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Tammy Sytch - Crackwhore Part 8
by Tammy Lover

The following morning the two awake, and head out to the living room where
they find Darnell sitting there watching cartoons. Tammy is wearing only
matching bra and panties, her sexy ass jiggling as she walks across the room
and plops down on the couch between the two men. She begins to tell the two
men all of her problems, and how Malcolm told her not to come home last
night. Rasheed, having fucked Tammy's brains out only hours before, listened
intently, while Darnell couldn't keep his eyes off of Tammy's body. Her huge
silicone breasts were shaking with each hand gesture she made as she told the
story, and her thick, tan legs tantalized him as he eyed them up and down. He
had been between those thighs before, and knew it was a place he'd like to

Tammy began to get upset as she told the story of the previous night's
events, how Malcolm had yelled at her, smacked her and shoved her down to
the ground. She was getting upset and edgy, and knew she would soon need a
fix. Looking at the clock and realizing the time, Rasheed excused himself.
He had someplace that he had to be. This left Darnell and Tammy all alone.

Sensing Tammy's anxiety and wanting badly to fuck her, Darnell knew just
how to go about it.

"Hey baby, wanna smoke some?" he asks her.

"You read my mind, sweetie" Tammy replied, sounding very relieved.

"There's only one problem, this is my last vial and I promised it to somebody
else" Darnell says as he produces the vial of crack and holds it in front of

"Oh please, Darnell, give it to me, you know I need it!" Tammy pleaded.

"Okay, no sweat. You take care of my need and I'll take care of yours."
Darnell responded with a sly smile, pointing to the bulge in his pants.

"Deal" Tammy said as she slid onto her knees and began to slowly undo
Darnell's pants.

As his huge black cock sprung free from his pants, Tammy's eyes lit up. She
admired his giant member from the base to the tip.

"Oh Darnell, you have such a nice cock, I can't wait to have it in my mouth,
it's going to feel so good for the both of us" she said looking up at him,
trying to build up the anticipation and excitement before taking the behemoth
into her wet, waiting mouth.

She started at the base and licked gingerly up and down the length of the
shaft in a very slow and teasing manner. Darnell simply rolled his head back
and moaned, his cock throbbing and pulsing in anticipation. His dick seemed
to have a mind of its own, and all it wanted was to be buried in the back of
the beautiful blonde's throat. She rubbed his chest and pinched his nipples
as she continued to tease the shaft of his cock for several more minutes.
Eventually she moved down to his balls, spitting on them before running her
tongue around them in circles, spreading the saliva all around his sack until
the entire thing is soaking wet with her drool.

Tammy then pulled her head back and looked up at him, flicking her tongue
out like she would on his dick, teasing him even more. She grabbed his thick
shaft in her hand and smacked it on her tongue a few times, softly at first,
then harder. Darnell's loins were on fire, he had to have his cock engulfed
soon or her would burst.

"Come on Tammy, suck it baby, put it in your mouth, I have to fucking have it
right now!" he shouted as he grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled
her toward him.

Tammy simply opened her mouth wide and allowed herself to be pulled forward.
The gigantic black monster slowly began to disappear into her waiting mouth
and down her throat. This was what Darnell and his cock had wanted. He felt
like every nerve in his cock exploded at once as Tammy's lips wrapped around
his dick and her mouth went to work like a vacuum. He began to pump the
entire length of his shaft in and out of her mouth slowly, watching her
pretty face and listening to her soft moans and whimpers all the while.
Shortly, however, he had built up a pretty fast pace, and Tammy was moaning
loudly around his shaft and struggling to keep up. Saliva was dripping from
Darnell's cock and her mouth, strings of it dangling from her chin, swaying
back and forth with the motion of her head.

Tammy had planned to simply get him off with a blowjob, but her neck was
getting sore and stiff and she was having trouble keeping up with Darnell's
furiously fast rhythm. She pulled her head back off of his manhood and took
a deep breath.

"Whew! You got a monster, sweetie, I can't take anymore of that, why don't
you fuck my pussy now" Tammy says seductively as she stands and removes her
bra and panties.

She lays back on the couch as Darnell finished undressing and leans over top
of her. He french kisses her deeply as his long black fingers work their way
in and out of Tammy's pouty little pussy lips, warming her up for the
monstrous cock that's about to come next. When he feels that her pussy is wet
enough he pulls his fingers out and offers them up to Tammy, letting her lick
her own juices off of his fingers. She smiles up at him, seemingly enjoying
the taste of her own pussy.

Next Darnell throws Tammy's thick thighs up over his shoulders, and slowly
pushes the tip of his cock past her pink, swollen lips. His big black cock
fills her vaginal cavity and he can feel her pussy secreting more juices all
around his huge member. He begins to pump half of his shaft in and out a few
times to lube it up good, then he jams it in to the hilt. He fucks her hard
and good, his hairy balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. As he
fucks her, Darnell looks down at Tammy and continues to admire her beautiful
body. Her huge tits bounce wildly as he hammers her, her long blonde hair a
mess from the rough sex. He feels a little jealous of Malcolm for having such
a gorgeous ho, and can't understand how Malcolm could tell a piece of pussy
like this not to come home for the night.

Next the two move into the spoon position, Darnell's loins smacking against
Tammy's fat ass, pounding her for all she's worth. He reaches around and cups
her giant tits, fondling them and squeezing them as hard as he can. In this
position he is free to run his hands all over that gorgeous body, while the
scent of her hair drives him mad. Tammy reaches back between her legs and
rubs his balls, trying to send him over the edge so she can get her reward,
crack cocaine.

Hip to what she's trying to do and not wanting to cum yet, Darnell pulls out
of Tammy's pussy and smacks his wet cock on her leg a few times, leaving a
trail of juice dripping down her leg. He then muff dives, and begins to lick
her wet pussy like a kitten lapping at a saucer of milk. He licks and sucks
on her clit for several minutes until he feels some of the tension in his
balls decrease. Again ready for action, he lays back on the couch and orders
Tammy to mount him, only he points his erect cock straight at her backdoor.

Tammy squats over Darnell and gently lowers her body down onto his shaft, her
whole body quivering as his thick, black ramrod disappears in her sphincter.
She pauses for a minute, letting her anus adjust to his immense size, before
continuing her descent down the long, black dick. When she reaches the
bottom, she pauses again, her whole body dripping with sweat. Darnell looks
up at the blonde haired goddess as he kneads her asscheeks in his hands like
dough. She reaches back and again caresses his balls, but this time he simply
leans his head back and moans. With his hands still on her ass, Darnell
begins to work Tammy up and down on his cock, her slippery asshole feeling
unbelievably wonderful.

He worked her up and down for a few minutes, but between the sensations of
her tight ass and her fingers on his balls and the visual stimulation of her
beautiful body squatting over top of him, Darnell knew he couldn't hold out
much longer. He slammed her down hard on his cock as he thrust his hips
upward as hard as he could. He held her tight to him, their bodies locked
as he unloaded his thick, hot load of cum straight up into her ass. They
stayed that way for a minute or so before Darnell eventually pulled his cock
out. As he did, a small quantity of creamy white jizz dripped out of Tammy's
asshole and began to run down her leg. She quickly scooped it up with her
index finger and inserted it into her mouth, licking her finger completely

"MMMmmmmm, that's tasty" she declared with a devilish grin, "now it's time
to smoke some crack."

To be continued...

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