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Tammy Sytch: Crackwhore Part 6
by Tammy Lover

The next night Tammy showered and got dressed. She put on 6 inch black
stiletto heels, a tight black miniskirt, and a black sequin bra top that was
about two sizes too small, causing her huge tits to push together and create
some very nice cleavage. She then put on some heavy eye makeup and some
bright red lipstick. She looked exactly like she was supposed to, a cheap
street hooker. Malcolm then took her to her usual corner and dropped her off,
telling her that if she didn't make at least $1,000 tonight to not even
bother coming home.

Tammy was unusually happy on this night. She liked being Malcolm's
possession, his fuck toy, his slave. She was beginning to love him and wanted
nothing more than to make him happy. She was going to please him tonight and
make him $1,000 and then some. Thinking of how pleased he'd be, Tammy walked
the street with an extra spring in her step and jiggle in her ass.

After an hour or so, things were kind of slow. She had turned four tricks
already, but had only made $125 and nothing exciting had happened. She had
gotten three of the guys off with her hand and the other guy simply jerked
off while watching her masterbate and having her talk dirty to him. Finally,
a car pulled up and Tammy approached it. Inside were two nice looking young
black men.

"Hey guys, wanna party?" she asked as she wiggled her ass up to the car.

"Sure, how much?" the passenger asks.

"Well that depends."

"Depends on what?"

"It depends on what you want to do to me and how big your cocks are. I give
a big cock discount. I just love big cocks." Tammy said seductively, licking
her lips and rolling her eyes.

"We both have big dicks, baby, don't worry about that. Any other discounts?"

"Well, everybody's been pretty boring tonight and I'm dying to taste some
cum. Tell you what, if you both cum in my mouth I'll give you another
discount. Whaddya say?"

"So how much is it gonna cost us, for a no holes barred fuckfest?"

"Well, normally I would charge each of you $100, but I'll give you each a
$25 discount for a big cock and a $25 discount for letting me swallow, so
I'll charge you each $50. Is that cool?"

The two men agree and Tammy jumps into the back seat. They take her to a
cheap motel that charges by the hour and rent a room. As they walk toward
the room, the two men let Tammy lead the way and they walk behind her,
watching her fat ass wiggle and jiggle underneath the short skirt, the
bottom of her asscheeks peaking out of the bottom.

Once in the room, they push Tammy down onto the stained sheets. The two men
stand in front of her and remove their clothes. Tammy begins stroking both
cocks as she sits on the end of the bed. She first cups and rubs their balls
slowly, then gently teases the shafts. As the two cocks begin to grow, Tammy
begins jerking harder and faster, until both cocks are hard and staring
straight at her face.

"Oh my," she exclaims, "you guys do have big dicks. This is gonna be fun."

She then begins to suck the cock on the left while continuing to jerk the
one on the right. Next she sucks the one on the right and in no time is
alternating back and forth between cocks, always jerking one while she is
sucking the other. One of the guys unhooks her bra top and both men begin
fondling her big tits and tweaking her nipples as she services them. This
starts getting Tammy really hot and in no time her pussy is dripping, but
she isn't done sucking them just yet.

Tammy pulls her head back and wraps one hand around each dick. Looking up
at the two men she asks, "You guys wanna have a swordfight in my mouth?"

"UH-HUH!" both men grunt and nod in unison, their heads dizzy from the
incredible blowjob Tammy is giving them, their huge black rods wet and
dripping with her saliva.

Tammy, with a firm grasp on each cock, pulls the men towards her, opening
wide and allowing them both to jam their cocks into her willing mouth. They
each have one hand on a tit and one hand on the back of her head, pulling
her forward and force feeding her their thick, black 11-inch dicks. At first
they pump into her in unison, filling her mouth and throat entirely, but she
soon begins to gag and they then pump in a see-saw motion, one bucks forward
as the other one pulls back. Once Tammy regains her composure, they resume
pumping in unison. Tammy is now so hot and bothered that she cannot stand it.
She pulls her head off of the cocks and looks back up at the men, saliva
dripping from the sides of her mouth, running down her chin and dripping onto
her large silicone implants.

"I need to get fucked guys, give me some dick now!" she screams in ecstasy.

Tammy stands up and removes her skirt before laying back down on the bed, her
stiletto heels still on. One of the men slowly slides the entire length of
his shaft into her dripping, aching pussy.

"Holy shit!" he screams as his balls hit her ass. He simply cannot believe
that this little white piece of trash can take all 11 inches of his black

He throws her legs up over his shoulders and begins pumping away, bottoming
out with each stroke. As he is going to work his buddy straddles Tammy's
chest and plops his thick wet shaft in between her giant orbs. She pushes
them together for him and in no time at all he is titfucking her furiously,
his huge black cock banging into her white chin with each stroke forward.

With one man straddling her chest and her legs up over the other one's
shoulders, Tammy is in a totally helpless position. The two men are fucking
the shit out of her and she is absolutely loving it. Looking up at the man
titfucking her, Tammy begins to giggle.

"I should give you two the fuck me silly discount, too" she jokes.

After a few more minutes, the man straddling her chest rolls over onto his
back and pulls Tammy on top of him. She squats down on his dick and slowly
lowers his meaty cock into her wet, gaping cunt. The man who had been
fucking her stands over her and slaps his dick, which is dripping with her
pussy juice, all over her tits before forcing it into her mouth. The taste
of her own pussy drives Tammy wild, and causes her to bounce up and down
wildly on the giant cock in her cunt.

Fucking and sucking like a wild woman, Tammy is determined to get a load out
of these men. She's as horny as she's ever been and she's dying for a hot,
gooey load in her mouth.

"I want to taste somebody's cum! Please, guys, please! Somebody cum in my
nasty little mouth!" she begged.

These two guys were thoroughbreds, though, and neither of them was close to
cumming yet.

"How about some of that asshole, baby, that might make me cum" the man that
she's blowing says.

"Oh yeah, baby, fuck my tight little ass if you want, anything, I just want
to watch that huge cock erupt and cum on my face!"

With that he positioned himself behind her and rubbed his gigantic dick up
and down her crack a few times, teasing her. It felt great and she wanted to
turn around and tell him to hurry up and stick it in, but she was getting
fucked so hard by the huge dick in her cunt that she was gasping for breath
and couldn't form the words. Finally, he pushed the tip in and this sent
Tammy over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on the black shaft in her pussy
and began to spasm, sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. She
began to quiver uncontrollably, wiggling her hips a little, allowing the man
behind her to slip his cock further into her anal cavity.

Tammy now had two monster cocks in her all the way, one in her pussy, one in
her ass. The sheer size of these dicks was overwhelming, and she wasn't sure
how much more she could take. She was beginning to wish she hadn't offered
the big cock discount. Oh well, no matter, she thought to herself, how long
could two monsters like this last in her tight little holes. She began
squeezing her pussy and tightening her ass around the dicks trying to coax a
load from the men, but these boys had stamina. They kept plugging away,
grunting and groaning and sweating, pummeling Tammy with everthing they had.

"Oh my God!" she screamed so loud she could be heard out in the lobby. "You
guys are fucking me into oblivion!"

"That's the idea, bitch!" the man in her ass says, smacking her on the ass
and watching it shake. "We intend to get our money's worth."

"Oh God, please stop, please! I'll give you your money back!" she pleaded.

"Fuck that," the man in her pussy says, "we paid, we're gonna get laid."

The two men high five and continue the assault on Tammy's holes. She
continues to clamp down on their cocks like a vice, trying to speed up their
ejaculation, but it's a long 15 minutes of pounding that she takes before the
men start to reach their moment.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" the guy in her ass screams.

"Cum in my mouth, baby, please!" Tammy shoots back.

He pulls out of her ass and stands over her jerking his cock. Tammy tilts
her head back, closes her eyes and opens her mouth in anticipation as she
continues riding the cock beneath her. A few seconds later he deposits a
thick, creamy load directly onto her outstretched tongue. She opens her
eyes and looks up at him as she then closes her mouth and lets the entire
thing slide down her throat.

"That's it bitch, swallow that $25 dollar load." he says, looking down at
the filthy white whore.

Just as she finishes gulping down his goo the guy she's riding is ready.
Tammy rolls off of him and drops off the bed and onto her knees. He grabs
her by the back of the head and forces her face onto his cock. He face
fucks her fast and furious for about 30 seconds before shooting a massive
load straight at the back of her throat, tickling her tonsils. She gobbles
it down greedily, coating her stomach with his milky white cream.

After taking a few minutes to catch their breath, the three dress and check
out of the motel. Tammy thanks the two guys and they drop her back off at
her corner.

To be continued...

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