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Tammy Sytch: Crackwhore Part 3
by Tammy Lover

"Well, well, well, what the fuck is going on here?" the leader of the gang

"Nothing, I'm done with this ho, she's all yours" Tammy's trick says as he
pulls up his pants and leaves the scene.

All five members of the gang surround Tammy, the leader right in her face.

"Who the fuck told you that you could turn tricks on our turf?" he asks her
in a very hostile tone.

"Nobody, I mean I just."

"Shut the fuck up, I didn't tell you to speak! You don't speak until spoken
to, you got it!"

Tammy nodded slowly, her eyes wide with fear, a lump in her throat. She had
no idea what the gang was going to do to her. "Please, I'll suck all your
dicks, anything, just don't hurt me."

"What the fuck did I just tell you about speaking!" The leader of the gang
shouts as he smacks Tammy across the face, not real hard, but just hard
enough to let her know that he isn't fucking around and that he isn't
someone to be messed with. "I know you'll suck our dicks you nasty little
white suburban slut. You'll do whatever the fuck we say, when we say it."

With that he pulls out his cock and smacks Tammy on the chin with it several
times before plunging it into her mouth. Tammy is now happy to have his dick
down her throat, hoping that if she gives him an awesome hummer he will be
merciful. As the leader grabs Tammy by the hair and begins fucking her face
for all he's worth, another gang member gets down behind Tammy and starts to
lick her pussy. All of a sudden he stops. "What the fuck is that?" he asks,
pointing to the sores on Tammy's cunt lips. "I ain't never seen no shit like
this before, boss, come check this out."

The leader pulls his cock out of Tammy's mouth and walks around behind her
to get a better view. As he inspects her twat he exclaims, "You must be the
white bitch that gave my cousin gonorrhea. You're gonna pay for that." He
grabs one of the sores, squeezing it hard causing it to pop and discharge
pus, which began running down Tammy's leg. She let out a scream, then he
grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulling her head back.

"You ain't fit to suck my dick you filthy little cracker. All you're fit to
do is lick my asshole" he tells her in a nasty tone. He then stands in front
of her placing his hands on the wall in front of him, spreading his feet
apart to give her access to his ass. Scared out of her mind, Tammy kneels
behind him and timidly begins to kiss and lick his asscheeks. Finally she
sticks her tongue out a little bit and gingerly runs it up and down the crack
of his sweaty, salty ass. She then reluctantly places a smooch directly on
his asshole, before licking her way around the rim. Apparently not satisfied
with her progress, two of the gang members step forward on either side of
Tammy, grabbing her by the back of the head and forcing her entire face into
the leader's ass crack and her tongue deep into his hole. Meanwhile, the
remaining two gang members are standing there watching, stroking their cocks.

"That's it you dirty little fucking whore, you two dollar slut, lick my
fucking asshole! I want to feel your tongue on my prostrate!" the leader
moaned in ecstasy as Tammy was now giving him the rimjob of a lifetime,
fucking his asshole with her tongue, using it like it was a little cock.
She was giving 100 percent, praying the entire time that they would not
hurt her.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" he shouted. At that moment he shot his load
straight at the wall, leaving a sticky gooey mess dripping down it. He then
turned around and grabbed Tammy by the hair, dragging her on her knees over
to the wall. "Lick it all up you nasty piece of shit! Every last fucking
drop!" Tammy did as she was told, licking and sucking the goo until every
single drop had disappeared into her mouth and down her throat.

"Alright fellas, I'm done with this pig, she's all yours now. Use her and
abuse her any way you want, I'll be back at the crib waiting for you guys."
The leader then turned and left.

The two who had been stroking their cocks quickly moved into position. One
lay down on his back and had Tammy straddle him, lowering her diseased pussy
onto his giant black rod. The other came up behind her and pushed his cock
into her pussy too. He began pumping away fast and furious, smacking Tammy
on her ass and pulling her hair all the while. She began screaming for all
she was worth, her burning, aching pussy being stretched to its limits. The
other two gang members had now removed their pants and gotten hard, so they
stood on either side of Tammy, taking turns fucking her mouth. While she was
sucking one, the other would smack her face and forehead with their big dick,
making her feel like a cheap fucktoy.

After about ten minutes Tammy orgasmed all over the two cocks in her pussy,
nearly sending the guys over the edge. They weren't ready to cum yet, so they
pulled out and switched positions with the two who had been getting head.
They both stood in front of Tammy smacking and rubbing her face with their
cocks, which were covered with her pussy juice and pus from her sores. They
rubbed the mixture of fluids all over her slutty little face, then made her
lick them both clean. Meanwhile the other two guys were now double assfucking
Tammy. They had no trouble getting both cocks in her ass because her hole was
still gaping from the john that had assfucked her just a half hour before.

She was now very happy to be getting buttfucked, because her pussy was so raw
and tender that she wasn't sure if she would be able to walk when this whole
ordeal was over. She even began forcing her big ass back onto the two dicks,
trying to hurry up and get them off so she could get out of there. The two
cocks in front of her were now being forced into the back of her throat,
causing her to gag. The smell of their sweaty balls and the taste of the cum
and pus covered dicks was nearly enough to make her puke. Tammy began to
wonder what she did to deserve this, and promised herself that she would go
back to her old life if she could just get out of this predicament without
being harmed. By now, all four guys were ready to cum.

Tammy got up on her knees, which were now scraped up from the pavement. Her
pale white face glowed in the moonlight, surrounded by four big black cocks,
all ready to explode on her outstretched tongue and waiting face. The first
guy, standing directly in front of her began to shoot his load. Half of it
went into her mouth and on her tongue, the other half went up into her
nostrils as she tilted her head back. The salty cum smelled like bleach and
burned her nostrils, but she didn't have much time to think about it, because
the two guys on either side of her began cumming at the same time, one on the
lower half of her face and cheeks, the other on the bridge of her nose and on
her eyelids, pasting each of her eyes shut with thick white jizz. Finally the
fourth guy began cumming, shooting streams of goo in the air, letting them
rain down on Tammy's already soaked face and dripping down her long blonde

Tammy, relieved that the ordeal was over, licked the head of each cock clean.
She then wiped the semen from her eyelids so that she could see once again.
When she looked around she was all by herself, the gangsters had already
taken off, leaving her there all alone, covered in cum and feeling completely
used, abused, and degraded.

She cleaned herself up the best she could, and walked back out to the
street to find a pay phone so she could call Malcolm to come and get her.
She couldn't wait to get away from the area of her degradation, she waited
anxiously on the corner for Malcolm, and was ecstatic when he pulled up. She
tried to tell him what happened but Malcolm didn't give a fuck.

"How much money did you make tonight?" he asked.

"One hundred dollars."

"That's it, you fucking whore! You gotta make more money than that. I'm gonna
drop you back off on your corner so you can make me some more money."

"Oh no, Malcolm!" Tammy pleaded, "Please don't, I just want to go home and
relax. It's been a long night. Why don't we go home and I can take care of

"Bitch, I'm going home, but you ain't coming back until you make me some more

Malcolm then took the $100 from Tammy and dropped her back off at her usual
corner, leaving her to turn tricks into the wee hours of the morning.

To be continued...

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