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Talent Scouting
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

In late 1997, two of the World Wrestling Federation's young, talented wrestlers, Matt and
Jeff Hardy are walking back to the locker room area after losing an dominating loss to the
New Age Outlaws. Both brothers are dressed in matching dark red plaid style wrestling
tights. "Man bro... we need to get on track... or we'll never make it in the WWF...." Jeff
says to his older brother.

"Yeah I know...." Matt says, "What we need is someone to give us some guidance...."
Matt adds as the two young men pass the WWF's top mischievous trouble maker and
manger, Sunny who's watching a match on a monitor as she scouts out a potential new

Sunny licks her lips slightly and folds her arms at the two young studs, Matt and Jeff
Hardy, pass her. "Mmm...Well...I know what I want..." Sunny says with a slight laugh as
she tosses her soft blonde hair back. Dressed in a short silver skirt and a silver bikini top,
Sunny turns around to watch Jeff and Matt Hardy continue on their way down the
hallway. Being an opportunistic woman, Sunny smirks and begins follow the hot young
tag team down the hallway "Hey boys...wait up..." Sunny calls out to get their attention.

Matt and Jeff both stop walking and they both turn around to look at the hot diva. "Oh
hey Sunny...." Jeff says with a smile.

"Hi Sunny...." Matt says as Sunny catches up to them, "What's up?" Matt asks as Sunny
reaches them.

Sunny places her hands on her rounded hips and smiles as she tosses her soft blonde hair
back "I happened to see you out there...just about ago..." The mischievous diva, Sunny,
says in a sweet voice.

"Oh really?! That's great..." Matt says with an optimistic smile as he thinks about the
possibilities of Sunny taking an interest in him and his brother Jeff.

Jeff nods his head, "Yeah... ummm did... we impress you any?" Jeff asks, "Cause... we
know you're... like... looking for a new Tag Team...."

Sunny nods her head slightly " impressed me..." Sunny then pauses and licks
her lips "You would have impressed more though...if you two won..." Sunny says with
sweet, playful laugh.

Matt Hardy laughs a bit, "Yeah... we've been dying for a win...." Matt says with a bit of a

Jeff slides a hand through his hair, "Totally... we need some help in a bad way...." Jeff
adds as he looks at Sunny.

Matt then puts his hands on his waist, "So Sunny... umm... is there anyway we can like
impress you... we would really like to be a couple of your guys..." Matt says.

Sunny presses her lips together as she raises her eyebrow "Anyway you can impress me?"

Jeff nods his head a bit, "Yeah Sunny... you're the top manager in the WWF.... and we
really would want to impress you anyway possible."

Sunny slightly licks her lips as she slides her right hand through her soft blonde hair
"Well...there is...something you two could do"

"Really?" Matt smiles, "What's that?" Matt asks as he rubs his hands together.

"Well...if I were to take both you as my clients, I would be investing alot of time with
you...and well my time here is precious." Sunny pauses and smiles playfully "So...I think
maybe you two should...I don't know...lay down for me" Sunny pauses and winks "If you
know what I mean..."

The young, slightly inexperience Jeff and Matt Hardy both look at each other and smile
before they look back at Sunny. "Yeah we know what you mean Sunny...." Jeff smiles.

"You want us... to like... lay down for you... right here? Cause our locker room is right
over there...." Matt says as he points over his shoulder.

Sunny smirks and shrugs her shoulders before placing her soft hands on her smooth,
toned waist "Whatever works best for you two studs.." Sunny says with a playful wink as
she lowers her eyes and glances at the crotches of both Matt and Jeff's wrestling tights.

Jeff and Matt both get wide smiles on their young handsome face, "Lets go into our
locker room..." Jeff says as he and Matt both move so that they each can hook an arm
around Sunny's arms. The trio of Sunny and the Hardy Boys walk the short distance to
the small locker room that's assigned to the talented young tag team.

Matt pushes the door open and holds it for Sunny, "After you Sunny...." Matt says with a

Sunny smiles and nods her head "Why thank you Matt..." Sunny says before she laughs

"You're welcome...." Matt says as the beautiful, mischievous blonde haired diva walks
into his and Jeff's locker room.

"Boy... sunny days are going to be coming for us...." Jeff says as he walks into the locker
room, followed by Matt who closes the door after he enters.

Sunny licks her lips and nods her head as she folds her arms and turns back to face Matt
and Jeff Hardy "Ohhh...yes they are, sweeties..." Sunny says as she reaches over her
shoulders and unclips her silver bikini top. Sunny smiles at Matt and Jeff as she peels the
silver bikini top, revealing her firm, perky and perfectly tanned tits.

"Oh shit!" Matt says as he and Jeff stare right at Sunny's perfectly round tits.

Jeff licks his lips, "Oh man.... those look so fucking sweet...." Jeff says as Matt nudges
him a bit.

"Hey bro... lets show her... what we got," Matt says with a slight smirk.

"Yeah..." Jeff nods his head before he and Jeff start to lower their matching dark red plaid
style wrestling pants down from their waist. The two brothers both step out of their
wrestling pants at the same time and they both stand in front of Sunny, totally naked with
big, meaty thirteen inch cocks between their legs.

Sunny looks down at their two hard, meaty thirteen inch cocks and she licks her lips,
nodding her head in approval "Mmmm...very nice boys, very nice indeed..." Sunny says
with a smirk "Those are big dicks...but you got the talent to go with them?" Sunny asks as
she cutely scrunches her nose up.

Matt Hardy licks his lips and puts his hands on his waist, "Yeah... we got the talent to go
with them...."

Jeff smiles, "We don't like to brag... but got we got some serious skills when it comes to
using our special talents...." Jeff says as he looks down at Sunny's short silver skirt and
licks his lips.

Sunny presses her lips together "Well...I'd love to find out..." Sunny replies in a soft,
sweet voice as she tosses her soft blonde hair back and kneels down in the center of the
locker room in front of Jeff and Matt Hardy.

"And we'd love to show you...." Jeff says as both he and Matt walk closer to Sunny and
stand right in front of her. Both men put their hands on their hips as their cocks start to
rise up and get hard before the mischievous blond-haired diva known as Sunny could
touch their big, meaty dicks.

Sunny licks her lips as she reaches forward, wrapping her left hand around Matt's cock
and her right hand around Jeff's cock, the playful and mischievous Sunny begins to move
her hands gently along their shafts as she strokes the two Hardy Boys' hard cocks. Sunny
smiles up at Matt and Jeff "Mmmm...I just love big dicks..."

Matt smiles down at Sunny as his long black hair hangs down a bit, "Mmmm... and we
like chicks who like big dicks...." Matt replies with a quick wink as he and Jeff both
moan a bit as Sunny pumps both of their hard, thick shafts.

Jeff flips his own hair back with one hand as he looks down at Sunny and moans, "Ohhh
yea..." Jeff groans as he licks his teeth a bit.

Sunny licks her lips "So who's the better fuck or your brother?" Sunny asks
playfully as she smooth her right hand smoothly against his shaft while she works her left
hand on Matt's cock, stroking Matt slightly quicker then she's stroking Jeff.

Jeff pauses a bit, then he smiles, "Oh that's me... easily...."

Matt looks at his younger brother and laughs, "Whatever!" Matt groans as he pushes his
cock against Sunny's left hand as she strokes his cock.

Sunny smiles and licks her lips again "So...who should go in my mouth first Matt, you or
Jeff?" Sunny asks with a cute laugh as she continues to move both of her hands gently
and swiftly against their hard, thick cocks.

Jeff beats Matt and quickly answers, "Ohh.... put me in your mouth first!" Jeff says,
sounding very excited with the idea of the hot, Slammy-winning Sunny sucking on his
big, meaty cock.

Jeff nods his head, "Ohh yeah! I really want it!" Jeff says with a big eager smile on his

Matt laughs a bit as he looks at his brother then down at Sunny, "Go ahead Sunny... I
don't mind if you blow Jeff first...." Sunny licks her lips as she places her right hand back
around his shaft and opens her mouth. The mischievous bombshell guides Jeff's cock into
her warm, saliva-dripping mouth with her right hand and presses her lips around his cock.
Within moments Sunny begins to smoothly bob her head along the length of Jeff's meaty
shaft, while she increases the speed of her left hand that is stroking Matt's cock.

"Ohhhh shit yeah.... mmmm fuck....." Jeff moans loudly as he places both of his hands on
Sunny's head as she smoothly bobs her head back and forth on his hard cock. The
younger Hardy brother groans as he feels Sunny's sweet, soft tongue press right against
the bottom side of his cock which sends shivers through his body.

Matt grins as he watches Sunny suck his brother's cock while she pumps his cock with
her left hand, "Mmmm Sunny... you look great sucking on Jeff's dick...." Matt says with a
groan as she squeezes his dick a bit. Sunny closes her eyes as she gently taps her tongue
against Jeff's cock while she bobs her head smoothly up and down on his cock, gradually
taking inch by inch of his meaty cock deeper into her warm, saliva-dripping mouth.
While she's bobbing her head on Jeff's cock she lowers her left hand down to Matt's
ballsack and begins to massage and rub his large ballsack.

Matt licks his lips as Sunny rubs his hot, heavy ballsack, "Ohhh yeah…. Mmm… can you
suck my dick now Sunny?" Matt asks with a groan as his hard, meaty cock points straight
at Sunny.

Jeff licks his lips as he looks down at Sunny, "Mmmm hey bro… I got an idea… before
she blows ya… let's show her a little double team…." Jeff says with a smirk as he looks
at Matt and licks his lips.

Matt smirks a bit, "Yeah… hot idea bro!" Matt says as he and Jeff high five each other
before they work together to gently push Sunny's mouth off of Jeff's big, saliva-covered

Sunny lifts her head up from Jeff's cock and licks her soft, pouty lips "Mmmm...what are
you boys up to!?"

"You'll see...." Jeff says as both he and Matt pull Sunny up to her feet. Jeff steps around
behind Sunny as Matt stands in front of her. The young, hot Hardy Boys both knee down
and then they pull Sunny's short silver skirt down from her hips and slide it down her
smooth tanned legs, followed by a matching a pair of silver colored panties to reveal
Sunny's smooth, hot pussy.

Matt looks up at Sunny and grins, "You might want to brace yourself...." Matt says just
before he leans forward and presses his tongue against Sunny's pussy. Behind her, Jeff
spreads Sunny's gorgeous ass and slides his tongue against her smooth, clean ass crack
and both brothers begin to sandwich Sunny as they lick her warm pussy and ass

Sunny grits her teeth as she stumbles forward slightly but catches her balance
immediately "Ohhh shit..." Sunny groans as she closes her eyes, tilting her head back.
Matt puts his hands on Sunny's waist as he laps his tongue up and down against Sunny's
smooth pussy. He scoots forward a bit and leans down some so that he can push his
tongue into the beautiful, trouble making diva's hot pussy. Meanwhile, Jeff continues to
hold Sunny's hot buns apart as he presses his tongue against Sunny's asshole. He teases
her as he circles the tip of his tongue around Sunny's asshole.

"Ohhh god yesss...." Sunny groans as she places hands down on top of Matt's long, dark
black hair as her works his tongue inside of her pussy, while Jeff works his tongue
around her tight, fabulous asshole.

Matt swirls his tongue around inside of Sunny's warm, wet pussy as Sunny starts pushing
herself forward to grind her pussy against his face. Jeff pushes his tongue into Sunny's
asshole and slowly darts his tongue in and out as he gives Sunny's perfectly tanned ass
cheeks a squeeze that makes her jump slightly, causing both of the Hardy Boys to stop
what they are doing. Matt leans back and looks up at Sunny with a smirk as he licks his
lips, "How was that for a double team?"

Sunny opens her eyes and licks her lips " was fantastic.."

Matt stands up and smirks, "Great.... can you... like... suck my dick now?" Matt asks as
he licks his lips a bit.

"If you're going to blow Matt... can you bend over a bit?" Jeff asks as he stands up behind
Sunny and he pats the beautiful diva's ass.

Sunny smiles at Jeff and winks "I suppose I could..." Sunny laughs cutely as she tosses
her hair back and bends over as she gently places her left hand around Matt's cock to hold
him steady before she opens her mouth and lowers her head on his cock. She presses her
lips around his shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head on the older Hardy's cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhh yeah...." Matt moans as he closes his eyes and puts his hands on the back
of Sunny's head as she sucks on his big meaty thirteen inch shaft.

Meanwhile behind Sunny, Jeff bends his knees slightly so that he can push his big hard
cock into her tight, warm pussy. "Ohhhh yeah...." Jeff groans as he puts his hands on
Sunny's hips as he starts thrusting into the blond-haired diva's pussy with his cock.

Sunny begins moan against Matt's cock as Jeff starts thrust his cock into her tight, warm
pussy. As Sunny bobs her head on Matt's cock, circling her tongue around his shaft,
gently pushes her cute rounded backside back against Jeff's hard and thrusting cock.
"Mmmm…mmmm..." Sunny moans against Matt's cock as her warm saliva drips against
his cock while she bobs her head.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm suck that dick Sunny....." Matt moans as he tilts his head back
and closes his eyes as he thrusts his cock forward past Sunny's lips and deep into her
warm wet mouth.

Jeff licks his lips as he drives his cock deep in and out of Sunny's warm, tight pussy,
"Ohhh shit... fuck bro... Sunny's pussy is so fucking tight...." Jeff groans as he quickens
the pace of his thrusts. Sunny's smooth tanned hips slam back hard against Jeff's cock as
she begins to gently grind her pussy against his thrusting cock. Sunny begins to gently
twist her mouth around Matt's cock as she suddenly lowers her head entirely down on his
cock taking him balls deep into her hot, wet mouth.

Matt grits his teeth as Sunny skillfully sucks on his big thirteen-inch cock. "Ahhh shit...
hey bro... can I tap Sunny's sweet pussy?" Matt asks with a moan.

Jeff nods his head, "Yeah... bro... fuck she's so fucking great..." Jeff replies as he pulls his
throbbing cock out of Sunny's hot tight pussy. Jeff gets a mischievous grin on his face
and then he slaps his cock against Sunny's gorgeous ass before she lifts her head off of
Matt's dick.

Sunny licks her lips and smiles "So what do you hotties got in store for me now?"

Matt licks his lips as he moves over to a small couch and he sits down, "Come on over
Sunny..." Matt says as his wraps his left hand around his cock and strokes it a bit as he
looks at Sunny.

Jeff licks his lips, before he pulls Sunny to him and says into her ear, "Can you like...
have your back to Matt when you get on him?" Jeff asks with a smile.

Sunny licks her lips "Maybe..." She says with a playful smirk before she walks over to
the small couch that Matt Hardy is sitting on. Sunny casually turns around with her back
facing Matt and gently sits down on his cock taking him into her tight, warm pussy
"Ohhhh shit..."

Matt puts his hands on Sunny's hips and begins to rock her back and forth of his cock.
"Mmmm damn Sunny... Jeff was right... you are fucking tight...." Matt moans.

Meanwhile Jeff walks over and bends down a bit and he starts to gently force his meaty
cock into Sunny's already stuffed pussy. "Ahhh shit!" Jeff grunts as his cock grinds
against Matt's as both of the Hardy brothers fill Sunny's pussy with their big thick
thirteen-inch cocks.

Sunny tilts her back against Matt's chest and groans as she feels Jeff's cock enter her
cock-filled pussy "Ohhhhh fuck..." Sunny groans as she rocks back against Matt's cock
before Jeff starts to thrust into her tight, warm, stuffed pussy.

Both of the hot, young and studdly Hardy Boys begin to pump their cocks in and out of
Sunny's hot tight pussy. Matt slides his hands up from Sunny's hips and place them on
Sunny's perfect, perky tits as she rocks on his cock, "Ahhh ohhh fuck Sunny!" Matt
moans loudly as he thrusts up into her cunt.

Jeff leans forward and puts his hands on the couch behind Matt as he moves his hips back
and forth as he slams his shaft in and out of Sunny's pussy as well, "Mmmm yeah.... ohhh
fuck yea..." Jeff grits his teeth as his and Matt's dicks slide against one another as they
double team Sunny's hot, tight pussy.

Sunny closes her eyes as she rocks back and forth in between the two studdly Hardy
Boys, Matt and Jeff. "Ohhh fuck yesss...mmmm boys!" Sunny moans as she begins to
sweat and grind her pussy against both Matt and Jeff's thrusting cocks in her tight, wet

Both of the Hardy Boys bodies are dripping with sweat from the combination of their
match earlier and fucking the hot blond-haired mischievous diva. "Ohhh god.... ohhh fuck
yea!" Jeff moans as he lifts Sunny off of Matt's cock. Matt gets and idea and he sits back
further on the couch so that when Sunny comes back down, his cock goes right up into
Sunny's tight, unexpecting asshole.

Sunny eyes widen and her mouth opens as she moans "Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Sunny begins
to gently rock her hot, sweating body back against Matt's cock that is now in her asshole
as the younger brother of Matt Hardy, Jeff, continues to plow his throbbing cock deeply
into Sunny's pussy.

Matt grits his teeth as he slams his cock up into Sunny's tight asshole, "Ahhh ohhh fuck...
ohhh yeah!" Matt groans as he arches himself backward just as he starts to cum inside of
Sunny's tight asshole, filling her ass with his hot sticky cum.

Sunny closes her eyes as she breaths heavily "Ohhhh Matt..." Sunny groans as she feels
his warm, sticky cum in her tight asshole.

Matt licks his lips as he finishes cumming and he rests underneath the gorgeous, sweaty
diva known as Sunny. Jeff Hardy continues to pump his cock in and out of Sunny's
pussy with sharp swift thrusts. "Ahhh.... ohhh fuck Sunny... shit.. ohh damn...." Jeff
Hardy throws his sweat damped hair back as he pulls his throbbing prick out of Sunny's
pussy and sprays his cum on her sweat covered, flat, toned, stomach.

Sunny licks her lips as she narrows her eyes lustfully "Mmmmm Jeff..."

Jeff looks down as he tries to catch his breath, "Ohhh shit... fuck!" Jeff groans as he
moves a bit and collapses next to his brother on the couch.

Sunny sits up and lifts herself off of Matt's cock and stands up as Jeff's warm cum drips
down her smooth, toned and tanned stomach " boys were great"

Matt smiles, "Thanks Sunny...." Matt says as he slides a hand through his own sweat
soaked hair, "So.... are we... your knew tag team?" Matt asks as he looks at Sunny's
gorgeous ass.

Sunny presses her lips together and slightly smirks "Well....I think I'm going to have to
scout you two out some more before I make my decision..."


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