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Taking The Boss Down A Notch
by Dayjib

The match had been going of for a while, past 12 minutes, but still neither girl had made any significant advantage. Bayley vs Sasha Banks, for Sasha's NXT Women's Championship, it what was a terrific, back and forth match. It was also a match that had taken it's toll on both girls, with both of them clambering up the ropes at this stage to get back up to their feet, and in particular, the match frustrated Sasha Banks to no end.

"Damn" she thought "I can't lose to her, to Bayley. I mean just look at her, she's like a child; her purple gear like something a clown would wear, her stupid kiddy headband, her hugging and smiling and waving. She shouldn't even be allowed to wrestle, she doesn't think like and adult. I cannot face losing my title to her, nothing would be more shameful." It was at this moment, Sasha had made her decision; she wasn't going to let this match go on any longer, she was going to end it no matter what.

Sasha rushed to get to her feet first, and just as Bayley was gaining her footing on the mat, Sasha quickly snuck up behind her, and rolled her over into a small package pin. Not to leave it their though, wanting to make sure she got the win, Sasha grabbed a handful of Bayley's tights, and pulled at them for leverage. The pull caused Bayley's colourful purple pants to come some way down her large ass, exposing the incredibly friendly girl's Pink thong and a large portion of her ass cheeks. Bayley instantly screamed feeling her pants pulled down so much, and started to struggle against Sasha. Problem was, Bayley was struggling against 2 different issue's; struggling to stop her embarrassing whale tail thong exposure, and also struggling against the pin. The result was Bayley's failure to stop either of them, the ref counted the pin "1, 2, 3!" while Sasha also managed to keep hold of the tights, showing Bayley's ass in the tiny underwear until she released the pin. Bayley only managed to hide her humiliating exposure after rolling out the ring post match to pull her pants up, by which point it was already too late, everyone in the crowd, and the filming camera's sending the whole thing live to the people at home, had got a good look of her tiny Pink thong and a large amount of her large butt cheeks.

Not that Sasha cared about that, in fact she felt quite proud of herself for that; to not only win, but humiliate Bayley a bit more by pantsing her a little bit, it couldn't have gone better in Sasha's eyes. The self proclaimed Boss of NXT got her hand raised by the ref, had her title handed to her, she briefly posed with her title above her head to the crowd, then turned getting ready to leave the ring. She was brought to a halt though when she heard a voice behind her, the voice of the woman she had just defeated and exposed, the voice of Bayley who had got a microphone and rolled back into the ring.

"Why do you always have to do this Sasha? Why do you always have to bully and humiliate me? What have I done to you? I tried to be you friend, I tried to stay out your way, and I tried to fight you with everything I have, and yet you still treat me with not respect. I know you think I'm dorky and too friendly, but everyone else backstage, and every fan in this crowd really like me for being me, for being this friendly. So I don't think I'm the problem, I think you are just a big meanie bully!"

Sasha spent the whole speech staring at Bayley with a look of over-exaggerated, clearly sarcastic, look of interest, before snatching the the mic from Bayley's hands when she was finished.

"Oh boo hoo, is poor little Bayley going to cry? Is she going to burst into tears over what big bad Sasha did?" Sasha retorted in a mocking voice, as if speaking to a small child, before laughing in Bayley's face, and reverting to her usual scathing, bitchy tone.

"Give me a break. I do this stuff to you because you are a natural born loser, and I'm a winner. You feel embarrassed after tonight? Please, I'm the one who should be embarrassed for not finishing you off earlier. If anything I helped you, I showed the world that you not totally a child, showing off that sexy little thong you wearing. Naughty little Bayley, not as innocent as you make out, hmmmm?" This comment at her underwear had Bayley turning red with embarrassment, a fact that caused Sasha to grin to herself.

"You talk about all these people loving you, and how I'm a bully. Well I say to you Bayley, that I don't really care what you or anyone else thinks. You see, I'm the BOSS, so I'll do what I want, when I want, to whoever I want." At this comment, Sasha dropped the mic with a scowl on her face aimed at Bayley, before turning back again to leave the ring. A decision she would come to regret; after months of being teased, cheated, ambushed, and humiliated by Sasha Banks, Bayley was reaching breaking point, and that speech by Sasha, that complete apathy, that was enough to set the sweet girl off. As Sasha turned her back to Bayley, the usually kind master of hugs snapped, and let out a primal scream, before pulling Sasha sharply to the ground by her hair.

Sasha was stunned, she hadn't quite put together what happened to her, but before she could do anything, Bayley was on top of her like a wild animal, punching at Sasha wildly. Sasha had to use everything she had just to defend herself, and even that wasn't enough to block all the punches; Bayley was like a woman possessed. Before Sasha could even think of a possible way out of this, Bayley got up from straddling her, but grabbed a handful of her hair as she got up, forcing Sasha to her feet, her head aching from her hair being pulled. As soon as she was at her feet, Bayley wrapped her arms around Sasha's stomach, grabbing a bit of her black shorts as well, and delivered a big Belly to Belly Hugplex to Sasha Banks. She did not let go though, no she remained clinched to Sasha, as she delivered another, then another, then another, Bayley having truly snapped. The grabbing of the shorts meant that the Boss's gear was pulled up a significant amount, giving Sasha quite a large wedgie; it was to the point that most of her ass was on display, and even a tiny bit of the purple lace of her underwear. Sasha was not too concerned about this at the moment though, or about anything, the onslaught of Hugplexes had left the NXT Women's Champion completely out cold.

Bayley looked down at the unconscious Sasha, and remembered all the time's she had been humiliated at her hands, and then thought to the herself that now would be the perfect time to get her retribution. Bayley walked to the downed Sasha, and grabbed her Black wrestling top, and pulled it up, exposing Sasha's purple lace bra, to much cheers from the Full Sail crowd. She then grabbed Sasha's legs, pulled them up until her ass was in the air, then she grabbed onto the hem of her wedgied shorts, and pulled them down Sasha's legs, giving the still filming camera's a great shot of Sasha, legs spread in the air, her ass up, with nothing but a sexy purple thong covering very little. Bayley looked down at her partially stripped rival and laughed, then thought of how humiliated Sasha would feel when she came too; and not wanting to wait to find out, Bayley rolled Sasha onto her stomach so her thong clad ass was sticking up in the air, Bayley then licked her hand, and delivered a fierce stinging slap right onto Sasha's exposed rear.

This was just what was required to wake Sasha Banks up, as she screamed in pain, and flung a hand back to rub her hurt bottom. It was at that point, the point she felt the bare skin of her ass, that Sasha truly realized her predicament; she was stripped down to her underwear, stripped to her sexy bra and thong, in the middle of the ring, with everyone seeing her like this. Soon that cry of pain evolved into one of humiliation, Sasha's face blushing feircly as she was experiencing by far the most humiliating moment of her life. She tried to scamper away, to run back covering her exposed ass, but Bayley would not allow that. Before Sasha could truly run away, Balyey reached out, wrapped an arm around her stomach, and threw her towards the corner, where Sasha landed in a seated position, banging her head on the middle turnbuckle as she landed. This hit disorientated Sasha momentarily, but that was all Bayley needed to close the gap between herself and Sasha, to make sure she couldn't get away. Bayley smugly looked down at Sasha, loving the look of fear and embarrassment on her face.

She then spoke to Sasha "Seems you really wanted to see my ass earlier when you pulled my pants down. Well her you go then, here's my ass." With that, Bayley turned her back to Sasha, pulled down her trousers, this time exposing all of her butt covered by a tiny pink thong, and started to back up to Sasha. Sasha instantly knew what this meant, and started begging, pleading, desperatly trying to move her face away, but it was no use, in no time Sasha Banks's face was engulfed right into the middle of Bayley's large ass. Sasha's muffled screams could be heard as she kicked and flailed, trying to push Bayley's butt off her face, as Bayley kept pushing back onto her, and wiggled her bum to really get Sasha's face into it. This was now the most embarrassing moment of Sasha's life and nothing could ever top this; her she was, the Boss of NXT, the Women's Champion, stripped down to her tiny underwear, with her face getting rubbed into another girls massive ass. How could anything be more embarrassing?

Bayley stopped her stinkface to Sasha after around a minute and pulled her trousers up, just to make sure Sasha was sufficiently embarrassed, the champ coughing and gagging as her face was finally freed. Sasha crawled out the corner, not thinking at all about her surrounding's or how exposed she would be like this, just thinking about getting out the ring. Bayley saw her crawling, and saw her ass wiggling side to side in her thong as she crawled, and instantly got an idea; she wasn't done with the humiliation yet. No, Bayley got behind the crawling Sasha, reached out, grabbed her little purple thong, and pulled upwards with all her strength. This action resulted in a huge screech from Sasha Banks, as her underwear painfully shot up her ass and pussy. Sasha couldn't believe it, she was a 23 year old woman, but here she was, getting a massive wedgie in the middle of the ring, with everyone in the crowd and everyone watching at home seeing her in her most shameful and vulnerable position, a greatly embarrassing and painful moment that had her face turning bright red, and had her screaming in pain as her underwear harshly rubbed against her ass and pussy. Then Sasha heard something which caused her to feel extreme dread; she started to hear tearing sounds.

She desperately scream "Wait stop!" and "I'm Sorry!" to Bayley, begging the girl to stop the wedgie, but it was to no avail, and eventually, that slight tearing sound became a full on ripping sound, as Sasha's thong was torn in half and ripped from her body, from the weight of Bayley's wedgie.

Sasha naturally screamed, and flung her hands to her pussy, trying to cover up her ultimate exposure. Again though, this was not something that Bayley could allow, no this was perfect, Sasha had to be fully exposed. So, wanting to fulfill this wish, Bayley grabbed both of Sasha's arms, pulled them behind her back, and then yanked the girl upwards to her feet, causing a huge roar from the crowd. Sasha was fully exposed, as she shook her head frantically, her cheeks burning red, her eyes starting to water, as she face this ultimate humiliation. Sasha's pussy was displayed to the crowd; freshly Brazilian waxed as her brown skin was smooth with no hair in sight, above a set of beautiful little pussy lips. This isn't all that Bayley had planned right now though, oh no, this little brat had to learn. At this time, Bayley got down on one knee, and threw the smaller girl Sasha over it, pinned her arms down, and began to spank the the ass of the Bo$$. Bayley alternated her slaps from cheek to cheek, and got stronger as the spanking went on, eliciting whimpers and screams from her truly humiliated rival. Eventually, Sasha's ass turned from brown to pink to a harsh red, as Sasha started to sob uncontrollably, out of pain and humiliation. The hard smacks also caused her to involutary squirm and kick her legs, and act which unfortunately for Sasha caused her to spread her legs, further exposing her pussy more clearly, something which was a treat for all in the audience to which her bottom was facing, and something that was caught by the cameraman. Soon she stopped squirming and struggling entirely, and instead lay still on Bayley's lap crying, Sasha completely humiliated and dejected having been robbed of all her dignity. It was only at this point that Bayley stopped the barrage of slaps on the poor girls red hot ass. Instead Bayley performed one last act of humiliation, unclipping Sasha's bra, declaring that "Naughty little brat bullies like you don't deserve clothes" exposing the girls rather shapely breast and small brown nipples. Sasha didn't even fight this, completely beaten and broken.

Bayley pushed the dejected girl off her lap, rolled out the ring, and made her way up the ramp, high five-ing and hugging some fans along the way. Sasha on the other hand, remained in the ring, not even bothering to cover herself up. All she did was lay on her side rubbing her very sore butt, crying. There she lay, completely naked, ass red after being spanked like a naughty child, her small thong underwear in tatters. Completely exposed, completely humiliated.

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