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Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction primarily based on a recurring
fantasy. If you are under the age of 18 and/or offended by the following
material, please do not read this.

Divas: Sarona "Tamina" Reiher and AJ Lee

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Tamina's Revenge
by Number One (

Since being drafted to the SmackDown brand in April, Tamina had been on a bit
of a roll. The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka went back
to her wicked ways and aligned herself with Alicia Fox, leading to back-to-
back victories in tag team matches against former NXT rookies AJ and Kaitlyn.
The pair of wins were a boost to Tamina's massive ego. Her arrogance rose to
the point where she walked around the Divas locker room like she owned the
place, all the while using her size in numerous attempts to intimidate the
other SmackDown Divas.

One Diva that Tamina loved pushing around the most was AJ. Tamina was bigger
and stronger than AJ and plus she didn't see the former NXT rookie as a
legitimate threat. Once she learned that AJ would be her opponent in a one-
on-one match, the evil Samoan beauty salivated at the thought of crushing her
in the ring. Though Tamina did dominate the match for the most part, AJ
managed to roll her up and get the victory.

The win was heavily regarded as an upset, but no one was more upset about it
than Tamina. She hated losing, but she really despised losing to someone she
believed she could easily destroy, and AJ was in that category. Tamina
stormed into the locker room angrier than ever over losing to AJ.

"That disgusting little bitch!" Tamina bitterly exclaimed. "Who does she
think she is?! She has the nerve to upstage me?! I am a second-generation
Diva! No one upstages Tamina!" With an intense-sounding snarl in her voice,
the Samoan beauty later uttered:

"And I will personally make sure she realizes that."

Tamina put on her black trenchcoat and searched all around the arena for AJ,
all the while fathoming all the horrible things she was going to do to her
once she found her. Her search would not be a long one, as she saw the NXT
rookie just as she was about to turn a corner. "There she is," Tamina said
under her breath. Knowing that AJ would be on her way back to the locker
room, the fiendish Diva raced back there herself.

Meanwhile, AJ was making her way to the locker room, fully unaware that
Tamina was already there, hiding in ambush. Once AJ walked in, the lights
were shut off -- completely catching the rookie Diva off-guard. "What's going
on?" asked AJ. "Who turned off the lights?!" A split second later, AJ was
grabbed from behind by Tamina and thrown viciously -- and with nearly all of
her might -- toward the lockers. The darkness in the locker room paled in
comparision to the darkness inside of Tamina, who stared a hole into AJ as
she slipped out of consciousness.

"Sleep tight, little princess," Tamina said, laughing wickedly as she enjoyed
her handiwork.

AJ regained consciousness about fifteen minutes later, but a couple of things
alarmed her as she woke up. She quickly noticed that she was in unfamiliar
territory, laying on a sofa in a living room that obviously wasn't hers.
"Where am I?" AJ said as she was still feeling some pain in her head. "What
happened?" At that moment, something else startled the former NXT beauty.

"And why the hell am I naked?!"

Just then, AJ heard the sound of someone walking downstairs, She sat up and
saw none other than Tamina standing across from her, wearing a leather
trenchcoat and holding a long whip. "Hello, AJ," the villainous Diva said.
"Feeling better, punkin?"

"You!" exclaimed AJ. "I should have known you're behind this!" Never one to
go down without a fight, the petite AJ stood right up and charged towards
Tamina. But the Samoan Diva was far too strong and powerful for the brave
beauty, and she quickly gained control of AJ -- by clutching her throat. "You
know," said Tamina, "you really need to pace yourself. You don't want to get
hurt...again." An evil laugh came out of the fiendish beauty as she tossed AJ
down on the living room floor. The once bubbly young lady was laid out yet
again, wincing in pain, much to Tamina's delight.

"Is this because I beat you in the ring?" asked AJ.

"You catch on quickly, you little rodent!" Tamina replied as she stood over
AJ. "Let me put a little knowledge in that tiny brain of yours. I have spent
the last number of months on Raw being tied to a human cartoon character
whose ass I could easily whip! I was a complete and utter joke! Everyone was
laughing at me!" Tamina quickly noticed AJ beginning to get a few chuckles of
her own in and literally cracked the whip -- right on the small of her back.

"Is something funny?" Tamina snarled as AJ screamed in pain.

"No," was AJ's timid reply.

"That's what I thought," said Tamina. "Anyway, the Draft arrives, and I am
sent to SmackDown. And I reintroduced the whole world to what I truly am: the
most diabolical and ruthless Diva in the WWE. I was on a huge roll, and you
took that away from me." The infurated vixen delivered three more vicious
lashes on AJ's back, and displayed a pure lack of remorse with each crack of
the whip.

"AAAAHHHH!!!" AJ screamed in intense malaise, while Tamina simply gleamed in
evil delight. "Please! No more!"

"Oh, but I'm just getting started, dear girl," Tamina said as she walked
closer to AJ, who was cowering before her. The villainous second-generation
beauty later removed her leather trenchcoat and stood firm and tall over the
apprehensive Diva. "AJ," said Tamina. "Stop your sniveling and feast your
beady little eyes on a vision of true dominance." Tamina chuckled sinsterly
as AJ finally turned to see that her diabolical tormentor wasn't wearing a
thing -- except for a leather strap-on with an eight-inch dildo attached.

"Like what you see?" Tamina asked smugly as AJ stared at the apparatus in
shock. Knowing full well what Tamina is capable of, the young beauty crawled
as fast as she could to get away from her. Unfortunately, she was still
feeling the pain of four lashes to her back and was quickly apprehended by
her wicked tormentor.

"You are not going anywhere, AJ," Tamina said right before she tossed the
slender Diva down on the floor. "Now, assume the position!"

"Yes, Mistress," replied AJ, who finally accepted that she was at the mercy
of the evil Tamina. The petite bombshell turned around and bent herself over
-- with her cute and tight ass facing the Samoan vixen. "Beautiful," was
Tamina's succinct comment right before she forcibly inserted all eight inches
inside AJ's tight pussy.

"Aaahhhh!" AJ softly moaned in an attempt not to scream. Despite having two-
thirds of a ruler's length going in and out of her, the former NXT rookie
tried to maintain her tough exterior and not give Tamina any satisfaction
whatsoever. Still, the curvaceous and fiendish beauty continued her act,
trying her damnedest to get AJ to crack.

"Typical, typical AJ," said Tamina. "I know exactly what you're doing,
sweetie, and it won't work. Underneath that tough facade you constantly wear
is a scared, insignificant, insecure little girl, and I plan on forcing that
out of you tonight."

"Ahhhh! Forget it, Tamina!" exclaimed AJ. "I will -- aahhh! -- never give in
to you. You'll just have to -- ohhh! -- accept the fact that...I'm better
than you." Those last four words infuriated Tamina to no end. She pulled out
of the NXT beauty and kicked her right in her stomach. "What did you say?!"
Tamina yelled angrily.

"You heard me, bitch," AJ said between breaths. "I beat you, and that makes
me better than you." With that said, Tamina firmly clutched her sex toy,
making AJ think that she would break it in fury. If only she were that lucky.
Instead, the evil vixen pulled the apparatus and extended it, not once, not
twice, not even three times. The dildo was pulled four times, making it a
full foot long. Tamina quickly put AJ in her previous position and shoved her
twelve inches inside her narrow opening.

"AAAHHH!" AJ screamed in pain. "OHHH GOD!!!" Tamina proceeded with her
sadistic act, fucking AJ's tight but cute ass as hard as she could with her
twelve inches of plastic. All the while, the young rookie Diva was shrieking
in intense pain and agony. "There she is," Tamina said with an evil smile on
her face. "There's the scared and pathetic little rodent we all know you to

Tamina was enjoying every second of her hedonistic and tortuous act, while AJ
was suffering so much malaise that she started to burst into tears. The young
and once peppy 5'2" Diva was being destroyed -- physically and mentally -- by
a woman who has a seven inch height advantage, and is nothing short of pure
evil. "Please!!!" AJ screamed between sobs. "Stop! Please! I'm begging you!"

"Oh, what's the matter, AJ?" Tamina said in a mocking tone. "Am I being too
rough with you?" The Samoan villainess not only ignored her pleas, she pulled
AJ's hair and brought her nearly face-to-face with her. "Still think you're
better than me, you little brat?!" snarled Tamina.

"No," sobbed AJ. "Now, please stop!"
"I want to hear you say it!" screamed Tamina.

"You're better than me, OK?!" shrieked AJ. "You're the most powerful and
dominant Diva in the WWE, and all I am is a pathetic little brat. Now,
please, let me go!" Tamina let out a venomous cackle as AJ again pleaded for
mercy. "I don't know, AJ," she said. "I'm not sure you even mean that."

"I do! I do!" screamed AJ. "Please..." Tamina finally released the physically
and mentally broken young lady from her sexual stranglehold. As AJ lied in
immense and agonizing pain, Tamina stood over the fallen Diva and again
started cackling, like the true villain that she is. "Now, AJ," the evil
Samoan beauty said, "your sexual fluids are all over my beautiful little toy.
Would you mind licking them off?"

"Yes, Dominant One," the suddenly submissive AJ replied as she steadily
crawled towards her wicked mistress. The petite Diva started artificially
blowing Tamina by voraciously licking and tasting her own erotic juices from
Tamina's foot-long apparatus.

"Ohhh...yeah!" Tamina softly moaned as AJ catered to her very whims. "Oh, I
always knew you were good for something, and that's being my little bitch."
Once AJ was finished licking every drop of her fluids from the lengthy toy,
Tamina clutched her throat, picked her up from the floor, and pinned her to
the wall.

"The only thing I love more than beating your little ass in the ring," said
Tamina, "is beating you into submission outside the ring. You think that our
little session was rough? I could make things a lot worse for you." A
helpless AJ closed her eyes, expecting the worst from Tamina. Instead, the
vicious Diva simply locked lips with the NXT beauty in a romantic embrace.

"What was that for?" asked AJ.

"Don't read too much into it, my dear," answered Tamina. "That was solely
because you gave in to me so soon. I expect more of it from you from now on.
When you are in my presence, you will get down on your knees and bow to
Tamina." With that said, AJ did just that -- kneeling down and the floor and
bowing before her evil mistress.

"Excellent," said Tamina. "Now begone! The Samoan mistress needs her beauty
sleep." Tamina went back upstairs to bed, but not before she opened her
living room closet and tossed AJ's clothes to her. AJ quickly got dressed and
left the house, still in intense pain, and processing everything that just
went down. Just as she left, she heard Tamina calling her from her bedroom

"Good night, AJ!" said Tamina. "Sleep well. I know I will." Tamina laughed
evilly as she closed her bedroom window, while AJ slowly walked away. She now
had to face the cold hard fact that as long as she was on SmackDown, she
would be forced to be a submissive slave to the evil Tamina. Though as she
continued fathoming that thought, she actually started smiling -- because
part of her was looking forward to it.

The End

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