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Taming The Demon
by AJisHot

Ever since the loss to Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell, The Devil's favourite Demon Kane caused havoc on both RAW on Smackdown! The week before Survivor Series on RAW, the tables were set out in the ring to hold the official contract signing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, between Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. The former brothers in arms sat opposite each other, each with a deadly stare, one eye focused on the opposition, the other on the ultimate goal. The shining belt layed on the table.
Triple H was also present, acting as an enforcer as well as official if things did get heated between the competitors. His beautiful wife Stephanie, was in the office.

HHH: "OK Roman if you could sign here."

Reigns didn't hesitate to take the pen offered by The King of Kings, and wrote his signature where instructed. He sat back with a cold stare.

HHH: "Now you Seth."

Rollins hesitated. He looked around the crowd for a moment. He pulled the lid of, and just when he was about to put pen to paper, the corners erupted into flames.

Kane powered down the ramp and entered the ring. Both Reigns tried to attack, but was sent flying outside with a powerful uppercut. Rollins attempted to escape, but felt the same fate as Reigns. Then the Game started to throw punch after punch, until the gloved hand of Kane grasped his throat. He lifted him up, and sent him crashing through the table with a brutal chokeslam. The flames erupted again, but were interrupted, by Stephanie McMahon, who stood on the ramp to the ring.

Steph: Kane, I have had enough of this. You destroy MY ring, you hurt MY employees, and you assault MY husband. Get over here. NOW!

Kane chuckled. He exited the ring, over the bodies of Rollins, Reigns, and Triple H, and walked up the ramp towards Steph. Stephanie smiled herself,turned, and walked into the back. Angered by this, Kane sped up in pursuit. A cameraman in the back follows them walk through the backstage area, where the camera caught the image of Stephanie walking into her office, followed aggressively by the 7ft monster who slam the door shut, as the viewers wondered.

She walked to her desk, unphased, and sat on it, looking Kane in the eyes.

Steph:"I figure there's only one way of stopping this madness, Kane."

Kane:"Really? And what would that be?"

Steph:"I tame the demon. "

Kane:"Corporate Kane is long gone and he's never coming back!"

Steph:"Who said anything about corporate Kane?"

Stephanie became to unbutton her suit and pull down her white business shirt, to reveal the edges of her large, black bra. She gave a seductive look to Kane, who responded with a look of confusion and disbelief.

Steph:"Oh come on Kane, don't look at me like that. You have 'urges' don't you?"

Kane remains silent, and just stares at the glimpse of cleavage Stephanie had revealed.

Steph:"Yes... I though so."

The suit jacket fell on to the desk, shortly followed by her white shirt that had tightly pressed against her breasts. She adjusted her bra, and pointed at her large boobs

Steph:"OK Kane, you can have these, but this madness has to stop, OK?

Kane begins to drool at he though of touching such fine breasts. He nods slowly.Steph reaches round her back to take of her bra. Instantly, her boobs drop and bounce a little, looking larger and more attractive than ever. She opens her arms wide.

Steph:"Well what are you waiting for, big boy."

He rushes forward and grasps her tits, almost the same way he grabbed her husbands neck. He pushes Steph back onto the table, rubbing her chest violently. Kane then grabbed her trousers and physically ripped them off of her, and did the same with her pink lace thong. He tossed them into the corner, as he admired the whole, naked body of Stephanie McMahon. Her boobs swinging, Stephanie got up from the table.

Steph:"Well, I'm naked. Your turn now ".

Kane was still somewhat shocked by the entire situation. He remained stood, motionless. Stephanie sighed, and begin to pull the straps of his outfit down. She continued pulling, and pulling. She got to the waist. She fell to her knees, looking up giving Kane a cheeky smile. Awkwardly, Kane smiled back. With this, Stephanie yanked down the outfit to his ankles, unleashing his enourmous fully erect penis, which had been bulging since she undid her top.

Steph:" Now I see why your the big, red monster."

She took a firm grip, and began running her hand along the shaft, all the way up, and all the way down. Kane felt a unusual feeling- and he enjoyed it. The other hand of Stephanie McMahon wrapped around his penis as well, covering twice the area, and twice the pleasure. After minutes of this, she decided to take it up a level, and placed her lips around the tip of his cock. She went deep. She handled the massive penis being inside of her throat like a porn star. With her hand, she massaged the dangling balls of the big red machine. She sucked on his penis for a few minutes before standing up and wiping her mouth.

Steph:"Right then. I've done enough of the work. Show me what you can do with that cock of yours".

Seductively, she laid back on her desk, brushing aside her files, and spread her legs to reveal her wet, hairy pussy.She began to flick it rapidly whilst Kane watched, mesmerised. She took her finger out and licked it.

Steph:"Come on then. I'm all yours."

A second request was not needed. Kane inserted his beast into the vagina whilst lifting her legs up. Stephanie smiled in satisfaction, but this smile turned to agony as Kane started thrusting faster and faster. She moaned in pleasure, as the cock smashed against her vagina. Stephanie began screaming in pain.She had not realised how powerful Kane would be in sex.

Steph:"Ahhh! Ohh! That's enough. Ooh! Stop! Fuck my ass instead now please it hurts!"

Kane instantly withdrew. A sign of relief was all Stephanie got time for as Kane forcefully rolled her on to her front, with her large juicy ass pushed up into the air. Kane took of his glove to slap the ass cheek of Stephanie, who cried as his mighty hand left a sore red hand print. The penis then entered her ass hole, and instantly began thrusting at a insane speed. Steph still yelled in pain, even louder now than before. But Kane showed no sign of slowing. He grabbed her hair and began yanking it as he fucked her ass. Minutes later, Kane withdrew from her ass and pulled her up from the desk. Kane removed his maks, and discarded it like garbage onto the floor.

Kane:"Ride me."

Kane now laid on the desk, preparing his penis. Flustered, Steph looked at him, rubbing her sore arse cheek.She smirked.

Steph:"Now your getting it!"

She licked her finger to wet her pussy. Recklessly, she hopped on to the desk and sat on Kane's awaiting dick. She eased her way down the shaft before bouncing violently. The eyes of the demon were fixated on the bouncing tits of the Million Dollar Princess. Both Kane and Steph began to moan. Steph got faster, the moaning got louder, the experience got better.

Steph:"Are you ready for the finale big boy."

Kane:"Fuck yes."

Stephanie and Kane swapped, so she was laid face up on the desk, and Kane's giant frame mounted her. Both looked lustfully in each others eyes as Kane kept striking his penis in preparation of finally blowing his load.

Steph:"Fuck my tits. Pound them."

Without second thoughts, Kane slipped his dick in the gap between Stephanie's boobs. She struggled to hold them together with the sheer force of Kane's cock. He pounded away. Kane now moaned like never before.

Steph:"Ohh yes. Come on you can do it! Release that cum all over my tits."

Kane felt a pleasure he never had felt as he climaxed. A huge amount of spunk flew from his cock, landing on the face and tits of Stephanie McMahon. A huge groan was released as Kane finished ejaculating. Suddenly, the door swung open, and their stood Triple H.He saw panties and the mask at his feet, and looked up to see his naked wife sitting up on the desk, and the unmasked demon sat against the wall, sighing with pleasure.

HHH:"What the fuck is happening here?!"

Stephanie sat up with a satisfactory smile on her face. She wiped cum from her lips.

Steph:"I think I just tamed a demon".

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