened
her drawer, and took out a leather strap-on with a six-inch dildo attached.

"Come!" Brooke ordered as she placed the strap-on around her
waist. Again, without reply, Taeler did what she was told and brought herself
face to face with the Knockouts Executive, who gave another order: "Bend
over, bitch!" The rookie Knockout turned around and posed herself over
Brooke's desk -- with her cute ass sticking straight out. Brooke placed her
hands all over Taeler's waist and slowly moved them all the way down to her
posterior -- which she slapped twice. "Now, Taeler," a smirking Brooke said,
"let's see how tough you really are." It was at that moment that Brooke
firmly inserted her artificial six inches right into Taeler's tight opening.

"AAAHHH!...Ohhhh!" Taeler shouted in a mixture of pain and some pleasure as
she was being fucked from behind by Brooke. "AHHHH! AHHHH!" Taeler was really
into the act, but so was Brooke. The Knockouts Executive was continuously
giving her new talent's ass a good pounding, and gave a bit of a twisted
smile as she was doing so. "Oh YES!" Brooke exclaimed in ecstasy. "Come on,
Taeler! Scream for me!" Taeler did just that:


Unfortunately for Brooke, Taeler's screams were more in an act of pure
enjoyment rather than anguish. Seeing this as a threat to her position as an
authority figure, she immediately pulled out of the young redhead and took
off her strap-on. Believing that the act was done, Taeler went over to pick
up her clothes, but she was quickly stopped by Brooke. "Just what the hell do
you think you're doing?!" the blonde beauty yelled. "If you think I am done
with you, little girl, you are sadly mistaken. Now drop those clothes this

"And what if I don't?" Taeler asked defiantly. At that moment, Brooke went to
her desk and took out two things from her drawer: another strap-on, this time
with an eight-inch dildo attached, and something meaningful to Taeler -- her
TNA contract. "See this, Taeler?" Brooke said with an evil smile on her face.
"You walk out that door, and I will instantly feed this contract to my paper
shredder!" Taeler had worked hard to finally become a TNA Knockout, and she
was upset that the fate of her career was resting on lowering herself to be a
sex object to a woman who she thought would simply welcome her with open
arms. But it was clear to Taeler that Brooke is obviously a twisted woman who
is drunk with her newfound power, and with all the proverbial cards stacked
against her, the red-haired beauty tossed her clothes aside and walked closer
to the Knockouts Executive.

"That's more like it," the evil Brooke commented as she put the strap-on
around her waist. "See what's happens when you cooperate?" Taeler was about
to return to her usual position when both ladies were interrupted by a knock
on the door. "She's here!" Brooke exclaimed as she rushed to let in her
mystery visitor, who was revealed to be veteran TNA Knockout Tara -- the last
person Taeler wanted to see. The rookie Knockout knew firsthand how tough
Tara can be when she was in the ring with her, and as she watched her waltz
in the door of Brooke's office, a feeling of uneasiness completely consumed

"Hello, Tara," Brooke happily greeted.

"Hey, boss lady!" Tara responded as she and Brooke hugged each other. She
later turned her attention to Taeler, who was still leaning on Brooke's desk.
"So, how's our girl?"

"You mean Taeler?" said Brooke. "She's a little...exhausted at the moment."
With that, Tara took off her trenchcoat -- revealing a strap-on dildo around
her waist. Just like Brooke's, the main centerpiece was an eight-inch
apparatus, and with full intent on using it, the vicious vixen walked up to
Taeler and picked her up from her bent-over position. "So, Taeler," said
Brooke, "are you ready?"

"You can't do this," said Taeler. "I worked hard to become a TNA Knockout!
You can't do this to me." Brooke simply laughed at Taeler's protests, just as
Tara inserted herself into the red-haired beauty's tight ass. "You silly
little girl," the villainous blonde commented. "Have you forgotten just who
the hell I am? I am Brooke Hogan, the daughter of one of the most legendary
Hall of Famers in history. I am the Knockouts Executive, and, of course, I
look like this. All of that means that I can do just about whatever the hell
I want with you." Right after she said all of that, Brooke completed the
proverbial double-penetration puzzle by inserting herself into Taeler's front

"OHHHH GOD!!!" Taeler screamed loudly as she was being fucked from both sides
by Brooke and Tara. "OHHHH!...AAAHHH!!!" The two fiendish beauties could care
less about Taeler's well being. They were far too concerned and enthused with
causing as much malaise to the young Knockout as possible. Brooke enjoyed
utilizing her position as a reason to sexually torment Taeler, while Tara
just wanted to mess with Taeler some more. But even though the bright-eyed
beauty had a tough exterior, she couldn't take any more punishment.

"STOP!!!" the tormented Taeler yelled. "Please STOP!!!"

"Why should we stop, Taeler?" Tara asked in mocking tone. "Are we hurting
you?" Before Taeler could answer, Brooke placed her hand over the redhead's
mouth. "Before you answer," the wicked beauty said, "remember, your career
and your future are at stake here. And I would hate you to lose you job
because of your constant bitching and moaning. So let's try this again. Are
we hurting you?"

"AHHHH!!! NO!!!" Taeler answered.

"That's what I thought," said Brooke. "In fact, Tara, I think our girl wants
it harder."

"I think so, too," said Tara, who started pulling Taeler's hair. "Don't you,

"YES!!!" Taeler screamed. "HARDER!!!" With that loud and forced command,
Brooke and Tara put more intensity into their double fucking of TNA's newest
Knockout. With a combined 16 inches pounding her from both sides, Taeler's
tough exterior was quickly shattered, and the vivacious beauty who was all
smiles just a number of minutes ago was reduced to tears. Her sobs fell on
deaf ears, though, as Brooke and Tara were clearly too enthused with their
hedonistic and diabolical act of sexual torment to care. Each thrust, the
impact, even the pure humiliation of the young rookie gave her evil and
twisted lovers an immense amount of ecstasy and pleasure. After a good while,
Brooke and Tara finally released themselves from Taeler, who fell out on the
floor in near exhaustion and pain. The two ladies kissed each other in
romantic fashion right before they stared in admiration at the fallen

"You know something, Tara?" said Brooke.

"What, Miss Hogan?" asked Tara.

"It's good to be the boss," Brooke replied as she walked over to Taeler, who
was on the floor sniffling and wiping away tears. The Knockouts Executive
felt great pride in what she and Tara had just done, and she expressed her
elation by cackling evilly at the young redhead. "Get up, Taeler," Brooke
ordered. Taeler was still in some pain from the double penetration, but she
managed to slowly get back up on her feet and stand face to face with her
wicked boss and her fellow Knockout, who has now destroyed her in and out of
the ring.

"So, Taeler," said Tara, "what have you learned from this little experience?"

"For one thing," Taeler replied, "you two are nothing but twisted, evil
bitches." That response angered Tara to no end, and she was about to lunge
after the bitter Knockout, but Brooke came right between them. "Hold it!" the
blonde vixen exclaimed. "Don't do anything, Tara. Besides, it's not like
she's lying." The statuesque beauty stared a hole into Taeler as she brought
herself closer to her. "Tara is definitely twisted," said Brooke. "I, on the
other hand, am quite evil -- at least I can be."

"I see that," Taeler said as she trembled before Brooke.

"Well, you can relax now," said Brooke. "Because your job here in TNA is
safe. I have no doubt that you will shine in the Knockouts Division. And you
will continue to do so as long as long as you remember your place, which is
at my beck and call--as well as Tara's.

"Don't worry," Tara said with an evil smile on her face. "I promise I'll be
very gentle with you."

"Is that clear?" Brooke asked Taeler, who actually contemplated her
situation. She went through hell to get to this point and was just sexually
assaulted by a pair of deviants, yet despite all that, Taeler went up to Tara
and gave her a long, passionate kiss. The red-haired beauty did the same
thing with Brooke--all while brandishing a sexy, devious smirk of her own at
the two ladies.

"I promise," said Taeler, "I will allow you to do whatever you want with me."

The End

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