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Tammy Sytch: Crackwhore Part 2
by Tammy Lover

"Damn, fellas, what the fuck you guys got goin' on?" Malcolm asked as he saw
the three naked, sweaty bodies lying in a heap on the floor.

"Nothin', G, we just fucked the shit out of this little white crackhead
whore. We told her you'd hook her up with a ride, is that cool?" Darnell

"Yeah, no problem, I'll give her a ride anytime," Malcolm says as he licks
his lips and eyes Tammy up and down.

Tammy just blushes and giggles as she gets up. "You must be Malcolm, it's
nice to meet you." she says, walking across the room buck naked to shake his
hand. "You're sure it's not a problem giving me a lift."

"No problem at all, baby."

"Okay, just let me get dressed and get my crack and we can go."

She walked across the room to where her clothes were laying and as she
did, Malcolm stared intently at her jiggling asscheeks and tan thighs. He
continued watching as she pulled on her denim shorts and white tank top.
Rasheed and Darnell had gotten dressed and came out of the bedroom with
the crack that Tammy had earned for sucking and fucking them silly. They
gave her their phone number in case she wanted more crack. She thanked
them and gave them each a hug and a kiss goodbye. Her and Malcolm then
headed out the door.

As they walked out to the car, Tammy sized Malcolm up out of the corner of
her eyes. He was about 6'3", very muscular, and quite handsome. He had on a
very nice, expensive suit, and was a perfect gentleman, opening the door for
her as she got into his brand new 2001 Cadillac. As he drove her home they
chatted, Tammy explaining her situation and Malcolm being very understanding
and sympathetic. When they got to her house, Tammy invited him in, explaining
that she didn't want to be lonely and wanted some company. Once inside, Tammy
told Malcolm to make himself comfortable while she went and took a shower. He
sat down on the couch and watched TV until Tammy emerged from the bathroom,
dressed in short little spandex exercise shorts and a sports bra, her hair
soaking wet. She sat down on the couch next to him and pulled out a pipe and
the vial of crack. She absolutely had to smoke it right now. She asked
Malcolm if he would like to smoke with her but he declined. He knew what that
shit did, and he had plans for Tammy. He just sat there and watched TV while
Tammy smoked, went into her trancelike state, then passed out for 3 hours.

When she awoke, Tammy was a nervous wreck. She once again felt like shit and
there were 20 messages on her answering machine. 19 were from creditors and
one was from Chris Candido. "Fuck Chris!" were her first words after hearing
his voice. "He should have been here for me. How can he go to Japan and
abandon me and leave me to face my demons all alone. I'm up to my eyeballs
in debt, I'm hooked on drugs again, and worst of all, I sucked two cocks just
to get one vial of crack." She began to sob uncontrollably. Malcolm came over
and hugged her in an attempt to comfort her. This was going to be to easy he
thought to himself.

"Listen, baby," he said very calmly, the very sound of his voice soothing
and comforting her, "I've been thinking about all your financial problems and
your drug problem, and I have a solution. Why don't you come work for me,
you'll be my number one employee. Together, we can make alot of money, enough
to support your crack habit and pay off some of your bills."

"Oh Malcolm, that sounds great, what is it that you do?"

"I'm a pimp."


"Listen, baby, you just got fucked for a vial of crack, why not make some
real money doing what you do? My boys told me you were fantastic. You'll be
my best ho, you can earn us a lot of money."

Tammy didn't know why, but something in his voice drew her to him. Right now
she needed someone to calm and reassure her, and Malcolm was doing that. She
was very attracted to him and felt safe in his presence.

"Okay, Malcolm, I trust you. If you think this will work, I'll try it."

"That a girl! Now, I gotta sample the merchandise so I know what my customers
are getting. So come on over here and suck my big, black dick."

With that, Malcolm pulled his pants down around his ankles and sat down on
the couch. His black 8 inch cock was already erect. Tammy got down on her
hands and knees and crawled across the floor toward him like a hungry
tigress, her ass and hips wiggling back and forth as she did so, a smile on
her face. She had wanted to suck Malcolm's cock since she first laid eyes on
him. She began to caress his muscular chest as she licked and kissed his
six-pack abs. Next she turned her attention to his inner thighs, licking and
softly biting them as his huge black manhood stood at attention just
millimeters from the face of the blonde bombshell. She gently kissed her way
up to the top of his shaft, all the while looking up at Malcolm, trying to
tease and excite him. When she reached the tip, he could take it no more,
Malcom grabbed Tammy by the back of the head, forcing his thick cock down her
throat. Tammy began bobbing her head up and down driving Malcolm wild. He
soon began bucking his hips upwards as she bobbed her head down, forcing
nearly all of his cock into the back of her throat. She was fingering herself
and rubbing her clit the entire time.

"Alright baby" he says pulling Tammy up, "that's enough head, I want to
sample that pussy."

Malcolm remained seated on the couch as Tammy straddled him, lowering her
dripping wet pussy down onto his meaty shaft. She began riding him slowly,
trying to get used to the size of his dick. As she did this she ran her
hands all over his ripped, muscular chest. They were nose to nose, staring
into each other's eyes as they fucked. Tammy was getting hotter and hotter.
Malcolm had her more turned on than she had ever been. Her pussy was so wet
the juices were flowing out of it and dripping down his balls, leaving a
wet spot on the couch. Tammy was now easily taking all of him and was
bouncing up and down with everything she had, forcing Malcolm into her with
all of her weight. His huge black hands were gripping her asscheeks, trying
to pound her even harder.

After a while, Malcolm rolled Tammy over onto her back, throwing her legs u
up over his shoulders. In his left hand he held her right thigh, pulling her
into him. With his right hand he was rubbing her huge fake breasts, pinching
and pulling on the nipples. Once her nipples were erect, he put his big hand
around her throat, lightly choking her as he hammered her cunt. Looking down
at her Malcolm says, "Tell me you fucking like it you little bitch, tell me
you love my big black cock and you want it harder."

"Oh God yes, Malcolm, I love it! I love your big black dick in my pussy and
I want it harder!"

He began to pump faster and harder. It still wasn't enough for her.

"More Malcolm more! I fucking want it harder! Fuck my nasty little pussy!"

Eager to oblige her, Malcolm put his arms under her and stood up. Her legs
were still up over his shoulders and her arms were wrapped around his neck.
Tammy was now in the air, Malcolm's hands on her fat ass, pulling her up
and down on his pole. With each stroke his balls were slapping against her
butt and he was so deep inside of her that she could feel it in her womb.
After ten minutes of hellacious fucking in this position, Malcolm shot a
huge, sticky load into Tammy's pussy.

"Girl, you were even better than I thought you'd be," Malcolm tells her.
"Brothers are gonna line up around the block to get some of that pussy.
You're gonna make me a rich motherfucker."

The very next day, Tammy began turning tricks in the ghetto. She was sucking
and fucking 15-20 big black dicks per night, making Malcolm a rich man. He
was taking 75 percent of what she made, so what little she got was barely
paying her bills. With little or no money left over, she was still over at
Darnell and Rasheed's every night fucking them simple to get crack. About
three weeks later, Tammy began to get bumps and sores on her pussy lips, and
often felt a burning sensation. She tried to tell Malcolm about it one night
when he came to pick her up, but he told her to shut up and get dressed so
she could go to work. Tammy put on white, knee-high go-go boots, and a short,
tight, zebra print dress with no underwear. Malcolm took her to her usual
corner and dropped her off. About 15 minutes later a car pulled up to the
curb. Tammy sauntered over to it.

"Hey sweetie, looking for some action tonight?" she asked the driver, who was
about 6'6" and 400 pounds.

"Sure am. Are you Tammy?"

"That's me."

"Damn, you are as fine as they say. I heard you were the number one ho in the
whole city."

"That's right" Tammy says, winking at him, "What can I do for you tonight?"

"Turn around and let me see your ass."

Tammy turns around and pulls her dress up exposing her big, luscious booty,
jiggling it a little for the man.

"Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about," the man says, "I want to fuck that
tight little white ass."

"100 bucks and it's all yours."

Tammy got into the car and the man gave her the money. Since the car was
small and the guy was so big, he couldn't fuck her in the backseat of the
car. He also was out of money after paying her, so he couldn't take her to
a hotel. Tammy told him not to worry, she knew a place. She told him to
drive down about ten blocks. As he began to drive, Tammy leaned over and
unzipped his pants. Her eyes lit up when she saw his cock, it was 14 inches
long and thicker than her wrist. A month ago, Tammy would never have even
fantasized about something that big, but in the last few weeks she had not
only become addicted to crack, but also huge black cocks. She was getting
fucked by so many big dicks that she was a lot looser now, and the thought
of this monster cock intrigued her. She knew it was going to hurt, yet she
really wanted it. Being that it was so big and thick, she could only fit
the tip in her mouth. As she licked and sucked the head, she stroked the
shaft with one hand and cupped his balls in the other, massaging them
lightly. After a few minutes, she lifted her head and looked up, they were
at their destination, a dark, deserted alley. She told him to pull over.

"Let's go baby," she said, "you can fuck my ass behind that dumpster over

They got out of the car and she grabbed him by the hand leading him toward
the dumpster. It was a cool summer night, a slight breeze blowing up her
short dress. The cool air felt good, she thought, it cooled the burning
sensation in her pussy and made her asshole tingle in anticipation of the
humongous cock that was about to violate it. The man pulled a cardboard box
out of the dumpster and laid it on the pavement. Tammy pulled her dress up
around her waist, got down on her hands and knees and arched her back

"Let's go big boy" she said, looking back over her shoulder at him. "Give
me all you got."

"Hold on, let me put on a condom."

"I don't like condoms, don't worry about it."

"Sorry, but I always wear them."

"Ok, you're the customer, just hurry up."

The man rolled a condom onto his giant rod and positioned himself behind
Tammy. As he pushed the head in, Tammy let out a primal scream. She had had
no idea what she was in for. It hurt like hell, but there was no turning
back. He had paid his money and she was determined to satisfy him. The only
thing that saved her asshole from ripping apart was the fact that the man
knew how big his cock was, so he was very gentle at first, working it in
and out very slowly, a few inches at a time. After a few minutes, the
excruciating pain began to subside and Tammy began to enjoy the log that
was now half-buried in her ass. As the man began to pump faster, Tammy
rocked herself back to meet his thrusts. She was gettin really hot, and
reached back between her legs to finger herself, but her pussy was so sore
and irritated that she quickly stopped. She was only going to be anally
stimulated tonight.

Being fat and out of shape, the man began to tire, so he pulled out of
Tammy's ass and rolled over onto his back. Tammy, in reverse cowgirl, lowered
her now gaping asshole onto the behemoth and began to bounce up and down. She
was now taking about 10 inches of this monster with every stroke and loving
every second of it. She soon burst into orgasm and when she did her pussy
felt like it was on fire. She didn't know whether to scream or cry so she did
neither. She simply kept riding that cock, determined to show her customer
that he was in fact assfucking the number one ho in the city. His balls began
to tighten and he knew he was going to cum.

"I want to cum in your mouth, Tammy."

"Go ahead, baby, come all over my fucking face!" she yelled.

But it was too late. Before he could pull his cock out of her ass he shot
stream after stream of cum into the condom.

"Damn it! I really wanted to watch you taste my cum!"

"No problem, baby, watch this."

Tammy got up off of his dick and rolled the condom off of him. She then
turned it inside out and sucked every last drop of cum from it.

Just then, a gang of young black guys enter the alley.

To be continued...

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