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Tammy's Diary Part 4: Feeling The 'Bang'
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Dear Diary,

Last night was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my entire life.
Because last night, I felt the "bang."

As I previously discussed, I was forced to do a striptease dance for
Kimberly, the wife of WCW wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, in order to join an
illustrious group known as the "New Blood." And, as previously stated, the
dance went quite well--so well, in fact, that I was invited to Kimberly's
hotel room. Last night, following a WCW television taping, I accepted the
offer in full.

With Chris at the arena still toiling with angle ideas for the two of us,
I arrived at the hotel and marched to Kimberly's room. I wore a pair of
knee-high leather boots, leather skirt and matching top--Chris' favorite
outfit. I felt a bit too "underdressed" for the occasion, but as I arrived at
Kimberly's doorstep, those woes were completely shattered. Kimberly opened
the door wearing nothing but a bra--two sizes too small, I might add--and
some flimsy thong panties. I was in complete shock. I quickly glanced at my
outfit, then at hers--or, lack of one. She giggled. I watched as her breasts
bounced with each laugh that bellowed from within.

"Don't worry," she assured me, "neither one of us will be in clothing for
long. Then, we'll match."

I laughed at the joke. It wasn't the funniest thing I had ever heard, but
with a half-naked Kimberly standing just inches away, I was ready to find
even death funny.

Kimberly grabbed a hold of my wrist and led me into the bedroom. She knew
where she was going, all right. Her bedroom was nothing special; a queen
sized bed, two endtables, and one chair that had be strategically placed to
the side of the bed. I could sense that Kimberly had plans, but the extent of
them were unknown.

Once she positioned me in front of the chair, we kissed. Our tongues
mingled, our bodies grinded together in perfect harmony. Every contour of my
body seemed to fit hers like a glove and I loved it. I'm not a lesbian or
bi-sexual, but if there was one woman that could turn me on to women, it was

She broke free of the kiss to catch her breath. I was glad, because I was
becoming slightly light-headed from a lack of oxygen, too. I felt Kimberly's
delicate hands reach behind me and sink to my skirt. I had worn a pair of
black thong panties beneath my skirt, and it was at that moment that I wished
I hadn't. With both hands, Kimberly caressed my buttcheeks, kneading them as
though they were bread dough. My mouth slightly parted and I released a moan
of ecstasy. Without warning, Kimberly trapped me with another mouth-watering
kiss, still holding firmly onto my backside. I was tempted to hold her firm
cheeks in my hands, as well, but knew Kimberly was the one that had planned
this moment. She deserved to do whatever she pleased and it didn’t bother me.

As our kiss broke free for a second time, Kimberly forcefully shoved me
into the chair. I landed relatively hard in the chair and started to topple
backward. The chair balanced on two legs for a moment or two. I didn’t know
what to do. I was about to fall from the force of Kimberly’s push. Then, as
though the chair were rigged, it returned to it’s original four legs and I
was placed inches from Kimberly’s rack. Whether or not it was planned, I
loved it. Chris had never taken chances like that. It was always the same old
thing. We would kiss, make love, then exit the room. No foreplay, no danger,
no excitement.

"Fun?" Kimberly asked, smilingly playfully.

"Of course," I replied, overcome with lust.

Kimberly rested her left hand upon the arm rest of her chair and leaned
forward slightly. I watched as her breasts swayed like pendulums, straining
against her bra.

"You want to help me out of this thing?" she asked, pointing with her
right index finger to her deep cleavage.

I was in too much amusement to respond. Instead, I enclosed my arms
around her and began to unbuckle her bra strap. Having placed my own bra on
thousands among thousands of times--even in the dark when Chris and I made
love--made me an expert. Within seconds, I unlatched the strap and allowed
the silky covering to fall to the floor. I relinquished my hands and sat back
in awe at the treasure that was uncovered. Kimberly’s breasts swung freely,
as if enjoying their newfound freedom. A hint of an implant was nowhere to be
found, but I knew she had the operation done. Her breasts were perfect. Her
breasts put mine to shame.

I tried to latch on to one of them, but Kimberly dropped to her knees. I
was disappointed, but at the same time, excited. She was toying with my
emotions, and I loved it. She lifted the front of my skirt and nestled her
head between my legs. I could feel her nose press against the front of my
panties, pushing the fabric deeper into my slit.

"Let's just get these out of the way," Kimberly said, sliding my panties
off and tossing them aside.

Kimberly eagerly buried her head between my legs once again. My skirt
covered her head, preventing me to see what she was about to do, but I had a
feeling. An overpowering wave of pleasure came over me as I felt Kimberly's
tongue pierce my steaming lovebox. Her soft tongue felt good, and Kimberly
knew how to use it correctly. I felt her tongue gently trail along the
parameter of my pussy, gliding over my previous trimmed hairs. As she
circled, I was in heaven. I felt myself getting wet. I imagined the feeling
that had preceded the current one--the one that Kimberly's tongue produced
when inserted inside me. I knew I had to have this feeling again.

"Ooo..." I moaned, "Kimberly.... please... lick me clean."

I wasn't sure if Kimberly was going to oblige, and I didn’t have to
wait long for a response. I felt her cold tongue submerge and a shockwave
of pleasure come over me, far more powerful than the first. My entire body
shook. She had bragged one day that she was an expert at oral sex, but I
didn't know she had the same skill with women. I bucked my hips, attempting
to drive her tongue deeper within me. I watched on as her hands slowly
traced up my legs, taking a sharp turn for my backside. She again squeezed
my petite buttoxs, this time holding onto it as though it were a lifesaver.
With her hands firmly planted on my backside, Kimberly lifted my hips up,
forcing my crotch further and further into her tongue. Like a sword, her
tongue pierced through me even further, bringing an overwhelming sensation
throughout my body. I had never felt this compelling delight before, not
even with Chris.

"That feels... great..." I moaned, rubbing my excited nipples through
their cloth covering. I was itching to release my breasts, shameful or not.

Kimberly had apparently heard the plea, as her hands started roaming
upward, gliding toward my breasts. Her head still buried in my crotch,
Kimberly unzipped my leather top and tossed it aside, releasing my perky
breasts. I couldn’t believe that Kimberly’s lack of eyesight didn’t slow the
vixen down, but I resisted the urge to question. Kimberly placed her hands
around my breastworks, or lack thereof, and squeezed gently, testing them
out. I was embarrassed that she could harbor the entire circumference of my
breasts with her hands, but neglected to speak. I was in too much pleasure
to ruin the moment with my lack of self-confidence, stringing from my stint
with the WWF and ECW.

"Yes!" I cooed in pleasure, folding my arms behind the back of my head.
"Keep goin'!"

Kimberly chose not to disappoint. I felt her tongue twist and turn inside
me at a rougher and edgier pace; I felt her hands mangle my breasts; I felt
her fingers tweaking my nipples slightly. This triad of pleasure brought me
to climax. I couldn’t take it. Despite the slight pain her gyrated tongue
was placing upon me... despite the slight discomfort her unforgiving hands
were giving me... despite the pain her rough fingers relinquished... I was
in heaven.

"I'm about to..." I warned, but it was too late. I released a powerful
orgasm, almost throwing me from the chair to the floor below.

I felt a sudden rush of excitement as my hips were lifted up and another
wave of pleasure rushed hrough me. I felt Kimberly's hands and tongue
relinquish themselves from my body. As I slumped in the chair, exhausted,
Kimberly rose from her knelt position. Her breasts swung inches from my face
once more, and this time, I was able to lick the very edge of her nipple. It
wasn’t enough for me, but it was satisfying. Kimberly advanced behind me,
searching for something beneath the bend. She bent down, flashing me a
tremendous view of her thong-enclosed buttox. I smiled mischievously. I was
ready to pounce on her like a jungle cat catching its prey, but resisted the

Moments later, Kimberly returned to my side, holding an object in her
hands. I recognized it immediately.

"A strap on?" I questioned, unfamiliar with the product, but having seen
it before.

"Of course!" she replied, as if it were a necessity of hers.

"Why do you have it?" I thought. I didn’t bother asking. I didn’t care,
quite frankly.

"Spread ‘em" Kimberly commanded, preparing to place the dildo in position.

"No," I replied, rising up. "I want a piece of that ass."

I pointed to Kimberly's thong-laden backstage. She smiled devilishly.

"In that case..." she said, tossing me the object, "come and get it."

It was absolute heaven. I wanted to savor the acceptance for hours, but
quickly, I began to "toughen" up, so to speak. I ordered Kimberly to place
the strap-on around my slim hips, because, quite frankly, I had no idea. The
brown-haired vixen, obviously enjoying the enforcement behind my voice,
conceded. She moved behind me, wrapping her milky white arms around my waist.
I could feel her breasts brush my back as she leaned in, tightening the

"Done," she said enthusiastically, advancing back around me.

"Now," I commanded, "bend over."

"Make me!" she teased, resisting my authority.

I tried to keep a straight face, but could not. I was in too much pleasure
to do so. With a smile across my face, I took a lock of her brown-hair and
bent her over. She planted her hands on the edge of the bed and glanced back
at me with a "come get some" smile across her beautiful face. I slowly laced
my index fingers around the waistband of her thong, taunting and teasing the
vixen. Gently, I slid the panties down her smooth backside, gliding over her
perfect curves. It was like Christmas for me. I made one final thrust,
completely forcing the underwear to her ankles. I stood back in amazement,
observing her brilliant curves and silky smooth skin, topped off with an
amazing ass.

"Stick it in me.... please!" she begged, reaching back to spread her

I could not resist. I lubed the rubber organ with saliva and preceded to
present Kimberly with her desires. At first, I teased her asshole, slightly
skimming the extremity of the toy along her opening. Chris had done this to
me several times, making me some what of an expert. I watched as Kimberly's
bottom twitched.

"Please... don't taunt me..." she whined, obviously more eager than I.

Kimberly's child-like pleas could not be disregarded. Hands planted on her
hips, I thrusted into Kimberly as hard as I could, nearly knocking her over.
It was quite obvious that she had used the instrument several times over, as
the rubber organ slid into her backside with ease. Mimicking Chris, I rocked
back and forth, penetrating Kimberly with each powerful thrust. I was
starting to enjoy this, as was Kimberly.

"Ooh!" she cooed, "that feels wonderful."

I decided to take our experiment one step further. I steadied myself on
her hips with one hand, pulling back the other. With a forceful swoop, I
slapped the broad side of Kimberly’s plentiful bottom. Her moaning increased
slightly. I repeated the action, spanking the vixen with potent strikes. The
"SLAP" of own skin colliding filled the deserted hotel room and seemingly
increased the sexual desire.

"Yes!" she cried out, "let me have it!"

I thrusted into her more briskly. As I continued, I slid my hands beneath
her unstable body, cupping around her breasts. They felt perfect. I cradled
each one supportingly, slightly intriguing her nipples with my fingertips.

"Ooh.." she groaned, "I’m cummin’"

Indeed, Kimberly came. I felt her entire frame rock as the orgasm passed
through, quite like mine. Moments later, a cool liquid pelted my legs like
bullets, signaling Kimberly’s dramatic climax. Together, the two of us
collapsed. I fell back into the chair, glaring down at the used organ that
remained strapped to me. Kimberly toppled forward onto the bed, her
contracting ass pointing upward, begging for attention. I was fatigued, but
Kimberly's sweaty physique placed newfound energy back within. I unbuckled
the strap-on, tossed it aside, and crept behind Kimberly.

Forcefully, I threw the debilitated vixen toward the top of the bed. She
landed in the midst of the pillows, her head cradled between two white
cushions. I climbed onto the foot of the bed and glanced down at the tired
brunette, grinning. I absolutely fell in love with her look. She looked
tired and helpless (and at that point, probably was), ready to be taken
advantage of. I crawled between her spread legs, still grinning broadly. Her
face was almost hidden behind her breasts, but I sensed a smile filled her
face. I collapsed on Kimberly's mid-section, alternately taking her breasts
into my hot little mouth. This is what I had been waiting for the entire
time. I swirled my tongue around her nipples, intriguing them. Kimberly's
arms rose from their lifeless position and wrapped around me, firmly
supporting my buttcheeks. I could sense that Kimberly’s pussy thrived
attention as well, as I felt her legs move beneath me. How could I resist?

I slowly ran a hand down her smooth frame, buggering her lovebox with two
fingers. It was moist. It was comfortable. It was, like the rest of her body,

We remained atop each other for quite a while that night. Afterwards, the
two of us enjoyed a few glasses of champagne, kissed, and said our final
"good-night"'s, for it would be the end of our endeavor.... a great one at

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