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Tammy's Diary Part 3: The Initiation
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Dear Diary,

For months, I have resided in WCW, a floundering company I agreed to join
under the assumption that Chris and I would be used properly. We would, Vince
Russo claimed, be treated fairly, and not be "whored" around, as he called
it, like we were in ECW. What I didn't realize was that the method to get to
the top was far from having good work ethic.

Earlier today, I was called into Russo's office. He claimed that it was
finally time -- Chris and I were headed for the top. He had recently formed
a stable with a bunch of young, up-and-coming wrestlers known as the "New
Blood." Russo, the leader of this elite bunch of men and women, felt that
placing Chris and I into the mix would better our careers and launch us to

As I strutted toward Russo's office door, I felt as though the entire
company was staring at me coldly, but at the same time, with admiration. I
may not be the most liked woman on the roster, but each superstar respects
the amount of time I put into this company. I felt confident. I felt good.
I felt in-charge. I was wrong.

Decked in a pink top, tied just below my chest, and black spandex shorts,
I held my head high and strutted into Russo's office with pride and high
hopes running through my mind. I stepped through the door and immediately
locked eyes with Chris, who sat across from Russo. He looked grim. I had to
know what was going on, and had a feeling that I wouldn't enjoy it.

"Yes, boss?" I asked calmly, as if I knew nothing was going on.

"Tammy," he started, rising from his desk. "I promised you and Chris a
promotion. I promised that you and Chris would shot to the top. And Tammy, I
plan on keeping my promise. As you know, the 'New Blood' was just created....
and, as you know, I plan on having you and Chris join."

"That's great!" I shouted with enthusiasm -- a feeling I had yet to taste
in WCW.

"But first," he shot down my excitement, "you must.... PROVE yourself."

"Prove myself?" I repeated.

"Yes," he replied. "Chris here has already proved his talents in the ring,
but you.... aren't fortunate enough to do so. So, ultimately, we've decided
that your best talents.... quite frankly, are your sexual intrigues."

"Wha.." I started to reply, but Russo wasn't finished.

"And I've decided," he interrupted, "that the only way, Tammy Lynn Sytch,
for you and your husband to receive that ticket straight to the top, is to
sexual excite a person of my choosing."

I smiled. I had a feeling this "selected individual" was the man himself.
I knew Russo wanted a piece of me, but I didn't think he wanted it like
this... with Chris around. Either way, I figured I'd start working my charms.
"Doesn't sound too hard," I said, rubbing my bare leg along the side of his
wooden desk.

"Don't bother," he said, shoving my leg down. "It's not me. It's not even
a man.... it's Kimberly Page."

"WHAT?!" I screamed. I was flabbergasted. I worked with Kimberly before,
and she was far from being even CLOSE to enjoying the company of a woman.
Besides, she was married to Diamond Dallas Page, and, from what I heard,
being married to him prevented Kimberly from even contemplating the thought
of the same sex. He was a machine. Each day, another story of passion and
lust would emerge from Kimberly's mouth as she pranced in the door, looking
as though the sun was revolving directly around her and shined down upon her
every second of the day. She was buried in lust, and there was no way she'd
even think of another partner with Dallas still at home. I was screwed.
Chris and I were screwed.

"Well?" Russo asked, hovering his finger above the intercom button.

I glanced at Chris. He shot me a cold look, which I couldn't decipher as
either a yes or a no. I didn't know what to do. But, as I looked at Chris
again, I knew what I had to do. I had to do it. Chris's career was at stake.
Forget mine, this was all about him. If I said no to Russo, the head writer
and head executive in WCW, Chris would be jobbing to Norman Smiley each
week.... and neither one of us wanted that.

"I'll do it," I accepted, giving Chris another glance for support. He
gave me nothing in return. Instead, he rose up and left the office, obviously

"Send in Kimberly," Russo said to the intercom. I could tell he was trying
not to smile at the misfortune between Chris and I, but he wasn't hiding his
happiness well enough. He loves to stir trouble between female wrestlers and
their significant others, and I had a sense that Kimberly's participation in
this "initiation" was not because she wasn't an easy woman to please, but
because Russo felt something special for her in his pants. It was sickening.

Kimberly stepped inside the office. Russo was dumbfounded, and
surprisingly, I felt the same way. She had on long, leather pants, accenting
her beautiful backside, which I had always wished was mine. Her matching
tanktop strained against her gorgeous rack; another trait of Kimberly I
wished to possess. To top it off, her brown hair flowed uncontrollably down
her shoulders, stopping short of her well-toned stomach. She didn't seem
displeased to be in the room, but didn't appear happy. I could tell that this
wasn't going to be an easy task.

"Get to work," Russo ordered, watching us like a hawk.

Kimberly seemingly glided across the room and rested herself in a chair.
I stood up, preparing to start, when I saw Russo's ear-to-ear grin out of
the corner of my eye.

"Leave," I commanded to the horny and anxious Russo. To my surprise, he
obliged. I had a feeling a security camera had been planted somewhere in the
room, and Russo was headed to watch. He exited the room and slammed the door
behind him. I looked into Kimberly's eyes and swallowed hard. She rolled her
eyes at me, then glanced at her nails, as if to tell me, "Are you going to
start yet?"

I never liked Kimberly's arrogance, but I had to admit, she turned me on.
Her leather outfit would have turned anyone on - man or woman. Unfortunately,
Kimberly was far from impressed with the ensemble I had pulled together.
Nevertheless, I turned on some music and began to sway my hips to the beat.

As I rocked back and forth, occasionally dipping down to the ground, I
planned my means of "attack," so to speak. I knew that if I went at this
without a steady plan, I would spontaneously react without thinking. I had
done that before with Chris in bed, and wound up giving him the best night
of his life. I couldn't do this with Kimberly, or the marriage would be
ruined. I had a feeling Russo was finding some way to show this whole episode
to Chris, so a spontaneous plan wouldn't be the best decision I could make.

I shook my backside inches away from Kimberly's face and flashed her a
sexy look. She gave me nothing in return. Hands planted firmly on the floor,
I continued to bounce up and down, my ass shaking at a rapid pace. I felt as
though my butt was about to collapse to the floor, and still, Kimberly's
facial expressions did not change. I peered over my shoulder to see her
checking her watch, as if to tell me, "are you done yet?"

I felt like an absolute fool. There I was, one of the goddess of the
wrestling industry, shaking my rump in the face of a complete bitch.
Nevertheless, I needed to save our jobs. If this task was not complete, I
could kiss our jobs, as well as our promotions, good-bye. I had to do
something, rational or not.

Shifting positions, I brought my hands from the floor to the rim of my
shorts, slowly caressing my bare legs in the process. Kimberly glanced over
for a moment, as if she were interested. I had her hooked for a moment, and
could not waste it. I laced my fingers around the waistband of my shorts and
slowly removed them, presenting Kimberly with a black thong that barely
suited me or my plump backside. I saw Kimberly's body shift positions; her
hand rested firmly on her chin, as if she were intrigued.

I continued to play my charms, slapping my ass a few times, as if to tell
her, "come get some." Kimberly didn't move. She either wasn't interested or
couldn't move. Either way, I knew I had to continue. I turned around and
began to toil with the knot that sat below my breasts. I hadn't worn a bra
today, and I was glad. I seductively removed the t-shirt and tossed it aside.
My perky breasts stood at end, not only from the cold weather circulating
throughout the room (an obvious Russo ploy), but because I was actually
getting into this.

I rubbed my hardened breasts in Kimberly's face. She could no longer
resist. I felt her cold, smooth tongue roughly lick my breasts, swirling
around my nipples. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close,
continuing to suck on my chest like a baby. I loved this. I knew this was
it. I was finished. But, I didn't feel like stopping. Kimberly's tongue was
smooth. Kimberly's tongue was comfortable. Kimberly's tongue was great.

Momentarily, I felt Kimberly's tongue relinquish and her arms wrap tightly
around me. I didn't know what was about to happen, but I didnít resist. Still
seated in the chair, she demonstrated inhuman-like strength as she tilted me
around and brought me into a 69 position with her. I felt uncomfortable being
upside-down on top of a partner that was still seated in a chair, but the
sight of Kimberly's lovely snatch changed that. I unbuckled her leather
pants, revealing a pink thong. I eagerly pushed it aside and dug my tongue
into her clit, teasing her labial lips with the end of my long tongue. She
moaned in pleasure.

As I continued to work in and out of Kimberly, I felt my thong be pushed
aside and her smooth tongue inserted inside of me. I removed myself from her
tasty treat for a moment to moan, then got back to work. I'm not sure who's
tongue work was better, but I was in an enormous amount of pleasure, and by
the sounds of Kimberly's moans, she was too.

We continued our sexual experiments for another 20 minutes. Finally, after
multiple orgasm's from the both of us, we dismounted and dressed ourselves.
As I was trying to leave, Kimberly pulled my arm back.

"Here's my room number," she said, handing me a piece of paper. "Dallas
won't be home tonight. Come by and we'll continue this."

I smiled and left the room. I knew the promotion was ours. Not only was I
successful in turning Kimberly on, but as I was asked for an encore. But, as
I strolled back toward the locker room area, I wondered, did Chris see what

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