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Takin' It Easy
by Corporate Mastermind

Around the globe, wrestling fans where still reeling from perhaps one of
the strangest revelations in the history of the business - Eric Bischoff and
Vincent K. McMahon had put thier differences aside, and Bischoff was now not
only employed by the WWE, but the General Manager of the RAW Brand. The
reactions of both the fans and the superstars where indeed mixed, nobody
really knew what to make of the situation.

Mr. Bischoff stood idly in his temporary office inside the arena, the
Superstars off preparing for thier various matches for the evening, working
out, eating, or just generally killing time before the show. His dyed black
hair, as always, stood out moreso then any other part of him, the artificial
lighting causing a sheen on the leather blazer that hung over his shoulders,
partially covering the navy T-Shirt underneath. Towering over his
compartivley diminutive form was the massive spectacle of a man known as the
Big Show, his wrestling singlet wrapped tightly to his huge body.

"Man, this is nuts, E. It's so great to have someone who knows what
they're doing in charge, Bro!" The Show spouted off compliment afte

"Of course it is, Giant," Bischoff flashed the monster a quick smile,
"Compared the last few loosers who've been in charge here, I'll be a God."

"Ha Ha, You know it E. All the old Dub-See-Dub boys really missed you,

"And I've missed you guys, Giant. As a matter of fact, I've missed a job
in the wrestling business a lot, my friend. I used to just sit at home and
dream about weilding this power once again, and now... Easy E is back, Giant!
It's gonna be just like the old days. The only difference is, nobody's gonna
get in the way this time, buddy. It's gonna be all the perks with none of the

"Perks, E?"

"Yeah, you know. The Money, the Power, and of course, Giant, imeasurable
amounts of Ass..." The Big Show merely offered a grin that couldn't help but
come off a goofy, as the General Manager reached upward with his hand,
patting him on the shoulder as he stepped off out of the Office.


The main hallways where cluttered with superstars, tech crew, and others
trying to get the show underway. Most where too preoccupied with strapping on
thier equipment and other things to notice Eric Bischoff strolling across the
concrete, but a few managed to shoot him akward looks from behind. Only one
managed to approach him, the young man known as Jeff Hardy, his multicolored
hair dangling around his shoulders as he extended a hand to the GM.

"Mr. Bischoff, it's nice to meet you, sir."

Bischoff, reluctantly, accepted his hand with a sloppy shake, "Yeah, Yeah.
I'm sure you're excited, but why don't you get back to setting up the ring
with the other Tech's, okay? We've got a show to run, here." Jeff Hardy's
head tilted to the side as the General Manager walked away, giving a confused
look to his back and wondering if the man had ever even watched an episode of
Raw before.

However, the next person Easy E ran into gave him an entirely different
reaction. The older man came to a halt as the found himself being approached
by another piece of up-and-comming talent, the young Jackie Gayda, Tough
Enough 2 Champion. A skin-tight red vinyl dress clung to her curvacious form,
her chest puffed out as she stopped in front of the new General Manager, a
wide smile across her face.

"Hi, Mr. Bischoff. It's really a pleasure to meet you."

"The please is mine, I assure you, Miss...."

"Gayda. Jackie Gayda. I was one of the winners of the last Tough Enough,
if you'll remember..."

"Ahh Yes, the Reality Series."

"Yup, that's the one, sir. I'd just like to say, I'm really, really happy
that we finally have someone who knows what they're doing around here, Mr.
Bischoff. Ric Flair was an idiot, he only put me in a handfull of matches,
and with talentless skanks like that Trish Stratus, who kept blowing all my

"Is that so? Well, I assure you, things are going to be very different
around here with me in charge..."

"Well, that's why I'm so... excited... about the new directions we're
taking, sir," Jackie's smile remained on her face as she inched ever closer
to the GM, her fingers idly plucking something off of his shoulder, eyes
cast downward slightly, "I can't even begin to tell you how much I wanted
something like this to happen..." Her hand worked it's way down his chest,
between the folds of his trademark leather jacket, before her delicate
fingertips found themselves tracing around a slowly growing buldge in his

"It looks like you're just as excited as I am, Mr. Bischoff..."

"What can I say, I'm an easily excitable man, Ms. Gayda..."

Jackie's grin turned to a sly smirk as she glanced around at the few
tech's that remained fiddling with wiring, nobody seemed to notice thier
confrontation. But they began to move off to another area, leaving the
hallway empty as the wrestlers had adjurned to thier locker rooms.

Seeing the opportunity, Jackie stepped even closer to the GM, her back
arching forward as her sizable chest stuck outward, the pointed nubs of her
nipples straining against the tight fabric of the dress. Not having to be
told twice, Easy E took the first step, either of his palms rising up to
cup the melons through the fabric, his thumbs swirling around the erect
nipples as his fingers dug into the mounds of flesh. His fingers curled
upward, hooking across the top of the dress and yanking it down slightly,
allowing her bra-less breasts to plop free over the top of the dress, his
hands now feverishly kneeding the two objects together. Bendhing his knees,
the GM pressed his face to the objects, his tongue sliding out and swirling
around the right nipple, Jackie's neck leaning back as she looked up at the
ceiling, a soft moan escaping from deep within. Her palms pressed against
the back of her head, fingers raking against his skull. This, however,
quickly caused a negative reaction as the GM quickly jerked his head back,
narrow eyes looking into hers.

"Hey, watch the hair."

Jackie's only response was a flash of a sympathetic look and to instantly
drop down onto her knees. Her fingers danced across the crotch of his pants,
quickly unclasping his belt, yanking the zipper down. Her head leaned
forward, mouth incasing his thick member through a last remaining fabric
layer. Jackie's fingers wrapped around the top of his briefs, slowly pulling
them down causing his erect penis to flop out, springing up and down in front
of her face. The palm of her hand wrapped around it's base, quickly sliding
up and down it's entire length. Her fist pumped around his cock quickly,
ensuring a maximum hardness before she tilted her head forward, thick lips
pressing against the head of his hard member. Slowly, it slid between her
lips, her tongue swirling around the head, leaving her thick saliva behind.
Quickly her head began to pump forward and backward, her right hand wrapped
around the base of his cock, her left fingers massaging his balls underneath.
Bending his member so it pointed vertically, she slowly ran her tongue from
the bottom of his sack to the head, leaving a slimy coating that mixed with
the clear pre-cum that oozed from the tip.

Jackie finally rised to her feet, but only momentarily, as she quickly
spun around in front of the GM, leaning forward so her hands could just touch
the floor, her dress flipping upward and revealing her moist inner folds
underneath, of course, she wore no panties. Her fingers slowly rubbed herself
in front of the GM, who'd wrapped his own fist around his cock as he watched.

"Come on, Big Man, show me what you got..."

"Hmm," Bischoff made a mock-confused face, "I'm afraid I don't follow

"MmHmm," Jackie's smile turned wicked as she looked over her shoulder back
at him, "I want you to fuck me, Sir. Hard..."

Bischoff's shoulders merely raised upward as he dropped down on one knee
behind the vixen. His stiff member lined up with her dripping vagina, and in
one swift motion he thrust it quickly inside of her. Jackie gasped at the
sudden nature as his cock filled her up, expecting it to go much slower. But
Bischoff was a man who took what he want, and his hips thrust forward
quickly, shoving himself into the Tough Enough Winner, who's eyes closed
shut as she bounced forward and backward on her hands and knees, blonde hair
flying in every direction as her head turned from side to side. Easy E
wrapped his palms around her hips, as his thrusts matched perfect unison with
her bouncing forward and back, the two working as a machine. Jackie's fists
clenched beneath her as her head looked down at the floor, biting down on her
lower lip as his thickness filled her, liquids streaming inside of her. And,
in an instant, it stopped, the GM yanked his throbbing member out from behind
her, and in an automatic response Jackie turned around as Bischoff rose, her
hand instantly wrapping around his cock and pumping for all she was worth.
It was only a moment before a thick white stream of cum poured forth,
splattering against the side of her face as her eyes clenched shut. A second
burst landed on her ample chest, leaving a soft stain on the dress she wore
the entire time. The last of Bischoff's cum oozed out over her hand, which
she was happy to lean forward and lap up hungrilly. For a moment she remained
there, then looked upward at her new boss with a smile on her face.

"So, Mr. Bischoff, do I have a bright future in the wrestling business?"

"Oh, I'd say so," Bischoff nodded as he stuffed himself back into his
briefs and zipped his pants up. "You'll probably be Main Event material in
OVW. I'm shipping you back to the developmental leagues tommorrow. Good
evening, Miss Gayda."

Jackie's eyes narrowed as she lay in the middle of the arena's hallway,
her face and chest covered in the ejaculate of Eric Bischoff. Her lips
trembled for a moment, and she managed to get off only a pair of words in
her rage. "...Mother fucker..."

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