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Tammy's Diary Part 2: Infamous Spanking Incident (Rehearsals)
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Dear Diary,

I am never going to rehearsals again as long as I am employed under ECW!
I cannot believe the horror that occurred today, during rehearsals. You must
promise not to repeat this information to anyone, as I am embarrassed at the
way I allowed myself to be treated today.

It all started yesterday, one day before ECW was scheduled to do a TNN
taping. I sat in Paul Heyman's office, alongside Dawn Marie and Amy Dumas.
They had been there longer than I, talking about something that I would soon
learn about.

"Tammy, we want you to do a certain spot at tomorrow's tapings," Paul told
me. Dawn and Amy nodded.

"Of course, Paul," I replied. After all, he gave me a job. I had to repay
him. "What is the spot?"

"It is something totally new," Amy piped in. Her eyes filled with
anticipation as she spoke, "A spanking!"

I settled back in my chair. I thought about it for a moment or so as Paul,
Dawn, and Amy hovered above. I glanced into their eyes. Anticipation was all
I saw.

"Just a few spanks with a plastic paddle, correct?" I wondered.

"Of course," Paul agreed, "anything you want."

"Yeah, I'll do it." I couldn't help it. It was just a spot, and WAS for
the sake of the company that I loved dearly. How could I say no?

I left the room to a sea of smiles from my comrades. As I shut the door,
I wondered something. Quickly, I poked my head back inside.

"Paul..." I questioned, "why did you pick me, anyway? Why not Dawn or

"Because you are the biggest ratings grabber we have around here, that's
why," he responded.

I smiled shyly. How sweet, I thought. I never figured that I could be more
wrong. I've been to rehearsals before. I've rehearsed interviews, promos, and
even bizarre matches. As I strolled toward the empty arena the next day, the
sight of tonight's TNN tapings, I felt confident. I had done this before, I
told myself. I stepped inside the abandoned stadium and glanced around. I saw
rows and rows of bleachers; not a person present. I giggled slightly.

"As soon as this spot comes on, those seats will be packed," I said aloud,

I heard talking coming from the empty ring that lay in the midst of the
empty rows. Amy and Dawn stood in the center, discussing this infamous spot.

"Hey!" I called aloud, trying to get their attention.

"Look who it is," Amy said, turning to me.

"It's the star of the show herself," Dawn chimed in.

Both women gave me an applause; far from what was needed, but flattering
nonetheless. I blushed. I was the star. I was going to be the one everyone in
the back would talk about for ages. Unfortunately, the plans I had surfacing
throughout my head were not the prearranged ones. I was going to be talked
about, all right, but for a shameful, less meaningful reason.

I embraced the two ladies and immediately, we got to work. We must have
stayed in that abandoned arena for hours, rehearsing each spot over and over
until it was time. We had to rehearse the spanking itself, or else we would
risk humiliation. At the time, I was wearing leather pants with an ECW
T-shirt. However, when the spot was supposed to go down, I was set to wear a
cheerleader-type costume with a thong underneath. I couldn't wear the
cheerleader costume, but I wore a thong for some authenticity. Dawn and Amy
laughed as I pulled my pants to mid-thigh.

"Something funny, girls?" I asked, standing in a thong.

"You tryin' to prepare them cheeks?" Amy asked, jokingly.

"Let's just get this over with," I responded. "It's getting late."

I bent over, allowing Amy to wrap her arms around my body, as if she were
going to administer a piledriver. She held me there as Dawn prepared for the
spanking. She removed the plastic paddle from her bag and lightly tapped me
on the bottom a few times.

"So, if this were the actual spot," she told me, "I would spank you a few
times, then Amy would drop you to the canvas."

"Do you mind hitting me?" I asked. I had to prepare myself for this, and,
I had to admit, I've always loved being spanked.

Dawn agreed and I assumed the position under Amy's loose arms. She spanked
me once. It stung, but Chris has done this to me before. I was used to it.
Her second shot as a bit firmer, but still, the effect was minimal. Her third
shot was the hardest of them all, and yes, it hurt like a bitch. But I
remained comfortable. Suddenly, the comfort dissolved. I felt Amy's arms
tighten around my stomach.

"Amy..." I said, struggling for air, "that's a little tight."

No response. I was trapped between Amy's legs, which prevented me from
seeing the looks on either woman's face. I felt a hard smack on my thong-
laden backside. It was far worse than any smack Chris gave me.

"Very funny," I said, hoping this was all for effect, "but the rehearsal
is over. Let's go home."

No response still. Dawn smacked me again. I yelped, but no sympathy was
felt. I heard a door slam, then lock, and became scared for my life. Out of
the small space between Amy's knees, I saw two figures approaching ringside.

"Oh!" I cried, recognizing the individuals. "Lance, Rhino.... help!"

Neither man responded, either. It was at that time that I knew these four
were up to something. I struggled to escape, and finally, broke free. I fell
to the ground; pants still wrapped around my slender thighs. I looked up and
shrieked in horror. I was surrounded by Amy, Dawn, Rhino, and Lance, who had
all formed a circle around my fallen body.

"What is going on?" I mustered over the tears that were about to streak
down my face.

"It's time to show you why Paul picked YOU for this position," Dawn

"And it's not because you're a ratings grabber," Amy chimed in. "It's
because you are the easiest little slut around this company. He knew you
would agree to this.... because Tammy, you are nothing but a little tramp."

I tried to strike Amy for her tasteless comments, but Rhino grabbed my
arm and nearly crushed it between his enormous hand.

"Tammy," Lance said to me, "I always knew you were easy. I always knew
you were a tramp. And I always knew you were a fat, ugly, fifthly, whore.
It's time we see what kind of whore you really are. Remove your clothing."

"What?!" I shirked, clutching my body with my free arm.

"REMOVE YOUR FUCKIN' CLOTHING!" Rhino shouted in my face.

"And if I don't?" I protested, which is something I wish I would have
never done.

"If you don't," Amy warned, "we'll tell Paul and he'll remove you from
tonight's spot and throw you out on the street where he found you."

"You'll lose your job," Dawn informed me, "and Tammy, I know you need
this job. You have no other alternative."

Despite her "airhead blonde" persona on television, Dawn was correct. I
had no other alternative. I had just quit the WWF and, before hand, shared
an uplifting experience with two of its biggest stars. I had heard that days
afterward, someone told Vince of these sexual acts and, as a result, I am
banned from that organization. WCW was trash at the moment, so employment
there would be a step down. I was obligated to do anything and everything
these four wanted.

"What are you four going to do?" I whimpered.

"It's simple," Lance explained. "Rhino is not going to harm you in any
way. He's staying at ringside, making sure no one interferes in our plans.
Amy and Dawn are going to watch, and, if they wish, torture you as we go
along. And I am going to fuck you three-ways from Sunday, just like the
little whore that we know you are. Now, remove those clothes."

Fighting away tears, I did as I was told. I slid my pants from mid-thigh
to the mat, showing off the remainder of my sore bottom, wrapped inside a
tiny black thong. Lance smiled at the sight. I then removed my shirt and bra
and tossed the two articles aside. I stood nude in the ring, hands planted on
my hips, waiting for his next instructions.

"Bend over," Lance instructed.

I bent at the waist, flaunting my well-toned backside toward my Canadian
rapist. I could feel his cold hands lace around the waistband of my black
thong and rip them from my body. He tossed the torn underwear aside, then
proceeded to admire my ass in the buff. He stripped himself of his clothing,
then stood behind me. I could feel his shaft poking at the entrance to my
lovehole, taunting it.

"Let's see how far we can stretch this thing."

Hands planted on my hips, Lance jammed himself inside. Slowly, my cheeks
wrapped around his stiff prick, molding it to fit my body. Lance didn't
appear to care for that. He spread my asscheeks with his thumbs, keeping them
from creating a preset path. He wanted to stretch my hole out, and good.

"Amy..... Dawn.... hold her....." he commanded.

I felt two hands clasp my cheeks and separate them. I shirked as the two
women stretched my smooth buttcheeks beyond belief. Lance, meanwhile,
continued to ram himself into me. I could hear the "SMACK" of our skin
clasping as he pounded me like never before. As his pace increased, I could
feel the hole begin to multiply in size. It stretched as Lance continued to
fuck me harder and harder, faster and faster.

"Scream my name, bitch!" he yelled.

"Never!" I screamed. I would never scream the name of another man.

Rhino slid inside the ring. He crawled over to me and put his mouth inches
away from my pain-stricken face.

"SCREAM HIS FUCKIN' NAME!" he shouted. I felt a barricade of warm air hit
my breath as he commanded. I started to cry.

"OH! Lance.... Lance.... harder!" I faked. Luckily, my assailants weren't
too good at comprehending the difference between true and false orgasms, but
I have to admit, that's one of my specialties. Not many men can tell.

"Better," he said, slowing down his pace.

Amy and Dawn released my cheeks and sat aside as Lance finished up. As I
started to settle down, I felt comfortable. I was starting to enjoy the
treatment, obligated or not.

"OH! OH! I'M GONNA CUM!" I shouted. It was real all right.

Within an instant, Lance released himself from inside me and threw me to
the mat... hard. I fell face-first on the canvas, my sore but oozing bottom
sticking straight up.

"Ladies... she's all yours..." Lance announced, obviously tired. He must
have blown his load inside of me, but the stretch that was created prevented
me from even knowing. I wasn't used to it, but I wouldn't need to be for

With smiles on their faces, Amy and Dawn approached my risen backside.
Each one took their index fingers and stuck them inside, tasting the juice
that Lance left behind. Still inside my swollen and stretched asshole, the
ladies stretched the hole even farther with their fingers. I screamed as
the torture became unbearable. Amy's tongue skimmed along my insides for a
moment, bringing me slight relief. Suddenly, Dawn's fingers stretched my
hole further and a sharp pain returned to my body. This routine continued
for what seemed like hours, each one taking their turn licking me, then
stretching. I felt pleasure then pain, pleasure then pain, pleasure then
pain, and couldn't take it anymore.

"AHHH!" I moaned/screamed as I had the most painful orgasm of my life.

Juice flowed onto the mat as pain surged through my body. It was the most
uncomfortable feeling one could imagine. Amy and Dawn laughed as my body lay
motionless on the mat. Unfortunately, Dawn wasn't finished. I saw her pick
up the paddle and approach my backside again. Amy laughed, then Dawn, and I
felt a sharp pain pierce my hole once more. I turned to see the paddle's
handle jammed inside me, stretching my hole further and further than it had
already been.

"Tammy..." I heard a familiar voice call.

I looked up to see Lance standing above. He was ready to shoot another
load and was jerking himself off to further the process. I tried to move, but
the paddle stuck inside me was preventing any serious movements. It was too
late. Lance shot his load and warm liquid blasted my face and breasts. I felt
completely humiliated. I was covered in Lance's semen, I was laying in my own
juices, and worst of all, my hole had been stretched beyond imagination. How
is Chris going to take this news?

"You could fit a flashlight in that asshole," Amy commented as she left
the ring. She was right, unfortunately.

Out of the corner of my water-filled eyes, I saw Lance, Rhino, Dawn, and
Amy empty the ring. I was happy that my abusers had vacated the ring, but the
humiliation will always remain at the back of my mind, especially after what
happened that night.

I stepped into Paul's office, clean as a whistle, but continuing to feel
the after effects of my horrible attack.

"Let me make sure nothing can be seen in that thong," Paul commented.
"Bend over, please. The censors will be here tonight, ya know."

I bent over. Paul slammed his hands down.

"Holy shit!" he screamed. "You can't wear that!"

I checked a mirror. The same thong I had been wearing earlier today was
no longer large enough to cover my expanded asshole. I couldn't believe it.

I changed to a larger thong and was forced to do the spot as rehearsed.
Each spank given to me was painful, even with small, meaningless swings like
Dawn's. I returned to my locker room that night and shed tears. Why me? Why
would ECW use me like this? Why do all men (and women) use me like this?

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