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Taming The Exhibitionist
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW Event, Mike Knox and his new partner in crime, Test,
are in Knox's locker room. Both large men are dressed in jeans and black
ECW t-shirts as they sit and watch the action in the ring on a television
monitor. Test smirks and looks at Knox, "Hey man, where's that little
skank of yours?"

Knox grins, "I know she ain't taking off her fucking clothes in public in
front of losers..." Knox says as he gets up from the couch he's sitting on
and walks over to a door and opens it, revealing a small dressing room,
"Hey Kelly, get your little ass out here!" Knox yells into the smaller room.

The young and beautiful ECW Exhibitionist, the cute and delightful Kelly
Kelly steps into the larger locker room and bites down on her bottom lip and
shyly lowers her head "Yeah Mike?" Kelly asks with an innocent and sweet
smile as she dressed in a short pink skirt and pink bikini top.

Knox raises an eyebrow as he sees how Kelly is dressed, "What the fuck are
you wearing?!"

Test leans to the right on the couch and takes a look at Kelly, then he
licks his lips, "Looks like she's wearing a pink skirt and a pink bikini..."
Test says.

Knox looks back at him, "You're not helping..." Knox turns his attention
back to Kelly, "What the fuck have I told you about wearing shit like that?!"

Kelly pushes her shoulder up and shrugs "Well...It's what I like to wear,
Mike." Kelly Kelly says innocently.

Knox sneers a bit, "TAKE IT OFF! You're not wearing that out in public!" Knox
yells at his innocent, delightful girlfriend.

"But Mike..." Kelly cutely whines as she folds her arms and turns away from
her over-controlling, obsessive boyfriend.

"Don't fucking argue with me!" Knox yells down at he balls his fists, "And
don't turn away from me!" Knox says as he grabs Kelly and makes her face him.

Over on the couch Test laughs, "Yeah, you tell her Mike..." Test says as he
gets up from the couch.

Kelly lowers her head innocently and frowns "I'm sorry Mike..." Kelly says
as she slowly looks up, locking her soft and innocent eyes with the hard,
glaring eyes of Mike Knox.

Knox is breathing heavily as he appears close to going off on Kelly, "Sorry?
You're not fucking sorry...." Knox says as he grabs the front of Kelly's pink
bikini top and jerks it off Kelly's petite body, which causes her to fall
towards him.

Kelly stumbles a bit, but regains her balances as she looks down at her bare
chest and the cute Exhibitionist smiles sweetly. Kelly then looks up at Mike
and shrugs "That doesn't bother me...I love taking off my clothes..." Kelly
says as she defies her boyfriend.

Knox sneers, "You fucking little tramp...." Knox says as he suddenly grabs a
handful of Kelly's blond hair and jerks her head backward as he looks down at
her, "You're going to learn a fucking lesson cause I'm going to fucking tame
you!" Knox bellows.

Kelly's eyes widen in fear after Mike aggressively shoves her away from him
"Mike...don't...please don't" Kelly says as she shakes her head, pleading
with her boyfriend.

Knox looks towards Test, "Hey Test... you want to fuck this little whore?!"
Knox asks, yelling angrily.

Test smirks, "Fuck yeah I do... this little bitch needs to be tamed... and
I sure as hell want to help out," Test replies as he rips off his black ECW
t-shirt, revealing his extremely muscular upper body.

Knox smirks as he steps towards Kelly and grabs her arm, "You like take off
your fucking clothes? Well get down on your fucking knees and take his pants
off!" Knox yells as he throws Kelly down to her knees in front of Test.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and shyly lowers her head "Mike..." Kelly
whines as she casually takes a step towards Test.

"Do what I fucking say or I'll fuck your little ass up!" Knox yells as he
balls his fist and shakes it at Kelly to threaten her.

Test laughs, "He looks really serious, better do what he says..." Test says
and puts his hands on his waist while looking down at Kelly.

Kelly lowers her head and nods her head slowly "Ok...ok...I'll do it..."
Kelly says shyly as she lowers herself down onto her knees and looks up at
the powerful ECW Extremist, Test. Kelly smiles innocently up at Test before
she reaches up and begins to unbutton and unzip Test's jeans.

"That's better..." Knox smirks as he takes off his own ECW t-shirt as he
watches Kelly finish unbuttoning and unzipping Test's jeans and begins
tugging them down.

Test laughs, "Good thing I'm going commando today..." Test says, commenting
on how when Kelly tugs his jeans down, his large thick eleven inch cock flies
out of jeans. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she looks directly at
Test's thick, large cock that hangs between his legs. Kelly takes a deep
breath before she takes his cock into her soft, gentle hands. The innocent
and adorable Kelly Kelly begins to smoothly move her small hands against his
shaft as he steps out of his jeans.

"Oh yeah... this bitch figured out her place..." Test laughs as he kicks his
jeans to the side.

"About fucking time she did..." Knox says as he unbuttons his own jeans as he
watches Kelly strokes Test's cock. Knox gets a sour look on his face, "What
the fuck are you waiting for Kelly? Suck his dick you little bitch!" Kelly
bites down on her bottom lip before she leans her head in towards his cock
and opens her warm, saliva-dripping mouth. The young ECW Vixen, Kelly Kelly,
lowers her head down on Test's cock, taking him into her small and soothing
mouth. Wrapping her lips around the width of his shaft, Kelly begins to bob
her head smoothly on his cock as she sucks of her boyfriend's good buddy.

Test grits his teeth as Kelly bobs her head smoothly along the length of his
cock. Knox smirks as he watches his hot exhibitionist girlfriend suck on his
tag team partner's huge cock, "Yeah that's right Kelly suck his dick good you
little bitch..." Knox says as he lowers his jeans as well the boxers he's
wearing to free his somewhat average seven-inch cock. Test sees the size of
his buddies cock and he does his best not to laugh as he grabs a handful of
Kelly's blond hair and focuses on the young Vixen sucking on his cock. Kelly
closes her eyes as she begins to lap to soft, gentle tongue around the shaft
of Test's cock. Kelly presses her soft lips tighter together as she lowers
her head further down on his cock, lapping her warm saliva against his shaft
with her tongue.

"Ahhh yeah... this little bitch gives good head..." Test moans as he thrusts
his cock in and out of Kelly's warm moist mouth.

Meanwhile Knox is walking over behind Kelly and he pulls his hot girlfriend.
Test keeps Kelly's head on his cock, causing the nineteen-year-old
exhibitionist to be bent over as Knox rips off her short pink skirt. "Fucking
little bitch... not even wearing panties..." Knox says as he sees Kelly's
bare ass as he stands behind her and powerfully smacks Kelly's ass cheeks.
Kelly jumps a bit forward after Mike slaps her cute, rounded ass and it
causes Test's cock to slide deeper into her mouth, the head of Test's cock
hits the back of Kelly's throat. The innocent Exhibitionist begins to gag
and choke against Test's cock, however Test keeps his powerful hands on to
back of Kelly's head, forcing the young ECW Vixen to keep her head all the
way down on Test's cock.

"Ohhh yeah... deep throat that dick..." Test groans as he feels Kelly trying
to lift her head off of his cock, but he continues to hold her head down.

Knox grits his teeth together, "You like to fucking take you clothes off in
front of people... here's the fucking price you gotta pay!" Knox says as he
stands behind Kelly and shoves his average dick into Kelly's asshole with
out her being prepared for it. Test lets go of Kelly's head and allows her
to spit out his fat eleven-inch prick.

Kelly lifts her head up quickly and coughs for air as saliva drips down on
her chin "Ohhhh no Mike..." Kelly groans as he begins to thrust powerfully
into her tight asshole.

Knox lays his hands firmly onto Kelly's waist and pulls her back towards him
as he pounds his girlfriend's cute ass with his seven-inch cock. "Ohhh yeah
Kelly... you're going to fucking learn your place!" Knox grunts as he fucks
her tight little asshole.

Test smirks as he goes to sit on the couch and he wraps a hand around his
saliva covered cock and begins to stroke it as he watches Mike Knox
practically ass-rape Kelly Kelly. "Man that's fucking sweet..." Test says
as watches the action, as Knox already starts to breath hard even though
he's just started to fuck Kelly.

Kelly grits her teeth and shakes her head "Mike stop it..." Kelly groans as
her petite, tanned body slams back against Mike's cock "'re
too rough..." Kelly innocently groans.

"Oh... I'm too fucking rough?!" Knox grunts as he pulls his seven-inch cock
out of Kelly Kelly's asshole and he shoves her toward Test over on the couch.
Knox takes a moment to take his breath, "If I'm too fucking rough... then you
get on Test's cock you little slut!" Knox orders as wipes a bit of sweat from
his forehead.

Kelly shakes her head "No Mike...I'd had enough!" Kelly slightly yells at her
over-controlling boyfriend.

Knox grits his teeth angrily as he glares at Kelly, "Oh you had enough? I
don't fucking think so..." Knox says as he starts to slowly walk towards

Test smirks, "Hey I'll settle this..." Test says as he leans over and grabs
Kelly. Kelly tries to pull away, but Test is much to strong. He pulls her
onto his lap and with ease, The powerful Extremist lifts Kelly up and drops
her right down on his cock. Kelly's pussy falls right down onto Test's fat
eleven inch cock as he makes her lean back so that her back is pressed right
against his muscular chest.

Kelly grits her teeth as her petite body bounces quickly up and down on
Test's cock as he forces his cock deeply into her tight, young pussy "Ohhhhh
no...please stop..." Kelly whines innocently as Test makes the young ECW
Vixen ride his cock wildly.

"Oh you want him to stop?!" Knox yells as Kelly as he stands in front her,
"I told you to fucking stop taking off your clothes in public, but did
you... noooooooo you didn't!" Knox yells at her as Test pumps his cock up
into Kelly's cunt as he bounces Kelly up and down on his fat prick.

Kelly closes her eyes tightly as her petite body slams down viciously on
Test's hard, rigid cock "Ohhhhhh god no..." Kelly cries out as her hot body
rocks back and forth on Test's hard-slamming cock.

"You're going to fucking remember your place!" Knox yells as he grabs Kelly's
legs and leans himself down so that he can shove his average sized cock into
her already stuffed pussy. Once his shaft is inside of her pussy, Knox wraps
his arms around Kelly and lifts her off of Test's cock and he stands up. Knox
then proceeds to bounce Kelly on his shaft as he thrust into her.

Kelly grits her teeth tightly as her petite body is rocked back and forth
between the powerful, forceful duo of Test and Mike Knox. "Ohhhh Mike please
stop..." Kelly cries as her pussy is filled with both of their throbbing

Test pulls his cock out of Kelly's pussy and laughs, "He ain't stopping
babe... looks like you really pissed him off..." Test says as he sticks his
fat eleven inch cock into Kelly's tight asshole so that he and Knox can
sandwich fuck the hot exhibitionist while they stand. Kelly Kelly shakes her
head as she leans her body slightly back against Test's impressive, muscular
chest as she bounces quickly and roughly on both Mike and Test's hard,
throbbing cocks. The young and innocent ECW Vixen begins to sweaty as she's
slammed fucked violently between the two Extremists.

"Ahh... ahhh you fucking whore!" Knox yells, spitting in Kelly's face as he
pump his cock in and out of his girlfriend's pussy. The powerful Extremist,
breathes hard and heavily as he drives his seven inch cock as deep as it can
go into Kelly's pussy until he starts cumming.

Kelly grits her teeth tightly as her body shivers "Ohhhhh..." Kelly groans
as she feels his warm cum flood her innocent, sweet pussy.

Knox pulls his limp cock out of Kelly's pussy and stumbles backward slightly.
Knox grits his teeth as Test holds Kelly up and continues to ram his cock
into her asshole before. "Fuck her Test... rip her ass apart!" Knox yells as
he breathes hard. Test nods his head as sweat drips down his face. He turns
around and drops Kelly onto the couch, but pulls her up to her hands and
knees so he can fuck Kelly's ass doggy style. Knox moves and gets next to
Kelly, "Are you going to be a fucking good girl now?!" Knox yells as Test
thrusts his cock deep into Kelly's ass.

Kelly's petite body jolts forward suddenly as Test powerfully drives his cock
into her tight asshole "Ohhhhhh shit...nooo..." Kelly cries as Test begins to
roughly ram his cock deeply into her asshole "Mike more..." Kelly
moans as sweat drips down her adorable face.

Knox grits his teeth, "Are you going to be a fucking good girl?!" Knox yells,
"Answer my fucking question!" Knox says as he reaches he grabs Kelly's sweat
soaked blond hair and jerks her head backward. Test grunts heavily as he
pulls Kelly back towards him as he ravages Kelly's asshole, his balls slap
against her skin which such force that it sounds he's smacking her ass with
his hands.

"Yes! I will..." Kelly Kelly groans as she starts to softy cry due to the
force and punishment she is receiving from her boyfriend Mike Knox and his
friend, Test.

"That's what I want to fucking here..." Knox says with a smirk as he looks
at Test, "She's fucking learned her lesson... finish up... and we can hit a
fucking bar..." Knox says as he lets go of Kelly's hair.

Test nods his head, "Right..." Test says as he increases the momentum of his
thrusts, driving his cock as hard as he can into Kelly Kelly's cut round ass.
Test grunts as he pulls Kelly back towards him and he groans loudly as he
starts to cum inside of her asshole.

Kelly closes her eyes and scrunches her nose up as she feels Test's warm cum
enter her tight asshole "Ohhh thank god..." Kelly groans as the innocent
Exhibitionist breaths heavily, with sweat dripping off of her petite, tanned
and hot body.

Test pulls out of Kelly's asshole after he's finished cumming and he goes to
get his clothes to get dressed. Knox, who's already dressed approaches Kelly
as she now sits on the couch completely exhausted. "Remember you little
cunt... you said you're going to be a good girl... no more of your expose
shit..." Knox says as he glares down at his girlfriend.

Kelly lowers her head as she sits on the couch and bites her bottom lip "But

Knox grits his teeth, "But WHAT?!" Knox yells

Kelly pushes her shoulders up cutely and smiles weakly "I like doing my

"You're not going to do them out in public! Only for me! And my buddy!" Knox
says as he points at Test who is now completely dressed.

Kelly lowers her head a bit and sighs "Ok Mike...I promise..." Kelly says as
sadly as she looks down.

Knox nods his head, "Good... and you better keep your promise..." Knox says
as he looks at Test, "C'mon let's go get some beer..."

"Yeah... I need a cold one after fucking your chick..." Test laughs as he
and Knox walk toward the locker room door and leave the room, leaving Kelly
Kelly alone.

Kelly slowly looks up and sighs "Well...I guess I can't do them anymore..."
Kelly pauses and then slightly smiles "But...I can't let the fans down.."


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