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Tammy Sytch: Crackwhore Part 1
by Tammy Lover

Chris Candido had been in Japan for two months now, trying to rebuild his
reputation as a solid worker and get back on TV here in the states. Tammy
knew it was for the best, but she missed him and the support that he had
been giving her in her battle against drug addiction. Chris was trying to
build a better life for the couple but it was slow going. The Japanese
promoters weren't paying Chris very much and Tammy hadn't worked in a while,
so financially the couple was in trouble. Chris hadn't even been calling
much lately because the calls were too expensive. Just last week Tammy had
to pawn almost everything they had of any worth just to pay the rent.
Lonely, broke, and depressed, Tammy couldn't take the pressure anymore. She
needed a fix. Pain killers, alcohol, marijuana, none of them were strong
enough to ease Tammy's pain and she knew it. Cocaine and heroine were too
expensive. There was only one place left for Tammy to turn, crack. She
grabbed her car keys and her last $10 and headed for the ghetto, figuring
she could score on almost any street corner.

It was now 1 a.m., Tammy had been driving around the ghetto for almost an
hour, and hadn't been able to score. "Where's a crack dealer when you need
one?" Tammy joked to herself. Just then she happened to notice two black
men standing in front of a rundown housing project. She pulled over, rolled
down the window and motioned for the two men to come over to the car. They
walked over and leaned down to the window, both of them realizing at the
same time who the driver was.

"Holy shit! Aren't you Sunny?" the one asked. "Me and my boys used to watch
wrestling all the time back in the day."

"Well I used to be," Tammy replied, "now I'm just plain Tammy."

"It's nice to meet you Tammy, I'm Rasheed and this is my boy Darnell. What
can we do for a beautiful woman like you this evening?" he replied in his
smoothest, mack daddy voice.

"I-I-I" Tammy stammered, not believing what she was about to say, "I want to
buy some crack. Do you guys know where I can get some?"

"Sure baby, we'll hook you up, park the car and come on inside," Rasheed

Tammy parked the car and got out. She had on cut-off denim shorts and a white
tank top that showed her erect nipples. The two men eyed her up.

"Damn, girl, you put on a little weight since your WWF days, you got a ghetto
booty now." Darnell said.

"Yeah she did" said Rasheed, "but she still looks good as shit."

Tammy just blushed and giggled as she followed the two into the project. As
the door opened and they entered the hallway Tammy couldn't believe her eyes.
There were people just laying in the hallway looking like zombies and there
were empty crack vials all over the floor. As they passed by a room Tammy
glanced in and saw a woman on her knees sucking someone's dick. "Oh my God!"
she exclaimed.

Rasheed and Darnell just looked at each other and laughed. "You're in our
world now, baby," said Rasheed. "These bitches will do just about anything
for the rock."

Tammy didn't say anything, at this point she just wanted to get her drugs and
get the hell out of there. The two men led her to a room upstairs and told
her to have a seat while they went into the bedroom to get the drugs. Once in
the bedroom the men quickly discussed their plan. Darnell would go downstairs
and steal Tammy's car while Rasheed stalled her. They came out of the bedroom
with the crack. Rasheed handed Tammy a small vial and she gave him the $10.

"Have you ever smoked this before?" he asked her.

"No" she says.

"Well then I better give you instructions."

As he begins to explain how to smoke crack to Tammy, Darnell slips out the
door unnoticed. Once outside he jimmies open Tammy's car, hotwires it, and
drives it down to the chop shop, which is only two blocks away. He quickly
jogs back. As he walks back into the room, Tammy has just gotten done
signing an autograph for Rasheed's nephew. She never even noticed he was

"Alright, Tammy, thanks a lot, let us walk you out to your car" Rasheed says.

As they walked outside, Tammy looked around and couldn't find her car. She
immediatley went into hysterics. "What the fuck! Can't I get a fucking break
anymore! This is ridiculous! Can I come in and use your phone to call the

Rasheed and Darnell busted out laughing. "Call the cops," Darnell says,
"Honey, they don't come to this part of town, and even if they did, you got
drugs on you, how the fuck is that going to look?"

"You're right, I just don't know what the fuck is happening anymore. My whole
world is falling apart. I can't take it anymore, I just need to get high."

"Well come on in and smoke, baby, you'll feel better."

With that, the three walked back inside and sat on the couch. Tammy smoked
the vial of crack that she had while the two guys just chilled and drank
40's. When she was done Tammy went into a zombie-like state for a few hours.
She just sat there on the couch like a vegetable before eventually passing
out. Rasheed and Darnell sat there bullshitting, waiting for Tammy to wake
up, knowing that she would need another taste.

When she finally came to, Tammy had a headache and felt like she was totally
hungover. She asked the guys what could make her feel better. More crack was
their reply. Tammy didn't want to smoke anymore, she felt totally ashamed and
just wanted to go home. She asked them if they could give her a ride home,
but neither of them had a car. She couldn't call a cab because she had no
money and her credit cards were all maxed out. The guys promised her that
they would have their friend Malcolm take her home when he got there, he was
supposed to come over in a few hours. So for the time being they told her to
relax and make herself comfortable. As she sat there watching TV and chatting
with the guys, Tammy could feel the yearning within her growing stronger and
stronger. Tammy knew a thing or two about drug addiction and she could tell
that after only one time she was now hooked on crack. She was trying to fight
it but her craving was getting worse and in her upset and desperate state she
was in no mood to fight it. She decided to take the easy way out.

"Hey Rasheed, can you get me some more crack?"

"Sure baby, do you have any more money?"

"No, I'm broke, but couldn't you hook me up just this once, pleeeease."

"I wish I could, sweetheart, but we've got rules. No free product, and no

Tammy was used to turning on the charm and playing up to guys to get what
she wanted, so she figured it would work here. After all, men were men, she
thought, and most men would give her whatever she wanted if she made them
believe that she was even a little interested in them sexually. She flipped
her long blonde hair to one side, cocked her head and put her hands on
Rasheed's leg. "Please, sweetie, you can make an exception just this once
for me, can't you, I'll do anything you want," she purred in her smoothest,
sexiest voice.

"Well, you'll have to earn it, baby."

"No problem, sweetie, just give me some and then I'll do whatever it is you
like," she replied very teasingly.

"It doesn't work like that, girl, you gotta suck some cock if you want the

This was what Tammy had feared would happen. She didn't want to be like the
girl she saw in the hallway when she first came in, but she was desperate.
She was numb from all the stress and the craving for drugs. She was tired of
fighting her addiction, tired of the loneliness she had felt without Chris,
and tired of all the creditors and financial trouble. She couldn't fight
anymore, she just wanted to go with the flow. She figured she could probably
just talk dirty in his ear and stroke his cock a little and that would get
him off. After all, it had worked on Vince McMahon.

"Okay, I'll do it," she told Rasheed, "I'll suck your dick."

"What about me?" Darnell chimed in, "Are you gonna leave me hanging?"

"Hell no, she ain't gonna leave you hanging," exclaimed Rasheed, "she's gonna
suck both our dicks."

"Wait, I-I-I," Tammy stuttered.

"Shut up, bitch!" Rasheed says, standing up and pushing Tammy to her knees.
"If you wanna smoke you gotta play by our rules. Now quit yapping and get to

With that Rasheed pulled down his pants and exposed the biggest cock Tammy
had ever seen. Her eyes bulged out of her head when she saw it. Even limp,
Tammy could tell it was huge. Rasheed grabbed his cock in one hand and the
back of Tammy's head with the other. He ordered her to stick her tongue out
and he began smacking his cock on her tongue in order to get it hard. His
cock grew harder and as it did it kept getting bigger and bigger right in
front of Tammy's face. Fully erect, it was now nine and a half inches. "Go
ahead girl, get to work."

Tammy didn't know where to begin, his cock was so big. She wrapped her hand
around the shaft and it was so thick that her fingers didn't touch. She
stroked it up and down and began licking his sweaty, salty balls. First she
licked and sucked the right one, then the left, then both at the same time.
While she was doing this, Darnell had knelt down behind her and was running
his hands all over her body, caressing her big breasts and rubbing her plump
ass. This began to make her wet and she really began to get turned on by the
big black cock staring her in the face. Tammy had fantasized about having
sex with a black man on a few occasions and she had often fantasized about
having sex with two guys at once, but never in her wildest dreams did she
ever think she would get fucked by two black guys at the same time. Now that
it was becoming a reality and she was getting turned on, she figured "what
the fuck" and really started getting into it. Darnell unbuttoned her denim
shorts and slid them off, then layed underneath of her and began sucking on
her now swollen clit. Tammy began wiggling her fat ass around on his face
while she licked up and down the length of Rasheed's erection. Looking down
at her he says "Enough licking, baby, suck it."

Tammy looked up at him as she slowly put the tip of the thick shaft in her
mouth. It was so thick she could only get about three inches of it in her
mouth. Darnell, still licking her clit, now slid his middle finger halfway
into her tight little asshole. As he did, Tammy let out a squeal of
half-pain, half-pleasure, but it was muffled by the huge cock in her mouth.
This was the first time Tammy had anything in her ass, but it was a new
sensation and as Darnell wiggled his finger around and began working it in
and out she began to like the feeling. It was getting her even hotter and
she now wanted more of Rasheed's cock down her throat. She pulled her mouth
off of his cock and spit all over it. She wanted to lube it up good so it
would slide down her throat more easily. She put both her hands on his ass
and put the tip of his dick back in her mouth, all the while her eyes locked
on his. She could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying her
newfound nasty attitude. Tammy pulled Rasheed toward her, forcing six inches
of his now well lubricated cock down her throat. She began moving her head
in a circular motion, slow at first, then faster and faster. This was driving
Rasheed crazy and he knew if he didn't stop her soon he would come. He didn't
want to come yet, not until he had some of that juicy, pink pussy. He grabbed
Tammy by the hair and pulled her head off of his cock.

"Hey Darnell, why don't you come up here and get your dick sucked, this
little white whore knows what the fuck she's doing. I'm gonna find out how
tight that pussy is."

Rasheed layed down on the floor, Tammy stood up and removed her tank top. All
she had on now were her white, leather sneakers, and standing there nude with
her own saliva covering her face and chin she looked hot as hell. She walked
over to Rasheed, straddled him, and lowered herself onto his huge cock. As
the large head entered her, she let out a long, deep moan. She worked the
head in and out slowly a few times to loosen herself up, then eased herself
down the length of his shaft. Darnell had taken his pants off and now stood
in front of her naked and fully erect. Although not quite as big as Rasheed,
he still had a thick eight inches. "Oooooh, you have a nice, big, fat cock,
too, huh," says Tammy.

"That's right,baby," replied Darnell, "I got more cock than Skip and Zip put

Tammy giggled slightly then attacked his cock, attempting to swallow it like
an Ethiopian would a submarine sandwich. She started bobbing her had back and
forth on his dick furiously, occasionally stopping to look up at him and lick
some precum from his cockhead. Meanwhile, Rasheed had each of his big black
hands full of Tammy's chubby asscheeks as he bounced her up and down on his
monster. She was forcing all of her weight down on him with each thrust, her
ass smacking against his balls with each stroke. Darnell's eyes were rolled
back in his head, Tammy's moans and groans were sending vibrations down the
length of his shaft, causing him to nearly shoot his load. Like Rasheed
before him, he didn't want to cum without sampling at least one of Tammy's
other holes. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and positioned himself
behind her. Tammy leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Rasheed,
pressing her big tits against his chest. Darnell spit on her asshole for
lube, then slowly pressed his big mushroom head up against her tight little
browneye. Tammy again squealed as his cockhead cleared her sphincter. She
looked back over her shoulder at him, "go slow okay, baby, I've never done
this before."

"Shut the fuck up you little white whore, I'll give it to you anyway I damn
well please!"

With that Darnell smacked her hard on her plump asscheek and pushed a few
more inches of his cock in. He then pulled all but the head back out and then
rammed his cock full force into her asshole. Tammy let out a scream. It hurt,
but it was a good hurt. The fact that it felt so good surprised her. She now
had two big blacks cocks filling her up, one in her pussy, and one in her
ass. Rasheed just lay there while Darnell pumped away. He pumped fast and
furious for a while, then he fucked her butt with long, slow strokes, pulling
his cock all the way out to the tip, then ramming it all the way back in.
Rasheed couldn't take it any more and began to shoot a huge load into Tammy's
dripping wet pussy. When Tammy felt his cum gushing inside of her she began
to orgasm and her pussy clamped down on his big dick, milking it of every
last drop. This also caused her to tighten up her sphincter muscles, sending
Darnell over the edge. He began to shoot stream after stream of jizz into
Tammy's thick ghetto booty.

Sweaty and spent, the three collapsed on the floor. Just then, Malcolm walks

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