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Tammy Sytch - Crackwhore Part 9
by Tammy Lover

After smoking the crack, Tammy laid down on the couch and passed out. After
a few hours she felt a hand lightly slapping her face, waking her up. As she
opened her eyes and sat up, Malcolm was standing over top of her.

"What the fuck! I've been looking for you all morning, bitch! I should have
known you'd bring your skanky, crackwhore ass over here for a fix! You better
not have spent any of my money on motherfucking crack, you whore! If you did
I'm gonna whoop your ass!"

"No baby, I didn't spend any of your money, calm down. I just fucked Darnell
and he gave it to me."

"You fucked him for free! What the fuck were you thinking!"

"I didn't fuck him for free, he gave me some crack."

"Crack don't put money in my pocket bitch! And when you smoke crack, you
ain't out on the street turning tricks, which means I'm losing money!"

Malcolm, now totally enraged pulls Tammy up off of the couch and lifts up her
skirt, pointing to the tattoo on her ass.

"What does this say right here you stupid fucking slut!"

"Malcolm" Tammy replies very nervously.

"That's right. That means you belong to me, and you do what I say when I say,
got it."

"Whatever you say baby" Tammy says obediently.

"Now, I think maybe the reason you ain't earning enough money is you
ain't dressing properly. We gotta get you some clothes that show off the
merchandise. Let's hit the mall."

With that the two head out to Malcolm's Cadillac and head off to the mall.
Tammy is still dressed in her skimpy little cumstained outfit from the night
before. It is completely obvious that this blonde white slut is a hooker and
people stare as she walks through the mall. Tammy realizes this, but has
absolutely no idea why. Even as they go into a store and begin picking out
outfits, Tammy notices that the salesgirls are whispering at each other and
looking over at her in disgust. Tammy was puzzled. Six months ago these girls
would have rushed over for her autograph, now they looked down at her like
she was common street trash, Tammy thought to herself.

Tammy took the outfits that Malcolm picked out for her and went into the
dressing room. As she began changing she looked up and noticed the full
length mirror across from her. It was the first time she had gotten a good
look at herself in months. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked herself
over. Her hair was now stringy and matted down, she had bags under her eyes,
her mascara had run down her cheeks and her red lipstick was smeared all over
her face from a long night of sucking cock. This is why everyone is staring,
she realized. I've become a total crackwhore. Now in her g-string she turned
around to get a good look at the tattoo on her ass. She ran her hands over
it, caressing her smooth ass, almost as if to see if it was real.

At that moment Tammy felt completely guilty and began to hate Malcolm for
what he had done to her. At the same time however, she was in love with him
and his big, black dick. After all, who else was going to take care of her.
She was also scared to death of him and what he might do to her. She would
have no more time to think things over, however, as her thoughts were
interrupted by Malcolm's booming voice.

"Bitch! What the fuck are you doing in there!"

Tammy quickly threw on the skimpy, low-cut white dress that he had picked out
for her. She came out and twirled around a few times for him, and Malcolm
nodded approvingly. After picking out a few more outfits, the two went home.
Tammy showered, then lay down to take a nap, knowing that she would need some
rest before another long night out on the streets. A few hours later, she was
awoken by something lightly slapping her forehead. She opened her eyes and
looked up only to see Malcolm's big, charcoal colored snake dangling over her

"Wake up, ho, daddy need some lovin" Malcolm says looking down at his prized

Tammy, with her energy replenished from the nap, takes the tip in her mouth
and begins to gently suck on his ebony manhood like a baby would a bottle.
She let her right hand wander down to gently caress his balls, as her left
hand rubbed her man's ass. She could tell he liked it from his low groans.
His cock began to stiffen in her mouth and he ran his fingers through her
blonde hair as she went to work. She began to take his dick deeper and
deeper, letting more saliva build up in her mouth so that he would slide
easily in and out of her throat. She continued rubbing his balls, thinking
about how bad she wanted to swallow every drop of cum that was in them.
Malcolm now placed both hands behind her head and began to fuck her red lips
in a slow but steady rhythm. It felt so good Malcolm could hardly contain
his load. Sucking several hundred dicks in the last few weeks had taught
Tammy to suck dick like a true pro. After all practice makes perfect. It was
at this moment that Malcolm realized what a superstar ho Tammy would be. He
had gotten blowjobs from every ho in the ghetto over the years, and this was
by far the best. Why wasn't she making much money was the $64,000 question.

He didn't have long to ponder this question as the slurping and gurgling
sounds of Tammy's handiwork snapped his train of thought. He knew that he
had to get out of that mouth fast or he was going to blow his wad. Malcolm
pulled out of Tammy's mouth and rolled her over on her side, throwing one
of her legs over his shoulder and slowly guiding his love muscle into her
wet, aching pussy. He pumped slowly at first, but then his excitement got
the better of him and in not time at all he was hammering away for all he
was worth. As he annhialated her pussy he stared down at her beautiful round
breasts, which were bouncing up and down with his every stroke. He reached
out and cupped one in his hand, squeezing the silicone orb with his huge
black paw.

Next he flipped her over on her hands and knees, smacking his giant black rod
on her fat ass a few times before he entered her, leaving a trail of pussy
juice on her ass cheek. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust forward into
her. Tammy, super horny at this point, rocked back into his every thrust as
if she was trying to impale herself on his cock. Tammy's sexy moans and the
sight of her jiggling ass were driving Malcolm wild. He began smacking her
ass hard, leaving bright red handprints.

This was causing Tammy to approach orgasm, but she wasn't done yet. She
wanted her man's huge dick in her asshole. She turned and looked deep into
his eyes over her shoulder.

"Fuck my asshole Malcolm, fuck it right now!"

"You mean my asshole, bitch, it belongs to me, remember, it even says so
right here" Malcolm grunts, pointing to the tattoo on his ho's ass.

"That's right baby, it's yours, now fuck it like only you can!"

Malcolm needed no further coaxing. He quickly spit on her browneye for
lubrication then slowly inserted his monster into her tight, waiting
sphincter. He maintained his firm grip on her hips and slowly began
guiding his length in and out of her poop chute. After several long,
slow strokes Tammy's ass had adjusted to his size and Malcolm was able
to start pounding away at her dumper. Tammy reached back and began to
play with her clit as Malcolm went to town on her ass. After a few
minutes her sweat-soaked body began to shudder uncontrollably as she
reached her climax. This was all Malcolm could handle.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" he shouted as
he pulled himself out of Tammy's ass.

Tammy turned just in time to receive his blast. Stream after stream of hot,
white goo hit her face, neck and tits. She had clumps of cum in her hair, and
semen dripped from her chin onto her heaving tits, slowly running down to her
flat, sexy stomach. Malcolm let her catch her breath for a few minutes before
ordering her to clean herself up and get dressed. After all, it was time to
go to work.

To be continued...

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