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Taking Over Takeover
by kmr2009

"Wow, this is amazing."

"Aye." One half of the four horsewomen stand in the middle of a ring in an empty arena. The Barkley Center in Brooklyn is quiet for the moment but will soon be packed for the first of two big shows. Tonight both Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are competing in different matches. However, they are walking around the ring to get a feel for the arena.

The two women go around the ring going over both their matches tonight and the match the next night. They discussed different spots. Finally they reached a point with Sasha having Becky against the ropes. They are at ease and everything seems silly until Sasha reaches down to pull up the middle rope over the top rope trapping both of Becky's arms.

"Sash, wat are you up to?" The thick Irish brogue of Becky trying to stay at ease despite the precarious position. It doesn't help that Sasha is pressed against her. Sasha's hands begin to move from Becky's arms over to Becky's breasts. Becky practically gulps as Sasha gives her a predatory smile then Sasha begins to grope Becky's small perky breasts. After a few moments enjoying playing with Becky's breasts, Sasha moves her hands under Becky's tank top pulling it over her breasts exposing her sports bra. The cool arena air causes Becky to close her eyes as she shivers. She misses as Sasha deftly pulls up her sports bra. Becky's exposed nipples harden almost painfully under the cool air. Becky's eyes fly open. "We can't do this. People will see us!"

"Well not if we hurry. We got another thirty minutes before anyone else is expected to be here. Now unless you're screaming my name or begging for more, shut the hell up."

With that Sasha knelt down, and pulled down Becky's workout shorts and panties. Sasha placed both of Becky's legs over her shoulders leaving Becky suspended in air being held up by the ring ropes. Sasha licks her lips as she uses her fingers to open up Becky's wet folds. Sasha takes a long deep lick from the bottom of Becky's pussy to the top.

"Christ almighty!"

Sasha smiles as she goes back in. She alternates her technique between licking up and down Becky's pussy to using her tongue as a little cock jackhammering in and out of Becky. All the while Sasha's fingers now begin to play with Becky's clit. Sasha's other hand moves up Becky's body till she is able to start pinching Becky's aching right nipple.

"Ahhhh! Right there! Yes girlie! Right there!"

Sasha now begins focusing on jackhammering her tongue as deep as possible. Then she moves the fingers on Becky's clit up to Becky's left nipple, while Sasha takes Becky's clit in her mouth. She flicks her tongue of Becky's clit while she pinches the nipples. Becky can feel her orgasm getting closer. However, she is taken by surprise as Sasha lightly bites down on her clit while Sasha twists both of Becky's nipples hard. Becky's eyes go wide as the pain causes her to have a surprise orgasm that hits her hard.

"Holy fucking shit! Fuck!" Sasha can feel the heels' of Becky's feet pressing hard against her back as Becky's body arches up. As the orgasm subsides, Sasha lets Becky's legs fall of her shoulders as Becky sags against the ropes. Sasha still on her knees admires the wreck she has left Becky. Finally she gets off her knees and moves over to kiss Becky. Sasha starts the kiss as the dominant one but soon Becky gets into the kiss and both women seem to be battling each other with their tongues. Neither woman wanting to let the other win. However, Sasha began to rub Becky's already sensitive pussy causing the Irish girl to moan. Sasha pulled back smiling broadly.

"Let's really christen this ring."

Sasha slowly pushed three fingers inside Becky's pussy and curled them till she found just the right spot. She finally finds it and begins to fuck Becky with renewed vigor making sure to hit Becky's sensitive spot. Sasha knew a secret about Becky: she was a squirter. As Sasha is fucking Becky with one hand, she uses her other hand to rub Becky's clit.

"Fuck! Gonna....oh!" Becky tries to arch up as her orgasm begins to build. Finally her body goes stiff as Becky screams out, "Sasha! Fuck! Oh fuck! FUCK!!!!"

Sasha works furiously through Becky's orgasm until finally she has Becky squirting like a geyser. It only lasts a few seconds till Becky slumps completely spent. Sasha's fingers slip out of Becky as the tied up woman slumped. Sasha brings her wet fingers to Becky's mouth and without a thought Becky welcomes the fingers into her mouth. Once the fingers are sufficiently clean, Sasha removes her fingers from Becky's mouth. She releases Becky's arms from the ring ropes while Becky tries to stand on wobbly legs. The bright red-orange hair diva looks at the wet mat with a worried expression

"Sasha look at the mess we made. We're gonna get in trouble."

"Please girl people will just think it's sweat but we'll know that they are wrestling on the spot that you soaked. Doesn't that get you hot? It does me." With that statement Becky watches as Sasha takes off her clothes with a confidence of someone who knows they have a body to die for. Becky watches as Sasha moves over to one corner of the ring. She reaches out to grab the ropes as she slightly bends over before she turns back to Becky. "Now get over here and show me what you really are."

"O' and wut would that be?"

"Well you like to call yourself the lass kicker but I know and you know that if you move the l to where the k is, we have what you really are, my Irish asslicker. Now get over here and lick my ass!"

Becky wanted to make a snappy comeback but the sight of Sasha's naked backside was too much to resist. She kneels behind Sasha and grabs ahold of Sasha's butt. Becky spreads Sasha open exposing Sasha's puckered opening to the Irish diva. Without a second thought, Becky begins running her tongue from the bottom of Sasha's pussy all the way up to her anus. Becky spends a second longer lavishing the Sasha's rosebud.

After a few minutes of this treatment, Sasha reaches back and pushes Becky's head deeper between her butt cheeks. "Enough foreplay, stick that tongue up my ass like a good girl."

Becky gives a few licks around the opening of Sasha's anus seemingly coaxing it open before she buries her tongue inside. She jabs her tongue inside Sasha's ass like a little cock. Becky then reaches around Sasha so that she can begin rubbing the Boss's clit. The dual sensations begin to have an effect on Sasha as she begins to move her hips pushing them back to get more of Becky's tongue in her ass.

"Yeah right there. Get that tongue up the Boss's ass. Fuck you're good at this. You and your little friends really... shit... got it right calling ya'll the submission sorority. Yes! So close! There's Paige who offers her pale 'arse' to any diva and Charlotte who is Stephanie's special toy. Then... there is you... oh! Oh! My... little... Irish.... Bitch!!!!"

Sasha's orgasm racks her body as she finishes her diatribe. She tightens her grip on Becky's hair while her asshole has Becky's tongue in a vice grip. Becky slows her movements easing Sasha through her orgasm. Finally the dual grips release Becky who sits back on her heels looking up at the gorgeous self-proclaimed boss of the WWE divas.

Sasha turns around and smiles at Becky. She bends over and kisses Becky then helps Becky stand. Both women continuing kissing in the ring despite being in various states of nakedness. Finally Sasha pulls back and looks at Becky.

"Let's go Bex, time to get ready for the show."

"I dunno this seemed like quite the show."

"No my little Irish lass. This was just the beginning. Tonight is the main course and after the show we'll go back to my hotel and I'll show you why I am really the Boss."

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