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Tammy's Fall Part 1
by Tammy Lover

As Chris was getting ready for his match at a benefit for a New York High
School, Tammy had slipped into the bathroom to "relieve" herself, or so Chris
thought. Chris had full confidence that Tammy had put her drug addiction
behind her, but his confidence was misplaced. Tammy had once again turned
into a drug abuser, with crack being her main addiction.

Recently she had started to experiment with other drugs, but it was crack
that Tammy removed from her purse and lit up. Tammy was getting the high that
she so desparately needed. Her once glorious career was history, the body
that was once the best in the business was now pale, overweight and desired
by very few, if any. Tammy had gone from golden hair fox to total trash. The
drugs were all that she had.

As Tammy was drifting off into her fantasy world, she was startled by a knock
on the door. "Tammy, lets go" Chris yelled.

"Just a sec," Tammy replied as she took her final hit and placed the remains
into the medicine cabinet. Tammy adjusted what little clothing she had on,
opened the door, and walked by her man to the gym.

As Chris and Tammy were introduced, the gym turned into a nightmare for
Tammy. With very few in attendance, every word and sound were audible to
Tammy. What once was Tammys palace had turned into taunts and heckles.
"Crackwhore" and "Fatass" cries greated her. Tammy was wearing white knee
boots, along with a white halter and mini skirt.

As Tammy climbed the ringsteps and bent between the ropes, exposing her once
glorious ass to the crowd, the once familiar sounds of cameras flashing and
mens cries of "oh my god" were now replaced with laughter. Tammy tried to
pretend she was oblivious to all of this, but she was clearly on the verge of

"Don't worry about it," Chris said in an attempt to settle his mates nerves.

Tammy left his side and went to ringside as the match began.

Once outside the "Tammy's a crackwhore" chant began in full force. Tammy
finally turned to respond, but was shocked by what she saw. Someone had
brought an inflated cow into the gym, placing a Tammy name tag on it. From
the cows mouth was attached a cigarette, implying the obvious. Across the
cows rear was scribbled "fat ass slut." Tammy could take no more, she ran
from ringside, tears rolling down her face, racing back to the locker room.

Tammy reached the hallway and was terrified by what she saw. Several New York
police officers were in and around the locker room. Tammy feared they would
find her drugs and jail time would be right around the corner. Tammy turned
and raced outside.

Once outside the building, Tammy could not remember which direction the hotel
was in, so she began to wander. As Tammy walked the streets in her knee boots
and mini skirt, she looked very much like a street whore. Not one you would
pay alot of money for, but a whore none the less. Men were driving by,
honking and yelling "how much" towards Tammy.

Finally, Tammy turned off of the main street onto a side street. This would
prove to be the biggest mistake of her life. A few blocks down, Tammy began
to realize that she was the only female on the street, not to mention the
only white female on the street. Also, all of the street lights had been shot

As Tammy walked in her heels she felt as though she was being followed.
She stopped, turned, and discovered that she was correct. A large black man,
at least 6'4" and 260 lbs. was directly behind her. Tammy started to scream
but the man placed his right hand across Tammy's mouth.

"Quiet bitch and you won't get hurt," was the order. Tammy turned and tried
to run, but was quickly stopped by the giant of a man. He placed his left arm
across Tammy's chest, stopping the slut instantly. Tammy started to struggle
but stopped when she felt something cold against her back. "Stand still bitch
or I will kill you right now." Tammy realized that a revolver was placed
against her spine. "I want you to walk across the street and get into the
black caddy, do we have an understanding."

Tammy nodded yes to her attacker and began to walk as instructed. Tammy's
attacker opened the back door and Tammy got in. As the door was slammed
behind her, Tammy realized that she was not alone in the car. There was
another hulk of a man in the back seat with her, and another male in the
passenger seat up front. Both of these men, like Tammy's abductor, where
black, seemingly in their mid 30's.

As Tammy's abductor got into the driver's seat, he turned to Tammy, flashing
a smile, showing his gold tooth. Tammy, tears flowing down her cheek, was in
fear for her life. "Please, don't hurt me. I will do anything that you want,
just don't hurt me," Tammy begged.

"Don't worry bitch, you will do what we want and we will hurt you. Just do
what we say and you might get off easy."

"We will be getting off too," chuckled the man in back with Tammy.

All 3 men joined in the laughter.

"Damn right," chipped in the front seat passenger.

With that, the car was placed in drive and pulled away from the curb, onto
the street.

"Where are you taking me?" Tammy begged.

"Where all white trash belongs," replied the man next to her as he placed
his left hand on Tammy's right thigh. "You are one fine piece of meat," he
whispered into Tammy's ear.

Tammy pulled his hand from her leg, resulting in a viscious slap across her
once glorious face. Tammy's head crashed into the window, causing a cut to
open on her forehead.

"You don't touch me bitch," demanded her 'admirer'. He grabbed Tammy by her
hair and pulled her face towards his. Tammy was in fear for her life as he
pulled Tammy closer and placed his lips across hers. Tammy tried to resist,
but he forced his tongue inside of her mouth. The tongue probed Tammy's
mouth, wrapping aroung Tammys own tongue and penetrating her throat. After
what seemed like hours, he finally removed his tongue from Tammys mouth.
"That won't be the first thing to go down your throat tonight honey."

Again, all 3 men laughed as Tammy cried in horror.

"You look somewhat familiar to me," the front seat passenger mentioned
looking at Tammy. "Do I know you?"

"I would doubt it," was Tammy's reply.

"I'm not sure that I can wait much longer," the man next to Tammy chuckled
as he turned and ran his right hand up Tammy's leg, towards her panties.
Tammy reached for his hand but was stopped by his free hand. "Don't even
think about it bitch."

Tammy became more and more aware of her situation as her hand was released.
Tears continued to flow down her cheeks in horror and fear as the man's
fingers slid inside of her panties. "A little bit dry in here," he mentioned,
"I can take care of that." The man's finger probed through Tammys bush until
it reached her pussy.

"No," Tammy whimpered, but it was no use.

The finger went inside of Tammy's pussy, with Tammy realizing resistance was
futile. He probed for her clit and found it rather quickly. Thrusting back
and forth throughout Tammy's vagina did indeed start to moisten her. As the
resistance became less and less, a second finger, followed by a third was
inserted into Tammy's pussy. The thrust became more and more aggresive as
the fingers drove deeper and deeper into Tammy's womb. Tammys body was taking
over as she bagan to cry out from both the pain and the pleasure. The
stimulation of her clit was more than she could resist as her body began to
twitch. Deeper and deeper the fingers went, seemingly farther than Candido or
any other man had gone with their own cocks. Tammy found herself wanting this
finger fuck to produce an orgasm as her body continued to instinctively
twitch and move.

Finally, it happened. Tammy let out a scream that filled the car as her
juices flowed all over the mans fingers and into her panties. Her head fell
against the back seat as her attacker pulled his fingers from her and began
to run them along her lips. "I believe that you can take care of this for
me," he chuckled.

"Please, no," Tammy begged.

"Do as I say bitch," the man shot back.

Tammy relented. The fingers entered her mouth and Tammy began to suck and
lick her own juices from them. Satisfied that his fingers were clean, he
removed them from the whimpering Sytch. Tammy coughed and gagged as she
swallowed her juices.

"Hey, Melvin," the driver asked. "How's that pussy feel?"

"Not bad for white tras," was his reply. "I think I'll wait for her to rinse
her mouth out before I stick my tongue back down her throat though."

The 3 men shared a laugh as they continued to drive.

After what seemed like hours to Tammy had passed, the car finally came to a
stop. "Now the games begin," was mentioned by the driver. "Mel, you can
handle her can't ya."

"No problem Johnnie."

With that, Melvin took Tammy by the wrists and pulled her from the back seat.
Tammy looked up to see what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. There was
no sign of life in the area at all. "Where are we," Tammy asked.

"Listen bitch, you might live through the night if you don't ask questions.
You don't need to know anything other than no one will find you out here."

With that, Tammy was led through the front door. The building stunk more than
Rena Mero's pussy, or so Tammy thought. Beer cans and wine bottles littered
the floor. Needles were scattered about as well. Trash was everywhere. Tammy
coughed from the aroma and felt as though she was going to puke. Finally the
foursome entered into a room, lit only by the moonlight through the window.
The room had only 3 items of furniture. A bed, a chair, and a table. Tammy
could not help but notice what seemed to be cocaine on the table, but decided
to follow advice and not ask any questions.

"Let the fun begin," instructed Johnnie as Melvin threw Tammy across the
room into the bed. Tammy started to get up, but stopped in her tracks as
Johnnie flashed his gun at Tammy. "I am growing tired of your not following
instructions. I personally don't care if I fuck you or not, you aren't that
good looking. I would just as soon save my bullets however." Tammy sat down
on the bed as Johnnie continued. "Well, since Melvin has already had a
little fun, I say it's Michael's turn now."

Michael's face lit up as he sensed his cock inside of Tammy's warm pussy.
Tammy was seemingly out of tears as she just looked at Michael approaching.
Her body trembled in fear as he placed his hand on her thigh. "Do ya want me
to be gentle," he asked. Tammy nodded yes. "Too bad," was his reply. He threw
Tammy down on the bed and grabbed her mini skirt.

Unfortunately, the skirt was meant for someone about 30 pounds lighter in the
ass area and it did not come off very well. Micheal decided the hell with it
and tore the skirt from Tammy. As the stitching tore, Tammy realized that she
would never be able to wear it again. The shredded remains were tossed to the
floor. "Johnnie, help me with these boots."

Johnnie and Micheal unzipped Tammy's boots and removed them. Tammy was now
clad in only her halter and stained panties. With Johnnie and Melvin standing
by the bed, Micheal placed his hand on her panties and slid them over Tammy's
pasty white legs. With Tammy nude from the waste down, Micheal unfastened his
pants and removed them. "You can take the underwear off ho," he demanded.

Tammy again did as instructed. She placed her fingers inside the elastic and
pulled them from her soon to be partner. He was already fully erect.

"Put it inside of you," were his next orders.

Tammy grabbed his hardened cock and brought it towards her pussy. As Tammy
held it in her hand, she began to realize the rumors were indeed true. She
was not sure if she could take in all of him. She would soon find out.
Micheal grew tired of waiting and forced his cock to the brink of her pussy.

"Hey Melvin, she's still wet."

Laughter filled the room as Micheal thrust his cock inside of Tammy. There
would be no tenderness in this ritual as he forced himself inside of Tammy.
Inch by inch Tammy was violated. Finally, what had to be 10 inches of cock
was inside. Tammy cried in pain at first, but again a part of her was
enjoying the fullness inside. Micheal began thrusting with great urgency
as Tammy's hips rocked in unison. Her clitoris was once again becoming
stimulated, again not totally against her will. Tammy cried out on the
verge of another orgasm, but it was Micheal who would cum first.

His body jerked as he unloaded his cum throughout Tammy's body. He thrust
over and over until he was satisfied that he was empty. As he was finishing
shooting his load, Tammy reached climax for the second time in the evening.
Her ass lifted from the bed as her own cries filled the room. Tammy's juices
shot from her, all over Micheal's still rigid cock and the bed. With sweat
pouring from her face, Tammy's back went flat against the bed once more.

"Guys, I think she enjoys black men," Melvin commented from his spot next
to the bed.

Micheal removed his organ from Tammy and instructed her to dry him off as
she had done for Melvin. He straddled Tammy across her still covered chest
and placed his cock into her mouth. As Tammy began to lick and suck it dry,
he once again was becoming aroused. His cock stiffened inside of Tammy's
mouth and Tammy began to struggle for air. Micheal, wanting still more,
grabbed Tammy's head and began pulling it back and forth in rythm. Deeper
and deeper inside of her throat went his cock as Tammy continued to suck
it, seemingly with more and more passion.

Tammy could resist no longer. She placed her hands on his ass and drove him
deeper and deeper inside of her. Johnnie and Melvin looked on in amazement
as the white bitch seemed to be wanting this. Finally, Micheal shot his cum
down Tammy's throat. Tammy choked on what seemed to be ounces of semen.
Tammy became a little too aggressive and bit down on his cock slightly, but
just enough to cause Micheal to pull out.

"Bitch bit me," Micheal yelled.

"I'm sorry, it was an accident," Tammy pleaded.

"Any more accidents will put a bullet down your throat," Johnnie warned.

As Micheal put his pants back on he asked Johnnie if he was ready for his
turn now. "I 'm not sure I want my cock in that whore," Johnnie replied.
"Besides, I'm in need of a hit or two."

Tammy perked up. The three men went over to the table as Johnnie pulled a
bag out of his jacket and began to line the table with cocaine. Tammy watched
as the men did a few lines each. "What's a girl gotta do to get some of
that?" Tammy asked from the bed.

"Bitch, I've told you to keep quiet," Johnnie cautioned.

"Hey Johnnie, what does a whore gotta do for some of this," Melvin asked

Johnnie turned back to Tammy. "You like drugs do ya." Tammy answered in the
affirmative. "Maybe you can show me what a piece of shit like you would do
for some of this," Johnnie said as he began to walk towards Sytch.

Tammy, in desparate need of something to take her mind off of this evening
began to realize she would do anything for a high. Tammy sat up in bed and
began to remove her halter. Slowly sliding it off of one shoulder and the
next. Tammy pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor. Sytch was
down to her white bra, but not for long. Tammy seductively, or so she hoped,
removed the bra from her body tossing it to the floor as well. Sytch was
now totally nude. A nude Tammy would have broken any man five years ago,
but not today. Johnnie was still waiting.

Tammy began to rub her hands along her tits. She squeezed them together at
first, but then began to caress her nipples. Tammy pulled on them until they
became rock hard. Tammy was finding out that Johnnie was a little different
from Candido, he could resist her. She realized that Johnnie would indeed
make her work for the drugs. Tammy was becoming desparate and realized there
was only one thing to do. She ran her finger from her tits, down her stomach
and towards her pussy. Melvin and Micheal were fully aroused once more but
continued watching as Tammy placed her fingers inside her vagina.

Methodically at first Tammy moved her fingers in and out of her pussy. She
began to thrust them deeper inside of herself and began to moan from the
self inflicted pleasure. Tammy rocked on the bed from the penetration of
her fingers. Tammy manipulated her clit until the masturbation ritual
achieved what she had hoped for. Tammy let out a scream as her body quivered
and juices shot from between her thighs. The bed was now drenched from
Tammy's orgasm. She pulled her fingers from her vagina and rose from the bed.
Cautiously she approached Johnnie. He stood motionless as Tammy placed her
fingers along his lips. She rubbed her wet fingers along his mouth and
inserted them. This time it was Tammy that had her fingers licked dry. After
removing her fingers from his mouth, Tammy waited for a response. She got
what she had hoped for.

"You are one fucked up bitch" Johnnie began. "But I guess that deserves a
little something."

With that, Johnnie took Tammy over to the table and laid out a line for her.
Tammy, nude and wet, leaned over and quickly snorted the cocaine. The men
were impressed by her ability to handle so much so quickly and let her join
them for several more until Tammy passed out.

* * *

The men awoke the next morning to find Sytch unconscious on the floor.

"Is she dead," Melvin asked.

"I would say her nose can't handle as much as her twat," was Johnnie's reply.

The men began to wonder what they would do with her.

"I say we fuck her one more time and then kill her," was Micheal's idea.

"You might have fucked her but I haven't," Melvin shot back. "My fingers are
happy but my cock is still waiting."

Johnnie realized a possibility. "You know, the bitch seems to like drugs and
I think she is starting to take a liking to brother's dick. That could serve
a purpose. Some of the brother's might like a piece of her if the price is
right. She could do a few tricks for us and we could reward her with what she

"Don't be crazy, she'll run to the cops first chance she gets," Micheal

Johnnie wasn't so sure. "I think if she gets drugs, she'll keep quiet. Plus,
I will be in the area with a gun to her head. If she pulls anything that
isn't attached to a man's body, she gets plugged."

Tammy began to stir. She opened her eyes and found herself nude on the
floor, beginning to remember her situation. Her head was pounding as Johnnie
welcomed her back to the land of the living.

"Morning bitch" Johnnie said.

Tammy cautiously asked the obvious question. "What are you going to do to
me?" she asked.

"Funny, we were just talking about that. It is obvious that you enjoy drugs,
so I think we can work something out. You can live a little bit longer if you
do a few favors for some of the boys."

"Describe favors," Tammy responded.

Johnnie was quick with his answer. "The way I see it, you don't have much to
live for other than sex and drugs. I have all the drugs you could want, but I
need some fresh meat to interest the brothers and keep the cash flowing, if
you follow."

Tammy realized her predicament. Johnnie wanted to be her pimp and drug
provider while Tammy supplied the pussy. If not, he seemed more than willing
to off her. "I'm not a whore, please let me go," Tammy begged.

"Excuse me, but I see a naked bitch that in ine way or another fucked three
guys last night for some cocaine. Don't expect me to believe that you are
not a whore." Johnnie replied.

Tammy started to cry. "Please, everyone will be looking for me. Let me go
and I promise not to tell anyone."

Johnnie slapped Tammy across the face. "Listen bitch, I am close to putting
a bullet through your head right now. If you want to live, you will fuck
anyone that is willing to pay for your fat ass anyway that they want you too.
Do we have an understanding slut?"

Tammy shook her head in agreement. Johnnie smiled and instructed Tammy to
get dressed. "But my skirt is torn," Tammy reminded him.

Johnnie did not seem to care. "An ass like yours does not need to be covered.
The panties are all you will need where we are going. Now get dressed."

With that, Tammy put on her halter, panties and boots. She trembled in fear
as the three men led her back to the car. Tammy once again found herself in
the backseat of the caddy. This time it was Johnnie in back with her as
Melvin drove.

"So whats your name, sweet thing?" Johnnie asked.

Tammy informed him and Johnnie asked, "Tammy what?"

"Tammy Lynn Sytch" was her reply.

Laughter filled the car. "Tammy Lynn Sytch is one of the hottest women I
have ever seen. You are not Tammy Sytch," Melvin said through his laughter.

"I am too," Tammy replied.

Melvin still would not accept her answer. "I admit that I have not seen her
since she left the WWF, but she was one fine piece of ass. Skinny, tanned,
great body. You are no Tammy Sytch."

Tammy decided not to argue the point and let the conversation die.

A few moments later the car came to a stop.

"Go get Sean," Johnnie instructed Micheal.

A few moments later Micheal returned to the car, with another man going to
speak with Johnnie at the window.

"How's it goin' Sean?" Johnnie asked. "Thought you might be interested in
some white meat today."

Sean looked inside at Tammy and seemed to like what he saw. "Mighty fine,"
Sean responded. "How much?"

The two men discussed the terms of the bargain and came to an agreement.
After exchanging a handful of C notes, Sean walked around to the Tammy's side
of the car and opened the door. Tammy was reluctant to move, but Johnnie told
her to get out. She obeyed and Sean took her by the hand. He shut the door
behind them as the caddy drove off.

"Where are they going," an obviously concerned Tammy asked. Sean told Tammy
they would be back when he was done with her. With that a trembling Tammy
followed Sean into the apartment building.

Once inside what was seemingly Sean's apartment, he shut the door and locked
it behind them. As Tammy walked in front of Sean he could not help but notice
her ass. "An ass like that should not be covered blondie. Go ahead and take
those panties off."

Tammy was not as eager to get started. "Is there any way at all to talk you
out of this," she asked.

Sean would have none of it. "I paid a lot of money for a night with you, and
I don't expect to spend the night talkng. Take the panties off, now!"

Tammy slid her hand inside of her panties and began to slowly pull them from
her waist, down her thighs, around her ankles and to the floor.

"Turn around" Sean instructed. Tammy turned, showing her bare ass to Sean as
instructed. "Nice," Sean nodded. "Now, take the rest off."

Tammy unlaced her boots and removed them. Next to go was the halter. Her bra
was back at the warehouse, so she was now totally nude in front of her
"customer." Sean continued to admire Tammy's ass, walking up behind her and
placing both hands on her rear. "Very nice indeed. I can't wait to stick my
cock up your cunt."

With that Sean dropped his pants and underwear. The thought of penetrating
Tammy's ass had already aroused him. "Bend over and grab the table," Sean

Tammy, tears beginning to flow down her face, did indeed bend over. Sean took
his rock hard cock and began to rub it on Tammy's ass. "Please don't hurt
me," Tammy begged. Sean laughed as he began to force his cock between Tammy's
cheeks. As he began to penetrate her tight ass, Tammy started to cry out in
pain. "NO. Please stop," Tammy pleaded. Again to no avail. Sean went deeper
and deeper into her ass as she cried out in pain.

Surprisingly, Tammy's ass was very tight. Maybe she wasn't that much of a
slut after all. Sean would not be stopped however. Inch after inch went into
Tammy until all 10 inches were up her ass. Sean began to thrust violently up
into Tammy. Each thrust causing a louder scream than the pevious one. Thrust
after thrust began to rupture Tammy's ass. Finally Sean shot his load into
her. Ounce after ounce went through Tammy as Sean made sure that not a drop
of semen would fall from the whore.

After satisfying himself he pulled his cock from her, only to see the blood
covering his cock. He had obviously torn the lining of Tammy's asshole. As
Tammy wept over the table, Sean went to a drawer and opened it. Tammy looked
on in horror as a pair of handcuffs and a whip were pulled from the drawer.

"You've been a bad girl and need to be punished," Sean laughed.

"Please, let me go," Tammy begged once more.

Sean instructed her to bend over the table again. When Tammy was reluctant
to do so, Sean took her head and forced her into the desired position. Sean
took the whip and began to whip Tammy across the ass. Time after time the
leather strap met Tammy's ass. Despite the added weight in her ass these
days, the lashes raised welt after welt, drawing blood with contact each

After 20 lashes Tammy could stand no longer, crumpling to the floor. Sean
pulled her up by the hair and tossed her into the bed. Tammy curled up into
the fetal position as Sean approached. He took Tammy by the hands and cuffed
each hand to a bed post. Tammy was now on her back and unable to defend
herself. Sean straddled the nude slut across her waist and began to massage
her tits. As they began to become erect, he leaned down and began to suck
them. Licking and sucking until Tammy's nipples were as hard as his cock.

Satisfied with Tammy's state of arousal, he placed his cock between her tits.
Grabbing a handful of each of Tammys tits, he began to rub his cock up and
down between them. He pressed her tits tighter and tighter against his cock.
Tammy had reached a point were she no longer tried to resist. Finally, the
titty fuck reached its conclusion. Sean's load shot out of his cock, all over
Tammy's tits and face. Tammy could only hope that it would be over now, but
it was not.

Sean decided to take full adavantage of Tammy's cuffed and defenseless state.
He moved his body around on the bitch, placing his cock against her mouth and
placing his face between her legs, directly on her muff. "You take care of
your end, I'll take care of mine," Sean laughed.

Tammy opened her mouth and allowed Seans still fully erect cock to enter. As
she bagen to caress it with her tongue, Sean took his own tongue and began
to probe Tammy's pussy. He penetrated her folds and began to probe for her
clit. Tammy's pussy was still very moist from the earlier fuck, much to
Sean's liking. Sean thrust his cock deeper and deeper down Tammy's throat as
his tongue went deeper and deeper into the whore. His tongue found its
destination. Tammy's clit was his.

Tammy could not help but become aroused at the manipulation of her clit,
along with the 10 inches of cock in her mouth. Sean thrust harder and deeper
into both of Tammy's regions. Tammy sucked tighter and tighter on the cock.
Both bodies began to jerk and twitch violently on the bed for minutes.
Finally, much to the satisfaction of both, each came at once. Sean shot his
semen down Tammy's throat as Tammy's juices flowed into his mouth. Both
bodies went limp as they rested in their satisfaction.

As Sean pulled his cock from Tammy's mouth, he was pleased and surprised by
what he heard. "That was fantastic," Tammy cried out. "I can't get enough of
you. Please, I need more."

Sean smiled as he reminded Tammy that they had the entire night. "Hold on
bitch, even I need a little break,"

Tammy curled her lip in disgust. "Well, what do you suggest we do in the
meantime?" she asked.

Sean had his ideas. "I imagine a whore like you enjoys drugs."

"I live for them," was Tammy's response. "Especially crack. Why don't you
uncuff me and we can make this evening even more memorable."

Sean smiled as he replied. "Bitch, I kind of like you cuffed and at my mercy.
Give me a second and I'll be back with something you might like." Sean went
to another room as Tammy continued to wait in anticipation of a much needed
fix. Sean did not return with what Tammy expected however.

"What are you doing?" Tammy stated with concern.

As Sean injected the needle into her arm he just laughed. "When you wake up,
you won't recognize yourself."

Tammy quickly began to fade, her eyes closing within minutes and she was out.

Sean paged Johnnie and the boys who returned within minutes. The four men
uncuffed Tammy's nude unconsciouis body, carried her down the stairs and into
the caddy.

After a drive through Harlem the car pulled up outside of a darkened
building. Tammy's body was carried in. Johnnie and "Doc" exchanged greetings
as Tammy was placed on an what seemed to be an operating table. "Doc" looked
at Tammy's tits and messaged them briefly.

"You are right, this bitch does need bigger boobs to go with her fat ass. She
would be worth a lot more to you on the street. From the looks of it she has
had this done before. Either she changed her mind or she was really small
before the implants. Either way, I'll fix her up."

Johnnie and the boys left Doc and his assistants to do their business. Tammy
was hooked up to all the necessary equipment and the surgery began. Tammy
would indeed awake a new woman, but would she like what she saw?

* * *

The hours passed and the operation was over. Johnnie was called back in to
see what he thought. "What in the fuck have you done," Johnnie erupted in
anger. They are lopsided!"

"Hold on," Doc stuttered. "You said to make her 44ddd and I did."

"You may have done that to one side, but look at her left tit, it can't be
more than a 40." Johnnie was furious. The two men continued arguing as Tammy
began to stir on the table. "Great, she's coming to. Put the bitch under
again," Johhnie demanded.

Doc told him that would not be safe so soon.

"I don't give a fuck" Johnnie shot back. Put her under."

As Tammy began to open her eyes another needle was injected into her arm,
putting her under before she realized her situation.

"What are we going to do?" Melvin asked.

"I would like to off her and the doc right now. What use is she that way?
Fix her now!" Johnnie ordered.

"I can't" was Doc's response. That is all the silicone I have. She wasn't
that attractive to begin with, what's the diff?"

"The diff is she looks even worse than she did before. Now she's a fat, pale,
drug addicted whore with uneven tits! I wouldn't pay a nickle for her now!"

Micheal tried to be cute as he spoke up. "Why don't we gang bang her now
while she's out."

"You dumbass, look at her," Melvin replied.

"Take her out to the car, now," Johnnie instructed.

Once again the nude, seemingly lifeless body of Tammy was carried to the
caddy and placed in the trunk this time.

"Where are we going?" Melvin asked.

"To the river," was his answer.

It was now clear that Johnnie did not intend for Tammy to live another day.
As the group arrived at the river, the trunk was opened and Tammy was pulled
from it.

"Can't believe she expected us to think she was Tammy Sytch. Look at that
bitch. She's too ugly for anyone to put their cock in now." Johnnie uttered
as he pulled his gun out.

Tammy's nude body was placed in the mud at the waters edge. As Johnnie cocked
the trigger a rush of water came up and started to take Tammy's body with it.
Johnnie lowered his again. "I guess I don't have to waste a bullet after all.
Let the ocean take care of her. Lets get out of here."

The men returned to the car and left as Tammy seemingly was on the verge of
drowning in New York Harbor.

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