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Tammy Has Been A Bad Girl
by Tammy Lover

Tammy Lynn Bytch's and Tammy Lynn Sytch's feud was taken way to far, it
seems that during a match between Lance Storm and Chris Candido, the two
Tammys got involved, but Tammy Lynn Sytch's top was accidentally ripped
off. But what did Sytch do, well, she let those bare tits hang out for the
whole crowd to see. Bytch was furious and decided to get even.

After a show one night that, they were both on, Bytch asked Sytch if she
needed a ride home. Sytch had noticed that Chris was in a meeting with Paul
E. she decided to leave with Bytch.

On the way home, the two women talked about what they were supposed to
do the next night and so on. Bytch had pulled over and said her car was
stuck. The 2 Tammy's step out of the car to walk around the car, when Bytch
wrapped a rag around Fytch's face, Sytch had passed out and Bytch dragged
her to the backseat. She handcuffed her arms behind her back and then got
into the car and drove away.

Tammy Lynn Sytch woke up. She looked around to see she was in a hotel
room. Her hands were handcuffed to the top of the bed post and her legs had
been shackled to the ground.

Bytch walked in. She was wearing short black leather pants, a black
leather sleeveless top, and thigh high boots. She was holding a bag in one
hand and a knife in the other. She uncuffed Tammy's hands and put the knife
to her neck. She tied Sytch's hands above her head and hung her up on a
hook on the wall.

Sytch was wearing a short black skirt and a red top. Bytch ripped off
the top revealing a silky red bra and pulled her bag out. She opened it up
and searched through it. She pulled out a four inch thick ten inch long
dildo. She then pulled out a razor and pulled up Sytch's skirt to reveal
small red panties. Bytch turned on the razor and shaved Tammy's bikini

Bytch pulled down Sytch's panties and got behind her and she stuck the
ten inch dildo up her ass to wear only about half an inch stuck out. Tammy
was gagged with a ball gag and she was in pain.

Sytch was in pain and Bytch loved it. Bytch pulled a chair out of the
corner and put it in front of Sytch. Bytch pulled her off the hook and
leaned her over the chair. She tied her hands to the bottom of the chair
and hung her tits over the back of the chair.

Bytch then found a vibrator. It had a thick end of about three inches
thick and about five inches long. She pulled out the dildo in Tammy's ass
and stuck the vibrator in. It hurt because her ass was so sore, but before
she could think, Sytch had the dildo deep in her pussy.

Bytch then pushed it further into Sytch's pussy until it was lost. She
then pulled out a paddle from her bag and started the vibrator and began to
paddle Tammy.

Finally she stopped and Bytch asked Tammy, "How does it feel to be a
slut, huh? How does it feel?"

She removed the ballgag and Sytch began to talk, "I'm sorry. It feels
great, I feel great!"

Bytch turned on some music real loud, so no one could hear. She took
Tammy off the chair and threw her on the bed. She then spread Sytch's legs
and began eating her out. Tammy Sytch was moaning

All of a sudden Bytch pulled the dildo out of Tammy's pussy. She then
turned off the vibrator continued to eat Sytch out. Sytch came all over
Bycth's face and wiped it all over Sycth's tits. Bytch then gave Tammy some
food and let her eat it. They began talking and Bytch asked if Sytch liked

She replied, "To tell you the truth I loved it. I was wet the whole
time. Please, let's do it again some more!"

Bytch said, "Ok." and gave Tammy back her clothes and left.


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