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Taking Trish Part 1
by Malefic (

I had been working late at the arena, after the show. There was always
something to do, something to clean, or pack away, and though most of the
roadies had gone home or back to the hotel I had elected to stay and check
for anything that remained. Only the ring itself remained, that being a
project for a special crew of engineers to take apart and pack. As I passed
the central part of the stadium, where the ring was located, I could hear
someone in the ring, running the ropes. I looked towards the ring, ready to
call security because everyone else had pretty much gone home. I stopped
when I saw who it was. Trish Stratus was working out in the ring, practicing
hitting the ropes and doing flips.

Her golden hair flowed out and behind her as she rebounded off a rope
dropping into a baseball slide then popping back up to do a front flip,
landing solidly on her back and that luscious ass. As she did her huge
breasts jiggled, though restrained by the latex top she wore, still an
enticing sight. She was dressed in her ring attire, the black latex top
stretched across her ample cleavage, the black latex ring pants tight
across her phenomenal ass, and despite my familiarity with seeing this
type of thing, I felt a stirring deep within my loins.

Shifting uncomfortably I found myself approaching the ring, my eyes locked
on her incredible form. She was laying on her back now, practicing arching
her back and springing back to her feet. It was an incredibly agile move for
anyone to perform but it was obviously new to her and not for the first time
her feet slid out from under her, toppling her gracelessly onto her back.
Failure didn't stop her though, and she continued to try, landing it
perfectly just as I neared the ring. My hands raised in applause and she
jerked in surprise, landing hard again on her back.


"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you- are you all right?" I asked
her, stopping short of the ring.

She had rolled onto her stomach, resting her chin on the palm of her hand and
was regarding me angrily with those beautiful eyes of hers. "What are you
doing here?" she asked, clearly startled at my presence.

"I stayed behind to clean up some- I thought everyone had gone home and heard
noises in the ring so I came down to see what was going on. And I saw you
practicing your moves so I stopped to watch. Hope you don't mind..."

"Actually I do- I don't mind the show, but for private I would prefer I am

"Aw, c'mon babe- you can practice with me- throw me around a little- C'mon,
it will be fun," I said, stepping through the ropes. Trish was already on her
feet, her hands held out to stop me.

"No, stop- if you don't leave right now I'll..."

"You'll do what? You and I? We're all that's left in the building babe.
There's no one left, no one at all..."

She turned as if to leave and I reached out, grabbing her hair and yanking
hard. Caught off balance she fell heavily to her back, the impact knocking
the air out of her. She rolled to her stomach almost immediately, and made
as if to slide under the ropes but I dropped a quick elbow onto her back
before she could get far. When she reached around to grab her back, I seized
her arm and wrenched it up behind her back in a hammerlock like maneuver,
except that I was pushing beyond the normal distance the wrestlers do. She
opened her mouth to scream in pain and I snaked my fingers through her hair,
yanking back even as I pulled her roughly to her feet.

On a roll I whipped her into the corner and kicked her brutally in the
stomach knocking the air from her lungs. She bent over surprised and I took
the opportunity to give her a quick DDT to the canvas, bouncing her pretty
face off the mat. She groaned and held her head, her legs kicking at the
sudden pain I had inflicted.

Sliding out of the ring I quickly searched under the ring for a toy while she
struggled to her feet and fell heavily back into the corner. As I slid back
into the ring, a kendo stick in one hand and a trash can lid in the other she
started forward and began kicking at me, striking my head and back region.

I rolled away rising to my knees facing away from her and swung with the
kendo stick in a roundhouse as she followed me, catching her flat in the gut
bending her over again. I rose quickly and brought the stick crashing down
on her shoulder blades with a loud THWACK! She dropped to her knees screaming
in pain. Grabbing the trash can lid I clutched it tightly in one hand and
spun in a tight circle, connecting with the back of her head dropping her
face first to the canvas. She groaned as I pulled her to her feet, my hand
firmly ensconced in her hair and I whipped her into the ropes, smashing her
in the face with the lid using both hands as she came running back at me.

The impact knocked her off her feet and she landed heavily on her back,
twitching a little here and there as a slow trickle of blood started at
the corner of her mouth. I stared down at the nearly defeated diva, chest
heaving as I sucked air. I wanted her bad, but an idea had just come into
my head to insure her compliance. I dropped the lid next to her head and
slid out of the ring quickly grabbing the toy I sought and sliding it back
into the ring towards her prone body. As I set up the table I thought
about the wood she would be getting, and the wood I would give her later
as well.

Having arranged the table the way I wanted it I turned back to her and
easily pulled her to her feet using that luscious mop of hair again. As
she swayed unsteadily before me I kicked her once in the stomach, knocking
the air out of her and bending her over. When she did I grabbed her hair
and shoved her head between my thighs, and wrapping my arms around her
taut stomach, swung her up onto my shoulders and delivered a thunderous
powerbomb onto the table!

She landed heavily, her limbs splaying out and head bouncing off the hard
wood but oddly enough the table didn't break. As she lay there in extreme
amounts of pain the light from the overhead spots shone off her latex
covered body and I realized, no matter how compliant she was now I wasn't
going to be happy until the bitch went through the table.

I pulled her off the table again and she struggled slightly, putting her
hands against my chest and pleading with me, saying she would do anything,
just not to hurt her anymore but I was determined and I set her up one
more time for the tablebomb...

Spinning her up onto my shoulders I relished the fact that I had her legs
wrapped around my head and taking a huge whiff of her pussy I slammed her
down hard, sending her crashing through the table to the mat below even as
I savored that heady scent of sweet muskiness her crotch had given me.

She lay in the broken wreckage of the table, a leg up on a half of the
table, her body twitching in pain. I took in the sight gleefully, reaching
down to stroke my aching cock absentmindedly. She wasn't in any shape to
give me any trouble anymore and I slid out of the ring pulling her to me.
She mumbled incoherently as I slung her over my shoulders and walked out
of the arena, my newest prize clutched tightly in my arms, promising a
pleasant night ahead.

* * *

When she awoke she was still dressed in her ring attire, but had been bound
to a chair, her arms stretched out along what seemed to be a bar running
behind the chair. I had strapped her to the bar with black electrical tape
and she struggled uselessly with the tight bonds for a few moments before
realizing how trapped she was. She opened her eyes and focused on me,
sitting in a recliner several feet away from her, just watching her, a long
metal rod clutched tightly in my hands.

"Ahh, your finally awake. Good, I trust you slept well?"

She didn't answer, staring at me with hard hatred, her breasts heaving from
the exertion of attempted escape. I didn't care- I liked them like that- made
breaking them all the more fun. I stood and walked to her, reaching out to
run my fingers through her hair, but she jerked her head away from me. "You
know- this is a sight many a young boy would love to see- the great canadian
bombshell, Trish Stratus, tied up in their basement... Maybe I should make a
movie out of this, what do you think. I know for certain I could make money
off of your assets."

"Fuck off..." she said, anger brimming in her voice.

I chuckled, "Maybe later dear- when your more...ready for me. Right now
though? I think it's time you learned who your master is." I raised the rod
I held in my hand and placed it securely against the inviting flesh of her
right tit. "Say cheese," I said, as I pressed the button triggering the
massive electrical charge that raced through her system.

"GAAAAAAAHHHH! " she screamed, throwing her head back as the powerful current
shocked her...

"Yes, scream bitch- and keep practicing that- When I get done torturing your
pretty diva ass your gonna beg me to fuck you."

"F....fuck you, I'll never beg you."

I shrugged, pressing the instrument into her crotch, sending wave after wave
of energy coursing through her fine form. "Suit yourself.."

"GAAAHHHHH!" she screamed, thrashing around in her chair trying to escape the
painful surge. I kept the rod tight against her skin, pressing cruelly into
her, and soon her head fell, limp against her chest, the current too much for
her, causing her to pass out. Lifting her chin with his finger he gazed into
her face before dropping her head back to land on her chest- "This will be
a fun experiment Ms. Stratus- but in the end, you will be mine."

Later- the diva awoke, her shoulders and arms aching terribly. She blinked
blearily as she realized that her position had been changed while she slept
and she was now hanging from a hook jutting from a nearby wall. Her hands
had been handcuffed together and slipped over the hook, with the floor just
within reach if she arched her back and stretched. However, this placed even
more stress on her already tortured shoulders and she could only hold the
position for a few moments before falling to hang against the wall again.

The door creaked and her tormentor entered, the devious shock prod clutched
firmly in his hands. He didn't say a word, simply walking to the wall, his
hand raising to stroke gently along her cheek, the gesture cruelly out of
place considering her position.

"Ready to comply yet?" he asked, drawing his fingers lightly down her torso,
following the curve of her ample bosom.

She jerked, kicking out quickly at him, hoping to maybe hit a soft spot, or
a ball...but he moved quickly aside, chiding her as he did. "Tsk, tsk- it's
a shame it has to be this way Ms. Stratus. Truly a shame, but then, it is
going to be such fun to break you." He emphasized his point by striking her
hard across the face with the back of his hand, rocking her head to the side
and drawing a slow trickle of blood that appeared next to her full lips. The
shock prod followed quickly afterwards, driving into her crotch and in
extreme pain her back arched, jutting her breasts forward in an attempt to
get away from his attack. Quickly reversing the instrument her drove it hard
into her exposed stomach, driving the air from her lungs in a sudden rush.

"AAaaaaaaagh!" she screamed, her head rocking to the side as he hit her again
and again, alternating between body blows that drove the air from her lungs
and backhanded slaps that left her reeling. In the end she hung limply, her
nose and mouth bloody from the abuse and as he released her from the cuffs
she crumpled in a pile to the ground, lacking the strength to resist.

She offered no resistance as he reached down and pulled her to her feet,
his hand firmly grasping her luxurious hair, and pushed her along a short
corridor to a nearby room. He led her to a what looked like a slanted chair
and she sat, saying nothing as he taped her arms together and pulled them
back over her head securing them to a bar somewhere behind her. The position
caused her to arch her back some, jutting her breasts towards him, a position
that was amplified when a curved piece of the chair, covered in padded black
leather was cranked outward from behind, pressing into her spine. Her feet
were secured to a bar beneath the chair as well and as she shifted, trying
to gain a comfortable alternative in this oddly constructed chair her captor
approached her with a thick vibrator that he had produced from seemingly

* * *

The tool was easily 8 inches long, two inches thick and moved back and forth
with cruel intention. "Noooooo," she mumbled as his intention became clear.

"Oh yes..." he promised, hooking his fingers in the elastic waistband of her
tights, pulling them down just enough to slip the monster dildo inside, it's
smooth shape easily slipping inside her tight lips. Switching it to an on
position he released her tights and raised a portion of the chair she hadn't
noticed before, a block that fit over her groin and locked to the spine of
the chair. The immediate effects became evident to her as the back the
makeshift chastity belt ground against the base of the rotating vibrator,
buried deep within her.

"Aaaauuuuughhhh!" she screamed, her mouth open and gaping, head thrown back
against the smooth leather of the bondage chair. The dildo continued to
squirm within the folds of her sensitive pussy and tremors shook her body.

"Enjoy that for a while Trish, I'll be back in a few hours to check on you
Don't worry about the neighbors, there are none. You can scream and scream
all you want and believe me, soon, your going to have no choice..." He
chuckled darkly, his thumbs playing roughly over the tip of her breasts,
nipples rising quickly in forced excitement. His hand slid down her body
dipping into her writhing crotch before raising it to her nose, where he
sniffed deeply. "Ahhh, yes- It won't take long to break you, not long at

With that he turned and walked out, his heels clicking on the stone floor of
the dank smelling place, leaving Trish to her entrapment. As the tremors of
her first orgasm rocked through her she noticed with a sinking heart the
cameras pointed directly at her, red lights blinking as they recorded every
second of her predicament...

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