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Tammy Sytch - Crackwhore Part 10
by Tammy Lover

Tammy began to get ready for work. She teased her hair out to look like a
whore, put on a ton of dark eye make-up, and some bright red lipstick. She
then squeezed into the skimpy, white low-cut dress that Malcolm had picked
out for her. She topped it all off with white stiletto heels. She twirled
around in the mirror to check herself out, noticing how her thick ass
stretched the thin white material, allowing any and all to notice the white
thong underneath.

When she emerged from the bedroom Malcolm nodded approvingly of her outfit.

"Damn, baby, without question you are gonna be the finest looking ho in the
ghetto tonight."

Tammy simply blushed and giggled, glad to finally receive a compliment from
her pimp.

"Now if you don't make me $1000 tonight, something is wrong. And if that
happens, we're gonna have to change something much more drastic than your
clothes. Understand what I'm saying bitch." Malcolm said in a threatening

Tammy went numb with fear. She didn't understand or have a clue as to what
he was talking about, but she was too scared to tell him that. She just
nodded and gave him a nervous smile.

They hopped in Malcolm's Caddy and he dropped her off on her usual corner.
It was an unusually slow night. Tammy stood there for nearly 20 minutes
before the first car pulled up. Tammy sauntered over to the car and noticed
that the two black men in the car were very large and well-built.

"Are you two strong, handsome guys looking for a little fun tonight?" she

"That's right, baby. We won a playoff game today and we're out celebrating.
You wanna party?" the passenger says.

"So you guys are athletes?"

"Yeah, we play arena football."

"Wow! I've never fucked a real athlete before. I've fucked a lot of
wrestlers, but never a legitimate athlete."

"Well hop on in girl, and we'll let you suck our athletic dicks."

The passenger opened his door and pulled Tammy in the car, setting her
beautiful ass right on his lap. He introduced himself as Jerome and the
driver as Tyrone. As Tyrone drove towards their apartment, Jerome let his
hands wander all over Tammy's body. He rubbed her thighs and massaged her
ass with his big, strong black hands. Next he began to fondle her large
breasts kneading them as he began to kiss her neck. His big, black cock
began to stir in his pants as Tammy's thick, white booty squirmed and
wiggled around on his lap. She turned her head and began to french kiss
him as he continued to caress her sexy body. As their tongues intertwined
and circled one another, Tammy placed her hand on Jerome's crotch and
began to stroke his gigantic rod through his pants. In no time at all his
cock was rock hard and aching to be unleashed. Finally the car pulled up
to the apartment building.

"Let's go. Let's take this bitch inside and fuck the shit out of her."
Tyrone says, hopping out and heading toward the building.

"Fuck that!" Jerome exclaims. "I can't take anymore of this shit! She's
gonna suck my dick right here in the parking lot!"

With that, Jerome opened the passenger door of the car and let Tammy out.
He then turned sideways, still sitting in the car seat but putting his feet
out on the ground. He undid his pants and slid them down, hungrily eyeing up
Tammy the entire time.

"C'mon over here now baby and suck my big, black dick."

Tammy knelt on the pavement in front of Jerome and took his huge ebony
monster in her hand. She began stroking the length of it as she licked and
sucked on his balls. Next she began to slowly lick her way up and down the
thick shaft, tickling his balls with her slender fingers. Tammy then took
the tip of his dick into her mouth, sucking on it as hard as she could as
she furiously pumped the huge, black shaft up and down with her small, white
hands. Jerome clutched the back of Tammy's head with his left hand, and the
seat with his right, trying with all his might not to blow his load just yet.

"That's it Tammy, that's it baby! Suck my big, black cock! God I love it!
I love having this little white whore in her skimpy white dress sucking my
dick!" Jerome screamed out.

Tammy just looked up at him with her big, puppy dog eyes and faintly smiled
around his monstrous cock. Deciding to show him what she could really do, she
took her hands off of his shaft and slowly began to take the entire length
down her throat. After a few trips down his shaft, the back of Tammy's throat
was loosened up. The next time down, she not only swallowed the entire length
of his cock, but managed to get his balls into her mouth as well. Tammy then
let out a low, guttural moan that sent an amazing sensation straight down
Jerome's cock and into his balls, causing them to vibrate and tingle. This
was more than he could take and Jerome held the back of Tammy's head tight as
his cock absolutely exploded into the back of her throat. Gob, after gob,
after gob, after gob of cum hit the back of Tammy's throat, some sliding down
into her warm tummy, some backflowing into her mouth and around Jerome's
shaft. She did her best to swallow it all, but it was just way too much.
After what seemed like an eternity Jerome shuddered and deposited his final
spurt into her throat. He continued to hold her head tight as she continued
to swallow what was still in her throat and mouth. When she had finished, he
released her head and let her pull back. She gently licked his cock and balls
clean, then headed inside to take care of Tyrone. She was determined to make
Malcolm his $1000 tonight.

As she walked into the apartment, Tyrone was sitting on the couch buck naked,
stroking his hard cock. Tammy walked over, knelt down in front of him and
immediately went to work on his dick. She bobbed her head up and down as
fast as she could, her mouth still wet and slippery from the encounter with
Jerome. She proceded to give Tyrone the wettest, sloppiest blowjob he had
ever had, drooling all over his cock and balls.

When he was good and ready he pulled Tammy up and told her to remove her
dress and thong. He then pushed her onto her hands and knees on the couch and
gave her a good smack on her ass.

"Who's Malcolm?" he asks, reading the tattoo on her ass.

"That's my pimp." Tammy replies.

As if not needing to know any more than that, Tyrone quits the chatter and
slowly enters Tammy's wet folds from behind. He slides his black member into
her pussy and begins to pump away. As he fucks her he looks down, deriving
great pleasure from the sight of his huge, black dick sliding in and out of
this little white whore's cunt. He had always dreamed of making it to the
NFL, knowing that beautiful white women would be his reward, but here he was
just an arena league dreamer, fucking a gorgeous white slut.

After a few minutes he pulled out and sat back on the couch, pulling Tammy on
top of him and letting her ride him in the reverse cowgirl position. Tammy
knowing that time is money, and desperately wanting to please Malcolm, rode
him with gusto, squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles and bouncing up and
down wildly. Between the feverish pace and the sight of the lovely blonde on
top of him, Tyrone could hold back no longer. His cock began to spurt streams
of hot white cum into Tammy's womb. She moved herself in small, slow circles
on his dick to make sure his balls were completely emptied. When she was sure
he was done, Tammy got up and put her clothes back on.

By this time Jerome had collected himself and come inside. The two men gave
Tammy $100 and thanked her. However, they said they were tired from their
game and the sex and wouldn't give her a ride back to her corner, so she
would have to call a cab. Before she left, they asked for her pimp's phone
number so they could set up another rendezvous next time they won a playoff
game. Tammy gave them Malcolm's number and went outside to catch a cab.

Once she was back on her corner Tammy looked at her watch. She had already
wasted an hour and only had $70 to show for it because the cab ride had cost
her $30. She had to make some money fast or Malcolm would be pissed.

To be continued...

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