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Tammy Sytch: Crackwhore Part 5
by Tammy Lover

Darnell and Rasheed came home in the morning to find Tammy and Quincy passed
out nude on the couch. Without waking them, they call Malcolm.

"Did your number one ho come home last night?" Rasheed asks him, already
knowing the answer.

"No, and I'm pissed off. That bitch better show up soon and she better have
some motherfucking money for me."

"Well I know where she's at, why don't you come on over."

"Be there soon," Malcolm says.

A half an hour later Malcolm walks through the door and sees the same sight,
Tammy and Quincy passed out nude on the couch. Malcolm grabs Tammy by the
hair and pulls her up off of the couch and forces her onto her knees.

"Ow! What the fuck!" she screams before looking up and realizing who it is.
"Oh hi, baby, what's up?" she asks in a very timid and submissive tone.

"I'll tell you what's up" Malcolm starts, "you didn't come home last night
and I don't have any money in my pocket. That's what the fuck's up."

"I'm sorry, sweetie, I was..."

"I don't give a fuck about you bitch, where is my money?" he asks angrily.

"Here, I have it" Tammy says, fumbling through her purse.

She pulls out the $60 that she has and gives it to Malcolm. He quickly counts
it and freaks out when he realizes how little it is.

"Sixty fucking dollars! That's all you made! What the fuck are you doing out
on that corner. You're supposed to be my number one ho, my moneymaker. What
the fuck did you do buy crack with all your profits?"

"No, I didn't buy any crack, Quincy gave me some for a blowjob and a

"You fucked him for drugs! You fucking slut, you make me sick, you're
supposed to fuck to earn me money, not get yourself drugs" he yelled,
smacking Tammy across her face as she knelt in front of him.

"I'm soooo sorry, baby, it'll never happen again, let's go home and I'll make
it up to you" she says, looking up at him seductively and rubbing his thigh.

"I know it won't," Malcolm says, "let's fucking go."

He grabbed Tammy by the hair once again and pulled her to her feet, ordering
her to get dressed. Once she dressed he grabbed her by the hair again and
practically drug her out to the car and threw her in. He took her to a tattoo
parlor that one of his buddies ran and they went inside. Malcolm made Tammy
turn around, pull up her skirt and bend over a table. He smacked her hard on
her ass, leaving a big red handprint.

"Who does this ass belong to?" he asks her.

"You baby, you" Tammy exclaimed, wiggling her ass back and forth as she
looked back over her shoulder at Malcolm.

"That's right, me. That's why you're gonna get my name tattooed on your ass,
so everybody knows who the fuck you belong to."

"Anything you say, baby, I'll do anything to make you happy."

Malcolm has his friend tattoo his name in cursive on Tammy's right asscheek.

"Cash or charge?" the tattoo artist asks when he is done.

"Head." Malcolm replies. "My ho is gonna suck your dick in return. Is that

"Hell yeah, fine by me."

"He did a good job on your tattoo, now go do a good job on his dick" Malcolm
says to Tammy.

Tammy walks over to the tattoo artist and pulls his pants down around his
ankles and drops to her knees. His huge black member springs free and Tammy
wraps her small white hand around the shaft, jerking it slowly. A few drops
of precum begin to ooze from the tip. Tammy licks at the precum then pulls
her head back, causing a long string of the precum to stretch from the tip
of his dick to the tip of her tongue. She looks up at him as she does this,
and runs her hands gently down his chest and stomach. By now his cock is
rock hard and sticking straight up, begging to be sucked. Tammy leans
forward and spits on his cock to lube it up, then slides the entire thing
into her throat. She moves the whole length of his shaft in and out of her
mouth slowly at first, then faster and faster. Eventually she is moving at
a very fast but steady pace. The tattoo artist grabs her by the back of her
head and begins bucking his hips forward to meet her face. He then pulls his
cock, dripping with saliva, out of her mouth and slaps her on the face and
forehead with it.

"You like that you little whore, you like me smacking your face with my

"Oh yeah, baby, I love it, don't stop." Tammy says as she fondles her own

He smacks her face a few more times then resumes humping her mouth. Finally,
he can take no more. He pulls her head into him and bucks forward really
hard, shooting a really thick load straight down Tammy's throat. At first she
nearly chokes it's so thick and gooey, but she soon regains her composure and
manages to swallow it all. She licks him clean, then her and Malcolm thank
the man and leave.

Watching Tammy suck his friend's cock had made Malcolm horny, so it was now
time for him to fuck his little white whore. He undressed and laid back on
the bed. Tammy crawled onto the bed between his legs and began to lick and
suck on his balls. She stroked his cock as she did this, working his dick
until it was hard and throbbing.

"I need your mouth on my dick now Tammy, I can't take you licking my balls
anymore" he gasped.

All too happy to please her man, Tammy did as she was told. She took his
cock into her mouth and began moving her head around and around in a circular
motion, slobbering all over his cock and driving him wild.

"That's it, girl, that's what I like. I love it when my little white whore
does what she's told. Don't you love it when I tell you what to do?"

"MMMMHHHHHMMMM" was all Tammy could manage with her mouth full of cock.

"That's right, I own you now, you little white piece of trash. You're gonna
do whatever the fuck I say, and right now I want to fuck that pussy."

Tammy's pussy still hurt like hell, but she did not want to disappoint
Malcolm. She straddled him and lowered her aching cunt onto his big black
rod. She began riding him like mad, rocking his world for all she was worth.
Her asscheek was sore from the tattoo, but that didn't stop Malcolm, he was
squeezing her cheeks full force, bouncing her up and down on his dick. Tammy
was screaming and groaning with each stroke, she couldn't decide which hurt
worse, her pussy or her asscheek.

"Who owns this pussy, girl, tell me who owns it!" Malcolm grunted.

"You do, Malcolm, you own my slutty little pussy, it's all yours."

"That's right, bitch! I own that ass too, and I'm about to get up in it!"

"Oh yes master, you own my ass too, fuck it any way you want!" Tammy shot

Malcolm then flipped her over on her hands and knees and positioned himself
behind her. With one forceful lunge he was buried to the hilt in her ass. He
placed his hands on her hips and began pulling her fat ass back into him as
he pumped into her as hard as he could. He then began slapping the fresh
tattoo on her ass really hard, causing her to scream out.

The pain was sharp and intense, she really wished he would stop but she was
scared to death to ask him to. She decided to just keep her mouth shut and
let him have his way with her. Malcolm next began pulling her hair as he
continued smacking her ass. Looking down, he could see her ass ripple and
jiggle with each stroke of his cock and smack of his hand. Tammy knew she
couldn't take much more of this, she had to make him cum soon. She began
squeezing her sphincter muscles, causing them to tighten around his big dick.
He pulled his giant rod out of her ass and began stroking it. A few seconds
later he shot a hot, steamy load all over her ass, covering the tattoo of
his name. Tammy reached back and rubbed the jizz all over her thick ass,
then licked her fingers clean.

"Damn, bitch, that was pretty good." Malcolm said rolling over onto his back.
"You just might be my number one ho after all."

"I am Malcolm, I am. Just give me a chance and I'll show you what I can do.
I'll make you all the money you want, I'll do anything you say. I'm your
dirty little slut and all I want to do is make you happy."

"Alright, girl, I'll give you another chance, just make sure you do what the
fuck you're told. Remember, I own that ass now."

To be continued...

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