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Featuring: Taeler Hendix (TNA, OVW), James Storm (TNA), Jeff Hardy (TNA,
WWE), Rob Van Dam (TNA, WWE)

Taeler's Real Gut Check
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

June 27th 2012. Backstage at the Impact Wrestling Zone in Universal Studios,
Orlando, Florida. In one of the men's locker rooms, three of the participants
in the Bound For Glory Series are in a light-hearted discussion about the
night's events and next week's live show.

"Jokes about how dumb Hogan looked trying to get some "youth" out of us
aside... It's me and you, one on one next week." Jeff Hardy states, clad in
jeans and his own merch T-shirt that covers his tattooed and desirably
muscular body, rubbing his hands together.

"Had to happen some time." James Storm responds, clad in his trademark cowboy
hat, sunglasses, pants, shirt, and a suit jacket. "No doubt the best man will
win, but don't hold anything back from me because I sure as hell won't." He
adds, before lifting up his beer bottle to take a swig.

"You can bet on that James, I'll let it all loose just like every night!"
Hardy says with a smirk.

"Relax dudes, relax!" The voice of Rob Van Dam says, still clad in his
perfectly fitting ring attire from the evening's match, says as he finishes a
spread-leg stretch on a bench. "This series is still going! You'll both win
matches, and you'll lose them, just like I've lost matches and I've won them,
and I'm gonna win a lot more!"

"Not as many as I'll win!" Storm states with a chuckle. "Battle royals,
singles, whatever it is! I'll win them all! But before that, I gotta go grab
another case of cold ones because this one here ain't gonna last long!"

With that Storm goes to leave the locker room, but no sooner has he walked
right out the door than he walks right into someone, the sudden collision
sending the woman almost collapsing back into a wall. In a sudden attempt to
prevent harm, James accidentally ends up spilling the rest of the contents
of his beer bottle right onto the woman's top, soaking it and sending the
liquid right down her cleavage as well.

"Awww shoot! Sorry honey, I wasn't..." James starts to apologize when he gets
a good look at who he bumped into, and it makes him smile for a moment even
though he does feel bad. "Oh damn! Look what we've got here!"

The woman in question is none other than the first female winner of the TNA
Gut Check, having moments ago just won the judges vote 2-1 in favor, bagging
herself a full contract as a TNA Knockout - Taeler Hendrix! The stunningly
curved female wrestler with flaming red hair is stunned herself as she looks
down at her tightly fitting blue with yellow design top that hugs perfectly
to her large breasts, with matching bottoms, boots and pads to match her
usual ring attire.

"Hey! Go easy on me!" Taeler says with a smile. "I'm only just officially on
the roster, and already people are playing pranks on me?"

"I don't mess around when it comes to my drinking!" Storm says. "But damn,
you went and won that Gut Check thing? Then hell, don't be standing out here
all soaking wet! Come on in!" He invites, pushing the locker room door open.

"You sure?" Hendrix sweetly asks. "I mean, I was just going to go and
change..." She tries to explain, not wanting fuss but finds her arm being
grabbed as she's easily pulled into the room.

"Look up boys! New Knockout in the house!" Storm announces, and this causes
the woman in question to blush a little, her eyes widening at the sight of
two more top wrestling stars.

"New Knockout? Sounds sweet to me dude!" Van Dam says, getting up and
instantly noticing the soaked top she's wearing. "Looks like you've already
been introducing her already, cowboy."

"Oh no! I wasn't! I mean, it was an accident!" Hendrix attempts to explain as
Storm moves across and grabs a towel.

"Not a bad accident to have..." Jeff remarks, taking a good look at the
cleavage her top is showing off, made hotter by the dampness caused by the

"Two seconds in and you're hitting on Knockouts again?" James jokes before he
hands the towel to her. "At least let her dry off before you start trying to
"welcome in" the new girl!"

"I... What?" Taeler questions, biting her lip slightly as she uses the towel
to try and dry off most of the liquid from both her top and the exposed area
of breast. "What does that mean?"

"It means Jeff here still gets the chicks, and I don't mean the ones
squealing for him out in the crowd..." Van Dam says with a smile. "A new
Knockout usually just throws herself at him first chance she gets!"

"I can't help it if I'm just the Charismatic Enigma..." Hardy responds with a

"Yeah, well this gal ain't doing that, is she?" James points out. "Otherwise
she'd be stripping down and all over you! But heck, considering how I just
went and soaked that top of yours, you might think about getting out of it
soon. Don't want the new girl catching some kind of cold!" He adds with a

"Oh gosh no! That would really suck!" Hendrix replies with a laugh, slightly
biting down on her bottom lip as she glances at all three talented and hunky
TNA stars she'll now be working with as part of the roster. "But... I
guess... I guess I could take this off... But here? In your locker room? I
think I'd get in trouble..."

Hearing that, the three men exchange looks that soon turn into smiles. "I can
keep a secret..." Jeff says.

"What trouble? You're a grown woman aren't you? Don't look like you've got
anything to hide!"

Laughing nervously again, and to the shock of the three former TNA World
Heavyweight Champions, the young rookie starts to lift up her top, her big
breasts bouncing free from the clothing as she pulls it off of her head,
flipping her long, bright red hair back as she smiles and see the reaction
on their faces to her bold move.

"What? Don't like what you see?" Taeler jokes, placing her hands on her hips
after tossing the top onto the bench. "Don't I get to see something else as
well now?"

"Hell girl! This is TNA!" James is the first to respond. "If you want it, you
can come over here and get it!" He almost dares her as he takes a long look
at her sexily rounded tits.

Once again to the pleasant surprise of all three hunks, the gorgeous newcomer
steps forward with another bite of her lip before she sinks slowly down to
her knees, her hands going onto the belt of his pants as she starts to undo
them, eagerly lowering them and her smile gets noticeably bigger as her eyes
lock onto his impressively sized and thick to match meat.

"Damn girl!" Storm exclaims but still smiling as he watches her take a hold
of his length. "Didn't think you were actually gonna do it!" He says as she
starts to glide her hand along his tool.

"It's not like I do this all the time!" Hendrix says playfully as she looks
up to him, giving him a sweet smile before glancing down at his hardening
rod. "But... I've always, you know... Fantasized about doing something like
this..." She adds, leaning her red-haired head in as she slides her tongue
against the tip of his cock.

"Mmmm... I ain't gonna complain none about that..." James says with a moan,
feeling how soft and nicely wet her tongue is as it glides across the head of
his cock, her hand still pumping away at his shaft as it approaches full

Another couple of deep strokes as her tongue swirls around the head before
the newest TNA Knockout glances up at him, biting down on her bottom lip
seductively before moving downward again, now taking his dick into her mouth
and making him clearly moan as his inches enter into her oral hole, causing
her to groan at the feeling. It's not just the act, but how her mouth is
being forced to stretch as she takes in the fat dick from the Tennessee
Cowboy that's making her groan as she looks up at the stud she's only just
met as she fits half of his size into her with the first push down, her hand
used to stroke off the rest of his length.

Watching on from the side, Van Dam and Hardy exchange glances and smirks,
thinking the same thing as the busty beauty begins to raise her head up
before sliding back down onto the member of the former TNA World Heavyweight
Champion, her free hand resting on his thigh for support as she starts to
properly suck his cock, erotically groaning around his meat as she moves back
and forth. Even with the sunglasses and trademark cowboy hat still on, the
pleasure is evident on Storm's face as he takes off his jacket, his gaze
glued down onto the pretty face moving towards and away from his crotch as he
takes this clearly far from amateur oral treatment from the former OVW
Women's Champion.

"Now usually girls trying to get into companies... Mmmm... Try doing this
before they get a deal...." Storm says through his moans, loving the feeling
of her soft lips nicely pressed against his member along with the energetic
way she's blowing him. "But damn, you're doing after.. Mmm... Fuck, you're
gonna be popular around here..." He adds, his hands starting to undo his
shirt as he looks down at her rocking head and at her sexily rounded and big
tits as the newest starlet in TNA remains on her knees in front of him, with
one hand running up his thigh and the other jerking off the inches not yet
inside her mouth.

Seeing the long time TNA wrestler undressing as she sucks away on his lengthy
tool gives the first female winner of TNA's Gut Check another thrill, her
eyes roaming over his muscular frame as it's gradually reveled with each
button he loosens, as if she wasn't into this oral sex enough already to
forget about the other two men in the room who have been undressing and
watching her go to work. Changing her hand to just hold his manhood by the
base, the New Bedford, Massachusetts born beauty pushes her flaming red
haired head further down onto the fat dick she's sucking, making the receiver
moan out again as more of his length experiences her warm and wet oral hole
that's leaving his rod coated with her saliva.

"Mmmm... Fuck girl, you can fucking handle a dick!" James encourages with a
handsome chuckle, causing the woman with his cock deep in her mouth to smile
around him as she looks up, continuing to bob her head along his more than
impressive size, her large breasts slightly shaking from the effort she's
putting into moving herself up and down onto his tool. Each back and forth
movement is accompanied by a soft groan as the new Knockout keeps on this
smooth and steady sucking pace with clear skill, not even gagging yet as she
handles almost all of his inches with her fingers slightly twisting around
the base to double the pleasure and show she's no stranger to giving a hot
blowjob, even if it's to a man she's only just met minutes ago.

Lifting her head slowly all the way up, there's an audible "pop" as his bell
end escape from between her lips, allowing her to take in a deep breath
before licking her lips clean of her own saliva, her eyes glancing down at
the cock she'd been sucking off and seeing how much she'd been slobbering
over it makes her bite down on her bottom lip.

"So, did you like it?" Taeler cutely asks with a smile, using her hand to
stoke his dick a couple of times as she looks up to him.

"Girl, you kidding me?" James replies with a grin. "That was like you've been
around TNA for years! You might teach a couple of the other Knockouts around
here a trick or two!"

"Yeah, and you didn't choke like you were going to throw up like Gail Kim
does all the time..."

Hearing that voice snaps the female back to reality in a way, now remembering
about the other two wrestlers here and she looks over to see them
approaching, her eyes widening as she sees that both Rob Van Dam and Jeff
Hardy are completely naked and their dicks are fully hard, both of them
impressively sized and thick to match. Hendrix gulps deeply, realizing that
this is a lot more than she's ever had to handle before in her life, and a
look of nervousness comes across her beautiful face even though she'd just
been expertly sucking off an equally hung hunk and is still topless with her
large, well rounded tits on full display.

"...That's a major plus already!" Jeff finishes his sentence as he and Rob
come to a stop in front of the newest female on the roster as she moves over
on her knees to now face them, already knowing from the looks on their faces
that they want some of the same.

"Oh, oh geez..." Taeler says with a nervous chuckle as she raises her hands
to grip the two men's dicks, sizing them up with a couple of cautious strokes
back and forth. "I think I'm in way over my head with this..."

"Hey, relax Taeler!" Van Dam says, giving her a pat on the shoulder and a
smile. "You just smoked it out there being judged on live TV, and facing Tara
last week! This is nothing! Besides, the only people who have to be worried
are any other chicks who are gonna try and follow what you did."

Smiling now with a nod, it seems she's been encouraged as she jerks both
studs off with a purpose, but before she can continue further she finds
herself being pulled back by the hips so she has to lean forward, still on
her knees but her ass pushed outwards towards the still grinning form of
James Storm.

"Don't mind me honey, just paying you back for spilling that beer on you
before..." James says as he pushes her bottoms downward, revealing her
smoothly rounded and desirable ass along with shaved snatch.

Looking back towards the two former WWE Superstars, the flaming red haired
stunner goes back to jerking both men off, now turning her head and leaning
down to take the cock of The Whole F'N Show into her warm and wet mouth,
making him moan out as she waists no time in taking him in deep as she slides
herself back and forth on his size. She groans again as she makes his tool
pass in and out between her soft and full lips, keeping them nicely pressed
around his thick meat while at the same time continuing to use her other hand
to stroke away at the shaft of The Charismatic Enigma who's also moaning with
a smile as he watches the new Knockout sucking away inside the men's locker
room they are all in.

"MMMMMM!" The woman who had a brief stint on ROH's HDNet show lets out a
loud, muffled moan around the dick she's blowing, her eyes widening as she
feels the thick dick of James Storm pushing into her pussy, making it stretch
to accommodate the great size that's now easing in and out of her snatch.
"Mmmmm... Mmmm!!" She moans again, her eyes closing slightly as she has to
quickly get back into handling both hunky and sometimes controversial
grapplers in front of her, getting her soft palms stroking away on their rods
as she smoothly bobs her head along the cock of the former ECW Television

"Awwww damn..." Storm chuckles as he holds the Gut Check winner by her toned
waist as he firmly pumps his shaft into her slit, moaning at the snug feeling
all around his manhood as he gets into banging her in an almost doggy-style
position while she sucks and jerks off the two other men involved in the
Bound For Glory Series. "We've got a tight one here! Mmmmm yeah you boys are
gonna love a piece of her!" He adds with a groan, the former member of Beer
Money working his strong hips back and forth to push his tool straight into
her deeply, having no problems fucking the woman who less than a half hour
ago officially became a member of the TNA roster, and now is in the center of
an already hot and heavy sexual encounter.

"I'm loving what I'm getting right here dude!" The stud from Battle Creek,
Michagin says with a moan and a smile, watching the gorgeous former OVW
Women's Champion working her damp and soothing oral hole almost all the way
up and down his length, covering his shaft with a more than ample coating of
her spit thanks to the repeated, energetic motions. "And I thought... Mmmm...
I knew something about "smoking" a big one..." Rob adds with a chuckle,
tilting his head back for a moment to enjoy the feeling of being deep in the
young rookie's mouth as she makes her soft lips drag back and forth against
his dick, occasionally flicking her hungry tongue up against his underside as
his manhood moves in and out of her.

"Well damn Rob, don't hog her all to yourself!" Jeff says with a smirk,
glancing between the fellow wrestler next to him and down to the woman who
almost has her face right into said hunk's crotch. "Come on Taeler, how about
you give me some of that?" He says with a groan, as he's still clearly
enjoying the steady handjob from the babe who's still getting pumped from
behind by the man still wearing his cowboy hat and sunglasses as he grunts
and works himself deeper into her tight snatch with perfectly timed and
forceful thrusts.

Hearing the request, the red-head lifts herself all the up and off of the
dick she'd been superbly sucking on, and is now turning towards the former
two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, gripping his meaty pole by the base
while her other hand is used to stoke the man she'd just been blowing all the
way up and down, rubbing her own saliva into his tool. "Maybe... Mmmm... I
was saving the best to... Ahhhh.... Last?" Hendrix slightly teases, in
between moans from getting pumped repeatedly in her pussy, before she takes
him into her mouth, her gaze locked up at his handsome face to watch him moan
as she sinks down impressively deep despite his thickness and great length,
going well over half way before beginning to bob herself back and forth on
his rod.

Back around and now mixed in with the moans from the former multi-time TNA
World Tag Team Champion is the sound of flesh hitting smooth flesh as his
muscular waist collides with her juicy ass cheeks when he drives in balls
deep, filling up her tight and dampening twat with every inch of his fat
fuck-stick when he sends it swiftly and with increasing force into her.
"Ahhh... Mmmm fuck... That's some good pussy right there..." James grunts out
as he pumps away into the curvacious beauty who's only tonight been awarded
a TNA contract and is now getting banged as she sucks and strokes off a
couple cocks at the same time, but is clearly giving back just as she's
getting, rocking back on her knees to meet his incoming thrusts to further
make her butt cheeks jiggle when their bodies meet.

"Mmmm... Mmm mmmmm..." The muffled moans continue to vibrate around the dick
of the Cameron, North Carolina native as the woman known as the "One Girl
Revolution" in the indies eagerly and with no signs of quitting sucks on his
long tool, getting it nice and wet with her saliva and using her full lips to
perfect effect, keeping them pressed right down and around his pole as she
blows him. "MMMMM!! Mmmmmm fuhkkk!!" Manages to be heard from her as she
closes her eyes, focusing on sucking this big cock while jerking off the
other next to her as well as keeping her sexy frame moving back against the
pumps coming right into her pussy that's making her moan out in this dirty
manner, her large breasts bouncing from the force used to slam the cock in
and out of her snug snatch.

"Something tells me our new Knockout is enjoying herself..." Van Dam states
with a smile, watching her getting pounded while still impressively jerking
him off and sucking on the dick of the third man involved in this sexual
encounter as she keeps moving her head so far down onto Hardy that her chin
nearly touches his ballsack before she's quickly moving back upwards to the
half way mark. "Not that... Mmmm... I'm complaining man..." He adds, feeling
her hand twisting around his shaft as she strokes firmly and smoothly all the
way up and down on him, putting on an almost porn-star performance as she
manages to handle all three hung and talented wrestlers she's now going to
work alongside as part of TNA.

Giving another couple of sucks, she lifts her head away with a deep moan as
saliva trickles down her chin as she takes in much needed air. "Ooooooh....
Oh fuck yesssss...." Hendrix moans as she lets go of Rob's cock as well,
looking back over her shoulder as she watches Storm thrusting hard into her
snatch, giving her no doubt more cock than she's ever had inside her in her
whole lift, but is managing to still remain tight around his inches despite
his strong pace and quick motion. "I love it! Fuck! I'm gonna love it...
Uhhhh! Love it here!" She manages to moan out as she keeps pushing herself
back to take that fat dick balls deep when he sends himself forward, and not
showing any signs of feeling pain when her sexy backside meets his waist and
the sharp smack rings out around the locker room.

"Now that's... Mmmm shit... A damn good attitude to have..." James states,
another couple of deep pumps before he pulls out of her twat with a groan,
moving himself back so he can stand up, glancing down at his tool that has a
light layer of her formed juices now covering his member. "How about we let
the young lady decide how this goes next, huh boys?" He asks with a grin,
adjusting his cowboy hat as the other men nod with big smiles.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, she glances at all three before she sits
up, and looks towards Van Damn first. "Well... How about you lay down and
I'll get on top of you..." She turns to smile up at Storm. "I'll suck on that
big dick some more, and that leaves..." She now looks at Hardy, biting down
on her bottom lip sweetly for a moment. "Oh geez, I can't believe I'm saying
this... But can you... Can you fuck my ass? I mean, I've got like, three
hunks here so I might as well have them all and go all the way, right?"

"Now that's the kind of extreme I'm all about..." Jeff responds, and with no
hesitation all the hung and handsome hunks are moving into position as the
master of the Five Star Frog Splash lays down on the floor with his thick
dick that's still covered in her own saliva points right up at the ceiling of
the locker room.

With a big smile, the busty babe crawls over him into position, taking his
shaft into her snatch and making them both moan out as she eases herself all
the way down onto his tool until she's managed to fit in every inch into her
wet, tight snatch, allowing herself to grind down against his crotch with her
pussy as she places her hands onto his muscular chest, giving him a great
view of her large boobs as they hang down from her leaning position. Her eyes
lock onto the rod of the Tennessee Cowboy as he steps forward, and with a
grin he takes the invitation of her opened wide mouth to push himself right
in, her lips soon wrapping firmly around his man meat as she lashes up with
her tongue, making him groan in delight as he gives him a couple of sudden
sucks but is glancing backward to watch the third man in this as he comes
towards her from behind.

"Reminds me of another horny red-head I used to hang out with..." The
Charismatic Enigma says with a chuckle as she spreads her juicy butt cheeks
apart, rubbing the head of his member against her puckered entrance for a
moment before lining his dick up and using a firm and forceful push forward
to insert himself into her booty. "Awwww fuck! Was never... Shit! Tight like
this!" Jeff groans with delight, feeling how vice-like her tightest of holes
is, but feeling no pain from the friction thanks to the saliva of the woman
he's now sliding his mahood in and out of the ass of that's all over his
shaft, allowing him to moan and pump away into her cheeks as he looks to work
more of himself into her ass.

"URRRRKKKK!!" The newest TNA Knockout groans as she closes her eyes, feeling
the fat dick pumping into her back passage and giving her new sensations to
deal with as she has to also handle bouncing up and down on the stiff rod
deep in her twat, as well as bobbing her head along the cock being fed into
her mouth at the same time. "MMMMMM!!! Fuuuuck!! Mmmmmm!!" Her very shameless
moans can be clearly heard even as muffled as they are by the dick she's
slobbering all over, saliva dripping down her chin and onto her large,
bouncing tits as she keeps on riding the hunk underneath her, focusing her
attention on those two men while letting the third handle her tight and sexy
ass however he chooses to.

Barely an hour after being awarded a full TNA contract, the busty former OVW
Women's Champion is now getting the long and thick to match cocks of three
former TNA World Heavyweight Champions pumped into each of her holes,
stuffing her dripping wet snatch, her warm and damp mouth, and her nicely
full and rounded ass up with their members. The groans from all four fill the
air as thrust after thrust gets sent deep into the stunning rookie as she
sweats and works her body against all three, rocking her head sharply along
the dick being sent past her pouty lips and lifting her perfectly curved body
smoothly up and down the pumping rod deep in her snatch, not missing too many
beats despite the forceful thrusts into her ass from behind.

"Mmmm yeah! Fuck Taeler! Mmmm... Damn!" The former ECW and WWE Champion moans
as he continues sending his hips upward with perfect timing to meet her pussy
when she swiftly drops herself downwards, making sure his tool goes balls
deep into her when she goes downward and the slap of skin hitting
sweat-covered skin rings out. "Usually the... Uhhhh... Highlight of my day...
Mmmmm yeah... Comes at "4:20"... Mmmmm... But man, this beats that..." He
manages to add in between his deep grunts as he puts plenty of force behind
banging the beauty on top of him as she handles the two other hung hunks
involved in this with impressive, verging on slutty skill as she bounces away
on his still rock hard and now drenched in her pussy juices cock.

"Oh yeah!! This gal's got what it takes!!" Storm states with a groan as he
has a handful of her long, flame red hair as he pumps his dick in and out of
her hungry oral hole, feeling her soft lips pressed around his man meat as
she sucks him off even as her face is getting fucked, resulting in her own
spit trickling past her lips and all the way down her chin, neck, and even
onto her big breasts. "Mmmm shit... Any other chick who's gonna... Mmmm fuck!
Try and come through Gut Check... Has got... Mmmm... Some way to beating
this!" He adds as he watches her beautiful face loom downward almost towards
his crotch as she lifts herself upward on his pumping dick, with her mouth
never going higher than half-way up his length as she groans away on him, the
vibrations only adding the pleasure he's feeling and clearly turning her on
as well from the way she's still energetically sucking him off.

"Aaaaah.... Mmmmm yes..." The native of Cameron, North Carolina moans as he
slides his dick smoothly and with force into the tight ass of the New
Bedford, Massachusetts-born stunner, his hands roaming over and squeezing her
ass cheeks as he pumps away into her, already managing to fit and impressive
amount of dick into her backside that clearly hasn't ever taken a dick of his
length before. "Mmmmm... You're gonna be fun to... Ahhhh... Have around for
sure Taeler..." He adds as the sweat forms all over his muscular, tattooed
body as he bangs her up the ass with thrust after stiff thrust, loving the
feeling of tightness all around his shaft as it continues to slowly work in
further and further into her back passage, in turn making her groan and
sometimes squeal in the mix of pleasure and discomfort from the intense anal
invasion that she asked for.

Perhaps due to the inexperience from this being her first night as a full TNA
Knockout, or having really never been fucked this hard by such big dicks
before in her life, but having to endure all the powerful thrusts into her
holes takes it hot and heavy toll on the stunning red-haired wrestler as she
finds her riding motion on the stud underneath her losing pace while her
bobbing along the dick pumping her mouth mistimes and gets sloppy. All she
can do is keep on moving herself back and forth against all three as her body
jolts forward when she takes a thrust into her booty from the man behind her,
her large titties bouncing away as she also takes a cock in her soaking wet
twat while her mouth if filled up with the just as fat and long tool of the
third fellow co-worker of hers.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmm!! MMMMMM!!!" The last muffled cries are heard before Taeler
Hendrix starts to cum hard on the pumping dick of Rob Van Dam while she takes
a face-fuck from James Storm and Jeff Hardy keeps on pounding her juicy ass
at the same time, her snatch grinding down against the cock slamming up into
her pussy as her juices flow out, further covering not just his pole but his
crotch and balls as well. While the man enjoying her mouth can keep on
pumping way in past her lips, the other two wrestlers are made to groan
deeply as she orgasms, with her pussy clamping around the pistoning shaft up
into it to make The Whole F'N Show moan, and the former member of The Hardy
Boyz also grunts as her back passage tightens even more around his dick as he
keeps on banging her for a few moments more.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh... Sooooooo good..." The red-haired babe is able to gasp out
when the dick is pulled out of her mouth, her eyes finally opening as she
moans from the pumps still coming into her lower holes and only now starting
to slow down as her sweat coated body is at last able to come to rest as she
pants for breath after experiencing the hardest fucking of her young life.
"Oh fuck... That was... Was so... Oh fuck that was amazing!" She manages to
groan out with a smile, glancing around at the three men as Hardy pulls out
of her backside, causing them both to moan at the feeling of release before
she finds herself being lifted up and off of Van Dam underneath her, again
them both groaning when his dick leaves her well pounded snatch.

"Not bad for a first timer..." Storm says with a smile, holding his dick in
one hand as he strokes away. "Some women don't even last half as long as you

"A couple of Knockouts here still can't go the distance..." Jeff adds, also
moving close towards the newest member of the roster as she rests down on her
knees on the locker room floor. "And they don't have the guts to take on a
couple of us at a time either!"

"It's all good Taeler! You did fine and hey, you'll get way better in time
around here!" Rob states, now up on his feet and also close towards her. "But
since you've gotten wetter than on some of the rides around here at
Universal, how about we finish off, and finish off your night here with a
"Five Star" facial?"

Looking up, the sweaty and well fucked new Knockout manages to smile and
giggle sweetly at the suggestion. "Five Star Facial? Is that really a thing?"
Hendrix questions, glancing between all three hunks as they stroke their own

"It is now I guess..." Hardy says with a handsome chuckle.

Another look around as she bites down on her bottom lip. "Well... It is only
fair... Alright then, let me have it!" Taeler says with a nod, quickly
brushing her flaming red hair back over her shoulders and out of the way.

Now knowing she's ready and eager for it, the jerking motion all three former
TNA World Champions gets quicker and more forceful as they moan and gaze down
at the busty beauty on her knees in front of them, using her large tits, her
stunning facial features, and her whole body as the visual aid to get them
closer to their own sexual peaks then they were actually banging her brains
out moments before. The husky groans and moans fill the air again with the
swift slapping sound of skin rubbing against skin as their hands slide up and
down their shafts with speed and need as they work all the way up to the
bulbous head and then straight down to the base, a sight alone that makes her
mouth water even after just having an intense orgasm of her own.

In fact, the sight is too good to just sit back and watch, so she puts on a
show for the three who's just been pounding her near senseless as she licks
her lips, then sliding her hands up her stomach and onto her large, perfectly
rounded tits in order to cup and then squeeze them, making herself moan as
she plays with her breasts and instantly makes the hunks in front of her moan
louder and deeper at the teasing sight. Pushing them together, the winner of
TNA's Gut Check slides her boobs against one another with a groan, showing
off some sexy cleavage before groping them deeply, showing how her fingers
can dig into the more than ample flesh before she starts to bounce them up
and down in time, slightly rocking on her knees as she gasps and glances at
all three fat sticks being stroked off in front of her, in turn encouraging
her to give them one last treat before they all explode all over her.

Ask and you shall receive, with her breast play no doubt aiding the speed of
arrival as first it's Rob Van Dam who blows his load first over Taeler
Hendrix, the first shot of warm spunk splashing all over her left cheek to
make her groan as she closes her eyes, feeling the next also landing onto the
cheek and further down her chin. She resists the urge to stick her tongue out
to sample some, her lips pressed together and then getting some cum landing
over them as Van Damn strokes his load out to aim it all over that left side
of her face, even getting a little onto her nose as he flicks the last couple
of drops out onto her with a very satisfied smile on his face.

Only seconds later and it's James Storm who lets out a deep grunt and he
moves in closer, his dick firing off the first shot onto the red-haired
beauty's forehead with a wide, thick stream that makes her moan, and more
coming soon after as his jizz is fired onto the forehead, across the nose and
over her closed eye. Groaning again, she can't help but feel up her own large
tits as she takes the second round of spunk from the hung and handsome stud,
her face now already plastered enough with cum as the last drops from The
Tennessee Cowboy and milked out onto her nose and lips before he grins and
steps back, still wearing his trademark hat and sunglasses this entire time.

Last is certainly not least, and she doesn't need to open her eyes to know
what's about to land across her face, and with a deep groan of pleasure it's
Jeff Hardy busting a nut all over Taeler Hendrix's already spunk-covered
facial features, his cum landing over that already sprayed onto her by the
other two TNA wrestlers but from the grin on his face that doesn't bother him
at all. Jizz now drips from her cheeks, chin, lips, nose, and forehead as he
strokes out another huge load onto her as she sits back and takes it all
without a single flinch back, her face coated now with spunk and making it
look like she'd been fucked by an entire gang rather than the three hunky
studs that are all grinning down at her as she groans and wipes the cum away
from her eye.

"Holy fuck!" Hendrix exclaims with a laugh as she looks up at the three.
"Were you guys all backed up for months or what??"

"No way man!" Van Damn responds. "You just knew how to get us going."

"And it didn't hurt that you're hotter than a Texas Summer afternoon either!"
Storm adds with a laugh.

"I think what we're trying to say is welcome aboard Taeler." Jeff says with a
smile. "If you're as good in the ring as you are fucking and taking it?
You'll have no problems making it here in TNA."

"You bet I will!" Taeler says with a smile though all the cum coating her
face. "Tonight is just the start! Just you wait and see. This One Girl
Revolution is going to bring in the changes here to Impact! First Gut Check,
now in TNA for real. Next stop, TNA Knockouts Champion!" She pauses, looking
over the spunk she'd collected on her finger. "Actually, next stop? Next stop
has to be the nearest shower!"

"Is than an invitation?" James asks with a smirk.

"No... I've got a TNA Post Show interview to do!" Hendrix responds with a
laugh. "But after that? Well... Unless you guys have plans, I'd love to see
what any of your hotel rooms look like..."

* * *

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