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Taking Down Another Legend
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a five-star quality hotel in Chicago, Illinois, the night before
Wrestlemania 22 (April 1, 2006), the cocky young SmackDown superstar and
resident WWE Legend Killer Randy Orton is walking into the hotel's lounge
for a relaxing night prior to his match at the biggest event on the WWE
calendar. Wearing a black suite and a white button shirt that has the top
two buttons unbutton, Randy scans the lounge to see if there are any of
the WWE Divas around to wow and woo them with his charm. With a smirk on
his face Randy sees the sensational one herself, and 2006 Hall of Fame
inductee Sherri Martel, sitting at the bar sipping on a cocktail, but
Sherri has her back towards him and he does not recognize her right off.
Randy adjusts his suit jacket and walks over to the bar behind her and
leans against it.

The beautiful and newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Sensational Sherri
takes another sip from the glass on her cocktail. Sherri sets the glass down
on the bar of the hotel lounge as she slides her left hand through her dark
black hair, that was all nicely done up for the Hall of Fame ceremony earlier
in the evening. Sherri is dressed in her black, nice-fitting dress that she
wore when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Sherri sighs as she starts
to pick up her cocktail glass to take another sip.

Randy smirks a bit before as he sees that woman that caught his eye was
the legendary diva herself. He licks his lips before he very casually taps
Sherri's left shoulder, "Hey baby... looking for a legend thriller?" he says
in a very smooth voice.

Sherri lowers her cocktail glass without taking a drink and turns on her bar
seat. Sherri raises her eyebrow as she looks at Randy, placing her hands on
her slender hips, as she remains sitting "Excuse me?" Sherri asks as she
turns completely away from the bar counter and faces the young, cocky

Randy smirks as he looks up and down at Sherri, before looking at her face,
"I asked if you were looking for a legend thriller," Randy then chuckles a
bit and slides his left hand into the left pocket of his suit pants, "And
my guess is... yes you are."

Sherri continues to look at Randy with a raised eyebrow, seemingly
unimpressed with the studdly youngster " you have an idea who I
am?" Sherri shakes her head "Beat it..." Sherri says as she waves Randy off
with her right hand.

Randy raises an eyebrow, "Excuse me.... what did you just say?" Randy folds
his arms, "I know who you are but you obviously have no idea who I am... you
old bitch..."

Sherri raises her eyebrow high up as she starts to push herself up from off
of her seat "What did you just call me, little boy?" Sherri asks as she folds
her arms, staring at Randy.

Randy smirks, "Christ... you are old and hard of hearing.... I called you an
old bitch..." Randy laughs as he looks at Sherri's half finished cocktail on
the bar, then he looks back at her, "And a drunk one too..."

Sherri glares at Randy as she nods her head "Ohh...I know you are..." Sherri
says as she points her finger at Randy "You're Bobby Orton's boy..." Sherri
says as she unfolds her arms.

Randy smirks, "That's right I am..." Randy then unfolds his arms and points
at Sherri, "And you should be pretty grateful you caught my eye... since
you're so past your prime."

Sherri laughs and shakes her head ", I'm not past my prime."
Sherri nods her head as she picks up her cocktail glass and downs the
remaining half of her drink. Sherri swallows the beverage and sets the glass
back down on the bar top "I can still handle it...I can still get wild...
crazy..." Sherri replies.

Randy raises an eyebrow, "Oh please... you couldn't keep up with me... let
alone some old geezers your age..." Randy laughs as he places a hand on top
of the bar. "If you ever tried to wild and crazy... you'd probably break a

Sherri raises her eyebrow and slowly nods her head "Ok...ok, little boy, my
hotel room is here...right now."

"Hey... take it easy old lady..." Randy smirks, "We need to get your
walker... or do you use a wheelchair?"

Sherri looks at Randy with a glare, before she pushes him roughly with her
left hand, causing Randy's back to hit against the bar top. Sherri steps away
from Randy and points at him "I'll meet you up 212" Sherri says
as she starts to walk away, but then stops and turns her head to look back at
him "Don't be late..."

Randy smirks, "I hope you don't fall asleep since it's so late..." Randy says
as he stands up and straightens his suit a bit.

Later in the night...

Outside of room 212, Randy is standing outside of the door, wearing just his
black suit pants and his white button shirt. He has his suit jacket draped
over left arm. "Time to take down another legend..." Randy laughs a bit and
knocks on the hotel room door.

The door slowly opens and standing in the doorway of the hotel room, Sherri
Martel is now dressed in a black silk bathrobe, looking truly sensational.
Sherri holds the door open and nods "'re on time.."

Randy smirks, "I'm always on time..." Randy says as he steps into Sherri's
hotel room and he tosses his black suit jacket on top of a dresser. Randy
puts his hands on his hips, "So.... do you need to take any medication?"

Sherri raises her eyebrow as she closes the door, once Randy is inside.
Sherri turns back to Randy and points at him "You sure are cocky..." Sherri
says as she starts to walk toward him.

"All you old timers say that..." Randy laughs, "But then I've either
killed... or thrilled them all... or even both..." Randy licks his lips as
he looks at Sherri, "And I bet you can't wait to try me out..."

Sherri shakes her head, as she stands right in front of Randy, as he stands
in front of the bed. Sherri raises her eyebrow as she presses her lips
together "We'll just see who thrills who..." Sherri says as she pushes Randy
back onto the bed. Randy lays back on the bed as the sensational one, Sherri,
mounts herself on top of Randy. Sherri leans her head down and puts Randy
into a lip-lock as she starts to unbutton Randy's white long-sleeved shirt.
Randy takes advantage of Sherri putting him into a tight lip-lock and slides
his tongue into her mouth. He circles her tongue with his own while sliding
his hands up her silk bathrobe covered arms. Randy lets Sherri stay on top
of him longer than she would think he would, but Randy moves his hands to
the front of her black silk bathrobe and starts to push it open.

Sherri pops open the last button on Randy's shirt and opens his shirt up to
reveal his muscular and toned chest and stomach. As Sherri presses her tongue
against Randy's tongue, kissing him, she places her soft hands on top of
Randy's muscular, rock-solid chest. Randy pushes Sherri's black bathrobe open
and feels his hands brush against her large, unconcealed chest. Randy moans a
bit into Sherri's mouth as he slides both his hands over and around Sherri's
large tits, before he pushes her up to break the kiss. Randy licks his lips,
"So... how new are these?" Randy asks it with an arrogant smirk as he cups
her chest with his hands.

Sherri raises her eyebrow and points at Randy "Watch it, little boy..."
Sherri says as she moves her hands down from Randy's chest and lowers them
to the belt around Randy's waist. Sherri begins to unbuckle his belt as she
lowers herself down Randy's strong legs.

Randy smirks as he sits up on the bed, using his elbows to support himself,
"You're the one who better watch it... because I'm not a little boy..." Randy
again gets a cocky smirk on his face as Sherri finishes unbuckling his belt
and she pulls it through the loops of his black suit pants. Randy also takes
a moment to kick off his lace-less black shoes that he's wearing, and both
shoes land down on the floor with a clunk. Sherri smirks a bit as she slowly
unzips the zipper on Randy's black suit pants with her hands. She then
casually tugs down his suit pants from off of his waist. Randy arches his
body up a bit allowing Sherri to completely remove his black suit pants. As
Sherri removes his black suit pants, Randy slips his white button long
sleeved shirt off completely and tosses it off the bed. Within a few moments,
Randy is down to just his black boxer shorts, which has a huge bulge within
it. Randy smirks down at Sherri and licks his lips, as she happens to look
at his face.

Sherri raises her eyebrow and smirks "You really think you have something
special there...don't you little boy?" Sherri says as she places her hand
against the bulge in the crotch of Randy's boxers; clearly feeling Randy
isn't really a 'little boy'.

Randy smirks, "I got about twelve reasons to think I do have something
special there..." Randy grins as he looks down at Sherri's large chest, "And
I can tell you can't wait to see what I got... you old hag..."

Sherri raises her eyebrow at Randy, before she lowers his boxers down off of
his waist, allowing his cock its freedom. Sherri nods her a bit "
do have a reason to be cocky..." Sherri replies as she gently wraps her left
hand around his cock and slowly begins to stroke his cock.

"My big cock has no reason for it... but it does help..." Randy laughs as
Sherri brings his twelve-inch shaft to life with her hand, and as it grows,
it become surprisingly thick and rigid. Sherri hovers her head over Randy's
cock and spits some of her warm saliva down onto his cock. Her warm saliva
rolls down from the head of his cock, and begins to run down the sides of
his shaft, while she gradually increases the speed of her hand, stroking his

"Mmmm.... so... is that all you can do... just spit and stroke?" Randy asks
with a cock tone. He then puts his hands behind his head and lays back down
completely. Sherri lowers her head down and opens her warm mouth as she
surprises Randy, taking his cock into her mouth. Sherri wraps her lips,
somewhat tightly around his shaft and begins to bob her head on Randy's
cock. Sherri starts off slowly sucking his cock, gradually bobbing her head
quicker. Sherri gently moans against his cock as she laps her tongue around
his stiff, hard cock. Randy lets out a surprised moan as he feels Sherri's
warm mouth and soft lips moving up and down on his stiff cock. "Mmmm... not
bad... but not... quite sensational..." Randy says, but when he arches his
back slightly, Sherri can tell that the young cocky second-generation
wrestler is lying.

Sherri gradually tightens her lips around his cock and begins to twist her
mouth on the head of Randy's cock, before she opens her mouth wider, allowing
more of Randy's cock to pass by her lips as she soon deep throats the cock of
Randy Orton. Randy closes his eyes and licks his lips as he bucks his hips
upward to push his cock up into Sherri's mouth. "Ohhh damn... someone must
not have gotten a dick in a while..." Randy groans as he tries not to give
the Sherri the impression he's enjoying the experienced way she's handling
his shaft.

Sherri gently presses her teeth around Randy's shaft; as she lifts her head
up it causes her tongue to gently grate against his cock. Sherri lifts her
head up to the head of Randy's cock. She slaps her tongue down on the head
of his cock, before gingerly working her tongue into his piss-slit. "Fuck...
damn it... are you just going to suck my cock.... or do you want to get down
and fuck already..." Randy asks with a moan as he again sits up on the bed,
but this time he sits all the way up.

Sherri smirks a bit as she sits up on her knees facing Randy as a good
portion of her black bathrobe is opened, revealing her nice and toned nude
upper body "What? Too much for ya, little man?" Sherri says as she starts
to completely remove her black silk bathrobe.

"No... not at all..." Randy replies with a cocky smirk as he grabs Sherri's
shoulders once she removes her bathrobe to reveal her sensationally hot body.
Randy slams Sherri down on the bed. He gets right on top of her and spreads
her legs with his hands as he flicks his tongue over the hard nipple of
Sherri's right breast.

Sherri smirks a bit "I see you know what you're doing, little boy..." Sherri
says as she watches Randy flick his tongue against her hard nipples.

Randy lifts his head away from her nipples and smirks, "I know more than
that..." With that, Randy slides down Sherri's body, bringing his young
handsome face to her smoothly shaved pussy. Randy flicks his tongue against
Sherri's clit, lightly dabbing the tip of his tongue against it while blowing
hot air against it as well. Randy looks up at her and Sherri can see the
confident look in his eyes as he teasingly slides his tongue from side to
side over her clit.

Sherri grits her teeth gently as she watches Randy flicks his tongue against
her warm pussy "Ohhhh...uhhhh...yeah..." Sherri moans as she tilts her head
back and closes her eyes as she starts to feel Randy's tongue dart in and
out of her sensational pussy. Randy presses his whole face down against her
pussy, as if to inhale the scent of her cunt as he quickly moves his tongue
in and out of her. Randy reaches up to Sherri's tits with both hands and
pinches both of her hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. With
his tongue inside of Sherri's pussy, Randy moves it around in circle inside
of her, touching spots within Sherri never would expect to feel his tongue.

"Ohhhhh...awww...damn, little boy.." Sherri groans with a smile as she
starts to grind her pussy against Randy's warm and tongue as she keeps her
eyes closed, enjoying the skill Randy is using with his face and tongue.

Randy notices how much Sherri is enjoying the pleasure he's giving her and
he lifts his head up from her pussy. He licks his lips, "Hey... calm down
you old lady... we're just getting started..." Randy sits up on his knees
between Sherri's beautiful legs and places his left hand on her stomach.
Randy then takes a hold of his thick twelve-inch cock to guide it towards
the soft lips of Sherri's wet pussy. After pushing the tip into her, Randy
releases his shaft and puts his right hand on Sherri's right thigh, then he
thrusts his cock forward with a good amount of force.

Sherri grits her teeth as she feels Randy's cock piston in and out of her
wet pussy "Ohhh uhhhh.... awww.." Sherri moans as begins to push herself
back against Randy's cock, everything he withdraws his cock a bit from her
pussy, before shoving his stiff cock back inside the warming and sensational
pussy of Sherri.

Randy grinds his teeth together as he drills Sherri's pussy with hard stiff
thrusts. "Ughhhhh you... fucking... like that.... dick... bitch..." Randy
grunts as he begins to pick up the pace of his thrusts. His rather large
ball sack slaps down against Sherri's skin repeatedly when Randy's thrusts
become faster and faster, which also makes the bed he and Sherri are on
squeak noticeably.

Sherri wraps her smooth and strong legs around Randy's waist as she starts
to grind her pussy against Randy's cock, sharply, each time he thrusts into
her prime pussy " that, little boy?" Sherri grunts back.

Randy bites his bottom lip as Sherri squeezes his waist tightly with her
legs, making him loose the timing of his thrusts and for him to fuck her
sensational pussy erratically. "Uhhh... you.. wanna fuck... me... that bad...
huh... don't ya..." Randy snaps back as he tries to adjust to Sherri's legs
being around him. Sherri places her hands firm on the bed and uses all of her
strength to lift her body a bit off of the bed. The sensational one begins to
throw all of her body weight against Randy and his hard cock, slapping sweaty
skin against sweaty skin. Sweat drips off of Randy's brow as he begins to
start breathing rather hard. Fearing Sherri might out fuck him, Randy takes
advantage of Sherri lifting her body off the bed to slide his arms underneath
her. The young cocky muscular stud then rolls to left in order to get on to
his back. Before Sherri can adjust to the sudden switch, Randy slaps his hot
and sweaty hands onto her waist and begins to bounce the legendary former
women's champion up and down on his shaft.

Sherri grits her teeth as she wildly bounces quickly on the Legend Killer's
thrilling cock. Sherri tilts her head back as she slams down on his stiff,
rigid cock "Ohhhh... mmmm... ohhh yess.." Sherri moans as she places her
hands down on Randy's seemingly sweaty chest as she starts to buck her hips,
making her bounce quicker on his cock while she thrusts her body back on his

Randy grinds his teeth together in frustration as to how quickly Sherri
caught on, and the young arrogant SmackDown grappler arches his legs so that
his knees are bent and his feet are flat on the bed. "Fuck.... you're...
taking... full advantage... aren't ya... ahhhh shit..." Randy grunts, trying
to hide his frustration while he begins thrusting his cock up into Sherri's

Sherri gently digs her nails into Randy's muscular and sweaty chest as she
slams down hard on his cock "Ohhhh fuck yess!" Sherri moans as she starts
to grind herself against his cock as she sits completely down on his cock,
burying his cock deep in her sensational pussy. Randy licks his lips and
groans in a bit of pain as Sherri's sharp fingernails rake across his chest.
With his legs bent the way they are, Randy starts rocking on the bed until
he's able to sit up so he's know face to face with the Sensational One. He
wraps his arms around Sherri's body and continues rocking back and forth on
the bed, causing his cock to be in awkward angles as Sherri comes down on

Sherri tilts her head back as she comes crashing down on Randy's cock
awkwardly angled as she bounces, now more due to Randy's powerful, strong
hands lifting Sherri up and down on his own cock. Sweat drips off of Sherri's
sensational body as she rocks back and forth on his throbbing, stiff cock.

Randy clenches his eyes shut and tilts his own head back. His entire young
body is dripping with sweat, with it coming down his face, neck, chest and
arms. "Ahhh... ohhh... shit... you... fucking.... cunt!" Randy yells as he
suddenly starts to cum inside of Sherri's pussy, flooding it with his hot

Sherri arches her body back as she feels Randy's warm cum flood her
sensational and soothingly warm pussy "Awwww...little did goood..."
Sherri groans as she feels Randy's cock begin to soften inside of her warm
pussy. Sherri gently lifts herself off and away from Randy's cock as she
wipes her forehead clean of sweat. Sherri breathes heavily as she fans
herself off with her left hand as she places her right hand on her hip
"Whew....not so bad, huh?" Sherri asks, short of breath.

Randy glares at Sherri but smirks, "Yeah... not bad..." Randy looks away from
Sherri as he scoots towards the edge of the bed and stands up. He wipes some
sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand and then slowly looks at

Sherri smiles at Randy "You were very impressive there, little boy." Sherri
replies with a tired laugh.

Randy smirks, "I'm not... a little boy..." Randy says with a grin before he
suddenly grabs Sherri's head, turns a bit and drops down to the hotel room's
carpeted floor, driving Sherri's face down into it with the RKO. Randy then
gets to his feet and smirks down at the unconscious body of Sensational
Sherri on the floor. Randy wipes some more sweat from his forehead with
his hand and licks his lips, "Chalk up another legend... for the legend


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