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Tammy Sytch - Crackwhore Part 7
by Tammy Lover (

Back on her corner, Tammy paces up and down the block for a few minutes
before a car pulls up. She struts on over to it and leans down, exposing her
beautiful cleavage to the driver, who is an overweight black man in his 50's.

"What can I do for you this evening, sweetie?" Tammy asks him playfully,
twirling her long blonde hair with her fingers.

"How about a blowjob, my wife never blows me anymore," the man says.

"No problem, 50 bucks" Tammy says. She knows she can't give anymore big cock
discounts or a discount for cumming in her mouth because she has only made
$225 dollars so far and she needs $1,000 or Malcolm is going to be pissed.
Besides that, she only has another hour before he comes to get her, because
the two previous guys had fucked her for so long.

"Here you go, sweetie, hop in" the man says to Tammy, handing her the money.

She hops in the car and the man drives a few blocks down and finds a dark,
deserted street to park on. He pulls over and turns off his lights. Tammy
immediately goes to work. She undoes his belt buckle with her teeth, then
slowly unzips his pants, freeing his big, black member. Tammy takes it in
her hand and smacks the underside against her tongue a few times, squeezing
the shaft firmly, trying to get him erect. The man now has a semi, so Tammy
begins licking in circles around the head, drooling and spitting on the tip
as she pumps the meaty shaft with her hand.

After a few minutes of this, the man is now rock hard, but the sweaty, musty
smell of his unwashed balls is making Tammy nauseas. The stench is causing
her to gag around his cock, but she is helpless as he now has her by the back
of her head and is slamming her head up and down on his dick. In and out, in
and out the huge black monster pumps away, banging Tammy in the back of the
throat, tickling her tonsils.

With the disgusting smell making her sick, Tammy finds it hard to concentrate
on the dick in her mouth. She decides that if she is going to get hot, she is
going to have to do it herself. She then begins rubbing her left breast with
her left hand, massaging it gently and tweaking her own nipples. With her
right hand she reaches back between her legs and frigs her little pink clit.
This gets her wet and allows her to get into giving him head a little bit,
enough to keep her from puking all over his cock from the stench.

He continues fucking her mouth for what seems like an eternity, but she
finally notices that his pace quickens and Tammy can feel his balls begin to

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" he shouts.

Tammy braces herself for what she is sure will be a nasty tasting load. The
man pulls her head down and bucks his hips up to meet her, letting out a loud
moan as his balls release and stream after stream of hot, bitter cum bounces
off the back of Tammy's throat and slides straight down to her stomach. She
gags the whole time, trying her best not to regurgitate. Being the true whore
that she now is, Tammy manages to get the whole thing down without tossing
her cookies, but it is the absolute worst load she has ever tasted. No
matter, she now thinks to herself, it's over with and she has his money. The
manthanks Tammy before dropping her back off at her corner.

A few minutes and several tic-tacs later, Tammy has regained her composure
and is ready to resume working. She freezes with terror when she sees the
brand new Cadillac approaching. She knows it's Malcolm and she only has $275,
not nearly enough.

"Hey baby, how's it going tonight?" Malcolm asks as he steps out of the car.

"Great, sweetie, aren't you here a little early?"

"Yeah, but I got some deals going down on the other side of town and I need
my money. Surely my number one ho has made me $1,000 already."

"Of course I have, sweetie, but..." Tammy lied, having no idea what else to

"Well then, let me have it" Malcolm demanded.

"I...I...I..." Tammy stammered.

"Bitch, you either have my money or you don't, which is it?"

"Here it is" Tammy said, handing him the $275, hoping he might walk away
without counting it.

She would have no such luck. Malcolm quickly counted the money and his blood
began to boil when he realized how little she had made.

"Is this all you made tonight you fucking whore?" he screamed.

"Yes" Tammy answered nervously, her eyes focused on the ground, she was
scared to look Malcolm in the eyes.

"What the fuck have you been doing all night, turning tricks or smoking crack
you fucking addict!"

"Turning tricks, Malcolm, just like you want me to do, I just didn't have
enough time to earn the money."

"Not enough time? You been out here for four hours!"

"I know, honey, but my johns just wouldn't cum tonight, they all fucked me
like animals forever, there was nothing I could do."

"Bitch, you take control, you get them off as fast as you can, time is money!
If you can't get these guys off fast enough, you need more practice. Tonight,
you don't come home, you stay out on the street and suck dick until you can
get a motherfucker off in 15 seconds!"

With that, he gave Tammy a sharp smack across the face and pushed her down
to the ground. He then got in his car and drove away. Tammy sat there crying
for a few minutes. Confused and upset, she didn't know what to do. It was
late and she was tired, the only people who she knew that might help her were
Rasheed and Darnell. Needing a ride, Tammy stuck her thumb out, hoping to
hitchhike. After about ten minutes a man agreed to give her a ride in
exchange for a blowjob. A quick car ride and one blowjob later, she was at
her destination.

Tammy knocked on the door and Rasheed opened.

"Hey Tam, what's up girl?"

"Nothing, I need a place to crash tonight, is it cool if I stay here?"

"No problem, you can sleep with me," Rasheed said with a wink.

"Fine with me, let's go to bed, baby" Tammy said, grabbing him by the hand
and leading him back to the bedroom.

Rasheed removed all his clothes except his boxers and climbed into bed. He
watched as Tammy slowly stripped down to her bra and panties before climbing
into bed next to him. They lay there and chatted for a few minutes, Rasheed
rubbing his big black hands all over Tammy's thick ass and legs the entire
time. This made Tammy hot, so she began stroking his huge cock through his
boxers, working him to a full erection.

"Oh Rasheed, you and Darnell are the only ones who are ever nice to me,
everyone else treats me like a whore. I'm gonna reward you with some pussy."
Tammy says softly as she looks into his eyes.

Rasheed wastes no time. He quickly removes his boxers and Tammy's bra and
panties, his big cock aching for Tammy's pink, wet pussy. He positions
himself on top of her and lowers his big, black manhood into her waiting
cunt, slowly sinking the entire length into her soft, fleshy folds. Tammy
wraps her legs around his waist as he begins to slowly pump in and out of
her. They begin kissing each other passionately, working their tongues
around and around inside of each others' mouth. Tammy squeezes him with
her thighs and digs her nails into his back, holding on for dear life as
his gigantic cock stretches her hole to its limits.

Next Rasheed rolls over onto his back. Tammy mounts his tool and lowers
herself onto it, rubbing his muscular chest as she squat fucks him. Rasheed
reaches around and slowly inserts his middle finger into her asshole as she
continues to ride his cock. This drives Tammy wild with desire and in no
time at all she is bouncing on his dick for all she is worth, grunting and
groaning and sweating all the while.

Knowing he will cum soon if they don't switch positions, Rasheed pushes
Tammy off of him and gets up on his knees on the bed. He puts Tammy in
doggie and slowly enters her from behind. He gently works up a steady
rhythm as he kneads her chubby ass with his strong black hands. It's not
long before he is driving into her full force, smacking her ass and
pulling her hair as he pummels her dripping cunt. After several minutes
of energetic fucking Rasheed pulls his dick out and shoots a tremendous
load of jizz all over the small of Tammy's back and her ass. After
catching their breath, the two collapse back onto the bed and pass out.

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