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Featuring: Taeler Hendrix (OVW, TNA) Rockstar Spud (OVW, TNA, UK indies).

Taeler Rocks
An OVW erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Davis Arena in the Buechel neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky during the television taping for the March 30th 2013 airing of Ohio Valley Wrestling's Episode 710 of its television show, the charismatic rock and roll wrestler from the United Kingdom known as
Rockstar Spud has a smirk on his face as he walks along the corridor towards the locker rooms. Having moments ago successfully retained the OVW Television Championship that currently hangs around his neck and under his shoulder, the hunk who won the TNA reality TV show TNA British Boot Camp is still clad in his ring gear from the close-fought match. Black tights with rock skulls and a UK flag design that hugs nicely to his impressive looking package, an open leather jacket with a skull design, and very rock and roll sunglasses on his handsome face.

As he heads along though, his attention is drawn towards a woman who he had seen out during his match and played a big roll in having that contest initially end in a count-out due to a soap-opera like story regarding her love life. The stunning OVW Femme Fatale and former Women's Champion, the busty red head Taeler Hendrix is sat on a chair and looking far from happy having been yelled at by a man she thought was her secret admirer in Ryan Howe, but events clearly showed this to not be the case. The first ever female winner of the TNA Gut Check challenge is still dressed as she'd been seen earlier in a black leather jacket, a tight, cleavage showing bra-like top that perfectly shows off her large breasts, and a very short green plaid skirt with black bottoms underneath that hugs to her juicy, thick ass.

"Rough night, huh love?" Spud says as he changes course to approach her.

Looking up at him, there's a clear scowl on her face to show her less than happy mood. "Being mocked by that weird bitch Lovelace, my own so-called boyfriend, and then that rocker jack-off Howe as well? Yeah, it's not been the best night of my life..." She grumbles, already looking like she just wants to get out of here as she stands up. "All that and this damn secret admirer sending me gifts... I deserve damn better than putting up with all of this!" She snaps, showing off her arrogant side.

"Secret admirer? Sounds weak to me..." Spud says, casually checking her out from behind his sunglasses. "If it was me love, I wouldn't be sending any damn flowers or cards. I'd just come out and say - "Hey babe, want to hook up with The Rockstar?" and I wouldn't bloody be shy about it." He
confidently states.

Hendrix lets out a laugh at this, folding her arms under her large chest. "Oh yeah? You? You think you can handle me?" She questions, not looking completely impressed. "I doubt you'd even measure up to my standards."

"That so? Then try me babe." Is his bold response as he steps forward, opening up his jacket to show off his muscular frame. "Sounds to me like you need to blow off some steam, and since there isn't any mosh pit to go wild in, how about you act like a groupie and show me if you can keep up with the real Rockstar of this place." Spud is daring her, smirking handsomely as he once again checks her out and making it more obvious as he moves his head slightly to do so.

She pauses for a moment, giving him a long look over before she speaks. "...Well, I could do with a distraction from my idiot, so-called boyfriend and all this other crap I have to deal with... OK then Spud, follow me and let's see what you've got to offer me..."

* * *

Moments later in the empty locker room for the OVW "Femme Fatales", the still dressed Taeler Hendrix has her eyes widened in surprise but a growing, lusty grin of her face as she takes a hold of the very impressively long cock of Rockstar Spud as he stands just wearing his leather jacket and his sunglasses as he smirks down at the kneeling beauty in front of him. "OK Spud... I'll admit, that's a nice piece of meat you've got here..." She says with clear approval in her voice, giving his length a couple of strokes with her hand before she leans in and starts to slap her soft tongue against his crown, staring up at him as she teases with flicks across the tip and piss slit before she moves around to work over the underside as she combines her lightly pumping hand with her flicking tongue action. "Mmmm... I think this is just what I need to take my mind off of things..."

"You ain't gonna hear me complaining love..." The handsome, rock and roll Superstar says as he smirks and moans a little as the stunning red head moves in and takes his cock into her mouth, not holding back as she clamps her soft and sexily pouty lips right around his shaft, showing her prior
objections are now long gone as she begins to rock her head back and forth onto him. "Mmmm... For fucking sure I don't mind..." He moans as she gets into a steady and perfectly timed motion to suck on his dick, her hand still jerking off the lower portion as she easily handles the upper inches,
keeping an intense gaze up at him as she bobs her head up and down on him, rising up until just his bell end is inside her mouth before smoothly sinking back down to just meet her stroking hand.

"Mmmm... Mmmph! Hmmmm..." The three-time former OVW Women's Champion groans around the manhood she's skillfully blowing as she lifts her hand away in order to slip her jacket off her arms, not missing a beat in bobbing her head back and forth on the reigning OVW Television Champion's rod as she tosses the garment aside, giving him a clear view of her large tits on display in her straining top. "Mmmm! Mmmm... Mmmmph!!" Now her hands go onto his nicely muscular waist as she turns her actions up a notch, making her bright red hair sway as she puts more force behind her sucking motion, hungrily taking in more of his inches into her soothingly warm and damp mouth and impressively not even gagging for a moment as she continues to dish out an increasingly shameless blowjob to the rockstar hunk.

"Mmmm... Fuck yeah Taeler... Fucking rock on that cock babe..." The stud from Birmingham, England groans with a grin as he gazes down at the stunning facial features of the New Bedford, Massachusetts born beauty as she lifts and drops herself swiftly onto his man meat, coating him with a layer of saliva from the repeated motion to show how talented she is with her oral hole. "Ahhhh... You've got to have been a groupie before, I know it..." He's able to add with a moan as she groans and stares back, smirking around his tool as she slobbers away onto him with loud, erotic sucks more suited for a pro pornstar then a female wrestler, but as her nipples poke through her tight top it's clear she's too into this to care, just craving some pleasure as she energetically services this lengthy dick
with suck after quick and deep suck.

After a few more bobs, coming close to deep throating all of his inches in the process, she lifts herself up and off from him, taking a moment to draw in breath before she spits down onto the head of his tool, in the next moment using her talented tongue to swirl that saliva around his crown before she leans in, giving the side of his rod a long lick down from the top to the base, and then all the way back up. "Mmmm... Shit! That's a great dick..." She says with a smirk before she sticks her tongue out and takes his tool back into her mouth, letting him feel her tongue sliding along his underside as she pushes down towards his base, using controlled, slow motions to make him moan from her blowjob skill as she savours the feeling, narrowing her eyes up at him seductively as she groans around his meat while she sucks him.

Lifting her head away, she uses her hand to wipe away saliva from her lips before she reaches down to pull her top up and over her head, sexily flicking her hair back as her large, perfect breasts are released. "So... Ready to really rock me, Spud?" Taeler says with a teasing tone as she stands up from the floor and now moves to push down her skirt and bottoms down her smooth legs.

"That was just the opening act love... The real set list is coming your way..." Spud responds with a smirk, watching as her neatly trimmed pussy is revealed as she steps out of the last of her clothing.

"I was hoping you'd say that..." Hendrix says with a smirk as she glances down at his cock that's slightly dripping with her own saliva. "Because I really need to have my brains banged out after all the bullshit tonight!"

"Say no more babe... The Rockstar has what you need..." Spud says as he steps forward, taking a hold of her waist and surprising her as he lifts her up and off the ground, lowering her down towards his dick as he steps forward.

"Mmmmmm oh yeah!" The Irish Redhead Bombshell moans as she quickly wraps her arms around his neck and does the same with her legs around his midsection as he brings her already noticeably wet pussy down onto his cock, filling her up with his nicely thick inches and just feeling his length sliding into her is enough to make her grind her snatch down against that man meat she'd only moments ago been hungrily sucking on.

"Shit! Ahhhh... That's what I need!" She groans as she licks her teeth, seeing her own reflection in his rock and roll sunglasses as she has to let out a hiss, her back being pressed against the bare wall of the women's locker room they are in as he beings to pump his cock up into her snatch, causing her to moan as the hunk sometimes just known as The Rockstar rather effortlessly builds up a steady rhythm.

"Ahhhh... You and me both love..." The winner of the TNA British Boot Champ reality show says with a moan as he rocks his hips back and forth, sending his manhood deeply up into the snatch of the first female winner of the TNA Gut Check competition while impressively keeping her held both up off the ground and pressed up against the wall he's now fucking her against. "Mmmm... Nothing like celebrating a victory by banging a hot babe..." He adds with a grunt, looking down to see her large tits pushed up against his desirable chest as he keeps her close, thrusting his cock straight up into her damp and tight pussy with enough force already that it makes her curved and tanned body jolt back in response, and she's no doubt be bouncing on his thrusting rod if he wasn't trapping her against
the wall like this.

"Mmmm!! Ahhhh... Fuck! They must teach you Brits... Mmmm... How to really treat a woman!" She groans out with a smile as she keeps on grinding herself down against the incoming thrusts into her snatch, loving the feeling of being filled up in her snug, American pussy by his long English cock as it smoothly and quickly ploughs back and forth into her wetness, and the way she's rubbing his shoulders with her hands show she hasn't been sexually pleased quite like this in a long while. "Ahhhh! Oh yeah
Spud! Mmmm... Fucking give it to me!" The horny red head moans as her big tits rub against his chest from the rocking motion her completely naked and sexy body is being made to do in response to his stiff and deep thrusts from the stud only clad in his sunglasses and rocker jacket as he dominates the position and pace, and she loves every moment of it as her snatch gets stuffed full with pump after pump from his impressively lengthy dick.

"Mmmm... I can see why you'd have an admirer... Apart from obvious cracking rack and arse..." The multi-time champion across the UK indy scene groans with a smirk, clearly noticing how into this steamy sexual encounter the lusty female grappler is as he plunges his cock now balls deep into her wet pussy, easily fitting in all of his inches deep into her each time he thrusts upward and makes her moan out in response. "You want it? Then you're going to get all The Rockstar you can handle..." Sliding his hands downward to cup her thick ass cheeks, he's able to spread her booty and begin rubbing his finger across her puckered asshole, making her gasp in surprise at the teasing motion, and then groan when he boldly pushes that digit into her ass, starting to finger her backside while
continuing to pound up into her pussy at the same time.

"Ahhhh! Mother fucker!! Mmmm!!" The stunning beauty once known as the One Girl Revolution groans at the sudden double teaming of both her lower holes but tellingly she isn't objecting to it, closing her eyes and resting her head back against the bare wall she's being fucked up against, her large breasts still rubbing against his muscular chest as she shows this might not be the first time she's engaged in some anal play. "Ooooooh fuck! Mmmmm... That's down and dirty, Rockstar..." She hisses as he takes the repeated, forceful and quick pumps deep into her snatch while now having her ass being finger banged at the same time, feeling his balls slapping into her skin when he thrusts in all the way to fill her up, and receiving skilled fingering in and out of her even tighter asshole. He's
showing his own sexual skill along with impressive strength as he keeps her held up and off the ground and against the wall, and keeps his motion into her snatch perfectly timed and paced like he's done this all before many times before.

"Ahhhh... That's kinky, you know that?" Hendrix groans as she licks her lips, pushing his sunglasses to lock eyes with him with an intense glare of desire. "Taking me like this and sticking your damn finger up my ass..."

"You seem like the kind of groupie who knows the drill..." Spud smirks back as he withdraws first his finger from her booty, then his big cock from her wet snatch with a moan, able to set her down on the floor when she unwraps her legs from around him. "To rock out backstage, you offer up that arse..." He adds.

"That so?" She asks with a grin. "The wait here Spud..." She teases, playfully pushing him back a step with her hand before she moves across towards her travel bag, making him raise an eyebrow as he adjusts the collar of his jacket before bringing his rock and roll sunglasses back down to rest on his nose.

Soon enough she's back over with something in her hand that makes him grin widely - a bottle of lubricant that's already had the top popped off. "What? A girl has to be prepared..." She smiles seductively, handing him the bottle before she turns around, putting her hands up against the wall
she'd just been banged up against, now bending over forwards towards it as she sticks her gorgeous and thick ass out towards him. "Now how about you warm me up? Then show me how you can handle my ass..." She almost demands, biting down on her bottom lip for a moment as she looks back over her
shoulder at him.

"Something tells me you've done this all before..." He states but showing he doesn't mind one bit as he steps forward a pours a little lube out and right down onto into her ass crack, making her groan as he uses the free hand to spread those juicy butt cheeks, making sure the lube goes onto her
asshole. Showing experience, he uses the single hand to both keep those cheeks apart just enough as he uses a finger to once again pump in and out of her back passage, the motion now smooth due to all the lube that's now being worked in past her asshole as he pours some more of it out and down onto the entrance to her tightest of holes. "Whoever this admirer is of yours... They're a fucking idiot to just keep it secret and not be all over you..." He says, even with his focus clearly down onto her sexy rump as he finger bangs her asshole so he can lube her up nice and good, and the moans she's letting out in response to his digit sliding in and out of her shows she's even getting off on this, swaying her booty from side to side as she takes it and continues to gaze back with clear lust in her

"Ahhhh... Awwww fuck... I don't want to think about that right now... It'll just be... Mmmm... A disappointment now anyway..." The gorgeous OVW Femme Fatale groans as as the handsome stud behind her fingers her ass a little more to work in a bit more lube into her back passage for good measure, a clear sign that he's also no stranger to giving it to a hottie in the ass before, making her gasp when he pulls the digit finally out from her booty but that just leaves her wanting more, and something far bigger for that matter. "I just want you to pound my ass with that big fucking dick!" She practically begs, pushing out her ass again as she grits her teeth, her gaze now locked onto that shaft she wants as he pours some lube now onto his own rod, using the free hand to rub it all over his inches in preparation, causing himself to moan from the sensation before he places the bottle down on the ground.

"Lucky for you then, because I love fucking a hot arse like this..." He responds as he spreads her cheeks apart, and with one firm thrust pushes his big English cock into her stunning American ass, causing them both moan loudly and without shame as he eases his lubed up inches into her well prepared butt, showing that she's still extremely tight back there but the smirk on his face shows that's just how he likes it to feel. "Mmmmm fuck!! Shit! That's a fucking tight arse... Ahhhh!" Keeping a hold of those ass cheeks, he starts to thrust his manhood back and forth into her, groaning at the rightness all around his stiff rod as he pulls himself in and out of her asshole, keeping the head of his shaft still inside her when he moves backward but then goes in to the half-way mark
before repeating the motion.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!! Mmmmm!!" The penetration alone almost made her lose it there and then, her head dropping slightly but she's still able to look back over her shoulder to watch him as his toned waist moves towards and way from her pushed out booty, groans escaping her hanging open mouth as she feels her back passage being forced to widen and accept no doubt the biggest cock she's ever taken up her arse before. "AHHHH! Mmmmm... Ahhhhh my ass!! UHHHHH! Fuck my ass Spud!!" She lustfully groans even as she's getting what she's asking for, pushing her curved and tanned body sharply back against his motion to show how badly she wants this, making her large tits sway as they hang underneath her in this bent over position, keeping one hand up on the wall for support while the other slides down towards her wet snatch.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah... Gonna rock all over this arse of yours... MMMM!!" The current OVW Television Champion says with a moan as works his manhood in and out of the juicy ass of the former multi-time OVW Women's Champion who's bent over in front of him as she pushes back forceful against his thrusts, helping him to fit in more of his size deeper into her tight back passage. "AHHH!! Mmmm shit... You love it up the arse, don't you babe?" He says with a grin, lifting a hand up to sharply deliver a spank onto her rump, making the flesh shake erotically as she gasps from the impact and hearing no complaints about it, he gives her booty another stiff spank as he pumps again and again into her back passage. He's looking to stuff her right full as he perfectly times and paces his motion to maximize the pleasure and thanks both to that and the amount of lube he'd used on himself and on her ass neither of them feel any pain even from the intense friction of her super tight booty he's feeling all around his member.

"AAAAAHH!! MMMM... Oh FUCK!! Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm my ass!! So fucking GOOD!!" The Irish Redhead Bombshell of OVW moaned out with a dirty, dripping with lust voice that along with the sweat forming over her stunningly curved body makes her look more like a desperate slut rather than the talented and beautiful female wrestler she is. As she keeps on pushing her ass sharply back to meet the incoming thrusts into her booty she's taking from behind, and rubs her hand against her damp snatch to get herself off on this, it's clear she doesn't give a damn what she looks like right here, only that she gets all the pleasure she can from being fucked up the ass like this. "MMMM yes! Yes!! AHHHH!! Fucking pound my ass!! Give it to me MMMM!!" She moans out again, finding it hard to even keep her head raised up to look back at the stud who's expertly banging her sexy booty like he's more of a porn star than a pro wrestler but the feeling is more than just good enough as his massive length continues to slide back and forth into her back passage to fill her up more than she's even been stuffed before in her life.

"Oh fuck!! AHHHH!! Mmmmm fucking Hell Taeler!! Ahhhhh!!" The winner of the TNA British Boot Camp reality TV show grunts as he uses a steady, piston-like motion to drive his cock in and out of the asshole of the first ever female winner of a TNA Gut Check contest, sweat starting to drip from his forehead from the effort he's putting into giving her the kind of fucking that she and her gorgeous ass deserves. "MMMM!! Damn what a fucking arse this is... MMMMM!! Fucking take it Taeler!!" He groans out as his cock plunges in deep between her thick butt cheeks, his hands how gripping her toned and tanned waist as he fires off thrust after stiff and swift thrust into her still very tight back passage, all the lube allowing for a smooth motion as his muscular waist now begins to connect with her more than ample butt.

"Ahhhhh YES!! MMMMM yes yes YES!! Ahhhhh!! Give me that dick Spud!! MMMM!!" She moans loudly and without shame as her long flaming red hair sticks to her pretty face, managing to still push her rump back to meet each and every deep thrust into her juicy arse that she gets, the slap of skin meeting sweat-covered skin ringing out around the women's locker room they're fucking in as she takes it up the ass from behind. "Ooooooh fuck!! MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! I fucking love my ass... AHHH!! My ass getting pounded by a... BIG... FUCKING... COCK!!!" The driven wild with lust female grappler almost screams out as her head hands down, her long hair swaying in time with her large tits as he keeps herself bent over to take it, now finger fucking her own pussy rapidly with a couple of fingers, her tongue hanging from her mouth as she moans away as her juicy American ass gets banged hard and swiftly by the big English cock she's more than willingly taking from behind.

"AHHHH... Oh fuck MMMM... Never mind being a groupie..." The hunk who hails from Birmingham, England grunts as he feels his dick beginning to twitch deep inside of her still snug but clearly able to take it ass, her butt cheeks jiggling sexily each time they smack back hard to collide with his toned waist, but the pleasure both are getting from this intense anal sex more than overrides any pain they might have otherwise felt. "MMMMM... You're a whole fucking rock concert... AHHHH! Of your own!! MMMM!!" His chest heaves, his leather jacket sticking to his arms and body from all the sweat but his rock and roll sunglasses remain perfectly on his face as he hammers away into her tight back passage with his man meat, his balls slapping into her skin when he drives in and fills her perfectly rounded
butt with every nicely thick inch of his cock.

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! MMMM!! Ahhhh!! Fuck! FUCK FUUUUUUUCK!!" With a long, dripping with lust groan, all of this hot, hard, and heavy anal pounding finally takes its toll as Taeler Hendrix starts to cum hard on her own pumping fingers as Rockstar Spud fucks her ass over and over again with nothing but swift and forceful pumps that would otherwise render a woman unable to walk straight for a couple of weeks. "AHHHH! Mmmmm!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhh FUCK!!" She continues to hiss and groan as sweat drips from her beautiful face, her fingers continuing to drive in to the knuckles in and out of her soaking wet snatch as he juices coat those digits and plenty of the rest of her hand as she drives herself through her intense orgasm. There's a wide smile on her face as she finger bangs herself,
leaving her digits covered with her pussy fluids as she's left light headed, barely holding herself up against the locker room wall as she finally comes down to Earth from without a doubt the biggest sexual high she's ever had.

"Ahhhhh... AHHHHH... Mmmmm... FUCK!!" Feeling the pressure himself, The Rockstar from the UK had to give his all not to just blow his load when her back passage tightened around his rod as she came, torn between pulling out to save himself or continuing to pump to savour that juicy ass. He'd made his choice and had been thrusting away with a far more slowed down, and eased off with force motion that aided her in riding out all the pleasure from her orgasm but by the time he'd finally pulled out of her booty with a deep groan, his cock was left throbbing while her once tight asshole was now gaping from all the pounding she'd taken like she was a veteran porn starlet. "Fucking Hell... Not going to forget that arse for a long time..." He says with a grin, wiping sweat from his forehead as he pulls her off from the wall, pushing her down to her knees on the floor in front of him as he took a moment to catch his breath himself after using up so much energy and effort into hammering home into the stunning female grappler. "Time to really rock your... AWWWWW FUCK!!"

Whatever he had in mind he didn't even get a chance to say as with a lustful grin, the red headed beauty diving in and took his big cock into her mouth, showing her dirty desire as she impressively deep throats his length with one swift motion down, moaning around his tool as she presses her pouty lips around the base in order to suck him. "Mmmmph!! Mmmmm... Mmmm..." Her groans vibrate around his man meat as her cock-craving tongue slaps around the underside of his rod, and it's obvious how horny she is even after being slammed up her butt just a few seconds ago as she's gone straight into some ass-to-mouth action, tasting her own back passage from off his throbbing inches.

"AHHHH!! Mmmmm FUCK!! Bloody Hell Taeler!! UHHHH!!" The handsome, rock and roll lifestyle living sports entertainer can only stand and moan, his head tilted back as she all too eagerly bobs her head back and forth along his length, deep throating every fat English inch of his shaft as the busty
American goes wild on his dick with swift, slobbering sucks like her life depends on sucking this dick. "MMMMM!! FUCK!! Ahhhhhh shit... So fucking good!! MMMM!!" He can feel those soft lips wrapped tightly around his size, her chin touching his balls when she drives down deep, and the overall
feeling of her warm, wet, and soothing mouth is making him weak at the knees as she intensely blows him, already coating his pole with her saliva from the rapid motion. "SHIT!! I'm gonna... Gonna... MMMMM!!!"

It's no surprise at all that this kind of mind-blowing blowjob soon drives him over his limit, as with tha final deep groan Rockstar Spud starts to cum inside the mouth of Taeler Hendrix, the first blast filling up her mouth and in turn making her moan as she pauses at the tip, sucking just
on the head as she allows the shots of spunk to flood into her hungry oral hole. Gazing up at him still with burning desire, she smoothly and slowly bobs along his size as he pulses and fires out load after thick load of jizz into the gorgeous flame-haired OVW Femme Fatale, deliberately using
this pace to make sure she gets every last drop of his cum.

Even when his cock begins to soften, she gives him a last couple of deep sucks for good measure before letting his spent member fall from her between her lips, leaving her to tilt her head back slightly and show off the vast amount of spunk she's collected from him, almost dripping out of
her mouth as she teasingly uses her tongue to swirl around all that spunk and that alone makes herself moan. She can't resist for any longer though, pressing those pouty lips together and with one big, loud and shameless gulp she swallows all of his seed down, then opening her mouth with a
satisfied gasp as she sticks her tongue out to show she drank it all, and that leaves them both grinning from ear to ear.

"Babe... That was top notch, smash hit fucking right there..." Spud says with a nod as his chest heaves for breath. "That would easily work your way backstage to any concert!"

"Well... Would you expect less from the best woman around here in OVW?" Hendrix says with a smirk as she stands up from the locker room floor, licking her teeth teasingly as he slides a hand over his jacket that he's still wearing. "Kind of makes me wish that you were this damn admirer... But you're a fucking keeper, that's for sure..."

"That an invite to rock again like this some other time?" Spud says with a raised eyebrow. "Sign me the fuck up for that! But no babe... Like I said, I don't do that soppy stuff... I just showed you what I do to get with a chick I want to bang."

"Oh believe me, we will be doing this again... Just between the two of us of course..." Taeler says with a hint of her arrogant attitude. "But I think we can both agree that your dick, and my hot ass? That's a rocking duet..." She adds, glancing down at his dick again with a grin.

* * *

A few minutes later, and after Rockstar Spud have already left, Taeler Hendrix walks out from the women's locker room, readjusting her top as she's fully dressed now. Brushing her hair back, she glances both ways along the corridor with a more than satisfied smirk on her face. She pauses, snapping her look to a far corner as she thought she felt a gaze of someone staring at her, but she shakes her head thinking it was just her imagination so she turns and heads off in the other direction.

Moments after that, someone does indeed peer out from that corner, watching Hendrix leave - that being the woman who is her secret admirer, fellow OVW Femme Fatale Heidi Lovelace who bites down on her bottom lip as her gaze falls upon Taeler's shapely backside as it sways with each step she takes.

"Taeler..." Heidi whispers as she watches the target of her affections walk away. "I could rock your world better than any man could..." She says, almost in a trance as she gazes at the departing woman. "I just hope you'll feel the same way when I finally get the courage to tell you how I feel..."

* * *

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