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Taming The Rowdy One Part 1
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

Sugar and spice and everything nice was not the way for Ronda Rousey. She was a former Women's Bantamweight UFC Champion and the current Monday Night RAW Women's Champion. If someone would've told her when she was a child that she would one day be the most physically dominant female across two different sports, she would absolutely believe that because she was Ronda freakin' Rousey.

Being the most feared woman in WWE always came with its own set of perks. She always got the best parking spot. She never waited in catering. Her complimentary private locker room was always stocked with her desired selection of alcohol, candy, or any other thing she deemed good enough to be consumed by her perfect body. Best of all, whenever she felt like it, her trusty lackey Bayley set her up with the most attractive men or women for one night with the champion.

That was something Ronda quickly discovered after becoming champion: Each woman got to choose someone from the roster to basically be their servant. Alexa had Mickie before her. But Ronda liked a certain kind of woman: Athletic, muscular, preferably a plump ass and great set of tits. Bayley checked all those criteria.

Sadly, just because Ronda was the most feared woman on the RAW roster didn't mean she could force her servant to please her sexually. Ronda told Bayley about her fantasies of seeing the hugger face down between her thighs while Ronda tugged on that ridiculous ponytail. Bayley would reply with a nervous laugh; The only way that wouldn't result in Ronda towering over her in a menacing manner. Though she knew Bayley couldn't be forced into it, Ronda made it clear the offer was always on the table.

Standing backstage, Ronda watched her faithful sidekick compete in the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble. Bayley swore to win the match for Ronda so they could put on a great match at Wrestle Mania. As much as Ronda despised Bayley's childishness and overeager desire to hug her at any given time, she did admire the hugger's in-ring skill.

The match was down to its final four: Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Ember Moon, and Alexa Bliss.

Ronda smirked proudly when Bayley effortlessly tossed Ember out of the ring. The live audience was not happy about the elimination, but Bayley didn't care and Ronda liked that Bayley couldn't care less.

To Ronda's right, SmackDown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch watched the match unfold too. Ronda did admit the Irish woman was attractive. She matched Ronda's preference in women in every category. Perhaps if she were lucky, Ronda could take Becky back to her locker room and show her how they do things over on RAW.

Becky caught Ronda's lingering gaze. She gave her a smirk, but turned her focus back to the monitor.

Ronda chuckled under her breath. "Damn, they don't make 'em like you anymore," She said to the fiery redhead beside her.

Becky rolled her eyes to convey annoyance but her smile deceived her true feelings. "Is that yer best pickup line, Rousey?" Becky asked. "It's gonna take a lot more than that."

Ronda shrugged. "Well, the night's still young. I already snapped Nikki's arm earlier. Why don't we find a private room, just for tonight? Little cross brand fucking never hurt anyone."

Becky chuckled. "Yeah? You'd like that, wouldn't ya? Sorry, I don't sleep with RAW Superstars."

Ronda rolled her eyes. "Fine. Your loss," As she said that, Charlotte Flair eliminated Alexa Bliss from the match. One more person left before Bayley won. "Who's your bitch?" Ronda asked Becky.

Becky cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse you?"

"What? They don't do that on SmackDown?" Ronda shook her head. "Your bitch. Ya know, the chick you pick out of the locker room that does everything for you. I got Bayley. Who do you have?"

Becky nodded her head. "Ah, I understand. Asuka."

Ronda's eyes widened as a grin spread across her face. "Really? You like small Asian women?"

"Let's just say I don't mind certain talents she has," Becky replied.

Ronda began a response, but her voice was taken from her when she saw Bayley being thrown over the top rope.

"What the fuck?!" Ronda exclaimed.

Charlotte Flair, the worst possible outcome, had won the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble. Ronda was fuming. Not only did Bayley fail to win, this meant Ronda would most likely have to defend her title in the Elimination Chamber. Though she wasn't a stranger to being locked in a cage with other fighters, she didn't expect to have to work that night.

Bayley gradually walked through the curtain backstage. Right away, she saw the furious glare of her superior waiting for her.

"Miss Rousey," Bayley began. "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to mess up so badly. I can make things right. I can..."

Ronda cut Bayley off. Uncharacteristically, Ronda gently set her hand on the side of Bayley's face. Being gentle usually meant a hard backhand was coming too, as Bayley was so unfortunate to find out, but Ronda held back for the time being.

"You did fine, kid," Ronda said. "Runner ups always get a title shot. You just better pray I win the Chamber."

Bayley nodded her head. "I'll qualify for that. Then I can eliminate everyone for you."

Ronda smirked. "That's what I like to hear. That's in a month however. Now... I think I need something for your loss. I'm disappointed you didn't win, Bayley."

Bayley dropped her head. "I'm sorry, Miss Rousey."

Ronda slid her hand down to Bayley's shoulder, then to the small of her back. Bayley was roughly pulled against Ronda's chest. Staring fearfully into the eyes of the RAW Women's Champion, Bayley felt her stomach drop to the floor.

"I think it's time we see how talented you are in some other places." Ronda muttered.

Bayley shook her head. "Miss, please, I can't do that. I... Don't find women attractive like that."

Ronda shrugged. "Well, maybe you should've thought of that before you lost the Rumble," She brushed some stray hairs out of Bayley's eyes in a subtly threatening way. "Just remember: You aren't done until I say you are. Understand?"

"How about you lay off?" Came another voice. Ronda checked over her shoulder. Much to her disgust, it was Charlotte Flair.

"Excuse you?" Ronda asked.

"Did I stutter?" Charlotte shot back.

Ronda chuckled. "Really? You wanna do this now? Fine, I can beat your ass back here. I don't need a ring to do it."

"I'm sure you can," Charlotte sarcastically said. "Just like how you beat up on smaller women."

"Oh, please, like 'the Queen' didn't have a bitch like everyone else," Ronda said.

Their confrontation gathered a small crowd. Ronda smirked at all the worried glances staring her and Charlotte's direction.

Charlotte shook her head. "No, I didn't. Because I respect people. You're a bully. I hate bullies."

Ronda set her championship on a nearby production crate. She spread her arms out at her side. "Take a shot, daddy's girl. Better pray it keeps me down because you're in deep shit if I get back up."

Before anything could further escalate, Paige and Kurt Angle both stepped between Ronda and Charlotte.

"What is this all about?" Paige demanded.

"You two need to settle down," Kurt explained. "This is no place for physical violence."

"Tell that to her," Ronda pointed at Charlotte. "I was having a conversation with Bayley, but she went and stuck her nose in my business."

Paige shook her head. "Whatever the case may be, we can't have you two fighting each other."

Ronda raised her hands, feigning retreat. "Fine, ok, I'll walk away," She looked at Paige. "Tell your queen to keep to herself or I'll snap her arm."

As Ronda walked away, title slung over her shoulder once again, she grinned at the insults being hurled in her direction by Charlotte and other SmackDown Superstars.

Ronda stepped out of the shower. Feeling exhausted, she opted for a quick change and a run back to her hotel room. Then Bayley would have to fulfill her duties as Ronda's underling since she failed to win the Royal Rumble.

Ronda covered her naked body with a matching dark blue sports bra and thong. Had it been some other woman she was expecting in her room tonight, she would opt for her fancier underwear. But Bayley was easy to impress.

Confusing her, Ronda heard the door to her private locker room open. "Get out of her, Bayley, I'm not ready yet," Ronda listened for the door to open and close again or some pathetic apology from her servant, but neither of those things came.

Instead Ronda heard soft footsteps approach her. Before she could react, Ronda was violently thrown into her leather couch. As she tried to get her bearings back, her hands were pulled behind her back. Much to her horror, duct tape was then wrapped around her wrists, binding them together.

"What the fuck?!" Ronda screamed. She didn't know what was going on, or what was about to happen to her, but the fact that someone was trying to tie her up had frightened her to her very core.

Ronda's head was pulled back roughly. The calloused hands holding her down suddenly wrapped the duct tape around her head several times over her mouth. Ronda fought with everything she had to break away, but this person was unbelievably strong.

Ronda's ankles were the next thing to be wrapped together. Left defenseless, Ronda hopelessly squirmed against her restraints and screamed against the sticky adhesive tape.

The strong hands of her attacker spun her around so she could sit. When Ronda saw who it was, her temper flew through the roof. It was Charlotte Flair. This bitch came into Ronda's locker room and attacked her. Who the hell did she think she was? Binding and gagging the RAW Women's Champion? Ronda swore to herself that the first thing she would do after being set free was to beat the hell out of the blonde bitch in front of her.

Charlotte bent over so she was eye level with Ronda. "That shut you up, didn't it?" She taunted, chuckling to herself while Ronda screamed at her through the tape. "What's that? I can't hear you."

"Fmmmph ymmmph!" Ronda groaned.

Charlotte smirked. "Not so tough now are you?"

As Charlotte rose to her full height, Ronda expected the worst. Being at someone's mercy was not something she enjoyed. It scared her, despite the brave face she was putting on at the moment.

Instead of attacking her like Ronda expected, Charlotte pulled her t-shirt over her head. Even stranger, Charlotte unbuttoned her jeans and kicked them off as well. Ronda wanted to look away, but the body of the woman apparently holding her hostage took her attention. Her surgically enhanced breasts could hardly be contained by her bra. Her ass stuck out behind her unlike anything Ronda had seen before. And her abs... Charlotte did check off all the required items on Ronda's criteria for a sex partner. But that wasn't why Charlotte was there. At least, that's what Ronda thought at first.

Charlotte slid her hands under Ronda's sports bra. She slid the garment up Ronda's chest, exposing her breasts to the cool air in the room.

"Mmmm," Charlotte moaned, running a thumb over Ronda's left nipple. "Such magnificent perky breasts."

Ronda screamed at herself to fight more. But something inside her told her not to. Charlotte's gently touch made it seem like this was an ok situation. Being forced to comply with duct tape wasn't exactly how she pictured tonight going. But Ronda did like surprises.

Charlotte placed her lips over Ronda's nipple, bringing a soft moan from the Rowdy one. She flicked her tongue and nibbled at it. Ronda sighed heavily against her gag. Why was this turning her on? Why was a fire slowly building between her thighs? Charlotte just forced her, against her will, to sit on the couch in a duct tape bind. Why did it feel so good to have the blonde woman suck her tits?

Ronda's wrists ached trying to break away. She was sure she'd have some kind of welt on her ankles if she ever got out of here. On top of that, her mouth was itchy from the tape. But her growing arousal made her the most concerned.

Charlotte released Ronda's nipple. Her face just inches in front of Ronda's, Charlotte mockingly kissed the tape over her lips. As Ronda began to stir again, Charlotte hooked her fingers around the waistband of Ronda's panties.

"Such a sweet pussy, Rousey," Charlotte cooed. She stuck two fingers in her mouth, coating them in saliva, the slowly pushed them into Ronda's pussy.

Ronda's head hit the back of the couch. Now she knew she was in serious trouble. Nothing had given her more sexual desire than this moment right now. Charlotte, damn near naked, kneeling in front of her with her fingers in her pussy. It was almost too much. Then, making Ronda moan loudly into her gag, Charlotte's hands forced her legs to open more right before her clit was attacked by Charlotte's tongue. Ronda felt her climax coming fast. Nothing had made her come this fast. As sadistic as it was, Ronda loved that she was helpless against Charlotte. Her fingers and tongue only added to her pleasure.

Finally, after a brief effort, Ronda's body seized as her orgasm came. Charlotte continued to lap at her moist pussy, but slower than she previously had.

"So sweet," Ronda heard Charlotte say.

Once Charlotte stood up, Ronda expected her to remove the duct tape. Instead, Charlotte redressed and headed for the door. Ronda thrashed against her restraints, screaming herself hoarse, but Charlotte left the locker room without another word.

An hour later, Bayley poked her head into Ronda's locker room after she didn't arrive back at the hotel. Finding her boss bound with duct tape was a shock to the hugger. She hurried across the room and unwrapped Ronda.

"Oh my goodness, Ronda," Bayley said. "Are you ok? What happened?"

Ronda ignored Bayley and stood up. Her knees were still wobbly, but she managed to make her way back to her suitcase and dress herself.

"Is everything ok?" Bayley asked.

"Yeah." Ronda replied flatly.

"Do... You still need me to make love to you?" Bayley asked.

Ronda smirked. "Nope."

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