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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTION, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Tamed By The Tigre
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After successfully retaining the TNA Knockouts Championship against Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, in her sweat soaked wrestling attire, returns to the backstage area of the Cabarrus Arena with a smirk on her face. "Another night...another win for me..." Gail says as she makes her way towards the locker room. Along the way, she spots the masked luchadore Tigre Uno, who successfully kept the X Division title in the unnecessarily dangerous Ultimate X match. "Looks like everyone is keeping their gold tonight..." The Korean-Canadian licks her lips as she looks at the bare chest of the talented high flyers.

"Looks that way..." Tigre says with a nod as he notices how Gail is looking at him, "Got something on your mind?"

Gail smirks, "Possibly... tell me.. does that mask stay on... or off?"

"For what?"

Gail narrows her eyes seductively, "When you showing a fellow champion a good time of course..." She answers as she looks down at the X Division Champion's crotch.

"Stays on..." Tigre Uno replies.

"I could deal with that... that is... if you can handle someone who is all woman..." Gail says as she licks her lips suggestively.

"Yeah I can..." Tigre nods his head.

"I sure hope so..." Gail licks her teeth.

* * *

A short time later inside of Gail's private dressing room, Tigre Uno is standing with his hands on his hips while the Knockouts Champion is on her knees, using both of her hands to hold his fat Hispanic cock as she drags her tongue against its sides. "Mmmmmm..." Gail moans as she looks up at Tigre as she brings her tongue to the head of his manhood.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Tigre Uno moans as Gail circles her tongue around the head of his cock while she keeps both hands wrapped around the base of his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Gail moans as she coats the top few inches of the X Division Champion's dick with her saliva.

"Ohhhh ahhh..." The masked luchadore groans as Gail soon parts her lips takes his cock into her soothing mouth.

"Mmmmmm... MMMMM!" Gail Kim moans as she wraps her lips around his cock before she starts to bob her head on his dick.

"Awww ahhh..." Tigre Uno groans as he places a hand on Gail's head as she rocks her head back and forth on the length of his large shaft.

"Ohhhh... mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Gail moans as she moves her head back and forth on Tigre's cock at a swifter rate while drooling heavily on his cock.

"Ahhhh shit... ohhh aww..." Tigre licks his teeth as the reigning Knockouts Champion bobs her head briskly on his cock as she takes more of it between her lips.

"Mmmmm! MMMMM!" Gail moans as she swallows more of Tigre's shaft as she slaps her tongue up against the underside cock.

"Awww... ahhhh... ohhh..." Tigre Uno moans as Gail moves her hands away from his cock and places them on his waist as she sucks, slurps and slobbers on his dick.

"MMMMM! MMMMMMM!" Gail Kim moans lustfully on Tigre's cock as she deep throats his cock.

"Awww fuck... ahhh..." Tigre moans as a he starts to move his hips to thrust his cock in and out of Gail's mouth as she holds her head down on his manhood.

"MMMMM! AHHH! MMMM AHHH!" Gail moans as the X-Division Champion fucks her mouth, pushing his dick down her throat with each forward thrusts.

"Ohhhh fuck... ahhhh..." Tigre Uno moans as he plows his cock repeatedly into Gail's mouth as she rubs his waist with her hands.

"OHHHH! MMMM! AHHH! MMMMM! AHHH!" Gail groans whorishly as Tigre fucks her mouth at wild, swift tempo that occasionally results in his balls smacking against her chin.

"Ahhhh... awww..." Tigre moans as he fucks Gail's saliva dripping mouth for a few more moments before extracting his manhood from between her lips.

"Mmmm fuck that's a huge cock..." Gail says as she looks up at Tigre as he grips his dick and smacks it against her cheeks.

"You like a big cock don't you?" Tigre asks as he beats Gail's face with his shaft.

"Fuck yeah..." Gail nods her head before she stands up from the floor and moves towards the couch of her dressing room. Kneeling on it, Gail sticks her ass out, "I love 'em big now fuck me with that big fucking dick..."

"Yeah I will..." Tigre licks his teeth as he moves to stand behind Gail and guides his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

"MMMMM! Ohhhh yeah... get it deep! Ohhhh shit!" Gail moans as she grabs the back of the couch and pushes back against Tigre as he pushes his cock fully into her snatch.

"Awww..." Tigre groans as he places his hands on Gail Kim's hips as he starts to pump his huge cock in and out of her tight twat while she pushes back against him.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmm fuck!" The Knockouts Champion moans and tosses her head back as she bucks back against the X Division Champion's thrusting manhood.

"Ahhhhh... ahhhh..." Tigre Uno grits his teeth as he firmly drives his cock into Gail's snug wet fuck hole.

"Ohhhhh! MMMMM FUCK! Ohhhh yeah!" Gail moans as she rocks on her knees, pushing back against Tigre, her ass smacking against his waist.

"Awwww... ahhhh.." Tigre groans as he watches Gail's toned ass cheeks collide with his waist as he hammers her cunt with his Hispanic cock.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Gail moans as she looks back at Tigre Uno as she bucks back against him at a frantic rate.

"Ahhhhh... ahhhhh..." Tigre smirks as he drives the full length of his cock into Gail Kim's twat as she eagerly rocks back against him to match his thrusts.

"Mmmmm fuck! Ohhhh! Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh fuck!" Gail moans as she leans her head back as Tigre Uno firmly and swiftly hammers her wet snatch.

"Ahhh awww fuck... ahhhh..." Tigre grunts as he deeply pounds Gail's snatch for another solid minute before he pulls out of her cunt. He then moves to sit next to the kneeling Knockouts Champion.

"Gonna love riding this dick.." Gail grins as she moves to straddle the X Division Champion's lap where she lowers herself down onto his huge dick. "Ohhhh fuck.." Gail moans as she places her hands on Tigre's chest as she grinds her tight wet snatch on his shaft.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah..." Tigre moans as he places his hands on Gail's thighs as she rocks back and forth on his Hispanic cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Gail moans as she starts to bounce up and down on Tigre's cock followed by him beginning to thrust his cock upward into her vaginal cavity.

"Ahhhh... awwww..." Tigre groans as he rams his cock upward into Gail's twat while feeling her ass cheeks smacking down against his thighs.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh fuck yes!" Gail Kim moans as she lustfully grinds her pussy down on Tigre's vertically pumping cock as she increases the rate of how she's bouncing on his dick.

"Ahhhh ahhh... awww yeah... ahhhh.." Tigre Uno grunts as he rams his cock sharply and swiftly up into Gail while she bounces frantically on his pole.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhh! OHHHH FUCK! OHHH AHHH!" Gail gasps and breathes heavily as she bounces repeatedly on the X Division Champion's cock.

"Ohhhh ahhh yeah..." The masked luchadore moans as watches Gail's tits bounce as she rides is upward thrusting shaft.

"Mmmmm yeah! You fucking love that!" Gail moans as she continues to swiftly bounce and rock on Tigre's manhood, dropping so hard and fast that her ass smacks loudly against his thighs.

"Awww yeah... mmmm take that fucking dick!" Tigre answers as he continues to ram his cock up into Gail's snatch before he moves forward and off the couch, kneeling on the floor where he lays Gail on her back as he continues to drive his cock into her cunt.

"OHHH! OHHHHH FUCK! GIVE ME THAT COCK!" Gail squeals with delight as she arches her legs and moves against the floor as the X Division Champion hammers her pussy.

"Ahhhhh... ahhhhh..." Tigre grunts as he rocks on his knees and moves his hips to propel his cock forward and balls deep into the Knockout Champion's love tunnel.

"OHH! OHHHH FUCK! MMMM YES!" Gail screams loudly as she arches back and pops her hips to grind herself against the cock of Tigre Uno.

"Awww ahhh... ahhhhhh shit!" Tigre moans as he hammers Gail's cunt with his large thrusting cock.

"MMMM! AHHH! YES! OHHHH FUCK AHHH!" Gail pulls on her sweat soaked hair as she fees Tigre's balls smacking between her thighs as he deeply drives his cock into her snatch as it tightens around his shaft when she begins to cum.

"Ohhhh yeah... ahhh fuck..." Tigre Uno moans as his cock begins to throb within Gail's pussy as her juices flow over his cock as he continues to fuck her.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! OHHHH! Ahhhh! MMMMM!" Gail grits her teeth as the X Division Champion keeps ramming his throbbing cock into her cunt.

"Awwww fuck... ahhhhh ohhh!" Tigre grits his teeth as he repeatedly drives his pulsating cock into the depths of Gail's soaking wet fuck hole.

"OHHHH! OHHHHH!" Gail Kim licks her lips as she feels Tigre Uno's throbbing cock being repeatedly driving into her snatch.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhhh ohhhh..." Tigre groans as he pounds Gail's pussy with his heavily pulsating member before he pulls out of her wet hole. He stands up and begins to stroke his cock.

"Fuck... mmm..." Gail licks her lips as she moves to on her knees in front of the masked luchadore, opening her mouth wide as she looks up at him with lust-filled eyes.

"Ahhhh ohhhh fuck... awww..." The reigning X Division Champion moans as he starts to cum, shooting thick ropes of jizz down onto the Knockout Champion's face and into her wide open mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Gail moans with satisfaction as she holds her mouth open as she catches some of his jizz in her mouth with the rest landing on her face.

"Ahhhh awww... " Tigre groans as he continues to stroke his cock as Gail leans forward and takes his erupting shaft into her cum filled mouth.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Gail moans as she turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around Tigre's cock as she bobs her head and gulps down his spunk.

"Awww ohhh.." Tigre Uno groans as Gail sucks and slurps on his cock as a few more bursts of cum erupt from piss slit and travels down her throat.

"Mmmmmm!" Gail moans with satisfaction as she swallows the remainder of Tigre's seed before lifting her head up from his tool. "Fuck... that was great."


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