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Tammy Sytch: Crackwhore Part 4
by Tammy Lover

Tammy stood on the corner feeling completely humiliated and degraded, her
body tired and yearning for a fix. She had no money, because Malcolm had
taken it, so if she wanted to buy some crack she was going to have to earn
some more. She stood on the corner leaning against a light pole for what
seemed like ages, but in reality it was only about 20 minutes. Finally, a
car pulled up. Tammy wiggled her ass over to it. There were 3 black guys
inside, two in the front seat, one in the back.

"You guys looking for some fun tonight?" Tammy asks them.

"We sure are baby, are you a good time?" the one in the front passenger seat

"I'm the best around, or so they say."

"Oh really, the best at what?"

"Whatever you guys want, I suck a mean cock, I have a nice tight pussy, and
I love getting assfucked, hell, I'll even swallow if you want."

Tammy was trying to lure them in by talking like a slut. She needed to earn
some more money for Malcolm or he would probably beat her, and she also
needed drug money.

"How much?" the passenger asked.

"I'll tell you what," Tammy says seductively, "since there are three of you
I'll give you guys the group rate, $75 each."

The guys knew a hustle when they heard one so they attempted to bargain down.

"We only have $60 dollars between us, you want it or not?"

Tammy quickly thought it over, with $60 she could buy a vial of crack and
still have $50 left over for Malcolm. Nevermind that it was only $20 per man,
she had to think about the big picture.

"Okay guys, you've got yourself a whore," Tammy exclaimed as she took their
money and jumped into the back seat.

She began making out with the guy in the back seat, their tongues
intertwined, darting in and out of each others' mouths. She kissed and licked
his neck and nibbled on his ears, as she did this she ran her hand up and
down his thighs. Next she began rubbing the growing bulge in his pants as she
continued to french kiss him.

When she could feel that his cock was rock hard and straining against his
pants, waiting to be unleashed, she pulled his shirt off and unzipped his
pants. She began kissing and licking his chest and nipples, working her way
down his stomach. The man in the passenger seat was turned around watching,
stroking his cock all the while. The driver was stroking his dick as he
drove, one eye on the road, the other on the rear view mirror, watching the
couple intently.

Finally Tammy had worked her way down to his stiff dick and began licking in
circles around the head, stroking his shaft at the same time. She nibbled
lightly on his tip, teasing him, as he ran his hands through her long blonde
hair. She then licked the length of his shaft before returning to the top and
putting the whole thing in her mouth. It wasn't long before she was bobbing
her head up and down full force, slobbering all over her own face, her saliva
soaking his cock and balls. Her head was moving up and down on his dick like
a well-oiled piston. Tammy was moaning with each trip down his shaft as the
tip of his rod was banging into the back of her throat.

After fifteen minutes of this fast and furious blowjob, he could take no
more. He grabbed Tammy by the back of the head, pulling her into him as he
bucked his hips forward with everything he had. Wad after wad of cum began
to hit Tammy in the back of the throat, sliding straight down into her
stomach, nearly gagging her, but there was nothing she could do because
this guy was holding her tight, emptying his balls into her mouth. Tammy
put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away as she pulled her
head back, fearful that if she didn't get the dick out of her mouth she
might choke. Cum had begun to leak out of the sides of her mouth, joining
the saliva to make a mess on her chin when he finally let go and she was
able to pull her head back. She caught two more streaks on her cheek before
he was done. She licked him clean then wiped the cum from her chin with her
fingers and licked them clean too. She laid her head in his lap for a few
minutes until they reached their destination.

They pulled into a deserted park. It was now time for the two guys in the
front seat to get their nut off. The guy who had just cum decided to stay
in the car and make sure no one approached. The two men led Tammy to a very
dark area of the park. They both pulled down their pants and sat down on a
bench, each of them already erect from stroking in the car. Tammy got down
on her knees in front of them and went to work.

Back and forth she went sucking one cock while she jacked the other. They
were both quite large and Tammy was in her glory. She alternated cocks every
10 seconds or so, looking up at the men as she blew them, trying to get them
extremely hot. Eventually, one of them got up and stood behind Tammy. He
grabbed her by her hips, pulling her up to a standing position, her mouth
still glued to the other man's dick the entire time. He plunged his large
penis into her sore red pussy and began pumping like mad. Tammy began making
muffled moans on the other guys dick, sending vibrations down his shaft,
tickling his balls.

The cock in her pussy was hurting Tammy. Her lips were red and puffy and
having a big cock slam into them was a little more than uncomfortable. She
took the cock out of her mouth and looked back over her shoulder.

"Easy, baby, easy, you're hurting my pussy!" she told her lover.

"Shut up bitch! I paid my money, I'll fuck this pussy any way I want!"

Tammy began to protest but the man in front of her grabbed her hair and
forced her mouth back onto his dick. His partner was fucking the hell out
of Tammy, abusing her swollen pussy and he was reaping the rewards. Her
moans on his cock were making him hotter than he had ever been.

The man in her pussy, now angry, was hate-fucking Tammy, slapping her ass
as hard as he could, making her asscheeks as red as her cunt lips. The pain
was getting intense, and Tammy wasn't sure how much more of this she could
take. She had to get him out of her pussy now. Once again she pulled her
mouth off of the dick in front of her and looked back at her lover.

"Fuck me in the ass, baby, please, I love it in the ass!"

"You want it in the ass you little white slut!"

"Oh yes, baby, I want it, i want it bad!"

Much to Tammy's delight, he removed his cock from her pussy and pressed it
up against her sphincter. He grabbed the back of her hair, forcing her head
back onto his partner's dick, and forced his manhood inside her browneye. It
hurt a little, but not nearly as bad as in her cunt. She was relieved that
they were done with her pussy. She continued bobbing on the rod in front of
her as the man behind her assfucked her with reckless abandon. She couldn't
believe the staying power of these two, they would have to cum soon she
thought. Finally the guy getting the blowjob spoke up.

"Time for me to get some of that pussy" he said, as Tammy pulled her head
up off of his dick.

"Oh no! I can't! Fuck my ass, anything, just not my pussy! Please!"

"I would fuck your ass but my buddy is already in there, now climb on up

He laid back on the bench and pointed his cock straight up. The man
buttfucking Tammy grabbed her hips and helped her straddle the bench and
lower her pussy onto the cock, himself remaining ball-deep in her ass the
entire time. Now being double-penetrated by two large cocks, Tammy had
never felt so full. The guy in her pussy was underneath of her squeezing
her big tits, biting and sucking on the nipples. The man in her ass had
his hands on her hips and was banging away for all he was worth.

Tammy didn't know whether she was in heaven or hell, loving or hating the
sensations she was feeling. The cock in her ass and the mouth on her tits
felt wonderful, but the burning in her pussy was painful. Just when she
thought she would black out from the pain she felt both dicks throb and
release at the exact same time. Both loads were huge, gushing and gushing
inside her pussy and ass, overflowing her orifices.

Tammy got up, fixed her skirt and walked back to the car, cum still dripping
from both holes, running down the inside of her thighs. The guys gave her a
ride to Rasheed and Darnell's. She thanked them and got out of the car.

She entered their place, Rasheed and Darnell weren't there. There was only
one guy sitting there, watching TV.

"Who are you? Where are Rasheed and Darnell?" Tammy asked.

"My name is Quincy, I'm a friend of Rasheed and Darnell. They went to a
party, they'll be home later."

"Shit! I wanted to buy some crack, I've got to get a fix or I'm gonna go

"You smoke? Shit, I can hook you up."

"Great, how much do you want?"

"Nah, baby, I don't want money, I've got plenty of money from dealing, but
I haven't had a good piece of pussy in a long time, and I've heard about

"Wait a minute. I'll do whatever you want, but no pussy. You can have my
mouth, my ass, my tits, anything, just please don't touch my pussy."

"Okay, baby, it's a deal."

Quincy hands Tammy a crack vial which she quickly places in her purse. She
then immediatley drops to her knees and unzips his pants. She begins by
licking his balls, letting his limp dick rest on her face as she works. She
rubs his ass as she sucks his bag, his dick stiffening directly in front of
her face. Once he's hard she begins to bob up and down on his shaft, but her
neck is sore and stiff from all the dick sucking she's done tonight.

"I'm sorry, baby" she says, looking up at him, "but my neck is sore. I've
been turning tricks all night. Why don't I lay down and you can fuck my face
for a while."

Tammy removed her dress and laid down on the couch. Quincy straddled her
chest and lowered his dick into her mouth. He began pumping slowly at first,
and only a few inches at a time, but it wasn't long before he had built up
a nice rhythm and was burying his shaft down her throat, his hairy balls
slapping against her chin with each stroke. Tammy was breathing through her
nose and keeping pace, looking up at Quincy with her big brown eyes the
entire time. The back of her throat was now getting raw and sore from the
head of everyone's dick banging into it all night. After a few loud groans,
Tammy mananged to push Quincy back and out of her mouth.

"What's wrong?" Quincy asked.

"Nothing, I just can't take it down my throat anymore. How about I finish
you with my tits, sweetie. Whadya say, how about a nice titfuck?"

"Okay, that's cool." he stammered.

Quincy then placed his stiff prick in between Tammy's large silicone
implants, and began humping. Tammy squeezed her tits together around is big
black shaft. As she looked down at the big black head coming just inches
from her face with each stroke she got really turned on. She was on her back
getting titfucked, she started to look up at him and talk dirty.

"You like titfucking me, baby? Huh? You want to give me a pearl necklace?
You want to cum all over my slutty little white face?"

All Quincy could do was moan and keep pumping. Tammy stuck her tongue out
and began to lick the head of his dick each time it came forward, peeking
out of her massive cleavage. Quincy could take no more. His body jerked and
he released stream after stream of cum. The first few shots flew right up
over Tammy's face and struck the arm of the couch. A little bit landed on
her chin, but most of his thick, white jizz landed all over her neck and
chest, giving her the pearl necklace she requested.

The two cleaned up and sat down chatting, pulling out the vial of crack and
smoking it together. Eventually they passed out on the couch.

To be continued...

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