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Tammy's Diary Part 1: Last Day At Titan Towers
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Dear Diary,

I cannot believe it. Today was the last day I was to work at Titan Towers,
as I would head to ECW where by husband, Chris, is currently wrestling. What
a going away party I had! I've managed to do things that women could only
fantasize about.

At around 8:00 PM, I strolled the backstage hallways, saying final
farewells to the wrestlers of the WWF. This was the last RAW show I was
booked at, as I would finally be joining Chris in Extreme Championship
Wrestling. I was hugged by many of the guys in the back, including Steve
Austin, Mick Foley, and Bret Hart. I shed tears that night, as I would miss
the men (and women) that I was proud to call friends. Even Sable, a woman
that was far from friendly to me during my stint in the WWF, said good-bye,
which meant a lot to me personally. At around 9:30 PM, the middle of RAW, I
visited the last locker room. This locker room was housed by none other than
the "Heartbreak Kid" himself, Shawn Michaels and his on-air, off-air comrade,
Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Now, I had heard stories of these men. I had overheard some of the women
of the federation speaking of these two with a deep passion, wishing to be
alone with either one of them for just one night. Unfortunately, Vince would
not let it happen. He did not allow a member of the WWF roster to have a
relationship with another member. However, as of that night, I was no longer
part of the WWF roster. I wasn't planning on doing anything with either man,
since I was enjoying the relationship I had going with Chris, but the idea
was thrown into the mix.

I don't know what it was about me that night. Maybe it was the special
perfume I had put on. Maybe it was the tight mini-skirt and tanktop I was
wearing. Something attracted both Shawn and Hunter to be the moment I stepped
through the door, smiling with a few tears streaming down my face.
Immediately, the two broke free of their discussion to consult me.

"What's wrong?" Hunter asked, almost as though he actually cared, but I
could tell he was thinking about something else.

"It's just..." I mustered through the tears, "I hate good-bye's, that's

"It'll be all right," Shawn said, hugging me. I could feel the tent in his
navy blue boxers pushing tightly against the front of my skirt.

"Take a seat," Hunter suggested, pointing to an empty spot on the couch
that happened to be located between where the two men had previously sat.

Hunter and Shawn sat down in the same spots as they had been sitting
before I strolled in and guided me toward the vacant spot in-between. I can't
say I was really scared of the two, nor turned on at that moment, but a
certain emotion ran through my body that is indescribable. Either way, I knew
that Hunter and Shawn had their emotions clearly perceived. Hunter placed his
hands upon my shoulders. He was strong. I could barely move.

"Here," he said in a sincere, yet erotic tone, "let me give you a back
massage. It'll help eat the stress away."

"And allow me to massage those pretty feet of yours," Shawn chimed in,
dropping to the front of the couch.

Hunter began to rub his hands along the bridge of my shoulder blades. I
turned my head so that he could continue with this amazing treatment. I
didn't think it could get better than this, until I felt my flimsy shoes
being tossed aside. I'll admit, my feet aren't the most attractive thing on
my body, but I didn't think Shawn would take to them the way he did. Without
question, he rubbed the bottom of my feet, which tickled slightly, but felt
good.... damn good. With Hunter still rubbing my sore shoulders, I was in

"Would you mind sliding down this shirt for a moment?" Hunter asked.

Looking back, I should have known what he is was thinking. But, at that
time, the treatment I was receiving felt stupendous. I couldn't say no. And,
I'll admit, he had a good point in my view. The shirt WAS getting in his way.
Besides, the sorest spot on my body - the part that had taken a majority of
damage throughout my wrestling career - was just below my shoulders, where
the T-shirt covered. Using that logic, I did as he requested, and slid the
shirt down to the middle of my body, just above my breasts. Hunter didn't
seem pleased that I still had the, as Chris called them once, "forbidden
fruits" covered, but seeing as he didn't want to unveil his intended plan,
he smiled and continued the treatment. Shawn, meanwhile, was continuing to
enjoy each and every square inch of, what I thought, were my horrid looking
feet. He massaged the right places, which led me to believe he had done this
before. It was at this time that something came over me. I can't explain it
completely, but the indistinguishable emotions I felt before became a whole
lot clearer. Whether Hunter and Shawn had an predetermined plan or not, I
was in the mood.

"You know, I think there is a spot on my back that needs work," I lied.

"I've covered pretty much everywhere," he replied, puzzled.

With that, I slid my shirt down to around my waist, exposing the red lace
bra I had on underneath. I couldn't see Hunter's expression, but Shawn's jaw
dropped, and I figured he had a similar, if not more enthusiastic expression
on his face. I giggled at the sight of the two men gawking over me, as if
they were teenagers. Shawn looked at Hunter. Hunter looked at Shawn. For two
men that were desired by millions, they were ready to explode. I know for a
fact that they have seen women in less than what I was currently clothed in,
but whether it was the name I had attached to me or my looks, these two men
grew bigger than ever. Luckily, the sudden advance I made was well received.

"You mean..... this spot?" Hunter questioned, sliding his hand down the
back of my mini skirt.

I could feel his warm hands grope my buttox, encased in red thong panties.
Then, as if he didn't know that I was lying about the "sore spot," he began
to massage my thong-laden bottom. I smiled at his antics. Shawn had also
taken his massage to another level as he licked the side of my foot, slowly
tracing his tongue along the underside of my legs. He reached his desired
destination, which happened to be the treasure that sit between my now saliva
covered legs. I had figured that Hunter would be the first to discover that
treasure, but then remembered the stories I had heard about him. I had heard
he was more of an "ass-man" in that he favored a woman's backside to her
frontside. I had no problem with what either man was doing. Shawn lifted the
skirt that covered his destination with one hand, holding the other one to
the side for use in his second act; one that would bring me more pleasure
than Chris would ever. Shawn laced his finger beneath the strip of cloth that
covered my lovebox and moved it aside. He then proceeded to impale his sharp
tongue inside of me, and I released a sudden moan of passion upon entry.

I had moaned with Chris, but never like I had with Shawn. His tongue
skills were top notch, as I had previous heard. He knew which direction to
twist his tongue. He knew when to remove his tongue and taunt me slightly
before reinsertion. He knew what he was doing, there is no doubt. I heard
moans emerge that I would have never thought could be released.

"OH!" I moaned aloud as Hunter discovered the other insertion point
located on my body.

Hunter lubed his figure, so to speak, with his own saliva and preceded
to wedge it between my cute cheeks. I gasped as his soaked index finger
penetrated my ass. It felt almost as good as a man's penis, which got me
psyked for the actions that would take place next.

"If his finger feels as good as a dick," I thought to myself, "imagine
what his dick feels like!"

I couldn't wait any longer. I had to find out the answer to my query.

"Oooh.... Hunter..... stick it in me, babe."

I think Hunter was even surprised at how fast and how far I wanted this
little erotic "spurt" to go. Needless to say, he wasn't about to back down.
He wanted this as much as I did. Shawn commenced his artistic tongue work and
together, the two buffed men lifted me to a full stance. I was overwhelmed by
their strength.

"If want a piece of this," Hunter announced, pointing to his crotch,
"you'll have to strip that clothing off... piece by piece..... slowly."

Hunter knew what he wanted. He (and Shawn) both wanted a slow striptease.
But now, as I look back on the whole thing, I don't think I could have blamed
them. If the roles of this situation were turned completely around, I would
have ordered the slow removal of their clothing to. With that in mind, I did
as I was told. I was about to give these two sex icons the stripping that
they would never forget... or, at least, I thought I was going to.

I leaned closer to Shawn, hands cupped over my breasts that remained
covered with a red lace bra. I figured I would tease him a bit, then move
back to Hunter. Unfortunately, my plans were far different than theirs. Shawn
ripped the red lace bra from my body and threw it aside. I frowned as my
breasts fell freely; far from my intended plan.

"I was just trying to..." I started before I felt two powerful hands
remove the mini-skirt and thong in one solid thrust. It was Hunter.

I tried to redirect the situation toward my original plans of a slow,
tantalizing striptease, but neither man would allow it. Hunter quickly
removed his boxers and thrusted his hard member between my lubed cheeks. I
felt his hard prick penetrate my insides and gasped. I tried to escape, but
he held me close to him. I was trapped. As his thrusts increased, I could
hear the "SMACK" that echoed throughout the room. It was sickening and
painful, but at the same time, arousing. Each hard thrust of Hunter's pelvis
into the back of my ass caused me to release a gasp.

"OH! HUNTER!" I moaned, as I was beginning to enjoy this treatment.

"Shut up, bitch!" he screamed. I did as I was told. After all, he was
quite larger than me and I had always been into sexual domination.

I continued to match Hunter's powerful thrusts, which eased the pain
slowly and also seemed to surprise him just a bit.

"Oh, you've done this before, haven't ya whore?" he asked me, increasing
his thrusts. I could barely match this change of pace, but in a matter of
seconds, I had it down.

I had always been great with anal sex. I could match any man's thrusts,
and Hunter was certainly a challenge. I didn't even bother to glance over at
Shawn while this had been going down, but now that I had Hunter's number, so
to speak, I checked on my other long-haired lover. He had lain about a foot
from where I had last saw him, and his boxers were completely tossed aside.
His erection pointed upward, inches away from my open mouth.

"Suck it, whore," he ordered. It wasn't as powerful or believable as
Hunter's commands, but I was not about to upset these men.

Luckily, Hunter had run out of energy. His thrusts reduced and it was
easier to match his pace. Despite the movement in my body, I managed to wrap
my ruby red lips around Shawn's member. He nearly collapsed to the floor as
I proceeded to give him the sucking of a lifetime. I slid my mouth down the
entire length of his cock; an accomplishment that Chris still appreciates
today. As soon as I had Shawn's length subconsciously stored, I was set.
With ease, I slid up and down his manhood, licking the tip of his rod when
reaching the top and licking his free-swinging balls when reaching the
bottom. I could tell he had never seen a woman quite like me. For a moment,
it seemed like I was the dominating one of this relationship. Suddenly,
Hunter released his grip and slid his stiff member from within me. I was
relieved. Finally, I was able to solely work on Shawn's member; a task that
I hadn't predicted would be so tough. He removed his hips from the carpet
floor and thrusted his pelvis rapidly, trying desperately to throw me off
track and regain his dominate role. I matched Shawn's mid-air thrusts with
ease, continuing to suck him off like never before.

"Oh man.... that feels great!" he moaned. I could tell that Hunter didn't
seem pleased with the role reversal that took place right in front of his

I felt a foot rest itself upon my backstage and kick me away from my
duties. I feel to the side of Shawn, stunned. I looked up to see Hunter
standing above, his hardened member rested in his left hand.

"I want a piece of those tits," he demanded, "NOW!"

Before I could reply, Hunter spread his legs and fell atop my mid-section,
driving the wind out of me. His dick lay flat along my chest, between my two
beautiful (as I have been told) breasts. He rocked back and forth, inching
his rod closer and closer to my open mouth, as I had tried to regain some
breath that Hunter had knocked out.

"Squeeze them together!" he screamed, pointing at my breasts.

I did as I was told... again. I squeezed my boobs together with all my
might and tightened the strain on Hunter's prick. I could tell that he didn't
think the strength I possessed would be as strong, but continued to play his
"domination" gimmick to full. Hunter planted his hands firmly on the pieces
of carpet that lay beneath my arms and thrusted harder. His shaft poked
through the barrier it had been surrounded in, but barely. I continued to
hold my own (and my breasts) and had his prick trapped. It was like a game
to me. Each time his dick escaped the grasp of my tits, I would force it back
in its restraint. I looked up to see Shawn knelt above my face, his dick
nestled in his right hand. He pumped the hardened member as fast and as hard
as he could. I tried to give him a bit of a push by groping his testicles,
but he slapped my hands away. I don't know what it was, but something sparked
an orgasm inside of me. Whether it was the thought of Hunter giving me the
tit-fuckin' of a lifetime or Shawn Michaels masturbating, or even the thought
of both men having their way with me, I was about to climax.

"OH! YES! YES! HARDER! HARDER!" I screamed.

Hunter obliged. His thrusts became even harder and faster than he had
predicted. He was going beyond his own set limit, which seemed to be the
theme of that night. Soon enough, I felt a cool, refreshing shower of semen
splash against my face. Shawn and Hunter had both blown their load, and were
spent. I was yet to finish mine, however.

"OH! I'M ABOUT TO CU..." I moaned.

Much to my dismay, Hunter and Shawn halted in their tracks and lifted me
to my feet. I was aggregated. I had not yet released, but, worst of all, I
was one solitary second away from climax. One second. That is all I needed to
have the orgasm of my life. Hunter and Shawn didn't seem to care as I plead
my case. Hunter picked up my mini skirt and thong, Shawn my bra, and the two
proceeded to chuck the clothes my direction. I caught the clothing and looked
at them with disappointment.

"What?" asked Hunter innocently. "We don't need you. We got off. It's not
our fault you can't match us."

Still shocked, I left the locker room. I couldn't believe it. I had just
been "used" by Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. As I walked down
the hall, however, a small smile filled my face. Wait until the WWF Divas
hear about this one!

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