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Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. I was just listening to the song 'Taking You Down' by Egypt's Central and this is what popped up into my head. Enjoy and Review.

Summary: Kaitlyn is sick and tired of AJ's mind games and she's gonna take her down.

Taking You Down
by chocolatemilk08

"I cant believe she didn't show up", Kaitlyn said to herself. This was the second week in a row that AJ didn't show up to her match and made Kaitlyn have to have a handicap match.

Even though Kaitlyn had won the match with the roll-up pin she was still bitter from the beaten she had received after her match.

Now in front of the ladies locker room she stormed in looking for AJ but, found she was nowhere in sight.

"AJ, I know you're in here so show yourself." Kaitlyn said yelling at the top voice."... are you scared now....I'm so gonna take you down.....",she stopped and turned hearing a clicking sound come from behind and to see that it was AJ standing there in front of her. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing at all Kaitlyn", AJ said walking over to her after locking the door.

"But what are you doing? You look so....angry".

"AJ, don't play with me," Kaitlyn said taking a step closer to her. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Kaitlyn relax", AJ said with a big grin on her face walking over her wrapping her arms around Kaitlyn's neck. "Baby, I've been right here."

"Don't touch me", Kaitlyn said pushing AJ away from her. "Stop playing AJ and answer the damn question, where have you been?"

"Okay, just calm down Kaitlyn." AJ said getting closer to her again but being unsuccessful again. "Listen, Kaitlyn, I'll tell you but can you sit down first."
Kaitlyn didn't, but she wanted an answer and did as AJ asked and sat down on the bench.

"Well," AJ said taking a seat next to Kaitlyn but stopped when AJ moved down the bench away from her. "Okay, well, there's a really good reason for me not showing up."

"Like what!" Kaitlyn said interrupting. She was pretty sure that AJ's reason was going to be a lot of crap but she listened anyway to see what AJ was going to make up now to get her way out of this.

"Well the reason is..." AJ said pausing to face Kaitlyn. "I didn't feel like it."

"What?" Kaitlyn said shocked that AJ didn't even bother making up something. "What do you mean you didn't feel like it."

"I mean that I just didn't feel like it," AJ said with a smirk on her face. "I have much better things to do than being in the ring with you."

"You bitch!" Kaitlyn said standing up in front of AJ looking like she was about to hit her.

"Oh come on, stop bitching about it", AJ said standing up so she can become face to face with Kaitlyn. "You won anyway, so why are you complaining".

"I don't care! Yeah, I won, but you could have helped when I was out there getting my ass beat," Kaitlyn said pointing out the outcome of her match.

"Well, you should have got out the ring instead of celebrating with the damn fans," AJ said pointing out.

Kaitlyn pause not able to respond and soon thought about it. She should have gotten out the ring when she had a chance.

"Kaitlyn, come on, we both know it wasn't my fault," AJ said kissing the taller girl's cheek and a continuing the path down her neck.

"AJ, what are doing?" Kaitlyn asked curiously.

"Come on, don't act like you don't like it....just relax," AJ said continuing what she was doing before Kaitlyn pulled away from her and sat down on the bench. "Okay," AJ said sighing taking a seat next to her.

Kaitlyn was confused. Was it her fault or was it AJ's fault. "Who's to blame?" she asked herself. She didn't know. Now looking up at AJ noticing how sexy she looked today as a smile suddenly went across her face.

"What?" AJ asked noticing Kaitlyn smiling at her. "What? Are you look...." AJ said louder before being cut-off by Kaitlyn's lips against hers. "What are doi....."

"Shut talk too much," Kaitlyn said smiling against AJ's lips.

AJ's lips were so soft. If Kaitlyn would have know how much better kissing AJ was than arguing with her she would have done this a long time ago. Kaitlyn's cold hand soon disappeared up AJ's shirt making AJ shiver. A second later Kaitlyn pulled AJ's shirt over her head and throwing it across the room and then taking her own off. Minutes later Kaitlyn removed AJ's bra to reveal her breast.

"I like you more this way," AJ said before attaching her lips back to Kaitlyn's.

Their warm breast pressed against each others. Kaitlyn soon slide her tongue into AJ's mouth making both of them moan at the feeling. Kaitlyn firmly pushed AJ onto the cold bench not a second taking her lips away from hers. Kaitlyn soon made her way down AJ's neck leaving soft kisses in the most sensitive spots as her skillful hands cupped AJ's firm breast making the woman moan even more than she was.

The very moment Kaitlyn's lips wrapped around AJ's nipple, she knew she was so close. AJ's eyes closed shut tightly as if she was in pain.

"Continue?" Kaitlyn asked with a smirk now on her face.

"Yes," AJ replied not a second later.

Kaitlyn then kissed the path down AJ's abdomen stopping at AJ's pants and undid her belt before sliding them off revealing AJ's pink panties. AJ panties were soaked and the site made Kaitlyn even hotter. She kissed between AJ's thighs teasing before removing her panties.

She examined AJ's beautiful body before running her finger over AJ's wet clit making AJ's body shiver under her. Not a moment later Kaitlyn's mouth wrapped around the girl's clit. AJ tasted so good and, it was something that Kaitlyn never would forget. Her skillful tongue darted in and out of AJ's wet clit. AJ arched her back off the now warm bench moving her hand down into Kaitlyn's hair moaning louder and calling out the other girl's name.

"Kkk...Ka....Kaitlyn....I need you to," AJ moaned out the words.

"To what?" Kaitlyn asked never taking her lips off her clit.

"I....I need....your me," AJ said finally get the words out.

Kaitlyn's lips wrapped around AJ's clit once more before sliding her finger into her.

"Kaitlyn!" AJ cried out the moment the finger slide into her. Kaitlyn removed the finger before getting her last taste of AJ and then return it in her.

Kaitlyn's finger moving in and out of AJ as she moved back up her body planting kisses on her neck. AJ's nails clawed into Kaitlyn's back the moment the second finger entered her. AJ was so close and she could already feel it going threw her body. A moment later AJ let out the biggest orgasm of her life. Kaitlyn kissed the woman once more passionately before getting up and getting dressed and helping AJ find her clothes.

"Now I'm relaxed," Kaitlyn said kissing the other brunette's cheek and walking over to the door.

"Kaitlyn!" AJ said stopping Kaitlyn in her tracks. "Your ama.."

"Amazing?",Kaitlyn said finishing AJ's statement.

"Yeah," AJ said with smile before the other amazing girl left the room.

Kaitlyn walked down the hall with the same smirk on her face "Now that's how you take someone down", she said to herself.

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