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Tammy & Francine
by Tazz (

Francine and Tammy were both at Tommy Dreamer's place. Francine and
Tommy were gonna have sex in front of Tammy. Tammy thought it would be cool
to masterbate while she watched Francine get fucked by Tommy. Francine got
undressed. Then Tommy did too.

"Hey, Tammy, what are you gonna do while I fuck Francine?" asked Tommy.

"Well, baby, I plan on fingering my pussy, and maybe even using Francine's
vibrator on my cunt as well, and i also brought a few 10 inch dildos with
me." replied Tammy.

Then Tommy grabbed Francine by the legs and entered her vagina. He
thrusted in to her cunt movng his cock in and out of her making her moan in
sexual lust as he fucked her pussy. He pulled out of her tight snatch, and
then he put his tool in between her huge tits. He fucked her tits with his
fat erection. Francine fingered her pussy as this tits fuck was happening.

Then after a few minutes of watching this, Tammy reached into her panties
and slid a finger into her pussy. Meanwhile Tommy contiued to fuck Francine's
tits. Then Tommy slipped his prick back into her pussy. Then Tammy grabbed a
10 inch dildo and slowly pushed it into her vagina. Tommy grabbed both of
Francine's huge tits as he rammed her cunt.

"OOHHH yeah baby, fuck her, FUCK HER HARD, oh yes Tommy I want to see you
fuck her up the ass and cum all over her ass." moaned Tammy.

Tommy hadn't planned to fuck Francine up the butt, but Tommy answered her
request anyway. Francine bent over and spread her cheeks apart for Tommy's
cock. Then Tammy got up and grabbed Tommy's cock, and guided it into
Francine's asshole for him.

Tammy began to finger Francine's pussy as Tommy fucked her butthole. Tammy
began to lick Francine's fat cheeks as they jiggled. Tammy moved the dildo in
and out of her cunt as she licked Francine's cheeks and fingered her snatch.
Then tammy pulled Tommy out if Francine's anus and Tammy started jacking
Tommy off. Then Tammy licked Francines asshole and slid Tommy's dick back
into it.

Tammy continued to move the dildo in her cunt as she fingered Francine,
then Tammy said "Oh, yes, im cumming, IM CUMMING!!!"

Then Tammy put her big butt right in Francine's face, and Tammy spewed her
juice all over Francine's face. Then Tommy said he was gonna cum, so Tammy
pulled his cock out of Francines asshole and started jacking him off again.

Tammy jerked his cock off all over Francine's butt. Then Tommy put his
cock back into Francine's pussy from behind. Then Tammy bent over right in
front of Tommy and put her big rear end right in his face then she inserted a
dildo into her pussy from behind. Tommy watched as Tammy moved the dildo
inside her pussy as he fucked Francine's cunt.

Tammy rubbed her asshole as she fucked her own pussy with the massive
dildo. Then Tammy rubbed on Tommy's balls as he pounded Francines pussy. Then
Ffrancine pulled Tommy out of her snatch. Then Tammy started licking Tommy's
balls as she gave him a fast hand job. Then Tommy said he was gonna cum
again, so Francine took his cock out of Tammy's hand and started licking the
tip, Tammy continued to lick his balls as Francine licked his prick, then he
shot a load all over Tammy's big butt and Francines face.

Then he bent Francine over again and then Tammy grabbed his cock and
slowly put it into Francine's asshole. Then Tommy very aggressivley thrusted
in to her asshole. Then tammy started french kissing Tommy. Tammy rubbed
Tommys nuts and fingered Francine's pussy. Then Tommy pulled out and Francine
got ready. Then Tammy started beating Tommy off and Francine started rubbing
Tommy's balls, Then he shot his cream on both of their slutty faces.

Then after ten minutes of rest they all started again, but this time Chris
Candido joined in. Then it started, Chris grabbed Francine by the hips and
slid his cock into her pussy from behind. Then Francine licked Tommy's balls
as she stroked his cock. Chris was breathing heavily as he fucked Francine's
tight cunt.

Meanwhile Tammy was behind Chris rubbing his balls with one hand and
fingering Francines asshole with the other hand. Then as Francine beat off
Tommy, Tammy made her way to them. Then francine took Tommy's erection into
her mouth and Tammy licked Tommy's nuts as Francine deep throated Tommy's

Then Chris took his meat out of Francine's pussy and he slowly put it up
Francines ass. He pounded her asshole for a while. Then Tommy pulled out of
Francine's mouth and shot his load all over Francine and Tammy's face. Then
Chris grabbed Tammy and layed her down on her back and eased his meat into
her tight vagina.

ALL OVER MY BODY!!!" screamed Tammy.

He moved his dick in and out of her tight little snatch. Then he pulled
out of her moist pussy and Francine jerked him off all over her face and all
over Tammy's chest and face. Francine kept on beating Chris off, when Tommy
came in from behind and shoved his prick in Francine. Tommy had his hands
placed frimly on Francine's round cheeks.

Francine contiued to masterbate Chris as her cunt was being fucked from
behind. Tammy was still trying to swallow all of the cum that Chris had
squirted in her mouth. Francine yelled as her toned cheeks were repeatedly
smashed against Tommys balls.

Francine could feel Tommy's balls tapping against her clit and her pubic
hair with every thrust in to her pussy. Then Chris layed down under Francine
and guided his shaft past Tommy's and entered her vagina. Chris grabbed both
of her huge tits as he filled her snatch. Francine screamed as they rammed
her fleshy folds.

Tammy had two 10 inch dildos in her cunt at the same time! She was gliding
them both into her dripping pussy.

screamed Francine.

"OHHH YES BABY!" yelled Tammy.

Then Tommy and Chris pulled there big cocks out of her pussy and then
Tammy shoved her face into Francine's muffin and Francine shot everything she
had on Tammys face. Then Tommy and Chris were jacking off and they both had
to cum, so then Francine bent over and Chris crammed her twat with his

Then Tammy proceeded to stroke Tommy's cock and lick on his nuts then
Tommy shot his cream in her face and all over her tits. Then Chris pulled out
of Francine's pussy and Tammy grabbed his cock and squeezed all his goo into
her mouth. Then chris planted Francine's pussy again.

Tammy squeezed on Francine's cheeks as Chris rammed into them. Tommy began
to lick Tammy's wet folds from behind. Tommy's nose rubbed across her asshole
as he licked her inner folds. Tammy began to lick Chris's extention as he
pulled it in and out of Francines wet vagina and then Tammy started licking
Francines asshole as Chris fucked her cunt.

Then Tommy sat up and parted Tammy's plump ass cheeks apart and slowly
inserted his throbbing cock into her spasming cunt. Her fat cheeks began to
jiggled as Tommy thrusted into her wet folds. Tommy kept a firm grip on
Tammy's ample cheeks as he rammed his rod up her pussy. Tommy licked his
thumb a started to massage Tammys tight asshole.

Chris had already stuck his meat back into Francines asshole. "Oh yeah,
Tommy, dont you love to watch Chris fuck your girlfriend in the ass? Oh yeah,
I love to see Francines get fucked in the ass by chris. Mmmm, OH YES TOMMY,

Then Tommy slapped Tammy's soft ass. Tommy heard Chris groan as he shot
his sperm into Francines asshole. That made Tammy crazy, she couldnt hold it
back anymore. Her pussy unleashed all of her femine juices, and her cunt
tightened around Tommy's hardness also sending him over the edge. He pulled
out and shot a hot load all over Tammys fat celelite ass.

Then after a few minutes of recooperating, Tammy got up and got things
started again. She slowly began to run her tongue across Tommy's hardening
cock. She slowly beat him off, then went down and began to suck his balls.
She looked up and saw a bead of pre-cum oozing out the head of his throbbing
erection. She massaged his balls as she licked the pre-cum of his purple cock

Then as Tammy's big ass was in the air, Francine bent over and slid her
tongue across Tammys thick pussy lips. Tammy squeeled at this gesture and
continued to beat tommy off. Tammy was beating Tommy very aggressivly and
staring at him right in the eyes, giving him the most sexy, and slutty looks
she could posibly come up with, and she was talking very dirty to him.

While Francine licked Tammys cunt, Chris came in from behind and jammed
his cock up Francines pussy. Chris was breathing hard as he fucked Francine's
tight cunt.

"Okay, baby, now I want some pussy." said Tommy.

So then Tammy stopped and told Francine to ride Tommy's cock. So then
Francine sat on Tommy's lap backwards. Francine's pussy was not really the
pussy Tommy had in mind when he said he wanted pussy. He really ment Tammy's
pussy, but he didnt say anything. He just rammed Francine's snatch as hard as

Tammy sucked on Francine's clit as Tommy cock moved in and out of her
pussy. Then Chris took the head of his large prick and aimed it at Tammy's
tight asshole. He touched her anus with the tip of his cock. Then Tammy
grabbed his cock and aimed it at her dripping vagina and she slowly put his
cock up her hot vagina.

Tammy moaned as Chris began to pump her raw channel. Chris grabbed her
swinging tits, and squeezed the orbs of silicone. Chris rubbed Tammy's
puckered asshole with his thumbs. From the looks of it, it looked like
Tammy's asshole was just begging and pleading to be filled. It was soaked
with sweat and gleaming in the light. Then tammy licked her fingers and
reached around and began to rub her sensitive anus.

Then Tommy pulled out of Francine's cunt and then chis pulled out of
Tammy. Tammy pussy lips were soaking wet with vaginal fluid and sweat, her
pussylips were also gleaming in the light.

Then finally it happened. Tammy got up and sat on Tommy's lap facing him.
She kissed him long and hard, then she reached around and guided his prick
into her vagina. Tammys pussy was the warmest, wettest and tightest pussy,
Tommy had ever fucked, so Tommy didnt take any time. He instantly began to
buck his hips and pounded her cunt, making her cheeks bounce. Tommy smacked
her fat cheeks as she bounced on his fat prick. Tommy squeezed her big ass
cheeks as they bounced.

Meanwhile Chris had his cock up Francine's pussy, doggystyle. Then he
pulled out of her cunt and blew his load on her round cheeks. Then Tammy
grabbed Tommy's hands and made him slap her fat butt. Then he told Tammy he
was gonna cum, so then she got off and kneeled down and beat him off all over
her slutty face.

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