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Tammy Meets Her Fans
by Tammy Lover

I just attended an ECW show and as I walked back to my car, I noticed
Tammy Sytch slap Chris Candido and walk away. I asked if she needed a ride
and she said "Please take me to your house."

I was overwhelmed so we buckled in for the long four hour drive back
home and she took a nice three hour nap. As she was sleeping I curiously
scoped out her body as she was wearing a cheerleader type outfit and with
her bundled up I could see the thong panties around her tight tan ass. I
could feel tension as my dick began to get harder. I quickly fixed the
blanket as Tammy woke up and tried to not show that I was hard, but she
immediately noticed and asked if I would like some air, I confusingly asked
"What?" and she said, "This."

She unzipped my pants and began blowing me. It felt so good I looked
down to see her as she was blowing and licking my nuts at the same time. I
moaned in pleasure as she slurped her tounge all over my dick. I nudged her
head and told her I was going to cum and she said, "Just do it."

I blew it all in her mouth and she swallowed it all right up, she
commented "How refreshing?" She then unbuckled her seat belt and slid her
thong panties off as well as her skirt bottom, revealing her tight shaved
pussy. She began massaging her fully tan cunt and it began getting very
moist. Tammy asked if I would like a turn and she grabbed my hand and drove
it hard into her coochie. It felt good as she moaned.

We finally reached my house and as the garage shut, Tammy said, "Let's
stay outside." It was around 1AM and I figured heck everyone is asleep.

We began romantically kissing as we took the rest of our clothes off,
we were on my patio as she said, "All the way." I started fucking her
tight pussy as she screeched in ecstasy. I did this for hours, I rolled her
over and began banging her up the ass as cum exploded all down her backside
and onto her tits, Tammy licked her tits dry of my cum. She was squirting
milk out of her breasts as I drank it up.

It was now 7AM and me and Tammy still going at it, she began orgasming
really loud and my wife, who was on vacation, her tanning friend came over
in a bikini to see what was going on, to my amazement it wasn't my wife's
friend. It was Tammy Lynn Bytch.

Tammy stopped and they bickered some until they began kissing and Bytch
had a huge didlo with her which she began ramming Sytch with. Sytch cumed
all over it. I then licked it dry. We then fucked each other for the rest
of the day.


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